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welcome to listen to our advice we are we got a couple counseling every weekend just to sort out all our problems that we showed you that explains the problems we've had the communications your problems that you go to couple counseling when you could be going out hitting the town having fun but Nick you don't even hit the town so where are you going yeah I go out I want to go on sighs there's my god let me fly and I come back up there well can you uni I just saved you knees life but I have obviously it was very Oh God yeah you should have seen a John like uni was about to fall down and Ashley caught him with her head it was pretty hardcore over there bud are you scoping us out you like what you see what does he scoped it scoping I

would try to zoom in with a shotgun but both clips are shot I mean you can zoom in hey you know the shot are you doing yeah but it doesn't really zoom in it just aims it doesn't really help yeah hey why you top of the mountain because I know that you're pretty no no he said y'all there's so much blood from you falling uni yard half health must be one of you to corner I'm stuck Gustavo I think the server crash oh yeah problem well you know like I saved you but it was all for naught no - angel - Lee I can't stop Nick it's okay Oh towards the lightning wait are you are you in unique

I did psycho George I'm right now uni go towards the light no don't we'll do what's a freeloading John did you download a lag switch weapon for chi-chi-chi bud router yeah but the whole server went down so what did you do leave her me and you not reunion John it was you he wanted a faceoff with me mano mano mano e bud that's it what's this route starts done you are dead don't think it's going down yeah you should be wearing temple timber you better move you better meds I'll find him and I'll gonna blow his brains out I'll find he's at the bottom of the hill everyone I'm stuck stuck you are dead don't find him and I'm gonna blow his brains out what do you mean you you're kinda like I'm gonna kill John oh there's John what do you mean I'm not gonna kill you stupid




what was this what was that round why I I genuinely didn't do anything but help them kill John I know hey everyone that round sold me out so hard wait where's John I didn't deserve it I was a traitor you aspired to kill me you gave you gave locations there's documents proving John why John okay oh it's over John play devil's advocate now uni what is happening oh no that was a reaction yes actually yes protect John now protect you as you do protect John if I could see like this trail of blood from when I got shot in the face to where I walked to the stairs so the roof I'm just John fields are tapped John I'm hungry can you make me something you shot me in the face and now you want food yes I won't say I'll help you yeah it's okay I've been helping my dad cook recently I've been cutting up the food

[Music] you only kill me when you're not the trainer why you came shot me shot me with the weeping angel and then fell off [Music] why you gotta MIT I don't want to go out in the real world anymore isn't it we're not in the real world I'm with John planner okay Shh Moke Renee right here my work did yours didn't ya Unni stick with me bud I can't I've got I got a weeping angel he's got an angel hello

[Music] waiting for uni with a baseball bat turn the corner I do like I know I have a baseball bat don't be such a narcissist you know what what what do you think you're gonna hit a baseball bat on yourself that doesn't even make sense get rekt so logically it was so gnarly hey John can you come up here real quick don't trust her right she's got she's probably got the weeper name alone here here I want to give you something here there you go I got something I got something to give you Ashley you ready okay well I bought something and I just feel like you should have it I can take it yeah you can have awesome no here do you want something else oh you know John John if you kill me you can get more cash to get more nice gifts or people I just all I'm saying I just feel like we should just like Hanukkah you know a day of training used cars well how Hanukkah I swear to God okay now here take this okay you don't shoot me we were making a trade we are making deals right and let me just say Nick before you complain you offered trader boy down there I'm the traitor yeah have you not realized that yes I didn't we deceive them real sorry I just stole I take this not go to town

you remember that part in Cabin in the Woods when Thor jizz hits a frickin wall Oh Mike good movie that's how was it good that was a funniest thing I think I've ever seen just the confidence right before the smack was going to make it the man was going he was that's just what that part the sad part is is that we knew from the start of wasn't gonna work I did it I really thought it was I really work I did a job before shouting with the bird though obviously he wasn't it's just like it was so funny to see him slide down I felt like that movie would have worked a lot more if they didn't show off any of that stuff Oh funny I do feel the same like they should have cuz I mean that they've made the trailers miss misleading you know so oh yeah I know of course you know that's all you you you aren't dead you are near death you need a final review done where are they oh god I don't know John

[Music] yeah honey help T bat Unni what what do you mean that IT bag it's not like T for like you tea-bagged no one over it I saw you crouch I thought it was whenever you kill someone and you just start why would I do that right now so alright I do that when I have nothing to gain from can we be friends and like I want you to sing say that in like five we are going to be shot me more in the face he's right Unni don't hurt you t Nick I knew for a fact - Lou's gonna kill me right there so I was like I might as well okay yeah dear but we just broke our me that wasn't you didn't put a tracker in my head put her thank you there we go now we got one now you know where I am at all times Jesus you come fruity do you want a tracker in your head no I'm fine but you got the weepin ain't you got it I know you do what do you want this is my rifle dude peso pistol uni look this in sitting area that's yeah no I was a Weeping Angel gun I wish it was this the Olympic torch man hits it's gonna light the flames of that's a discombobulation gonna play out with all these wacky what happens here is I throw a fire grenade okay and then we all back up right and then we separate I jump on this roof yeah hey that's all that's as far as I got well that's pretty far as far as farther away from where we were at yeah I mean like I'm sorry I tried really hard guys I mean well it was a good effort you know hey whoever threw that smoke grenade there the traitor right they are talked about this dude remember we're best friends why doesn't your crude are you crusty you put a tracker in my head remember you're my friend go throw it no my best friend no I can't do it did you see did you guys brain break you think a lot of movies are garbage you need just thinks a lot about you be fair a lot of movies are garbage be fair you're correct there's a lot of like just garbage coming into the movie theater because people will watch anything and not demand anything good Wow how snobby are we getting today boys that's not the truth that's just truth here you go here we go stop people thinking that what they say is the truth it's like that's like saying I'm a Rick and Morty fan because I have an opinion

sorry John I take everything back you're so smart thanks man help this genius can't use his laughs you know what I you know what honestly bothers me how you can't climb using your hands in this game we have no-armed bustle yeah look I'm sorry they're just they're specifically designed for holding guns Milo Ashley hi hello I don't like the way you said where's the hello that he is now my plan to kick him it means uni like what what are you planning where I like Herbert he's my friend realize actually where you going that's looks like her just like I don't want to die okay on the ground so hi Ashley let's ask a question we're just gonna figure this out real quick I'm a trader are you an innocent I'm innocent I'll take the bullets who is the actual trainer is it not you Ashley slow motion bullet coming out hitting me in the back just like real child is that what you think about near-death experience the cable bill yeah my last thought should I be concerned my last thought was oh I left the water running yeah that's gonna cause do you say regular good grenade held in hand pulled pin through TV they're not we know they're actually yes we add like what kind of grenades do you want though they're specific types I want to recognize the big grenade what's a B grenade wait can you do me a favor yeah can you stand on top of Nick's head sure what's happening here you know why'd you toss that I toss let's see okay okay I feel betrayed but I also got mad air Unni you clearly know who the traitor is you know well I'm gonna I'm gonna try and get a double-jump more dense so that way when you get yeah you could you need that's not landed on ya you just broke and fell over that was great well guys that helped me Maude hope you guys enjoyed if you enjoy the video maybe the go check out everyone down below hmm where do you want it I survived Wow okay bye guys oh my god oh my god that's it you're done for yeah no stopping the angel Wow dude that was like the nun that stopped the angel

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