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hello everyone and welcome back to the only series out there that combines the story of magical gathering with the physical card you can win I'm Simon and this is Friday night lore

on this week's episode of Friday night war we'll be taking a look at one of Magic's most least understood planeswalkers despite being a strong card in a number of formats many people were confused when they saw this rather strange planeswalker appear in the innistrad block today I'd like to try to shed some light on this obscure planeswalker as we examine the lore behind Tammy o the moon sage so why is Tammy o such a strange case well for one if you didn't play Magic during the calm Ogawa block you probably have never even heard of her race before Tammy o is a Sora Tommy or moon folk there are a race native to the plane of Kamogawa and that was the only expansion that ever saw this creature type until Tammy o demon folk are a race of humanoids who cherished collegiate thought over anything else they live in the skies of calm Ogawa making their homes in the clouds of the plain using magic to hold up their great flying palaces they're a rather thin and frail race with blue grey skin not built to be great fighters the moon folk are known for their great intellect they are a race of thinkers and mages some of the best on the entire plain moon folk are always asking questions and seeking answers for everything and anything collecting all possible knowledge of the world and adding it to the great archive of Oboro this is the capital in the sky the greatest structure found in Moon folk culture it's the center of all study and wisdom and is the seat for some of the greatest minds in the multiverse all the moon folk or accomplished thinkers and mages there are time in the clouds have left them aloof to the races at dwell on the plain surface for all their discoveries they don't really share them with others indifferent to the events which occur below them tamio was no exception she was a great scholar and researcher noted for taking her work out into the fields for natural observations she offered great knowledge to the scroll towers of a borough but for tamio it never felt like enough her race had been around for a long time and their greatest minds were beginning to discover all there was to know about Kamogawa though the world still held many secrets to the moon folk those secrets were becoming scarce it's not known how Tammie owes planeswalker spark ignited it but like other learning characters such as nar set we can assume that the trigger occurred as a result of some great knowledge being thrust upon her perhaps it was the mere discovery that Planeswalkers and other plains existed at all we don't really know regardless of the event itself there's no doubt that tamio was a true planeswalker after her spark ignited rather than being frightened by the aspect of plains walking tamio was filled with unbent excitement her journey for knowledge now could never end every world she traveled to was just another mystery to uncover this was tamio her life revolved around gathering knowledge from other worlds and adding them to the Scrolls of a burrow on Kamogawa Cameo became one of the single greatest collectors of information in the known history of the multiverse eventually her travels led her to the dark plane of innistrad as soon as she set foot on the playing surface she felt a great force pulling at her mind and swayed in her thoughts the power that was exerted on her was natural yet magical powerful yet predictable tamio pinpointed the source of this strange feeling it came from innistrad silver moon teneo had seen many worlds with many different types of moons in her life she seen planes with multiple moves golden moons and no moons at all but the moon of innistrad was something else it held more power than anything else she'd had ever seen even with just a few nights of observation tamio quickly came to the conclusion that the silver moon of innistrad put more force into the world than just its tides the waters would surge and recede to the moon's come yes but so did the races which lived beneath tits Knightly glow the werewolves been through bouts of uncontrollable frenzy during specific phases of the Moon while the vampires conducted themselves in a similar manner the moon of innistrad was obviously affecting their behavior in some way but how despite her extensive observations and notes cameo for the first time was out of ideas luckily for her she wasn't the only person on the plane who had been studying the world's moon she discovered an old scholar native to innistrad Genrich who had been an astro man sir for most of his life he didn't just study the moon he could cast magic based on the moon cycle if anyone could help tamio unlike the secrets of Anna Stratton it would be generous the second demon folk walked through generous door he knew that tamio was something special besides being a creature of great intellect from another world gen Rick found tamio to be a soul comparable to his own someone he could finally share all of his secrets with together they conducted research in the Astro masters moon stone tower going over notes and charts and combining their findings tamio found that the mood of innistrad was in fact magical based off the silver material which it was comprised of silver illness world held special properties and that much of it collected in one place had the ability to change the entire plane this was her work as a moon sage but things changed on innistrad and the moon no longer held as many secrets something else came to influence the lives of those will enter Strad the angel a bacin was restored Tamiya was always interested in the study of magic and what's more magical than an angel that protected the plains denizens from darkness the power of the angel was something foreign to tamio so of course she had to study it tamio noted how the return of the angel also calls the Holy wards to work again avastin was somehow tied to the holy magic of the plane she was astonished by the angels ability to completely wipe out curses and her creation of the wolf e'er a new passive race of werewolves and one overarching question kept bugging Tammy OHS mind what was the true nature of the hell vault these were all questions which now filled Tammy o scrolls needless to say in a Strad has been an eye-opening world for her never before had a moon folk been so intrigued by a moon and that's all the lore we have on Tammy o the moon sage right now guys Tammy o is interesting because she appeared in a block that no one really expected it was this random and odd-looking race from Kamogawa of all places here on innistrad I think it was the designers way of saying hey remember komagawa yeah not so bad based on this card right regardless of their reasons the Lord go with Tammy O is interesting to say the least it seems kind of half handed and put in just to try to make some sense of it all but they could have done a lot more like she could have bumped into sworn markov on the plane who could have provided a lot of answers right now I don't even think Tamiya knows about other Planeswalkers she could have joined with Sauron traveled with him maybe even to zendikar I think Tammy o was a missed opportunity for another cool-blue planeswalker other than Jase I would like to say that we could see Tammy O again in the future but I just don't think it will be anytime soon if they do ever bring her back however I hope they give her a little bit more depth and that's it for this week's Friday night Laura guys as with all my FN LS this week I'll be giving away a copy of Tammy o the moons age to enter for your chance to win this card all you have to do is be a subscriber to this channel and leave a comment on this video at the end of the week I'll select a comment and announce the winner at the end of next week's FNL so stay tuned to see if you've won since I've started my patreon account I'm also including special donor specific giveaways each Friday this week I'll be giving away two packs of magic origins to a random donator from patreon again I'll announce the winner at the end of next week's video now let's move on and the vale de winners of last week's ever now giveaway last week's topic was on the werewolves of innistrad and the original prize was a copy of hunt master of the fells but maybe in the big old softy that I am decided to give away an entire werewolf theme deck and so without further ado the winner of last week's FNL and new owner of this entire werewolf theme deck is Britt Scissorhands Congrats Brits I'm glad to hear that you wanted to make a werewolf deck for Halloween and I'm glad to give you this one to celebrate the holiday with remember to please check your messages on YouTube there you'll find a message from me with all the info required to send you this deck and just for kicks before we leave I'll give out a random pack of magic origins to one of my donators on patreon Bobby Z congratulations you get this week's pack remember guys if you want to be a part of my patreon weekly giveaways which will run side by side with my normal FN LS consider supporting me on patreon I'll be giving out various prizes weekly along with doing monthly things specific for donators the weekly prizes will range from packs to theme decks to even boxes you can check out my patreon here or in the description below just watching and enjoying my content is enough for me to be thankful for but this is just something a little extra and fun to show love to those who decide to donate and then in case guys this has been Friday night lore if you enjoyed the video and want to see more please like share and subscribe to the channel goes a long way it supporting future content another way to support this channel is by visiting my sponsors over at Adu Gamescom ABO Gamescom is one of the leading online stores for magic gathering covering everything from singles to boots or boxes FNL and all my giveaways are brought to you directly by AVU games and i really suggest checking them out as always guys thank you all so much for watching and I'll see you next time when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pilots when the world seems to shine like you I had too much wine that's amore

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