by: Buckin' Billy Ray Smith

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let's try this one two five here


Oh [Laughter]


it's cutting like a rape date skip tooth friends get to have you guys have you guys seen the dollar you know what I mean have you guys seen it like I mean AJ's AJ's given it set that doll mark [Music]

[Music] harmonicas you know that's a high-pitched harmonica boy that's a half and that's a ripper it's not real bluesy she's a whip up putter back on the ax

and just give this a little tighten up here tighten up do the Tottenham and I've said it before and I'll probably say it again I don't know why I like this I I like the edge it affords me I just think it gives you a harder harder edge you know what I mean friends it does but it everybody's can't do this one for some reason it's you got to keep your angle right and you got to come into the stove and I find I mean coming back I don't know what this doesn't seem to do the same thing

I may draw blood by the daytime the days over

beautiful yeah like I said I thought I would draw blood before the days out this thing's freaking sharp Patrick so why do us youtubers do this why do we do this I don't know what education I guess look at this friends I literally want to show you this you see that in there

you see what happens to a ground chain it's scary right up in the corner like that you want to be right up in the corner that's got a little bit of a side B con it a teeny bit of a side beak so now we're gonna swap teeth we're gonna get another chain going here for I'm gonna see if I can do this with one hand and and and record with the other okay we're gonna try it I don't know if it's gonna work though yeah I don't maybe

[Music] hard for me to see but I think I did it I think I actually did it yeah but I'm not done yet you'll see so this is interesting actually you should take a look at this see how it's not quite round yet from from before see it there okay need a check it out let's get it round this is very hard for me to do because I'm holding it with one hand and and I can't I'm looking at that whoa I'm looking at the back of the screen friends so let's do it there let's try that and see if that worked yeah it's kind of difficult but you guys get that you get the idea don't you I know you do okay so let's put the eye on the sky back out here so in that ft so I'm gonna get this done because you don't need to sit here and watch me do this and we'll talk to you a little bit we're back hey what you guys doing whoa there we're just putting her barn chain back on

man this thing's gonna cut today I like this doll Marv mr. AJ mr. AJ Park house you are quite a fella man he's been whoo he's been a wild man to say the least he has been a wild man friends when you're putting your bar and chain back on just just loosen off your your adjuster it makes it way easier just just just crank your back two or three turns put her back on the freaking thing it drops right in the hole that way you don't have to struggle see boom there it goes literally straight in so you don't have to worry about nothing just in it goes finger tight everything right just get her finger tight lift it up a little bit maybe there you go make sure you're on your chain and start going boom there it hit watch this lock in the chain can you see the slack in the chain watch what happens this is how much I do attention see it go it just hit the bottom of the bar now the only thing about that is is I'm sure your chain breaks off you pick up the bar see that did you see it slack out look look it you think you're tight well you're not because soon as you pick up your bar look what happens all that slack you got a half inch of slack so now you tighten it after picking your bar up which I usually do is just lift up the back of the pistol grip like this but that won't show what I what I do so I pick it up like this they tighten boom until it hits the bottom of the bar that is it that's it this is a long bar if you go too tight you start wearing out sprockets and and it's not worth it unless you're slashing it's nice to have things a little little tighter on the chain if you're gonna slash and prickles and Brown ball and flicking your saw but tenderly you're not really doing that with a long bar on there you go tighten it up put a little tension on the old barn up there you go nothing crazy don't go freaking Hulk on it just snag her out there you go done see see you can still take it right off the bar I could probably count 15 drivers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 yeah it's a long bar so that's just how I run it friends ah I'm not saying you have to see could be a little bit let's actually a little loose now that I've actually rolled it around I probably should have rolled it before I before I I snagged her up because there was probably goop in the bar that took up some so let's just yeah see there's a little tension there I give it a little nother little squeak there it is that's the one we're there now yeah I forgot about that actually there we go that's better okay what other saws are we bringing better bring climbing gear you never know what you're gonna get into okay there's mr. doll Mar ready there no friends this is crazy we're just pulling in the park now it's awful Oh

does he want me to come through he's bark and rain there we're going down here of it I reckon look we got to go look at this Wow look at it all

blogs as well Brad yeah just rip through and like into six or eight footers kind of thing yeah done uh yeah we're gonna go in there so what we're gonna do Sonny

what's this where we gotta get through this is crazy friends the sole virtual merchantable timber

so you market

mark it out







oh yeah we're off the ground that's good [Music]

they made me

look at this



me me me


look at this




you want to sell the joke this would friends that's what we're trying to do this is money would about the freakin twelve six sons that is a money log

the other side don't want to be silly you could have rocks over here see what I'm saying we got to get our saw through there

there this breakdown see it's right down




look at this look at that friends this wood is ancient Wow I think I lost my I inspire let's say left at the shop Oh yeah I gotta get closer you want to try and drive that old girl okay pretty simple reverse down and over yeah just just crawl it back here back in Reverse right in here yeah go for it


what just a little bit



so with this rock we've got a nice time Oh





see that yeah so if I had a board that IV got pinched it would have broke and it would have sprung out right here on me right there come and look at this Sonny right here look at that if I have a board this tree this would have it would have totally yeah you see it would have pinched me I'd have been stuck we've been going to fish for another song truly this poster would held this in here and so did that I poured it broke your go pot yeah I know I heard good okay good good let's go clean her

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