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hey there friends my name is funtime Freddy if you're new make sure you subscribe and hit the belly who never ever miss a video and if you don't know where we are we're back in undertale we finally found our way through that weird maze thing and now we're keep going this way it's really dark and scary I don't know where I'm at luckily I got a bunch of determination so I'm fine pit ha that thing's kind of scary I'm gonna hi i'm onion san onion son did you remember me it's been a really long time since anyone came through here yeah that's that's great I'm just gonna it's kind of lonely here I'm just happy to see somebody no no no I'm just gonna go ahead and leave I'm really busy oh well bye I guess maybe we can hang out later yeah yeah for sure who that was a close one else that was kind of awkward I feel kind of bad but I'm on a journey I can't just stop what I'm doing huh oh no what is this what is happening hello [Music] huh Oh what happened oh man no I gotta go all the way back oh oh I'm finally back okay so don't go down there again that's for sure what's over here hello was this do huh hey hey I'm making music

okay I don't know what that's for maybe there's some kind of secret code I should know oh well time to go down there oh wait no Freddy you already know do you know not to go down there okay well then we'll just keep on going this way I guess what is [Music] these do anything I don't know what this is I'm just gonna keep on I'm gonna keep on going I think it's kind of weird what's this say umbrellas take one okay I took one actually you know what you know what let me put all those in there I'm gonna go ahead and take all of them but not to be rude but I just just in case you know just in case I got it I gotta take all of them cuz you never know when you need multiple umbrellas yeah okay oh oh man it's all rainy and wet over here oh I fell in a puddle gross now I'm gonna be all wet and I'm gonna smell like wet Freddie gross this is a long narrow path oh no there's a turn oh okay there's not a turn I lied what is that down there I can kinda see something huh I'm not sure what that is I'm gonna go figure it out though I hope it's something cool Hey oh it's nothing it's just a bunch of trees or something oh man jeez this is a really long path rain go away mm-hmm wait how does it even raining down here aren't they down in a hole or something this doesn't make any sense whatsoever what is that over there I wish I could get over there oh that has to be something maybe I could get over there if I really tried no I need to get food I'm gonna need some pumpkin pie hey it's so good nom nom nom okay now that I'm nice and full tender what's Oh dark spooky cave I don't wanna know but I gotta but I don't wanna okay I will ah it's really scary in here go go go go go I did it oh look it's a castle thing over there that's where I was before and there's the thing wonder where this leads oh that's where I got the sword isn't it oh wait no that's not where I got it I forget where I got the sword from speaking of which where is that sword no I guess I lost it somehow oh well you win some you lose some you know what is all this yo get on my shoulders I'll give you a boost no okay okay I heard you don't have to say it twice geez rude much oh what a nice little fellow who's kind of weird-looking but he was still very nice well what is this strange place all I have to do is make sure I don't fall off of this thing it looks very dangerous if I fall I might die and nobody wants that bit okay so far so good just got to keep going right oh this way oh but where's the end where am I even supposed to be going right now who knows I guess down this way right oh I don't know I'm really scared ah my ear itches ah okay okay I'm better now okay how's it closely oh I got to eat more pumpkin pie I'm getting tired this is an awful lot of running you really don't want to run anymore I hope this is the end right here this this journeys been too hard on me is this the right way I can't even tell I'm really scared jump we huh well I thought that was definitely gonna be a trick what's this weird pile of garbage right here huh hmm just a big old pile of garbage nothing important I guess I'm so fast in this water well there's piles of garbage everywhere I'm filled with determination she's got to watch out for all this weird garbage just to lying around creepy I think someone would clean this stuff up huh well what is this Hey we okay time to be serious oh what's that do know thought it would do something cool what is this a book hey look it's a the training dummy silly thing finally we're out of the trash oh now where are we though waterfall fills you with determination neat neat oh there's something down there hello are you friend or foe not answering huh guess we got a tough guy on our hands well it's some kind of duck but a nice duck you really need to find a way out of here it's really dark and spooky I don't like it it's too spooky for me well I guess we just gotta keep going we'll find our way out eventually right like this way this has to be it oh is this like a little maze Oh what is this strange place hello who are you okay I'm gonna go press all your stuff man this is a really nice place you got here friend hope you don't mind me messing around hmm that's a really nice house weird a training dummy oh whoops whoops I didn't mean to break that okay well huh what's that sound I heard a weird sound okay well I should probably get rid of this this training dummy here oops what's this these things oh look like houses I'm gonna go in hello huh a ghost a friend okay sorry for bothering you weird what's a ghost just sitting there for I could have really scared somebody on this house is empty help me what's back here oh there's nothing I thought was a secret oh man well now this leads somewhere are these snails it's a snail race oh boy I wonder the blue one to win the blue one's gonna win mr. ghost go blue would go go go I'll come back later when the race is finished hopefully it's gonna take luck the snails are really slow hey hey okay okay go this way and oh man am i lost down here what's this say tis sign yeah you know what I guess it is a sign how about that did we come from this way I don't think so did we no no we didn't there's no way hello weird lizard person I'm gonna look at all your stuff in here I got rabbits and apples oh I'm gonna take these don't mind me they kind of look like lemons I'm gonna take your lemons oh you have a bunch of lemons in here look at this oh thank you you're so kind mr. you're so kind uh I don't have anything to give you for all the stuff I took but have a nice day kukuku hey it's a shortcut guy I'll come back to you later mister shortcut guy so I guess this is the only way we can possibly go now I I'm done I have determination right now I'm ready to go I think I think we're finally gonna see the end of this place just we just gotta never give up you know never give up water was strong oh no this looks like the place I was already in what's this dude oh I see it's like some kind of maze or something huh so this way and then I just go over here and flip that one then I go this way yeah look I can't go that way so I just gotta keep going this way oh but there's no switch over here oh man it tricked me I can't believe it wait so how do I get to the oh I gotta go that way why didn't anyone say that why didn't no one tell me jeez can't believe no one told me this huh another way opened up hold on I got to go check out that way first the weird door open in the back there what's what's that oh is that some kind of secret oh I think it is I can't wait to see what it is oh boy oh boy oh boy oh bunch of people just standing around what's this I'm filled with determination did that that's not that that's spelled weird okay teh I don't know what's happening anymore wait welcome to the temp hello look you got a bunch of gold in here well there's some some good music going on I like this huh dog Salvador temmie flakes I'm gonna go ahead and not take any of them I'll take this I'll take that and I'll take I'll take this okay that that's all I want though I'll see you bunch of weirdos later who was a bunch of weirdos in that place where do they Thames are cold who here doze but I think we're getting to the end of this place I can't wait to see what the next place is like I'm so excited hopefully it's not a really hot place like like a lava or something that would be awful cuz I I don't like volcanoes or nothing nothing hot like lava it's it's too much huh really scary sound let's just say turn on the lanterns to get rid of the blindness effect though the blindness will come back after a few seconds oh I see oh I can't go that way oh I'd the means I gotta go all the way back around here oh man go go go go Oh what what what is happening oh this one's tough this is a tough maze I gotta get through I'm hungry I'm numb oh no it's really dark uh is this right way oh that's not the right way oh man why is it so hard what this way uh-uh that would sound again spooky oh that's not the right way either all right go go go look see where the next one is Oh to you this way we can oh oh come on lemon what's at the end I just got to go oh this is this is kind of hard okay I'll go this way and this way and then I'll go up here and then I'll hit that one and then I'll just go this way I did it I solved it I'm a genius oh hey come on hey there we go I don't know which way so I'll go this way first I think that's a grass okay there's nothing really except grass that makes sense well it's a bunch of these tall things I'm just gonna ignore him they're probably friendly yeah please don't hurt me please don't hurt me please don't hurt me at least it's not a bunch of garbage again another really long bridge type thing jeez oh oh this place is really spooky I don't know if I want to do this anymore guys well there's something up there on that that big mountain I want to go check it out if I can even get up there mm wonder where this the sands and his brother at they were they were fun they were cool but this place is too evil what is this even I don't know what that is I'm just gonna keep going go go oh there's another cave right there maybe I'm at the end oh boy there's something at the end of this way who's that oh yes it's one of these I'm filled with determination yes I am I'm determined to win oh it's dark it's dark it's our ku ku ku okay gonna need one more piece of pie okay now I should be ready should be ready to to win this thing what's that say it's a big sign huh oh man I didn't know I'd have to read readings too hard once I say let's say welcome welcome to what oh I thought I've been here what are you welcoming me now for hey a bunch of signs let's just say end of huh what what what like is this it is this is this the end no this can't be the end there has to be more mmm men well hey there friends I hope you enjoyed that episode if you did make sure you leave a like and a comment down below and let me know if you want to see more undertale that's the end of this map but hopefully there's a bunch more that I could go check out if you know of one let me know down in the comments cuz i love undertale and make sure you subscribe to my channel and all the other channels down below in the description like pump it Bonnie Callum Chelsey the Harvard channel the main phenomenal and my roblox channel Galant gaming help low daily roblox videos over there and it's super cool so go check it out right now go go do it go do it but that's about it for me friends I'll see you all next time bye the big skeleton guy up there it's like he's looking at me leave me alone he's always looking at me no matter where I go someone sent help please

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