Time to Say Good Bye -周深Reaction - Australian Chinese | 澳洲華裔第一次看【周深】《Time to Say Goodbye》

by: Asians Down Under

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Rach: Hey guys, we're Asians Down Under Rach:大家好,我们是Asians Down Under Today we are going to check out Zhou Shen's new song "Time to Say Goodbye" 今天呢,我们要一起看周深的新歌《告别时间》 Law: And thanks to our Bili Bili viewers for suggesting this song Law:谢谢我们哔哩哔哩的观众推荐这首曲目 Rach: Yeah, thank you! Rach:谢谢大家!

Law: Is it in Chinese? Law:是中文歌吗? Rach: It's not Rach:不是耶 It's a cover 是翻唱(我刚刚介绍错了,不是新歌) Law: I recognise the (song) Law:我认得这首歌 Rach: I think it's an Italian song Rach:我印象中好像是意大利经典曲目 Diane: He's humming along already Diane:(这评委)已经在台下跟着唱了 Law: Is he? Law:是他吗?

Law: What? Law:什么?(#惊讶#) What? 什么? Diane: Oh yes, it's very beautiful Diane:对,(这声音)真的很美啊! Law: Is that his actual voice? Law:这是他的真声吗? Rach: I heard it's his actual voice Rach:我听观众说这是他的真声

Rach: My god Rach:天呐

Rach: We have the same reaction as him right? Rach:我们和(评委Henry)的反应一模一样

Law: It sounds so good Law:太好听了

Rach: Oh my god I'm getting chills Rach:天呐,我全身汗毛都竖起来

Rach/Law: Omg Rach/Law:天呐

Law: That's in Italian right? Law:而且他是用意大利语唱的对吧? Diane/Rach: It's in Italian Diane/Rach:对,意大利语 Omg 天呐

Law: That's perfect as well Law:也太完美了!

Law: Holy shit Law:牛逼了~

Rach: So angelic Rach:太天使嗓了

Rach: He just changed the key as well Rach:他刚刚又升调了

Rach: It sounds like he didn't even try Rach:(这高音)唱得毫不费劲 He's singing so smoothly 唱的太流畅了

Law: I was not expecting this. I was expecting a deep voice Law:我真的完全没有想到,本来还以为他会用很低沉的声音(唱这首歌) Diane: Yeah Diane:对啊 Rach: It was meant to be a deep voice for the original song Rach:原唱是用很低沉豪迈的声音 Law: Oh my god Law:天呐 It sounds so good 太赞了

That was perfect 完美! That was flawless 真的是无懈可击 Diane: Yeah Diane:对啊 Rach: And he's a guy Rach:而且他还是个男的 I heard it's his real voice, he didn't try to fake that voice 听说这是他的真声,而不是假音 Law: It doesn't sound fake Law:听起来不像假音 Rach: Wow Rach:哇 Diane: His Italian accent sounds perfect as well Diane:他意大利语的口音听起来也很完美 Rach: I can't speak Italian so I don't know Rach:我不会说意大利语,听不出来(标不标准) Diane: I don't either but from what I can hear it sounds perfect Diane:我也不会说,但是听起来很完美 Law: Oh my god Law:我的天 Rach: It's meant to be a really really deep voice in the original song Rach:原唱本来是很低沉的声音 Diane: Yeah, you're right. The original song is very deep Diane:对,原唱是低沉的声音来唱 Law: I've heard versions of it where it's high (pitched) Law:我之前也有听过这种高音版本的 But he's really good 但是他真的很厉害 The high ones are usually performed by girls 一般这种高音版本都是女生演唱的 Diane: I closed my eyes for part of it and it just sounded like a girl Diane:我如果闭上眼睛的话,就真的以为他是个女生 Rach: It sounded like a girl? Rach:听起来就是女生对吧? Diane: I couldn't tell it was a guy Diane:感觉不出来这是个男生(的声音) Rach: I want to listen to the way he talks Rach:我好想听他说话 Law: I want to hear more of his songs Law:我想听他的其他曲目 What else does he sing? 他还有演唱什么别的歌曲? Rach: Do you want to check it out now? Rach:你现在就迫不及待想看? Let's leave it for next week 我们留着下周看吧 Law: What's his name? Law:他叫什么名字? Rach: Zhou Shen Rach:周深 Law: Joe Shen? Law:囧深?(Law尴尬的普通话发音) Rach: Zhou Shen Rach:周深

Law: Alright alright Law:行了行了

Diane: Let's teach Lawrence Chinese (Mandarin) Diane:大家一起教Lawrence讲中文(普通话) Rach: Let's teach Lawrence Mandarin Rach:来来来,大家来教Lawrence讲普通话 Lawrence doesn't speak Mandarin Lawrence不会普通话 But he can speak Cantonese 但是他会说广东话噢! Law: Okay, next! Law:行了行了,下一首 Hey guys 嗨,大家好

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