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how everyone I'll come back to Jim and Gill in London once again today's video is one that's bit overdue I think because I swear I've said I would do this video ages ago and it doesn't never have it's also a bit of a topic of contention or it could be to some people so just a disclaimer don't be offended don't take it the wrong way and today's video is about accents the UK has loads of different accents it's really interesting to me because you can really tell where someone's from when you talk to them obviously Germany has accents as well but I think here in the UK they're just a bit more distinctive even so I have a few accents that I really like and I also have some that I don't like so much but obviously if that is your accent please don't take it the wrong way it's just not my favorite accent but you know for someone else that might be their favorite accent just thought I would include those as well because I know people laugh so might as well just say it but let's start with the ones I really like so one of the accent sorry like is actually Geordie now I know that a lot of people won't like that but I don't know what it is I just I've already been to Newcastle once or twice I think but I have met people from Newcastle before outside of Newcastle and I just really like it like I find it quite charming in a way and I don't know why it is a powder that I like but I generally seem to kind of gravitate towards northern accents just like them not all of them but New Castle's just want I really like even though a lot of people associate it with Joey Shaw I've actually never seen to be sure but I can understand why some people wouldn't like it but I personally am a fan another accent that's also northern is Yorkshire I really like Yorkshire axons I know there's quite a bit of variation in Yorkshire accents but I think I like all of them I've never really heard a Yorkshire accent that I did not like again I just think it sounds really quite melodic and a bit softer and I just like it I've been to York before I already enjoyed listening to people talk there I also like people with a Sheffield accent again this is an accent people sometimes won't like so much but I do then another accent I really really like is Scottish accent especially Glaswegian and eddore accents now I've never been to Edinburgh but I have heard people from every borough speak and I feel like that's a bit more of a Pacha Scottish accent I mean I might be making this up but this is just my understanding and then Glaswegian I feel is a bit more rough a bit more real again this is an accent some people hate but I just love Scottish accents in general my dream would probably be to move to Scotland for six months - gasps gah - accent because obviously I have a southern English London accent at the moment but because I'm foreign for me it's quite easy to just adapt a new accent so I probably could just move to Wales get a Welsh accent but yeah I'd like to move to Scotland and get Scott Jackson just to like confuse people but yes Scottish accents I'm a big big fan of those and then the last one is just the southern English now I don't want to say I'm a fan of my own accent but I do just like you know London accents because it's probably because they're just familiar to me and also because to me they're like the quintessential English Standard English Oxford English accent that's what people expect when you talk about British accents they kind of expect the southern English accent and I just think it's Pleasant obviously it's what I'm used to the most it's what most people in my area speak so I'm a bit biased towards that but yeah I just like that accent as well I'm sure I left some out but these are like before I really liked that I could think of right now and now I'm gonna talk about a few that I'm not the biggest fan off again this doesn't mean that I absolutely hate them or that couldn't be convinced otherwise but these are just some I've noticed I'm not the biggest fan of so the first one is Birmingham so I think people call it a Brummie accent and I can't really say what about it I don't like but something about it just doesn't quite sit right with me like it's just not made eat my favourite one and another one I don't really like is the Suffolk accent so like a country farmer accent it's just I don't know I mean it can be really charming especially on all the people I feel it's quite cute when they have that accent but I just I just don't think it's the out there another accent again for similar reasons I don't really like a scouser so Liverpool and loop you I think it's how they say it I don't know it just sounds a little bit froggy sometimes to me at least I haven't heard until the point I think I have been to Liverpool but yeah I just don't really love it even though and across the universe I do like it so maybe I do like it secretly and I just don't know that I do I think it depends a bit on how how how much it is like how how much people have it so if you only have like a light one then I might like it another one I don't particularly like is Welsh now I do have a friend who's Welsh and I quite like her accent but she have lived in suffering then for a little while so I think her accent isn't quite as well as it could get but yeah generally I just don't it's just not my favorite and another one I don't really like is best countries I like Bristol also not my favorite but I don't hate it these are just some that I could think of I'm not like in love with but you know I wouldn't mind having any of them I think every accent has cool things about it and that's just the way it is it's the same for me in Germany so I have a nought well I don't really have an accent in German but I have a slight northern twang and I'm not really a fan of like the Saxony ex and I think it's been voted like the least desirable accident Germany for like the last ten years in a row because it's just one of those accents people unless you speak it you probably won't really like it I also don't really like the varying accents but some people love them and I also don't really like the Berlin accent but again some people that you do so it's all subjective so yeah I hope this was interesting to you let me know what accent you speak let me know what accent it's your favorite and let me know wack since you don't like thank you so much for watching guys I'll see you in my

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