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um what else is on those up do you all want to talk about a roof in the breakfast club yes sure I don't have nothing to do with us I watched it I'm a dad now to do it mean really you know I mean are you clickbait now all of us in this room knows my new work yeah have I been clean no but do you know what this open rats whether it's actually think we're selling this I appreciate milestone that's not love that means you're popping that that people always put your name in there cuz people like it this is what I will ask y'all about the release interview and not really about the verse interview but more about me and I want y'all to be honest yeah your phone what's next on the docket Rory set Rory said there's a difference between rapper Joe media Joe correct there's a difference between Joe and Jersey and Joe uptown Joe changes every hour and 15 minutes a different job kitchen Joe don't you tell me more about this wage I feel like a lot of it you know when you're being an artist when you're wrapping your mental space is different because you're thinking music you're thinking right when you when you're doing your media thing it's so many different things you're trying to cover and things you're trying to convey in different thoughts and emotions that you're trying to put out there but I think that for you it's tough because as an as an artist you do have to protect some relationships that's just that would be the smart way to to maneuver in this industry as a media person you got to kind of show that you're not biased to anybody so for you it's you know it's it's a rough space because on one hand you are or were an artist so you have relationships on that side of the fence but now in your media career you're trying to show that you're not bias to anybody but then now a lot of your rapper you know friends and in relationships that you have they're looking at you like a lot of these things you're saying go against what artists are about like we don't we don't we try not to shit on each others art and crafts cuz it's something know how much it takes oh yeah now we know that we're sensitive about our shit and we do so when he says there's different you know it's a different Joey he's right it is a different you have to wear a different hat you have to approach that mic differently when you're doing immediate thing versus when you're making music I agree but to follow that up if you were still rapping do you think you would feel differently do I think if you're still rapping and not doing media do you think you would be quick to do a slaughterhouse record no well I think moles to moles point it wasn't about that it was about his comments on Eminem and on the album and those things not so and I think that's kind of a problem when we have when we have this conversation in parks I have been an active member of media for two years right and only two years a three-issue podcast I think you've been active media the funny shit is I think you've been active media guy for since Twitter a half your career that's true you've always been that's an interesting take me you've always been you know you utilize the internet when rappers didn't really know how to utilize the Internet you know you had yeah you had your forum and everything this is years ago yeah the bracket shit yes media shit like you know you you you've been a media guy you just found out how to really tap into it and really gave more of an effort to pursue it for two years maybe because you kind of removed making music out of the way but so that's what I mean since since retirement since wrap retirement I've been an active member of media for two and a half years right all of the slaughterhouse issues that are being spoken about predate that mm-hmm so that's why it's confusing to me when the two issues are combined and I spoke to crook and after listening the crook and listening to that that Royce interview I can't officially say that slaughterhouse is dead like I can say that well I was trying to say something before I got to that world we tow him out you'll be in in media yeah Wow that oh my dad well another thing too I think that with you and you know the slaughterhouse I don't think that y'all remember y'all didn't have I don't think you had honest and open dialogue after a lot of things had taken place like I think you kind of just jumped straight into immediate thing and that was it like I don't think ya had that yeah closure I don't know if that's entirely true I mean from listening to the Royce interviewing Joe sent me to crook from listen I understand what Mallis saying if I'm owned solely listening to crook and Royce I understand what you're saying because you were there and I was there I was there but that that's why I say the slaughterhouse issues predate my media career and everything I'm saying in media I've said as an active rapper mmm and I told that to crook and a lot of things I'm assuming he just didn't hear I'm assuming you know I'm listening to the voice interview and he said Joe never told me certain things I'm assuming he didn't hear um well what I took from that is you you were saying that you addressed issues through the music like you were saying - has nobody been listening to me because a lot of you versus I was saying I was saying that in verses and in person okay okay I was saying what I was saying in music and to the group members I just don't think it was being received properly and I think that every time we all got on the phone to try to find a way to make it work and every time they would speak about music I would speak about business mm-hmm like that was happening I already know what we can do musically it's like we don't need to talk about that so before he says some things and you know because I love rights I felt away like like very saying that he felt away about me saying that maybe some of the other members are not worried about business like and he was hurt by that or whatever he said and I can understand that mm-hmm I can I can see that I think he was saying that it's just a different interpretation of business like your interpretation of business is I'm gonna do what's best for you anything that makes money for sure slaughterhouse is not me understandably I think that he was saying that his his business morals would say finish the contract with Shady no matter what essentially that's what crooks have to do I do understand I'm gonna do the best thing for us business-wise so there's just I guess it says this means for you see that's the home that's the that's one of the downsides of being in a group is that it's hard to get everyone on the same page business-wise musically like it in order for groups to be successful it's a lot that goes into that and I don't think that the four of you have been on the same page for a while well that's why I wanted to take this time to tell the slaughterhouse fans or anyone it has been keeping up with this if you are indeed looking for someone to blame after speaking to crook and I and after watching the verse to 5/9 interview please blame me we're gonna put this all to bed like Brook said there is no bad blood between anyone but we know i think there's bad blood now i think there's definitely bad blood between because we still have yet to hit joelle side so we can't you may not feel no type of way towards you know the group but I'm sure there's disappointment I mean I watch there's Brook thing and I think he had some bad blood he had some bad taste in feelings and things he wanted to convey I think boys does too but roses I just think it's a difference of opinion number one yeah they're not bad see I wouldn't call it bad blood I would think it's a difference of opinion well that's what I mean I'm like it's not because I think that niggas have grown to a point where everyone's goals are different so intent in 2010 2011 when all of us were trying to be the best rappers in the world and the best group and yeah we have we had the same same goals and we were like-minded I think that has changed a bit in that changing we're disagreeable I think a lot of that too from with just me you know knowing you guys personally being around a little bit I think mcdhh a group kind of feels like you basically said fuck that I'm only concerned about Joe I don't give a fuck which I decided to do like I'm like I'm going to do this somebody we have to prove prove and I think I think that that will probably be the consensus on how to rest of the group members feel like you just basically went off and did your own thing it didn't give a fuck about the business that was here or the business that was left to handle here which is like even in that there's a way to do that I don't think communication is just key I only don't like and then our voice say it on on The Breakfast Club and crooks that to me to my face that this narrative helps my agenda the narrative of beefing with labels mm-hmm because you have a history of beefing with labels how does that help my narrative I don't know I don't think it does I'm just saying you have a history of I guess that is it do you think as a front do you think I'm just attacking with like that's what it sounds like when that said I guess that's the only thing I have issue with mmm but outside of that I get it I get it I understand all sides I just want the feminist in my only point even talking about this is saw that the fans have closure this is this topic is only even coming up right now because the fans and the group nobody's ever had closure so I want everybody out there who is concerned with the future and well-being of slaughterhouse to place all blame on the shoulders of Joseph button I am the reason there that's all I got I didn't

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