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welcome back to bar shuns guys and joined as usual by Barry hello Stuart hello and a she's still bloody here isn't he sorry guys yes no it's fine well he found all the others so far everyone's been very kind and and I think I've been accepted generally but Paul has been a little bit abrasive but and Eli refused ways left now because you're here because of what I said about him it was true though wasn't it all I hit the nail on the head but you know it's horrible see a grown man cry

Russians I've got some words here and you have to guess of their urban dictionary or urban fiction airy and how the game's gonna work is I'll give you the other why'd you have to guess if it's right or wrong if you get it right and you guess that it's a correct word you can then get an extra point by using that word in a sentence if we get it right and it's not real can we invent a meaning no cuz I've got a meaning here already you've worked hard on this too hard some would say ash really too hard I mean you've been here for a bit what's it like to have a game with some I mean rupture to it the rules are almost over overwhelming this very much there's gonna be a star middle and an end yeah absolutely baffling call it's a word number one we've straight into it is mapped that's a real word outside the urban dictionary that some of these words can be but it's in the context gotta be in the context of having a slang meaning I think that's in urban Doshi represent turn away yeah I'm gonna say yes she mapped me brother I'm so mapped right I think it's like a tracking or stalking so phrase as if they like you just checking out your ex-girlfriend or something like restraining order sort of thing like well not the way it was like if you were adventurous sexually that the girl folded you around a bit and then put me in a glove box and replace you in a TomTom she was amazing she mapped me well the meaning of the word is to know where something is and it's not real oh I've made it up no points there there's in the normal Dixie that's I do think math like if your girlfriend was checking up on you all all yeah any kind of partner stalker well yeah yeah cuz my girlfriend will sometimes use Find My Phone on the iPhone where are you yeah I'm a Tesco no you're not you're at Sainsbury's a very very sort of mundane lifestyle word number two is lots noughts can you spell that word for us na you ght yes I think that's an over Knicks chain I think it's in there as well I think it's like an annoying abbreviation or alteration of naughty there's bit notes and it make royalberry I think it's urban but I think it's you go first in noughts and crosses noughts go first maybe I'm going for money no way oh yeah I've got loads of notes in the pocket man in it and I'm black I can tell you it's an adjective and it means to say something brash or a bit tricky like the same as a bit nought yeah and that's false oh so I was right except it's not real yeah so in the fictional world I got a point well done you get a fictional point number three is locked number three is locked I'm gonna say it's definitely an urban dictionary word because you've had two false ones in a row and do it the way people think they were very rarely / third one in because people say pans so I'm gonna say it's a real unsafe fake by mmm it's not the same reason the you gave but the opposite of Oh controversial bit locked if you ask me it's like latching on like locked on she keeps she's always looking see where I am Sainsbury's Tesco sort of it means when you're close to someone sorry I mean him a locked like that cause and it's false for the very reason I knew you'd say that that's the thing about in the channel number four is bear it's about B ar e all right Hannah isn't it so guy with a hairy chest like this you just straight up be a re be 800 do ya I'm doing definitely to that for the same reason I said it last time but I think I might just say they're all real man doesn't mean lots of like I've got bare Tings ass if it gets two points because used in the sentence as well gangster from Stockholm just say okay so you both got it right as well so you can whew in a sense the role you can work at two points actually the hairdresser got my bed right well note that he's not got a point about stir you can try and get head of Barry I mean literally did a sentence you've still got it wrong I've got bare money two points altogether its Norfolk that would be having money for you right number five all this is a good one number five is trypsin trypsin trypsin I'm again I'm from South in this Stephanie urban I'm literally gonna say they're all real from now on so I'm gonna say it's real and I think it means you're on Twitter you chaps and imma go if you're tweeting you chaps annoy you chops i'ma go for two more points for ash you two chirps in my girlfriend yeah I gotta say it's my girlfriend are you chips with my wife first of all oh yeah anyway you're looking for it you'll get no sympathy from him but you may get acceptance mr. Charlie see although were trapped some up last night ships in that lab my blouse now you don't tramp your blouse nickname for like no you can't just say things if it's a nickname sorry number six wavy wavy nah no not for me not for me des I'm just saying they're all real for no one so I'm saying it's real Steve's right do you know what it means and can you use it in a sentence I don't trust him he's a bit wavy it means to be intoxicated Justin yeah it shouldn't be driving that over number seven shredding shredding scripting I was shredding my on a dance floor in it [Laughter]

I don't think that's real I'm just say it's real because I'm just saying that's all of them is it a Jamaican version of shredder from Ninja Turtles it's fake and it would meant in the context if someone ripped or someone buffed so that Red King printing number eight I'm sorry confused as to how the imaginary one still I have meaning I want to get into it through at all I was bored one that's yeah it's a description in the normal dictionary for it no no you've made motive yeah sort of throw you off the scent in the last minute but number eight is TAS it's like a silent T some midway through that test not TAS I stopped the test fake I'm saying really well I'm saying real as well for obvious reasons but I think it's going to be thanked with tassels like have you seen the kit on that Sierra Cosworth it's got tats it means is it abbreviation for the Tassimo coffee machine no he's got TAS TAS it means like fine okay sound and it's wrong it is an abbreviation of potassium with a symbol course being K you need abbreviation for some Nana's yeah but if you need it really quickly in a sort of superhero time and just doing some tasks yeah okay right number nine I'm not winning I know that I am winning he lied yeah number nine gassed I think it's real hmm I'm gonna say real and there's another term for being pissed or off your face on something I think it's something sumit something harder maybe maybe it's a drugs relate is it can we have whether it's a exclamation gas sizing yeah Broadway show called gassed that's why things like them I'm just gonna say it's real cuz I'm saying that to all of them but I don't really believe it I think it means that you smart you're drunk so gas last night and it we met two white lightning bolt in it it means to be overwhelmed and it's true now for an endpoint can you use it in a sentence both of you I was so gassed by the number of people there was so much poonanny on that ting I was gassed went to my cousin's wedding it's so emotional a guest yes yeah that's likely yeah try to points this this is going next one now it sorry now it is is it some contraction of love it I will allow it to happen very good it actually means just forget about it but it's true it's real yeah so you can use it in a sentence now if you want and this is falling apart this really is I'll allow it for now if someone was um I don't know if I was doing that to Barrett you went on now now it then that's like stop it you know oh this game would you want more oh the best one number thirteen painting painting painting hey painting paint isn't playing like awesome that's an awesome thing pen opening yeah I say open just a time for all them but it's an injury or a painting that's a painting yeah you know far-off a little painting it means someone attractive painting painting degree literally an inanimate object that's it so I think someone one I keeping score I lied to I think it was probably ash if not it was a moral victory I think ya know it's been a hell of a day painting [Music]

I've been there make it stuff come here know that mates they're all mean because I thought that's what I had over poor it's like a put game together but the player at the end of the most points one which is usually a bit of a departure from Paul's games that is the winner is like wow to get the person who can most clearly remember the Iliad


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