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[Applause] [Music] what's good yeah we're back o TT yeah [Applause] especially one for you guys today we have seven doesn't sense now six seven deadly sins yeah so it's new to us all and the phone's about to get ready to get to see some dope-ass shit hopefully so we did have a poll a few weeks back saying which one you wanted us to watch the only reason we didn't do deaf no guys it's because you all watched Death Note yeah so there's not gonna be a fun yeah so that's why we've decided to go with something brand new with seven deadly sins and I hope you guys enjoy these reactions gonna be a Tulpa reaction because it's all new to us here so seven deadly sins Tom 736 sins why they're gonna kill it again yeah 7w yeah suggestion I see myself I see also God yeah and you know for that exclusive content guys make sure you check out our patreon we have Tokyo gu3 and this these episodes are actually gonna be on patreon for a limited time before they could post it on youtube so make sure you go check our patreon now if you're not watching it on patreon subscribe to get these early [Music]



hey some new new 10 years later then later my place sauce to see his face

therefore the pozzolana $7.00 oh how about in your place you know about me go to that bar yeah you fell that's what up to the brand logo sickness it they're doing a prank looks like you

like he's still grabbing her titty he's smooth though because all I was like you own the place


just a nose there's there's white people I still can't get over the fact that he was grabbing a titty and Jesus at Arashi dick Oh




dick you the same thing

so now you know damn yeah yeah yolivos savage oh boy yeah he saved the poor times in his episode already oh yeah don't just mistake and take you back he's widely [Music] yup oh you see that Ted he the cat

[Music] inclusion three minutes I wanted this you like honestly duh

[Music] ah [Applause] [Music]

or something but who listen I guess this means you've found your first thing doesn't

[Applause] [Music] you gotta be a grown man the information is shifted just for that right there

honestly I kind of figured the beginning of this literally I tell you guys about fairy tale all the time the beginning of this is literally just like fairy tale where the new girl comes she's looking for a fairy tale and that she means not to who be who's actually one of the Fairy Tail wizards with this one that they not gave it away from me that I was like he might be one of the sins was what he was like yeah this tavern wasn't here three days ago it's like I mean from people who's been there all the time it was a site that's not regulars but they're from this place and it's like it just goes to show like a whole bunch of questions coming into this like in my mind like the seven deadly sins are they really villains are they just like is it one of those situations where their nation is corrupt because it seems like it the nation is corrupt and they're saying that the seven deadly sins are evil but they're actually really the good guys like are they gonna be the main characters or is it gonna be with that one person searching for the sins the whole time like I was like I saw have a question of Jory like I still have questions the show this is this is a lick like a chicken Fuhrman and Mellie Otis is also looking for yeah makes you also question my eyes so they know that we know that they're the greatest group of nights ever assembled in an in that world or whatever so why aren't they stay together yeah why they if they even kills people ye because those people who know and why you still look like a good see yesterday because they did mention what they did something that made them dispersed they saw some shit about like for something I find I forgot what that they said some shit I made the nice dispersed but I don't know the detail about it obviously I know she's the baddest anime character I ever seen find out like what

and even the way like the holy nights I feel like what's the source of their power like who's part like the last one you see they see on their level is there any hope in essence ever on that level why is everyone like very difficult for ten years ings now trying to finally get the power back together a lot of it

somebody shut those dogs off maybe maybe it should bond together I like this area yeah but if this is your first time here definitely won't be your last no murder is smash that subscribe by the Superboy well Z anime King they can follow me out Wells on the squad - yeah them Wells get an address everybody says to the Box those guys let us know what you think remember exclusively these episodes are gonna be exclusively on our patreon first and then it'll be posted on YouTube so make sure if you want to test these for the first time before it goes on youtube you check out our page now seven seven seven oh seven seven seven seven that's an odd team and the three of duct muhuali goals give seven seven seven seven seven seven one two three four five six and seven deadly sins they tryna win look it's RT is your king that's it I say the round table hi my name is Boris if you like this video make sure you subscribe to the channel this video is funny not


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