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oh we're gonna get all the levels super quick but Miami Miami oh this is awesome a mosa and aberration holy crud finally no more mining for these dumb gems ever again I love it alright guys this is so cool what's up guys it's King daddy DMACC and welcome welcome back to another episode of Ark survival evolved that's right playing here on the modded operation alpha tribe server does not get much better than this guys thank you so very much for coming hanging out joining me on the adventures as you always do please remember show that amazing support by slamming that thumbs up button that's right and for new to the channel do not forget subscribe for the daily Ark awesome this man oh man speaking of Awesome last episode we did some breeding yes with our Reapers and our little baby Reaper King oh what a beauty is fully grown look at this bad boy blue greenish black and yellow ooh and even a little bit of red it is oh so cool level 600 in 55 we did confirm you can breed Reapers absolutely love it plus we use the little the little Confucius bird thing Confucian Gorna serve or something whoo vada Mook did I ever show you guys this guy yeah this is Ruby come here Ruby this was a little present from Reap ugh yeah he's breeding otters and he gave me this awesome awesome alpha color daughter I love them so very cool Rudy you can I keep Rudy in here though because it's kind of dangerous an aberration for a little tiny otters you go over there Rudy just chill out just hang out we got this amazing amazing crazy funky looking weird bird that likes to likes to rub his little tails in his bud oh man pretty bird so very cool but did help us be able to imprint on the reaper because that's that's the one problem when you breed them he's the imprinting anyway anyway today I think we had enough of refurb reading for today you are super awesome buddy want one thing to note by the way though because that little birdie is the one that I imprinted on them it was supposed to give us credit for the imprint but it didn't do that so we don't have that little fist bump ability on this guy which kind of stinks doesn't give us the extra resistance and all the such anywho today I'd like to take on the crazy cool crop magical bosses yes so that we can finish doing all of our crop plot stuff and we can even unlock in aberration a god mosa god I think it's a class all that's probably the flying one and then the titanosaur that's right it should be pretty epic these are gonna be one heck of a fight I do have to say but we're gonna we're gonna do a kind of cheat eerie bug had the idea he said d-mac you should make a whole bunch of poopit Ron's I'm like Poe but Ron's own don't those just poop he's like no they are amazing battle mounts so he lent me his just to check out I went made it a baller saddle 325 and I just want to check this guy out I want to actually see what it does I did a bunch of boosts into its melee and health and I had no idea I always thought poopit Ron's I don't know if I've ever made one before but I always thought they were just like a structure I did not realize there are actual creatures you probably breed poop at Ron anyway mr. poopit Ron can with oh do I not have my little man hopefully no nameless come after us let's go look at that poopit Ron's got like a crazy aura that goes around him that is super cool alright but this guy just with the few levels put into them let's see what he hits for and oh my goodness 6650 eight dad is insane that's like as strong as our wyvern our strongest wyvern who we've leveled up to high heaven that is insane all right so then stat wise I also boosted it up to over a hundred thousand health and really we're just getting started just getting started on the shenanigans all right I want to try something else can i whistle at that thing okay we salute that guy can you get him dude boobatron oh this is definitely how we're gonna do this so I'm gonna make an army of poopit trying to help us out there disposable poopy dinosaurs and hopefully they can allow us to destroy some of these crazy gods that were about to summon so come on pooptron hurry the crap up taking way too long all right so let's get back down to the base and let's craft up these bosses they are SuperDuper expensive but I think it's the thing that we can do I think it's a thing we can do and let's get our poopit Ron army all right guys so here we are in the little magic crop briea operation station we'll call it let's go ahead and take a look at dinos so we can do a earth boss which by the way cost of ghupat ron and a water boss I'm almost feeling like I want to try water boss first I think this should be the most it cost 100 black pearls a thousand of the final stage essence plus a poopit Ron you know what let's crap that let's crap the earth boss steel it's just crafting cuz it takes a while get it over with and then with the remainder I made a crap ton of poop at Ron's tank ooh but Ron's this better be enough and look at that they stacked it - and it looks like I'm gonna need my Builders help me because they are heavy good lord all right so hopefully I can carry all these guys to come with us all right and just the water boss we don't need to do the other boss yet we'll leave them right in there all right so carry 9 all right next up um I who don't want to brings my main mouth I think we're gonna bring one of our Drake's do I have one of my Drake's here we're the Kratt yep there we go there we go shadow stalkers our best Drake right now so we'll bring a shadow stock or with us as well and hopefully we can do this with just dinos I'm a little afraid we might be able to kill it on our own but we could also try this doesn't work maybe getting a hole turrets going on to help us out so come here boobatron come with me let's go and we should be able to summon this guy I could do it at the lake but I'm gonna see if we can summon them in at a river I think this might be the better way of doing it so that it's stuck alright guys so here we go nice little river hopefully I can summon them in here let's go ahead come here you dumb poopit Ron they're kind of stupid I do have to say they're kind of stupid not the smartest not the smartest of creatures but man are they bulky alright let's start to summon out our different puppet Ron's alright oh man look at that going right out 8 10 8 7 B dude these are insanely high levels oh my goodness will we need the intone 900 this is I mean that right here this is part of the reason why it's so nuts we're getting such high levels off the bat alright poopit Ron's let's go oh man I wonder what that what is that mess T what is that glow is that just part of the animation I do not know I really do not know all right Oh kill them kill them get them boobatron oh dude look at how much damage they do off the bat that is nuts all right poopit Ron army let's get a saddle on all of them I got 10 saddles and 10 poopit Ron's so this should help in their survivability I do hopes come here buddy bro get a saddle I wonder if they even need to eat yeah and they do need to eat needs to be a thing we won't worry about it just yet though all right so let me get him all saddled up oh man look at that a basilisk came in while I was leveling up dude and they wrecked him oh my goodness our army is unstoppable holy crud all right I got a few more saddles there should be a few more poopit Ron's that do not have saddles yet where are you buddy bros all right we got one right here please be one without us all right perfect get your saddle bro that was the one that killed them too oh my goodness such a baller army who would have thought seriously thank you reap ugh for coming up with this idea this is this is pretty crazy alright I have my beautiful boobatron army everyone's got food everything is all good I think we should probably love warm up just a tad tad first cuz they're they're newbies they're brand new they have no levels come here guys come here boobatron army can you come this way please oh yeah they're coming they are coming all right let's start to wreck face let's start to right face go after the trike first go get them look at them all should you chugging along a poop oh man destroyed oh look at the other trikes come on go after me destroy them yes this is so awesome they do so much to begin with - Wow with that may boost it is unreal alright guys come on we got to get we got to get more we got to find some bigger things so you can get levels quicker let's go get some crab and crabs let's do some crab and kill some spy knows I mean who would have thought Pannonia these little tiny derping things all right you coming guys they get a little caught up on the rocks come on you dummies come on over here over here you come in this way alright they're coming they're coming slowly but surely alright here we go we got some crabs dude get the crap kill the crab kill him oh my goodness is gonna be nice dude look at him they wrecked the crab they wrecked him oh my goodness all right let's get the spine oh now get the spine oh alright is everybody going this is too crazy this is so much fun I love having Dino armies and just disposable ones little piggy ones it does not get much better come on come on you dummies get them all I'll wreck the spine out dude alright come on there's few more over this way come over this way yep that's it guys that's it and we got to find a good spot where we want to do the mosa I think I'm gonna just do it right in here so gets a little bit of space versus the tiniest of tiny rivers all right get that guy oh my goodness look at me I'm totally stuck right now come on move it's always good to be on a flier when you have your armies otherwise get so caught up you can't move all right we got a couple more crabs here and this should give everybody enough levels just so I can get their Health's up and their damages up because if this goes wrong I don't know if I'm gonna have enough resources just to make build another army right away it's very important by the way the reason we're doing this is so we can get to the next level crop plot which is the tech plot to which will allow us to pretty much make seeds or make duplicates of any resource which should be ridiculous so all of the aberration resources all the gems the balls we can make crop plants form I have unlimited resources look at that just one went and did it this is too nuts all right nothing next crap next crab all right get that guy I love that mechanics of art how you can just tell your dinos to go do stuff for you be your minions it doesn't get any better all right this crab crab now you don't go get them guys don't get distracted by the fish it's not important do you guys all see him get that crabby crab go get them all right we got we got a couple of heroes a couple of really strong ones in the beginning this is so Opie all right guys this should be interesting this should be very interesting I'm a little nervous about how exactly I should spawn this guy in I'm kind of afraid I might just die I might just die when I try and do it I don't know I don't know but I guess we'll just gonna have to do it and find out pammi all right go go go go go go go go go go holy crap look at this guy look at him oh my goodness so it's a level 600 near and two million health that's pretty crazy what's his attack ninety six point that that's craziness craziness we just gotta hope that we can do it I was in case I died I didn't want our little Bowl be dog on us all right guys let's go attack force attack force ready get him all right all right they should all go after the mosan al guys guys go after the mosa what is wrong with them why are they so dumb why are they so dumb do they need to all follow me it shouldn't matter all right hold on all right unfollow everybody follow me you can unfollow and get the most are you kidding me do they not attack him is is this a thing alright there we go maybe oh oh he died what the crap he just died okay do I get stuff from you well that was easy jeez let's go seed that's so crazy alright I gonna have to put on my crazy hat well that was a quite an interesting flight I have to say that that's all we had to do was get him to go on the shore and die man super uneventful alright killed body come layer I can't believe that happened just like that I feel like that was shenanigans I feel like we need to do the other boss fight that's too funny though that's that's all that happened man oh man that is so completely and utterly Chiti that we're able to beat it that way but hey those are the breaks it can happen it's a thing it allows you to spawn at where you want and it lets you spawn it when it's not fully submerged so hey that's just the brakes as far as seeds we got the REC seed super sweet so we're certain to get the REC so this we need because there's no Rex's on this map in aberration and then the rhino horn horns very very difficult to get plus of course all the wyvern talons and milk super sweet so if there's any crafting we won and then we've got crop plots for all the scorched earth stuff super awesome saw assaults and and what's this last one in silk beautiful now I also noticed which I cannot believe because we didn't kill it but in the dropped inventory we get a tamed boss of the sea so I think we're gonna go the biggest worry about these guys is they have such high health it can take hours hours to kill using non modded dudes and I mean this is intended for modded world's but whatevs so why don't I may in too heavy to jump too heavy to jump let's go summon this dude in and then we'll use the summoned one to kill another one so we can at least feel a little bit less cheating about ourselves but more importantly we can use this guy to then kill the type titanosaur which is ridiculous absolutely not only ridiculous alright should this be deep enough for a mosa I don't want any badness to happen to him I mean I know we got him cheetah like but I prefer not have to achieve you like kill them again alright so let's get this tamed one alright tamed boss of the sea obey ami tamed beautiful we got him doesn't come with the saddle apparently a hundred and seventy six thousand that is ridiculous alright let me see if I can get a saddle for this guy let's um holy crap where you going bro where you going um can we tell them like passive or neutral or something all right go ahead can you come here bro z come here broke oh my goodness where you going come here come here kill these little dummies killing for you dumbest dummies alright so we've got him up by the base let's just see if we can get a saddle for him because that would be super helpful alright guys got the most of saddles all leveled up I actually made the platform one as well let's just hope that it works on them I almost had sworn that they came with saddles already done fact last time I saw this guy he was just straight silver yes and it works beautiful so we have both saddles if need be alright very cool very cool well it's take em out come on buddy bro let's go and let's let's summon in another actually I should probably level this guy up just just a tad bit can you get can you get off of there alright sweet oh we're gonna get all the levels super quick but Miami Miami oh this is awesome a mosa and aberration this is the perfect little spot forum thank goodness we live right here we can actually make like decent use of them get wrecked oh man underwater loot drops very cool very very cool alright so how we doing on all my goodness destroyed alright this guy come stock over 3,000,000 health that is crazytown wow we almost hit for a million it's gonna be like two bites to kill this guy oh my goodness this is gonna be insane this is so powerful so once you get the one boss you can just have the one boss die like we did get his stuff and then get the next boss super super easy oh my goodness this is nuts alright I'm gonna grab some Dino aid axe to just so we can boost his health back up after after I go crazy oh my goodness destroyed yeah we're gonna kill them in probably like three hits recked oh my goodness alright guys be right back mmm oh crap alright so it's good that we had our little bulldog off that's for dang sure all right Dee Mac tech bed wow this this could be bad this could be bad guys I'm just saying it's possibility could be bad we got to quickly get all of our stuff home man it's just one shot us like that that is crazytown all right got a corpse let's throw away all the shenanigans oh we got a hurry oh man our tech gear is almost all broke come on come on move all right good it's still there come here come there all right perfect all right let's go find him where is he where is this dude oh man I hope he's still around oh there is there he is go get him get him get him yes oh we're gonna wreck your face we are gonna wreck his face if he's not already racked holy bejeebers get rekt come by your bro Z come here all right our health is doing just fine oh we resist the crap out of them all right come on come on you could do it bro Z I just want to empty out my inventory I don't want any shenanigans give me another level up all right go ahead do me right there and and come on dude this guy actually resists us a lot a real life we should be fine though we got Dino a tax and all that shenanigans so it's no biggie come here bro Z all right let's actually get a look at them so awkward oh it because it's a MOS I can't use my spyglass what a turd nugget come on you can do this it's instead of being three hits it's gonna be like twenty three hits or something of the such it shouldn't have more than like two or three million health though we're doing we're doing approaching okay we got him yet destroyed wrecked I love it all right we should have got everything from them let's just make sure there's no other bag did we get the water boss okay and it goes straight to your inventory that's interesting I did not notice all right guys recovered all the stuff went through all the seeds and from that battle the only new seed that is pretty cool that we got but I already borrowed one is element seeds so that would have been a big fight for us that definitely would have been a big fight anyway we also got 12 levels which is crazy awesome I'm gonna do a couple of much-needed level ups let's go ahead and do our speed - all right perfect perfect we're level 121 I do dig it let's go ahead put away the element seed and we also got the other water boss if I didn't already say so so very cool anyway let's go over to our most of God next we're gonna summon in I believe the titanosaur let's let's see how we do let's see if it could be a thing if we can get this guy like kind of near the water we should be able to cream them with our mosa and it shouldn't be no thing I also brought over all of our battle pigs I'm a little worried that maybe the motto author did realize and make it so that they don't attack because those guys were not attacking the most before remember that all right so anyway some of them in all beautiful he's right there get him get him get we get him get him oh no they're going after him it's a thing dude it's already destroyed all my goodness that's ridiculous all right where's all this shenanigans though this is the only thing that we need I can't believe it we just wrecked him so quickly where's the bag who got the final kill I didn't I didn't take notice of that the Moses certainly didn't get it did one of you piggies get it did one of you piggies get it do any of you have a weight that's full alright guys I couldn't find the bag none of the pigs were overweight but this one pig was super bloody and I was like bloody Pig what do you got and look at that it's got everything beautiful beautiful beautiful let's go ahead take all that shenanigans and would we get four seeds did we we need to get the other special item seeds like the orangey seed are you kidding me hilts seed all mango Don two is all right good we needed the Megalodon tooth that was a biggie all right guys you ready for this the next earth boss we got hope we get this RG seed we need it so bad look at him right on top of us hey mr. dirt he just sits there you don't care alright get rekt get rekt bro oh my goodness he resists us like crazy but not not too bad I can't believe how much damage those piggie pigs did though that was unreal alright I was shocked I wish I could use my spyglass yeah those piggy pigs they destroyed him I guess they just didn't resist him or nothing I mean that was ridiculous alright we got them and I didn't notice didn't get the RG seed did we get it or do we have to do it again this is starting to be very expensive Bronto seed but we already had that line the RG seed I think is intended to be like a fairly simple thing oh my goodness and we didn't get it again oh that's brutal that is brutal we're gonna have to make more gonna have to do more fights is definitely gets a little bit repetitive I'm surprised you don't just get every seed but yeah we just need that one it evens probably not intended to be the harder to seed at all oh my goodness did we get it this time RV oh thank goodness we got it we got it we got it that should have been the last seed that we needed oh my goodness and I'll show you why guys I will show you why this is oh so important alright so finally finally got the RG seed other notable seeds that we got is the ultimate seed that's right this is gonna allow us to grow LM art grow artifacts any type of artifact any in all so super sweet super sweet I've got the RG seed already going down here awesome and let me show you why this is so important for this seed let's throw this in here it's because if we want to make the final air boss we need the RG seed and that is a requirement let's go ahead all it takes a thousand my goodness not enough resources to pull all right we're getting there we're getting there but that's gonna allow us to get the final structure lets you see farming the tech crop plot to see that requires one air boss one earth foss and one water boss so all this shenanigans plus the artifacts so we got the artifact seed to get the artifacts my goodness grow faster bro grow faster alright we should be just about there just about there if not there come on bro Z grow faster grow faster alright I can't believe it a thousand talons it's nights that is crazy nuts let's look again ooh dinos and thank you thank you thank you let's go ahead pull what we need for that but Miami what we need for that Bob AME awesome so we got all three of those and then we should hopefully our artifacts are done let's go check it out earn facts you're done oh you would've fall look at that oh and they stack that's nuts will allow me to pick it up stacked that's so Gd oh oh I can't move I can't move hold on all right we can move all right so we got whatever generic artifact in there it's finishing the final boss oh man you're gonna get to witness it with me what do you think if I could have anything what is our first thing gonna be what do you think I'm gonna choose I know exactly what I'm choosing all right there we go Oh bye Oh me I know exactly what's the first thing I'm gonna choose it's probably not what you're gonna expect but it is so so necessary oh my goodness all right it's that tech crop plot 2.0 beautiful all right so the first thing that I'm gonna choose the DMACC is gonna choose it's gonna be yes a blood one a blood one because this is one of the most annoying things to have to do to get blood packs it takes so long getting all those poopit Ron's so incredibly long so we just gotta hope that this works can this be a thing tech crop lot 2.0 will you be a thing we'll throw it right here oh that's crazy awesome looking all right let's throw in the blood packs turn on awesome all right and let's just see if it works let's give it a second is it gonna have the awesome hologram it should show some awesome type hologram we'll give it a moment now that's so very important because if we want to make puppet Ron's which are required for any of these to make more of the crop plots we need 10 blood packs per Theo long that takes you know long it took me to get all those poopit Ron's it's redonkulous it is quite redonkulous all right so let's just give that a little bit of time and then we gotta get all the aberration materials should be awesome all right guys check it out check it out the 2.0 crop lie it's got the little animation there let's see how it's doing on the blood PACS Oh beautiful oh my goodness so right there that's another ten holy crud a crap-ton right there oh my goodness that's another fifteen poopa Tron's that we can make all right so let's go ahead and do that let's pull enough for fifteen obeah me and Bob Amy awesome oh lordy Lord lordy this is gonna be the best thing ever all right so let's get those crop plots up in a working and then the next thing is these potions yes with these potions we can make instant max level potions look at those they're expensive ten RG seeds on we need to make broth of enlightenment I wonder if I can make a crop plop for that that would be super sick kibble seed Rex seed I mean all the super hard stuff but it's gonna be worth it oh my goodness is it gonna be worth it and I want to get to it today I want it to be a thing my goodness it's just gonna take a little while to craft also while that's going while that is a going I should start to level up my character how I want them let's get him oh man we have so many levels this is so good let's get him up to at least 200 movement speed wow that's actually pulling out a whole large chunk of levels let's get my guy up to a thousand wait man's you know long that would it took to do normal up lag there we go all right and try and stop all right at a thousand beautiful let's get up to 200 stamina beautiful let's max out that health oh this is gonna be crazy so I guess I'll see you back once I'm fully leveled all right guys here we go here's my stats my final stats the highest health you can get it limits you is two thousand six hundred and fifty I went two thousand stamina wait we did to a thousand I didn't do any melee did movement speed 200 nine point five was just to finish up the last level I hadn't we get to 500 though we're not done yet I was tempted to do crafting skill but didn't and I went up to a hundred fortitude I just think that'll be helpful anyway let's go into our tech bed which will help us to regen all of her health well by uh me super quick and get all of her food and everything back I do believe yeah look at that look at that regen team the food - so beautiful I love this tech bed absolutely Wow it's such a glorious glorious thing can we look in her inventory while we're in here yeah we can see all four vitals getting fixed awesome all right guys all healed up doing awesome man oh man just making these blood packs hand-over-fist more poopit Ron so much goodness oh my goodness and more those guys so we can make more of the tech crop plots all right so next up next up next up I've got all the materials required to make Prathap Enlightenment's so let's go ahead and start this up hopefully it goes quickly and hopefully the bulk dry cooker oh yes it can do it it can do it beautiful so I want to see if you can make a broth of enlightenment thingamajigger I also want to try it for hair for the crop plots for both of them so it should be interesting let's let's still make up a ton of them alright I think that's everything to max level out potions I love it give it to me nice nice nice nice so we got to figure out who do we want a level two max who is it gonna be a thing with oh man that is so incredibly cool alright and do we have a tech crop lot done I really want to find out if we can do the potions so let's see if that's a thing let's see where do we have spot well let's put it right here because this would be the most convenient spot for if we want the broth of enlightenment please earthquake cut it out all right come on broth of enlightenment work with this please all right we'll find out momentarily if that can be a thing or not it's it's looking like it probably ten I would think it wouldn't allow you to put something in there if it couldn't be a thing oh that would be so cool we could do all the different potions I love it I love it I love it all right here we go here we go moment of truth let's go get these crop plots so green turn on holy crud finally no more mining for these dumb gems ever again assuming this works it should work there's no reason it shouldn't work oh my goodness uh red gem turn I'm all right and right here will do congeal ball turn on all is gonna be so cool all right in this one Elementium beautiful turn on holy crud all right we got two more to do um one thing I was curious if if it would work I don't I don't know if it'll work let's find out if would work turn on let's see if we can make charged batteries imagine how awesome that would be a thing that just grew charged batteries seriously um element shards would be another cool one um hair would be cool but so would an instant level potion do you think that would work oh it see it's not letting me turn it on oh wait turn up turn on oh man imagine we could grow level potions oh that would be ridiculous that would be ridiculous oh look it look it look it all those are working the back it's working all of them oh no way no way all right let me give it a moment let's let's see if it actually really really works oh don't be ridiculous all I could just make crop plots for all the different potions I love it all right guys this is so cool all right it's really coming along here really really well got all the extra gemstones done and let's just check this out nice it's working for hair and it is working for element shards beautiful but still no batteries still the potions nope not a thing not a thing I'll leave them overnight just in case but yeah it's looking like it just can't be a thing I guess anything that's like too complex of a crafting recipe is what keeps it from working anyway we have shadow stalker come here bro Z you're ready for this instantly max out your Dino oh my in did it do it did it instantly max you out are you are you matched bro is it a thing oh that's it five levels are you kidding me that's all I have the instant level up will instantly max out your dinos level what the crap what the grab all right let's go check out one of our Reapers and see if that's a thing maybe it's just a little bit lagged um let's see Zach rah I think this is our perfect one Yelp yep our perfect perfect solar flare the Reaper that we caught all right let's see if this max out you is this gonna be a thing five level are you kidding me Oh 41 levels that shouldn't be max though you should have so much more than that holy crud that's it are you kidding me I mean still that's 41 levels but we should be able to level up our Dino is 500 times and you only got five levels what shenanigans alright so there's definitely something messed up on our server we're supposed to get plus 500 levels on each Dino but for whatever reason it thinks it's maxed out I put in three more not realizing oh man but this is our very best Reaper coming is that a little thing I could buy come later what are you gonna do for damage what are you gonna do for damage but biamby 8,000 beautiful beautiful beautiful it should be able to be so much more powerful than this though as you can see is our player level max - no it's not maxed yet it's it's close but it's definitely not maxed all right come here Doh take do dicks gonna resist us oh no it didn't it didn't get rekt I love it it is so incredibly cool so incredibly awesome Reaper get rekt alright we're gonna have to fix our Dino levels come the next server restart so these max potions are actually useful but man I think we did pretty good today we got all the resources we got a mosa in operation seriously though a moza that's nuts absolutely insane insane insane most of god so next episode we'll be naming the mostly you guys are gonna have to help me out with names down in the comments and for today I got a name the baby Reaper King so we'll be right back guys let me go through the comments alright guys I finished going through the comments and for those of you that do not know at the end of every single episode I do my best to try and name all verdi knows that we caught in the previous episode after name suggestions that you guys have left in the comments if you want to help out all you got to do is be a subscriber and comment down below it is just that easy so for last episode we got the amazing baby Reaper and it will be known as none other than grim and because you're so funny Grim Reaper oh that's so awesome though I love it Grim Reaper our baby Grim Reaper super epic and sweet and once again next episode we'll be naming the most of God Oh who's he gonna be he's like I can't wait to get my name I cannot wait me either buddy bro me either anyway guys thank you thank you thank you for watching the episode please remember if you enjoyed it show that of me in support by slamming that thumbs up button if you're new to the channel do not forget subscribe for the daily art awesomeness and as always guys see you

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