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by: Clemps

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Drakengard what a wee little game you are now I know I may have spoiled it in my last video but this game is one of my personal favorites a game that fits nicely up there with Final Fantasy 9 but the question is why if you've heard anything about Drakengard it tends to be about how boring the gameplay is or how repetitive it is to play making the overall experience a bit of a chore you may have also heard about the story and how batshit insane it is so to summarize it briefly before I go into detail the main reason I wanted to revisit this title was due to the announcement of near automata a brand new addition to the Drakengard timeline directed by Yoko taro and PlatinumGames whose Yoko taro I hear you cry well for all of you memes myths out there it's weird skeleton man from Square Enix's 2015 e3 conference Yoko taro has a bit of a reputation of in the industry someone who isn't afraid to cross boundaries and mess with the player's head and to a lesser extent his development team his main goal for Drakengard is to create a story but didn't hand you a happy ending for slaughtering hundreds if not thousands of soldiers the game was originally meant to be an Ace Combat with Dragons kinda game tour dynasty Warriors 2 came out and gave massive popularity in Japan causing him to push for this kind of gameplay as well which took taro by complete surprise according to an interview taro was quoted saying dragon guy wouldn't have stood a chance against Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy if the characters were too normal and I can safely say he succeeded in making most of them abnormal something neither took away from I returned to the Drakengard series was Tyros love for making characters with a defining trave that makes them somewhat ostracized or unique in a video game setting you'll find this becomes a pattern in each addition to the series including near and I'm guessing near automata touching a little on the gameplay I can't really say too much about the ground combat I'll sum it up quickly in one short easy-to-understand clip

the aerial combat is where Drakengard shines in the gameplay department during these segments you'll control a dragon whose main goal is to shoot down enemy minions and airships the dragon feels like it has some weight behind it and although it takes a while to get used to it I found myself enjoying these the most maybe it's because there's more going on than mashing the square but until enough dudes fall down speaking of dudes you'll find that if you want to unlock every ending to the game of which there are five you'll be killing a lot of them you'll need to kill dudes to unlock secret weapons which you'll need to kill more dudes in order to unlock more secret weapons which you'll need for the final ending in which you kill dudes those of you who know vaguely about the Drakengard timeline whenever ending II was originally a joke idea which is a rip off the Evangelion ending however this endings will eventually birth the near franchise so for the rest of the video I'll try to explain the basic plot and characters leading up to the events that trigger the endings it's also the first time I'll be splitting my videos in two firstly it gets content out faster for you guys and second it gives me a little more time to focus on writing about all five endings and why the game means so much to me so about further ado let's get started let's hope it doesn't drag on for too long Drakengard takes place in a fantasy world called Midgard and is protected from an otherworldly force by four seals the seal of the desert ocean forest and seal of the goddess fully I a mysterious cult has taken hold of the Empire enslaving thousands of soldiers to become a mindless red-eyed hive mind with one goal to destroy the seals allowing me to otherworldly beings into their dimension to cause a ruckus the game starts of our main character chyme fighting a battle against the Empire with his army the union chyme will be our main character here is an interesting twist on the silent protagonist show no mercy attack but climbs over he said he was a silent protagonist huh boy love

behind you so being a big dum-dum time gets mortally wounded and rushes to the castle after realizing his sister furry Ivor seal is in danger he murders his way into the castle gates and meets up of our second main character the red dragon despite their differences chi mihn the dragon have to make a pact in order to survive in the Drakengard universe humans and beasts can make something called a pact in order to fuse their life force together essentially becoming a single entity enhancing both of their strengths from being able to speak telepathically by a fault it comes with a downside however as the humans need to lose something precious in order to obtain inhuman strength acts are always something that confused me in the logic can sometimes be a little strange as one of the ending shows so can a human make a pact with any beast are these things supposed to be the individual souls can you just reach into your body and drag it out for Show and Tell at any given opportunity can you walk up to a dog and be all hey Buster wanna be pack partners rokay now well slight plot inconvenience for the sake of the video game I get it after forging a pact of the Dragon the pack takes away his ability to speak turning him into the violent mute we've all come to know and love he also gets a sick nasty pact emblem on his tongue to physically show what part of his body he had to sell in order to obtain power time and his new lady friend take off to annihilate the Empire forces that govern the skies which they succeed in doing via murder shortly after bathing in the blood of a few hundred soldiers were properly introduced to chyme sister and his childhood friend in uart who's a naturally talented musician for EIN in uart originally supposed to be husband and wife porphyry I became the goddess of the seal which is why he's so adamant protector stay away from for yay he says what's throwing him in her general direction god damn it in you aren't you said fucking stupid Khayyam snuff is dead perhaps we should celebrate the usual song tell me why I'm stuck as a virgin with rage tell me why I so need your cute girl my age in you art proposes the party had to be elf village as the castle is no longer safe man sure hope everything's gonna go smoothly oh no oh Faria you must forgive me I'm not strong enough to protect you your songs songs I pray for strength next but dragon here's a character named hierarch ver delay reaching out to a packed partner telepathically to bring the goddess to him for safety so I guess packed partners can also communicate with other packed partners via thought I mean sure I guess fer delay is a holy priest of the seal who made a pact to the dragon back in a day although now it's petrified meaning is pretty much useless in combat he sacrificed his hair as a pact price and compared to some of the other shit people had to give up I say he picked the winning straw after speaking to a dying elf chyme learns at a bunch of hostages have been ferried away to a shrine of the Watchers in uart and furry I take off to the desert shrine were his kind besides a split off from the main group to do a bit of heroism through murder climb finds out for the kidnap Dale has been taken elsewhere or the dragon kind of assumes this and I guess we're just going to go along with it next we're introduced to lay a nard one of the more controversial characters of in the Drakengard series although it's not directly stated in the game and the comments regarding it pretty ambiguous Yoko taro admitted that Leonardo was indeed a pedophile and was off jerking it to little boys whilst his brothers were murdered fruity Tooty my god I'm in trouble Liu Kang dipsy laa-laa PO Leonardo can and wracked with guilt over his actions that caused him to be away from his family attempt suicide but ultimately caves into his own fears and drops the knife it's then that were introduced to one of the worst characters in the game yo sorry little brothers on the ground what motivated you to make a pact with this so he decides to make a pact of a random very but came to torment him for no good reason other than it's a sadistic little prick which takes away his sight rendering him blind when you've unlocked Leonard you can play through his story segment which is filled with you guessed it little boys time please no more we cannot they are so powerless yet your sorts has none your heart is black hey LP kind still you offer no mercy anywho the dragon reveals that in you art is basically but coolest guy ever and safe furry iron bird lay from the Empire by the way I'm lying sort yourself at you plumb goodness you're safe I will be safe I am a golden scepter no no the Empire after you because your fur goddess don't bullshit me you rascal crime heads to the Empire prison and succeeds in rescuing third lay and it's clear that in you arts being held in another location so for the time being they have to give up on their search however the Empire have a much more nefarious plan when it comes to in you art if only I had more strength then I could protect furry I or we look it shut over Hedgehog my one true love Oh mine furry I are mine shadow come on buddy if she ceases to be a goddess can she become a woman again

if only I had the strength the dragon drops them back off of the desert only to find the seal has been broken the gang eventually hear the voice of our third main character Ari oh Sh an elf woman who is driven to madness when she saw her family being slaughtered by Empire forces REO she made a pact of two elementals named Undine and salamander sacrificing her womb and the ability to conceive this eva contributes or is a defining factor that leads her to eating her victims especially children possibly to put a child back inside of her again same as Leonardo when you're not REO Shu can play through her story specific levels which leads you to the CLE B ocean where things aren't going swimmingly the children are Yosh what have you done so sweet so sweet the cute little children Oh reow oh and the seal is broken into fucked up again upon arriving back with furry I in new art appears of his new packed partner a black dragon he admits trading his ability to sing or create songs in order to obtain the strength he needs to protect 40 I sadly this has also come at the price of his free will is the Empire wearing him from the inside like a glove in you artists all hummed me fully I and kiemas all / so they clashes enemies for the first time a super-hype sword fight and the dragon faces off against in you arts pack beast in you art wins hands down and leaves the red dragon critically injured as crime recognizes the black dragon as the same one that murdered his mother and father causing him to foolishly rush out and force the red dragon to defend him in you are decides to crank up the creeper level to max and then leaves the scene of my favorite line of the game welcome to world without song

incredible after in UART leaves ver delay drops a bombshell and explains it if all of the seals are broken the seeds of Resurrection will be sown across the land what are the seeds of Resurrection what purpose do they hold I'll explain them all in due time finally the goddess's CAPTCHA gives the party enough motivation to storm the Imperial lands to retrieve her personally and find some new allies along the way

Huk oh wait no no I take it back not cool no no this young boy named sir a is an orphan whose parents were some of the many victims of the Empire attacks a wandering golem found sir a alone and taking pity on him sealed a pact sir a gave up his time meaning he'll never die of old age forever remaining an immortal child he's also my least liked character and Drakengard seems I share this opinion with Yoko taro who claims Sara is too much of a goody two-shoes to fit in with the universe he was created to contrast the party of miserable individuals we've come to know but he somehow ends up being insufferable to me mother I'll kiss you and then you wake up right

never dirty my soul now before I jump into Sara's part of the story I thought I'd explain something briefly you'll notice it in this particular scene Sara isn't here whereas in this exact same scene he is the explanation for this is the endings to Drakengard and the process you need to do in order to unlock them for most of the characters you need to revisit older chapters to have them as backup and for the first ending you won't be getting Sara at all does that sound awkward yeah it kind of is right now he can tackle Sara in his involvement in the plot sara has a twin sister called mana who his mother despised for an unsaid reason she would claim that she loved Sara and only cire eventually leading mana into the mountains and abandoning her despite having much more pressing matters in hand like the end of the fucking wild caimen crew decide to help this little Melvin out stay back from there Sara wizard hit him gholem you have one chance and you're missing it hit him you fucking blew it Sara finally after rescuing the little squid the fairies of a forest release a death cry meaning only one thing the third seal has been broken which leaves furry eyes the last remaining barrier between this world and the unknown time in the Dragon rushed to the union's a to take down the man-made cyclopses and managed to secure victory via murder after a grueling battle it seems like the union has won and spirits are high but this is Drakengard where no one is allowed a happy end


hey everyone thanks for watching I'll start working on part two after I blow this video so please wait patiently until then as always if you want to see what I'm doing outside of YouTube follow

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