Spring 2018 Home Decor shopping At Kirkland's!

by: TheEmpty Nesters

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hey y'all today we're at Kirkland and we are gonna check out and see what they have put out spring that's a pretty I like that and actually I really like that painting right there that picture I'm thinking about getting that and I love these candleholders let me try to see what it's so pretty and then right here they've got like one of those little baskets with the tabletop it's no fake peonies ready oh look at those little stools y'all I love kirklands it's one of my favorite stores they have such cute stuff here and it's all reasonably priced here's a bunch of like the rustic that would be cute to put some little flowers in silverware how much is this it's 1999 and they have a so going on right now when we walked in she gave us a 25% off coupon what is it 25% off anything is that all the coupon is let's see when we walked in she gave us this off any1 regular priced item so all these are adorable I like those oh they have such cute stuff here y'all and yeah there's some little decorative balls but some pottery there like we got here early in the morning and they're already crowded I love their stuff here I know I keep telling you guys but it's so cute oh look at the big farmhouse sign on the little tins of flowers they've got a little silo decor they have so much farmhouse and rustic stuff look at these babies right here those would be great for wedding decor they're $20 $19.99 and they come and like a little kit like that that would be cute for wedding and those would be cute little centerpieces see right there and actually these little buckets of flowers would look cute too and then they've got like this time right here those are cute let's see what's this right here a little bench with barn doors on it let's see yeah nice try it open that's cute and then on this side they've got this one it's only 107 y'all and then they've got this cute little spring centerpiece that's really pretty I really like that Bry and let's see these vases down here are really cute the pink ones and clear ones

do you guys like Kirkland let me know down below in the comments if you guys have been to a car cleanse and if you like it in your thoughts and they've got a whole bunch of little different candle holders and then these are just like the LED candles underneath um kind and then they've also got the kind of hangs I can't believe how color they are for being so early in the morning I think they just open and people were like waiting here to get in here's what they look like hanging and then there's here's some more spring arrangement centerpieces you're super cute and Ygritte they would be great for Easter let me see oh here's a whole bunch of different little over here let's see there's so much to look out for you guys and I know sometimes when I there's so much I want to see I kinda start moving a little too fast just because I want to her even see everything sorry if I'm doing that y'all oh look at this that's gotta be my favorite one I've seen so far because we've seen a lot of those type of pictures everywhere and that's gotta be my all-time favorite I really love that look at the little watering can o'clock huge they've got a bunch of pretty clocks there's a big one kind of a rustic style back there this one's pretty neat let's see oh I always love that picture right there I don't have anywhere that that one would match can you guys see all right I love that one though if I had a big enough rest room I think I would put that in there but that doesn't match my bedroom it doesn't match any of the rooms in my but I really like it I'll keep the change for the laundry room oh that's cute I like that - Bry you like that oh you like those stools Brian likes those stools right there I know we we wouldn't really have anywhere to put those there hundred apiece unless you'd want to put one out my garage or something we really don't have anywhere to put put those they don't so for what $29.99 there's a couple of chairs will be worth right there let's see some little drink dispensers there's those are 30 look at this little cabinet that's cute then you could use these up back like your silverware parties or whatnot picnics and stuff I like that - yeah that would be such a cute little set let's look at this just Beauvais here's another little cabinet oh I like this how much is this huh - nineteen you guys see their prices here are really great on this stuff they seem so oh this one is really cute it's only $19.99 they seem a lot cheaper than a lot of places that's so very similar items

let's see and then right here is just some kitchen stuff ones like there you go sorry about that my camera started acting weird sometimes it does that see these aren't cute these would make cute little gifts it's a big measuring cup with small a liquid measuring cup with dry measuring cups and tea spoon or you know measuring spoons in there these would be great for you to put your little coffees and you know your for your coffeemaker you can throw them in there look at these little measuring cups y'all these are adorable how much are these and I have a little tax on them you can afford to make him forgive $9.99 and I already come a little torn from gifts tags on there here's the kind I like you all know I like the copper look pretty these got a little anchors on them so really once there's some palm trees down there love always trusts Oh pray without ceasing oh is this stuff that care looks like it's the clearance section always be grateful oh I like that little rug how cute and there's some little hooks that say hello and they also have some cows well there's a better look for y'all you can see what they look like all up in there $5.99 a piece which is a fairly it's a good price I love the prices here my stuff is so cute and so cheap look at those glitter boxes our trays I'm sorry 1197 th it looks like they have just a few things left over from Christmas time it's that they have on clearance back here these oh yeah this is the clearance back here let's see oh that's a cute little hook chef I like that Brian that would look cute by the front door because we don't have anything to hang up coats by the front door maybe we should get something like that you like it I wish they had it in a different color because I really don't think white is really gonna go with yeah the wall there is why I think we need we would need like a gray or maybe of a light blue - a light blue or gray or even a black a black one ones go homes are pretty let's see you know q2 family forever and always know with the little bike with the basket of flowers cute is that they've got a bunch of pictures back there but I'm not going to dig through them all because I'll be the one to drop them all over the place get that crazy lady out of here and I really crowded - I don't want to have to disrupt everybody these are cute thank you I need some pictures for the restroom you think those would go you see these pictures I'm thinking about getting these for the restroom they would because it's got these two colors are the colors of our towels and the shower curtain I want you to grab one of each of those and when you look at those I've been looking for pictures to match our restroom for a really long time if you guys have been following me I probably mentioned it a bunch like I need bathroom pictures I need bathroom pictures what do you think about those do you like them only $16.99 each and I think they're 20% off do you like them bride you think they'll be okay and I've got some silver lamps up there oh well y'all can see those only like that amazing grace $90 can y'all see that it's the music sheet in music that's pretty cool that the picture there is really pretty - I like that and then they have a bunch of mirrors alright y'all I'm gonna check out and see what else they have I'll probably do another video this one's getting kind of long alright thanks for watching y'all like subscribe and have a great day

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