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hey what's up guys chris here and welcome back to them sort of bemidji I was actually thinking today I've never really used like a tank or like an APC or anything like that in beamng I know like two years ago I did but that was it and I've seen this mod around a few times on the you know the Russian websites up privyet but it was what what is the West site went on the Russian website other cool Russian website there you go Spears there's a bee in there there's a bee really where I hate me as a fuck that was a dad joke to the maximum right there I'm actually fifty years old anyways yeah you can move the turret around and stuff like that this is a really really high quality mod for being Russian straight-up Russian this is even on the Bemidji forum that's cool well the wheels aren't high quality but and this thing sounds like an old go-kart doesn't it like listen to that like whenever I hear that sound all I can think of is like cotton candy and puke it's about it for me and I mean I can't do rides like roller coasters and stuff like that I almost broke my neck on a roller coaster in Canada's Wonderland they have like this old wooden roller coaster there and I went up as a community and then it was like a sharp turn at the top and I'm a little tall so my back was hanging over at the very back of the roller coaster and I kind of like fold it over the side of it and almost broke like a rib and like my back it was bad man I couldn't breathe I was like ooh anyway I don't know why I'm on this map I'm trying to think here what can I smash this into oh okay well I guess I could just go straight smash into a wall up here I just want to smash into a wall see if it'll actually crumple crumple krinkle break melt I don't know pull itself apart hit that like button you guys want oh by the way I picked a name for the mountain or the cliff you guys just said to call the dumb fucking Hill so that's we're going to call it the dumb Hill you know what I mean but someone said that I don't know I just I really I laughed really hard when I read that look all but stupid fucking Hill I was like okay it's sad I mean it maybe it's not stupid oh my god that's it the guns completely destroyed but that was pretty good it looks really happy at the front now look at it's like hey it's Bob the Builder can't build it nobody can it with every new vehicle we get we kind of put it through like a yeah stress test you know I mean so smashing it into the wall that was the first one the second one here is that we're going to see how much it weighs and then easy way to do that is just set up a vehicle right next to a wall and Ram this right to the side of it just fuck its world up you know so there's the poor vehicle just chill in there minding his own business is like wow this is a really nice wall I want to count the bricks in it there's 74 bricks on each corner of the wall that's crazy Wow stupid it melted it melted it damage report indicates that this shit has become one with the APC look at this what's the fuck and there's enough wheels where it doesn't really matter the front ones aren't working anymore actually got to two other front ones that'll turn but let me see if I can pick this thing up really quick hole okay yeah it weighs a lot wow that's crazy look how much this thing weighs that's slow alright watch watch oh there's the difference look look at that this thing gets pulled apart like a piece of fucking like a piece of meat you know no problem but this thing's like I'm a big receiver I weigh a lot alright so I also download this bad boy here I just figured it looks like you know a four-year-old designed a minivan like wow I like the minivan that's cool I want to paint it green with a red like Santa Claus and make it look like it from Mad Max I don't think a three-year-old will be watching Mad Max I definitely not the new one not the old one and no Mad Max I mean if they are then what do they mean I should I used to watch a lot of fucked up movies enough kid maybe that's what you know helped me turn into the man I am today who knows but I was just cried of my mommy like mom please let me watch it just like that's a really bad movie you shouldn't be watching that at your age away please don't I freaked out in hit my head off the wall she's like God fuck alright thanks mom I'm going to enjoy this movie and then I'd watch it and be like oh fuck man because it's swearing that was lethal weapon by the way mimicking them so I'm going to take this thing I really like this map for some reason I don't know why it's it it's not Oh Eddie it's just it's so big that's what she said it is not laggy that's also what she said that doesn't make any sense I lag in real life sometimes like all my brain will buffer like a YouTube video and you've got bad internet you're trying to watch like a 1080p video or something like that my brain will be like like buffering and then I see like the circles in my eyes just look at my eyes when I'm talking to you if you ever meet me in real life I might lag a little bit there but I'm going to PAX East this year in Boston if you guys are gonna be there is gonna be cool I'm gonna be there okay ouch mommy help me okay oh wait a second there's a rollcage in the back of the thing isn't that that's why it's not like crimp yeah that's why it's not crinkling crimping why do I keep wanting to say crimping don't know really don't know is that a rule cage back there it is so if I wow that thing is really solid holy shit well as you guys know we have a way to see how solid it actually is so let's check that out really quick how can I do it you guys know how I always say like oh man like this is the tires I've ever been making a video there's your proof right there I said tiredest like is that a word I don't know I'm gonna say why not am I going to be able to make it up this hill tune in next time nice kick we'll do it live um what is that back there is that like a crank no poison is it can I can I move it use mouse wheel to tweak this is really slow definitely gonna be fast you're going down the hill tell you that much down the hill down the pipe this is the pipe not a hill skiers what do you what do you what are you doing man I don't know I'm sorry very very okay here we go let me pull this bitch around real quick how big are those tired like 38 there's 40 other huge because she said Cali why do I keep saying that here we go whoa Mario's Driving Miss y'all all right here we go whoa no way hey that thing is strong man what's the fuck where is it go I went to space you know I think the weakest part of this thing is actually the the wheels because they don't like made it up paper mache or something if you bounce them off like a little pebble they're like a pebble and then they blow up I feel like this should be a lot if they were a lot stronger this thing will be this movie of beasts it still is a beat look you know that mean you know Oh pebble pebble pebble yeah look at that look at that that is pure American destruction right there man that's Christ we need some American flags and some Eagles flying around y'all playing cook ah-ha that's not at the crow not an eagle you know I can't and so oh wait yeah I forgot about the stubby the stubby d-series who's going to win this this is going to be monster verse monster I'm gonna get the AI mullet man did it to control that thing down there oh wait which one should we control hmm meow fuck all right we're going to be in this thing shine slow motion it yeah no yeah we'll try it just a little bit slow motion never hurt anybody right just like this much who's gonna win I figured as much oh my god is doing a foot piss look at the bird oh oh my god it doesn't oh I forgot the engine isn't in the trunk or the bed of the truck I was like how is it still working the engines flat but you know it looks like it's transforming into Optimus Prime holy shit that's insane in the membrane and still doing a burnout let's see if it'll still come over here holy shit yeah kind of overshot me a little bit there when I just like it this way well it like fault yeah kind of a change it uh it spat a little bit there boom what's up buddy keep trying to follow me you only have how many yep you can't turn this way and got him GIMP tail look at him he's still trying where is he oh there is a buddy he's like I'm so close damage ah hold on here there you go buddy come come on come get me dog let's evil mm we'll be smart enough to take that route oh my god it is what the fuck holy shit it was smart enough but it wasn't at the same time things stupid man with a squish of that shit there you go I don't try him first person honestly fuck it I think I cut my tongue I'm like some skittles man okay that's all I saw really let's see if I can keep pushing it yep that's actually really surprising because that thing has okay it's starting to push back this is bullshit his gas tank so far I guess it's really impressing impressing impressing really impressive because that thing is a beast the torque on that is ridiculous alright come on push me baby oh it's pretty even okay it's kind of pushing me back now Wow that's a little crazy uh I'll see if I can push me Oh what it only has two wheels turning the other ones aren't that's crazy though it's got two wheels fighting against my fucking four and it's straight-up just kicking me in the dick I can raise and lower my gun though but something you can't do I can't shoot though what is again the window covers oh look at this blinking okay I want to control this thing fuck Dai my turn now I think I might be able to do a little more damage to it than the AI would let's see okay I can kind of feel the a eyes pain now where did it go huh we did more damage I think we met for the wheels up did we yeah look at that I mean not oh we didn't mess one of the wheels up it ate my rim oh my god that thing is a it's literally a tank you know you know what I mean it's definitely not not a tank I'll say that much what else I download it download it download oh wait that was a cocktease and a half right there I'm sorry about that but now this thing The Rock bouncer it's a it protects the bars you know I mean it it asks the rocks for ID to make sure they're old enough you know is that stupid those down movement for some reason this mod just popped up again it's just started working again it wasn't working before oh my god hey the back wheels still work into the rolling it ain't nothing wrong with a man this is probably my favourite mods though I don't know why I would totally own what anything in real life well fucking coal we own one dude would you guys are you fucking sick from fucking rain and everything do you just keep hitting it let's just keep hitting until we actually do something that did nothing it's dragging it along with it like yes this is my mill I take a hip six and make other I don't know what if I slide it into it like this and oh wow it bent the roll cage but while the whole thing's roll fades but it's bent on my truck that's crazy just been a whole episode of me trying to blow a good idea holy shit wait wait wait you know hey if there'd be any way to kill this thing this might be it all right let's try it Ochs that's not the one it's space spacebar okay well I think I got a wheel I definitely took out a wheel with that yep let's try it again here okay oh fuck a little gonna land on me I was like it's going to kill me let's see so that was - I've taken the wheels out let's try shooting it in the mouth this is kind of crazy but alright here we go up mouth shot it bounced right up off of it I where did it even hit like that's ridiculous I think this thing's over powered man okay that almost hit me imagine if it bounced the Cannonball back into the barrel and blew up the cannon did I actually met the can look I'm not sure nope alright so the cannons about as strong as this that make sense oh alright I hope you guys enjoyed this video this thing's undefeated if you guys wanna post comment let me know what you think I should put this up against next feel free and I'm sorry for the short video today but it's my mom's birthday and you guys know how that is right you got a family first man you guys are my family she's my she's a mom literally my family and yeah I hope you guys you know if it's your birthday today happy birthday man because 10 birthdays my mom it's six and I hope you guys were great today alright thanks for watching the holy

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