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hey it's me Pro carrot and this is armed the upcoming fighting game for the Nintendo switch which will be out very very soon about June 16th and uh I got a early review copy thanks to Nintendo so hashtag products provided by Nintendo but I wanted to give you guys an idea what Arms is like just really go through Grand Prix at won't people to show the whole thing but I want to give you show you some of the things you can do now if you want to give a heads up this game is hard like actually hard so you'll see what I mean I won't do great shape layout I've only been to the Grand Prix mode with ribbon girls so far but I've been playing all the other modes to Alec Mandara I feel like he's more useful for some other players to tell you you're so hard to fight ah let's go what's going with min min the ramen girl yeah okay so there's these are difficulty options one to cz7 is harsh I'm going to go over three I'll do three and you'll still see like how difficult this can be is it's a very technical game before every match does a but broadcast thing to hype it up with this guys they did intense closeout takeout containers close those takeout containers because you're tuned into the grand Brie I'm Bev and I'll be your commentator today as always I'm here to talk all things arms well get a whiff of that but one can only Raman bomber is into the ring it's min min her hobbies include eating mom so made ramen yes young lady proves that noodle arms ain't no joke they pack a real punch and don't litter size fool you min means fighting to kick it with the best of them okay let the arms Grand Prix begin the Cho's been minute because when you do her midair - she actually does a roundhouse kick which you can use to deflect punches some hoping making be good then use that to help deflect punches match one fired up it's been men versus the grim creeper master mummy this clapeyron corpse is hungry for just about everything but above all he craves victory time for men men to take the wraps off and knock this monster out like I'm up okay so the dragon arms are cool because they'll actually punch to go a little bit then they spit a laser megawatts they're heavier and slower but they can Electrify and defensible defenses and then the RAM ramp I think are just to seeing the chakrams so I'll do one drag in one megawatt force all right let's do it I am using it's a normal controller for uh it's one you there's a little bit of driving laser name it and you'll fuckin throw awesome my guardian key to playing ribbon girl where you can just spin there jump like three times [Music] here we go that's a bat - laughs - so after you do a - hold button to charge up - out Cass supercharge your syphilis so allow them to shock harder or but the dragon does more damage and like a bigger special began looking thing get out of here

one of the things I found harvested seems that I'm kind of used to other fighting games where they're kind of always on the move the key route left analog stick whole arm it's a block into a money bro no bro

i watch [Music] I got my buck oh all right so you so like always really with left analog when it comes to a movement in the like but in this game the less that controls your punches after you move and that's the hard part you have to like after you throw a punch you have to kind of stop with that mentality and just focus on where your punches are going to go try this chakram this time damn it oh right ever stable oh no the chakra pins disarmed disarm your arms there throw more lasers well we're gonna arms in your cake they're in the back boys oh no oh computers are really good at down because a city bomb but computers are really good at only throwing their supers right after you throw a punch and they like won't do anything until you tell you throw a punch so the AI in this is just ridiculous how much you see really good for the first fight I am we start right now what I consider to be medium difficulty this is a yellow juicer that still looks super good understand of it Oh what I try to activate my super by- time you graduate you're a super it'll also automatically deflect any incoming just allowing you to get a bunch of pre hissing there which is why the computer so good about that they only will activate it after you punch it is like just we hit for them trying to charge this glad give it great oh yes yeah oh no now get out of here mine [Applause] oh stop talking about like you did right and I threw a punch jerk all right this douching cuz I'm just weapon that's healed without one walk where come on I swear activated this corner your mob damage there have a bomb

[Music] we're gone I'm trying so hard right now super shocking I keep I keep wanting Haman to come behind the shotgun business just go with you Oh Reddy's house treating me row yes alright actually one one do i great I haven't played this min min no whole lot I'm not a super good at using all her abilities yeah kick some stuff and get one after every mention here you get coins and you use coins to play a minigame to unlock them KidCo for the speed demon mask you ready for seconds you can punch great a screen - yeah these snake boards the kids are all into really breeze the ride jump on I'll start moving jump and jump again in midair when you want to get off oh so on his stage you like a little skateboards kind of which I said normal fist let's go figure this again I do like the range of this a rebound them to the top cut you out of it okay

go port always throws me jerk

yes punch in there stop

they mention oh god why can't you just do think it's keyboard then you take forward closer than me [Music] all right look lad you ready tip no their work clapping Oh dad again what no oh my god oh my god this is I'm talking about get hard do I hit him once take a ham one the most look perfect so there's that skips so difficult when I see Stan of the horse what the only out here half later that was big they have the grace to I can either charge while moving now the test rough you're moving your arm a little bit so that I know a lot yeah Oh stable

[Applause] I've got more speed all right it could have been worse I think you want to fight this guys we're not on this floor just in trouble

right behind us so difficult to actually aim ha train your face nope

later yeah and you're on fire most Advan the fifth row the one I see that injured arm out contract if you block too much your arms will get temporarily unstable to get to sit there block the whole time oh no I'll talk you out I'm not above that grow damn it someone fucking have come out fine yeah I'm the best cuz it technicality

drive our mission probably not the best choice with the mega arm just because so slow although once again ready to fade like that where's your face how about me sucker overall win for me

[Music] we're prepared

I'm Q close for comfort right now at the bomb yes try to use my your arms but make me want to retreat the other way to get it my mom think your work I'm going to take credit for it because it make me feel better about myself

no come on bro

ah prep I try to kick them

or in the piece I'm doing better than I did before the very first time I played this on the Grand Prix I put the difficulty on four and I couldn't get past the second person so I'm doing better uh-huh the counts for something anything oh this guy's got a cool stage there's a lot of tubes and stuff you can throw each other into that's three bubble over let's mix it up and place them all over play hoops never mind it's B bottle the twist you got a thrill your opponent into the basket dunker tossing closed for two points ordering them from behind the arc three forced it wins this is actually really fun minigame I'm really glad this shows up to if the granite reefs is not just fighting so we're just playing basketball that's a long walk I think the cabling them without electricity in there for the function know how are you got me this is mr. Smith came it Jeffrey Oh huh - OH for three yes don't crap dang it sometimes you will Microsoft off the rim oh whoa and I got dumped please trust me is it oh shit with them would you be shut dragon breeder eyes abnormal dragon huh your arm oh I want to floss bring me up I'm gonna get them I need a cool maneuver like I've stopped talking to the crap Oh No give us come here Oh Oh still in a baby ah [Music] oh why is him off of that into a free that's awesome I'm technically with him William sucker oh yeah yeah did that was like to get a button boom era oh nice dunk min min we get dunk I brought my dog yay and I'm actually eating coins it's hard to get coins in this game I've noticed unless you're really good at the Grand Prix which I am NOT okay just use so we've got both its punty weapons and it's got an extra dog in there who will also attack so you can't hit the dog to temporarily disable them but until you do that's just a third attacker coming in that you have to worry about so I almost always try to take up a stupid dog first dang it dang it and I'm your dog sorry operator can't believe I stopped on the back okay oh yeah got the doc good screw your dog so hopefully their money shoot I am NOT alone dream Center Oh double heads yes help thank you I would like to speed No give me the help me what ah I thought I did mine in time to deflect his I think I might have did mine just a half second too early so close and I'm Way too blonde of course here your dog Oh lookit Anto totally intentional start to connect up with that land of that idiot oh my gosh your arm

[Music] I just have to worry about mom there I'll try to point snap them into it good throw are you do my dog oh dang it I thought you the dead you talking little protected Boehner nope no who Oh - I'm actually winning yes laser stitch chakram whatever I think I think it's like a nice combination we're getting used to using to drag it and just a little bit more force like I'll punch one way and then shoot the others like I'll put a left shooter right take up a dog punch up laughs first oh I missed the block right hit the wrong fucking button Oh No

[Music] on how to talk to 400k mission I gotta watch both of you say you like 300 or so German Kaiser quick open I'll crap 35 in this running well I dare you he plugs the first step out so except that he can jump off his dog for a boost the game says early on when the best ways to gain victory is to stay or keep yourself in the air and just stay moving that's why I like playing ribbon girls so much because she has to have triple jump this is who I got stuck on mas playing on difficulty for she just straight-up flies at 5 halfway there it's mid men versus the silver screen Queen kwinto too classy to bother using your actual arm she lets her hair do the fighting I'm fine to the glamour but I love ramen give me your best stuff minmin alright dragon dragon grammar and Mars on this day she bucked off the car sir - ah

charge career loser throw pretty good luck ah lucky do it okay guess they're so proud of myself right now you have no idea just like her parasol fist or whatever wouldn't think about deflection so many attacks oh boy Hey Jeff Locke throwing your budget oh boy [Music] come out ah [Music] Oh mm laser oh is it get her you'll see it's so close

oh yeah totally did it on purpose like I to do I mean it's not so I shut the regulator to get her to move then I did throw my punch punch it away I'm getting better at that I first started I was really bad about it too simple that that's what you're charging you let her fly sir first she take me first

come on I get ready oh god bird just let the power word she can like slow down incoming sit because she's super hot soon reason why that happened I got swept to credit do it see what I want you to do do it do it oh my god I'm gonna do it maybe I'm just better with min min than I am with a girl I like it looks like a lot of other ones though I clean Ajara a lot especially with versus other opponents his made our - make some straight-up disappear for a second and it gets humid I could screw them up stick and ribbon girl match six don't overdo it let's switch it up in places oh thanks skill shots okay so in this mode uh you try to break more targets than your opponent but you're on opposite side of each other so your fists are still coming up they're coming at each other so you could still hit each other and then if you actually hit each other you eat will get bonus points this one's also hard for Russian wouldn't make a lot about closer I'm going to mad combos using my razor to club like that yes I'm crushing you give me a little bit slapper Heiser we get pom showing up and not go down take that I'll throw up give me all the time did please Oh or secret owner I don't really know why I did how many points again doing a chakra Madras to that first I won't bite [Music] ah dude he's got destroyed ribbon girl that wasn't even funny [Applause] yeah I like bending the law crazy coinage to match seven spring man match seven now we're cooking it's been men versus the bouncers spring man spring stadium is only five minutes for the train station no wonder is packed full of fans belts they're all wearing like spring man hats big game they're like that's nothing crazy special above this arena aside from like the spring just behind it hopper Damon hi air juggler gonna be the way to hit them off of pretty well what you're juggling is very much a thing look I got job oh haha what's up pup in the mall look at them cheering for your desk room in they're not wearing your hats or your scalp they want you to die walk all this nonsense

come on oh boy vote I get a medal for up some victory yeah two different bouncing around hit death yes hmm I wish the replays are longer I could pull up in there but I'll be they properly show the how the final moments win it is with a missile fit they like crazy horizontal range adult sharks you're right X charge [Music]

what don't you know

I've got the cigarette a little built up a bro [Applause]

month round too much you give me Paulo oh come on I had to sit right there Oh [Applause] [Music] No oh cool that stuff like right brother my face oh dang it I got ice yep you this way yourself let me do that [Applause] charge all you want how about the other groomer account dear


oh no come on alright fella grab a hook-up understood Bernard

a follow-up

there it is the finally law I do have a infinite amount of continues and you can even actually save during the Grand Prix quit and then come back the Grand Cru whenever you want which is handy but I it's alright if I actually can't go too much further than this due to sudden some NDA guidelines because this game being provided by Nintendo and I do want to respect those it's mostly showing up the final round I don't can't show what happens there so that's alright I'll finish up here but there you go then it gives you a good taste of what single player times is like and hopefully I've got the review but it came out well I'm going to keep fighting spring man as a wrap this video up cool so as always thank you guys so very much for watching see you next time [Music]


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