Dates About Israel to Remember (Especially 2017 & 2018)


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dates about Israel 1517 October thirty-first Reformation day renewed knowledge of salvation by faith alone in God and the Bible also the Turkish Ottoman Muslim Empire rules in Jerusalem

1897 August 29th first Zionist Congress led by Theodore Herzl who prophetically understood that the Jewish people needed a secure homeland 1914 June 28 assassination of Austrian Archduke in Serbia catalyst for declaration of World War one which would not end until November 11th 1918 1917 October 31st British victory over Ottomans after 400 years on Reformation Day November 2nd Balfour Declaration of intent for a Jewish homeland in Palestine December 11th Ottomans surrender Jerusalem 1920 April 25th San Remo resolution legally sanctioning establishment of the Jewish people back to the land of their forefathers 1922 August 12th League of Nations authorized british mandate in Palestine to carry out the San Remo resolution and Balfour Declaration 1939 September 1st 1939 to September 2nd 1945 world war ii and the jewish holocaust

1947 November 29th UN Partition Plan of Palestine Israel accepts it Arabs rejected 430 years since restored promise of salvation by faith and end of Islamic control of the Holy Land 1948 May 14th State of Israel reestablished as the homeland for the Jewish people proclaimed by Prime Minister David ben-gurion in accord with legal status by the UN

1967 June 7th liberation of Jerusalem in the six-day war unifying the city in Israeli Jewish hands 70 years after first Zionist Congress and a 50 year jubilee since the Balfour Declaration

1987 December 9th First Intifada Arab uprising lasting 7 years leading to Oslo Accords between Israel and PLO and signed on September 13 1993 2000 September 29th Second Intifada ending in a truce On February 8 2005 and leading to the Gaza disengagement on September 12

2014 100 years since start of World War 1 on June 28 1914 2015 70 years since the end of World War 2 on September 2nd 1945 2017 500 years since the Reformation 120 years since the first Zionist Congress 100 years since liberation of Holy Land Jerusalem and Balfour Declaration 70 years since UN Partition Plan 50 years since capture of Jerusalem 30 years since First Intifada 2018 100 years from the end of World War 1 70 years since reestablishment of the nation-state of Israel sometime in the early 21st century the glorious appearing of our great God and

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2017 - 500 years since the Reformation; 120 years since First Zionist Congress; 100 years since liberation of Holy Land and Jerusalem from Ottomans, and Balfour Declaration; 70 years since UN Partition Plan; 50 years since capture of Jerusalem by Israel; and 30 years since the First Intefada. 2018 - 100 years since the end of WWI and 70 years since the re-establishment of the nation-state of Israel. 2014 - 100 years since start of WWI. 2015 - 70 years since end of WWII Certainly, the time is drawing near. Dates gleaned from

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