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what's up gaming this part was shot after the prank so before y'all get into the progeny got to be more favorite man go subscribe to this channel called behind it would be doing vlogs challenges pranks and music videos and it would stand behind on as long as I spend my holiday so do me a favor go subscribe to the channel show us a little man go out there video I'm pretty sure they got interesting videos of their childhood look and before we even get into the video I'll enjoy do me a favor hit that like bling he the subscribe button coming down below also hit that number can be notified on the video I love ya I'm gonna hook I enjoy the prank gay what's up Susie gave my bail another video man you know saying you know about to go down because you see Corinne camera woman and come on friend Busan crazy so I just pulled her back to the crib and anybody in the house cause I see the trailer car here can't car here area being here so therefore I got a prayer I better put a prank on everybody I've been in one boy whatever I'll grab a few irons and whatever so I'm gonna put his print on car me basically about entry I'll put it on trade cook on his hot frequent airy I went with them long time since I get in Ernie or so I just do it without her even knowing but I know the parent will be on Carmen the truth I don't know he did what I did but before having your too funny about like this video man PL subscribe to the channel subscribe I'm Corey you know I see my grandma and Carmona again shit a.m. you're just crazy talk game you know saying that way but listen like this video subscribe hit that I'm kitchen bill I love you joining CC game man you were not regredi I see a we gritty I'm entry ready you know it's not talking to funny I don't know bear with me a gentleman I talked to them bad but I'm gonna try to go ahead and made these pretty happy I'm gonna go down can be lit and I said to him I got surprised a about in a video also so yeah I'm just I'm not gonna do much talking about it give this a pretty this prank

anything that the down to one they let the dog brain with the eighty the walking I was right I heart walking how do this get here

are you I mean house

so what I'm gonna do right now yeah I'm gonna see I did she went to Pilate to decide then never under hating on me I see

okay oh yeah boom I bet so we did it now gucchy okay there's a career here whatever time hey your area come here acquittee ask yourself

so you know hey do you tell her that took mine of course of course you can tell me I want to do you fashion advice I mean I'm good chanting man who's you say okay yeah good idea [Laughter]

this is about conversation I wish I believed them is a time I mean Oh was okay Eric thank you an answer soon

well I'm just saying about wait about why you had a door closed cuz I have no time they're private what laughs wait I believe in yourself you'll notice you like deal with meeting me here I just came in here I'm sitting in my video now because X is coming here the doors closed that you got yourself you know I [Music]

feel like I'm waiting waiting for an event in front rank 30 loose

yeah even beyond he said he said did you give him hurt we'll wait what you got feeling there no no cournot sided shape when we please don't what you mean no I'm with them a certain way he nothing today about that to me so then your pants off oh you're lining up to X or why should I - I don't want to be pulled in today because like I said he asked about your commute um I'm looking for when I'm sorry I owe you I respectfully just peppercorn you over here rubbin all right babe stop touching me don't throw that at me that shit outta you Enda you gonna hold or close like cuz I will talk later Bobby you know you sound


[Music] [Laughter]

come I promise were you yeah you bet

yeah come on right tada it was just a party but should I go you gotta give him he really did overtake them you overtake I'm pregnant God y'all coming down below yeah but everybody I blow I say Aryan Trey y'all please forgive korvac Lou doesn't pray hey everybody everybody tell trade it was alright it took air that it was okay to trail over ticked about her right now and tell Carmela soprano pay you know pretty fucking good going over here they're like Ronald ain't even gonna do bleep he romantic the hell you're handy we're doing you got to had a bum let's see the good mama that's you know good try come here Baker took air may actually get playable

oh yeah I gotta tell you sorry oh yeah I'm about to give my partner

she said she with some excellent yeah


[Music] all right make up everybody headed using those appoint blog if I hit the like button to subscribe blame and oh forget it coming down below hey also subscribe everybody thanks an air by before hundred thousand fucking subscribe them in his bitch when I get inside to do anything in the honey cake here boy edit handle no away all the King meet him in left oh honey I wrote a poem honey cake later on down go subscribe thought a Chinaman link down

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