Do NOT Play The NUN SEED in Minecraft Pocket Edition (Nun seed in Minecraft PE)

by: YaBoiAction

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do whoa bro my man [Music]

no it is itchy bikes today man I'm bringing you guys something a little bit different today I am actually bringing you guys a little bit curious about so about a month and a half ago me double a 12 and rage elixir I actually ran into the nun in Minecraft Pocket Edition it was a freaky experience and all that and I want to see is this like a natural spawn thing so the way to find out is obviously to go on the nun seat and so since I'm curious let's just name the world with the nun seed all right there we go so the nun seed and let's go to the seed and this one I'm just gonna type it for the seat I'm just gonna type in nun as you guys can see matter of fact I will turn on let me turn on a cheats real quick let me activate my cheats in case I need to go and create it fly around see what's going on with the world um as you guys can see this that I here we go boom there's no there's no packs on or nothing like that but hey let's create the world drop a like for good luck man I hope nothing crazy geeks found but at the same time I hope something crazy does get found so hey let's experience it wish me luck [Music]

all right breasts I see the ocean this you're like a lot of old laying around is fine yo what the heck no no no do you guys hear that no I know y'all hear that voice is this somebody else yo action what's up oh yeah I tell you my view here nah bro so I tell you my video idea then you go ahead and do the same thing what's up what are you talking about dude I just made the nun seat and hopped on the world and I told you about that idea so I'm guessing you made the nun seat and hop on that world you do not make a world at the same time like you hop on the same together I I didn't know that was the thing do like I've never done that in what am I talking about you didn't know I you know hey let's start some way on our way hey we got to look out for like any any like villages and stuff we got a lot for some villages villages is what we're looking out for our a there's always a beeline for a village man yeah I'm on the hunt for village and let's just get some wood you know there's a lot of water around so I guess we can just boat around I guess that's exactly what I was thinking I was like dude we're like we're literally on Island right now we need a boat honestly get survival island seed man come on bro I'll go ahead and make a crafting table really quick I do that I'm gonna get two trees I think that'll be good enough for the whole trip yeah yeah bro seriously don't ever take my video ideas ever again man what did you do I don't know what you're talking about like I have this video planned out on a real note though I don't think nothing's gonna pop up like oh so you don't think you don't think nothing's gonna pop up on the none see come on dude nah it's it's the none like the none like what's gonna happen she pulls out and like hey gives us a candy like dude give us again is that what nuns do nowadays I guess I'm gonna check over here and see if there's a village I don't I don't see anything my render distance pretty far so all right yeah I see a savanna I guess you want to swim over there real quick I got a boat no I got a boat too all right but let's check it out then let's you swim around Savannah dude I don't flow have you ever seen have you ever seen a village in a savanna though I've never seen a village in a savanna biome Natalie so oh I stopped I'm confused on why is there ice next to know what's going on my man is a climate check no no no I'm gonna see if there's some polar bears over here all right a cow is that what you do I have to get some meat do I get hungry Oh a hole Oh what's this down here dolphins out here swimming around me like what's good I don't random holes we got cave holes underground it's kind of weird actually wait wait wait I want to check that out where are you i yes you know all right so we're gonna go check out this bike over here oh wait I know yeah that over there all right so we found a village easily this that was a quick village inn all right hold up let's get on land I'm still confused why there's ice spikes next to deserts but yeah I'm so confused on that part guys knowing dirt blocks next to saying like what's going on my man oh my god those turtles Hey I know some turtles like come on we got just about everything all right wait so dude have you seen the nun-like though none movie well I actually have to I'm I'm kind of afraid of the nun do like I'm not crazy well I'm pretty sure I saw that movie too and you were sitting right next to me that's crazy I'm pretty sure I was right next year you actually fell asleep yeah do like okay the movie might have been a little boring nah why you fall asleep in the movie theater dude what are you talking about oh boy where did you go in unreal quest in this cave area bruh wait you didn't jump out when I jumped out what are you doing don't jump alright look I see it alright so what are we looking for at this village though at the village you know we're just looking for peace hope and happiness I guess equal alright well there's nobody in here there's nobody in here let me see oh no this is a stop bro this is reminding me of what happened with me mm mmm like literally wait we're happening between yo alright look so we were just chillin in our world right and there's a village next to us but he was like a village with dirt and stuff like that tell me why tell me why umm we go outside and our portals we had like a bunch of inter portals and stuff like portal yeah like nether portals they got broken so they got broken we went across and explored we saw something flying in the sky it was actually really creepy and by the time it was nighttime they hey we went to we decided since no villages were there yeah got the church we went to the church and we ended up getting trapped in there bro it was actually one of the scariest experience Oh what you're telling me is is not look for the church and don't go in there no don't do that I'm gonna stay right here I'm gonna stay right here then no but we gotta investigate maybe maybe there is some people though right nothing in here nothing in here they're zombies whatever you call that thing zombie villagers around or what what's up yeah you have the drone thing hey drown alright let me check down here - let me see what's good with y'all alright I'll check this oh I can't even get down here doors there's like I mean I guess I could see through the window alright no I can get down here bro look you just got to punch the ground broke my hands I'm not trying to here dude this could be like a hidden bunker bro dude this is actually a nice little place right here hey hey good luck hey good luck hey good luck boy hi bro let me see what seeing you nothing in the Lowell this is like a 1x1 right um let me oh let's see is this a blacksmith oh I like to define what's in the chest Oh bro take one say you're one of those I'm taking I'm those apples wait what do you take it like come on ooh I'm not alright you know it to be fair I'll give you one Apple bruh how does in our full body that makes me have to apples thank you a man that's awesome holla holla holla holla how you get two apples I get one Oh see you got a diamond so that means I get an extra Apple I don't got a diamond so oh sure you told me to work on what you dog yes I thought let's take these take you to the table okay so you can tease me like that my poison though your poison cuz he smacked you but I didn't I actually didn't know that was in effect from now let me checking you both smaller what it's a good idea we're up we should live in one of these these places are vacant bro chill up in here and nobody will ever know then again we're on a mission bruh we're looking for any church or anything like that that we can find in the village I mean we check most of the village anyways but I'm hitting the 360 right here and I'm not seeing much like which way didn't we go did we go over here yet alright shout it let me check in here bang nothing nothing dude bro bro my man's what's going on here holy crap how do we miss the big crosses everywhere my man it's turning night it's time is it really are you serious bro alright let's take this last house let's check this last house over here if there if there's nothing in there then we definitely have thought the church yeah I'm not trying to go inside there's nothing right here right here Sam honey try to take off on me Sam buddy Sam what are you doing oh look how small this turtle this is the cutest thing of what do you mean do I never yeah I do that so cute dude I'm calling him Pablo from now on Pablo Pablo follow me Pablo Pablo Pablo what Pablo what are you even like hey do you like rotten flesh you like those No all right nope no like none of those all right it's night time is this night time I guess we we may as well finish this before it gets too dark I thought we need to go ahead or this yeah let's investigate it bro if there's anything wrong with it we can always just delete the world man we can always just delete the world alright so double cross double cross I lost a red light on top of that one night you're doing sauce alright let's just let's just go inside I really want to do this yo what is this dude there's not even like the Rose or the pews or anything to sit on like in this church yeah like this is a normal Church that I've ever been sued it has like the glass like the the little glass designs but like this cross is really freaking me out right now man yeah like decided to make a cross in the church why would it be blood red blood red like blood stained red like I don't know what to say about this bro are we continue do i I don't think I'm kind of scared to continue while this crosses do it it's pitch black right now mobs are committed uh I don't let's just get back in here let's keep a car yeah yeah this is probably the safest place oh no clothes Hey alright look I have an idea my last idea why everyone watching everyone at home guys if you think we should continue to look around this world for any strange clues or if like there's anything that you guys seem like that we didn't let us know down in the comment section below what should we do next drop a like on both my video and Hooper's video his channel link will be in the description below but what do you think about it hooper like what is that what you think we should do just leave it alright and I think yeah we should definitely leave it up to the viewers because as of right now I don't want to I don't want to stay in here really but if they want us to I will continue to search this place yeah honestly freaking blood-red torches man this is just freaking me out bruh and this is ridiculous you are so viewers this is all up to you like I love it yes y'all want us to continue with this leave a like down below let us know in the comment sections yeah that's pretty much it man but hey other than that hope you enjoyed today's video be seen live and subscribe your boy out it is the video Nutter but life is dry [Music]


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