Gift bag punch board project.

by: Danielle Rose

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hi everyone welcome back to my channel crafting meet Danny I'm Danielle enough come on again today to show you how to make this lovely vellum gift bag and I'm making this today on the gift bag punch board from Stampin Up I haven't actually used it in a product prod well I haven't used it in a project year and I have had it since December it was one of the first things I did buy and I got this in the sale for it was nine pound around around Christmas time and I have used it I just haven't used it in a project so in this one I've used the new Daisy delight stamp set and with the delightful Daisy DSP and as you can see I've just laid that behind the vellum to just give you this effect that you can see through and then I've just tied the bag together it's not fastening with anything just the Liban and the 1/8 from and then silver ribbon and you just take that off and you open the bag up and it is quite a decent size then I've used the Daisy punch I haven't stamped the Daisy I've just used whisper wire and cut that out and what today I thought would use them the new fresh florals DSP and the berry burst so I'm going to use this one and I have already cut my tag out and my sentiment and that's using the new label me pretty stamp set and it is it is what it says it's very pretty there's a happy birthday to you from my kitchen to yours if you cook or bake or anything you're the best which fits in this empty framed one thank you for caring and then a border one and it does come with our new punch sorry for the glare and I might just take on one of our live in oval framelits and layered that on top of fresh fig and peace Cod stop and that's just going to go on the front of our bag so that's that and this piece of paper is going to measure seven and two eighths of an inch by four and one-eighth of an inch so you'll need that for your DSP and then I'm making my bag with vellum you don't have to but as you can see when you lift the velum up you can see the pattern really nice through it so I just liked that effect and we're going to be making the medium bag which for that you need an 11 inch piece the small one is ten inch the medium is 11 and the largest 12 inch and then you just do it by whatever size you want the size I'm doing is by seven and a half inches and custom this one check about seven and a half inches this is seven I just wanted to try a just a bit taller I just like to make mine just enough to still fit which this one does flush into the board so enough waffling and we'll get started so you're going to take your vellum on the long side I'm just going to double check you can see yeah it can you're going to take it on the long side and because it is see-through you can see the Lions brilliantly through but what I'm going to do first and just push your vellum in flush to the edge and score all the way along this top first I'd like to do this bit first then you're going to line it up on the very first line level with the nozzle and punch and then the medium you want to put a line down there not too hard with vellum because you know you can damage it and then you want to move the line that you've just scored and level that up back to the nozzle line again start line and punch and then you want to score it says side two so this is going to be our first side so you score up there the center of the triangle and then around the triangles there and then again you want to move it over the line that you scored there you love level that with the nozzle and punch and then you want to scroll um the medium again and then you want to move that over and line that line up level with the nozzle again and punch and then you're going to be doing the last side of your back and the closure piece so school note says line two down the middle of the nozzle and the triangle piece just take your time and like I say not too hard with this going and then because I've let my sorry then you want to move it over and put that last score line and just punch and then you're left with there and then because we're going to have a flap on our bag we're going to turn it around and again we're just going to put it up got a piece of stuck in there want to just buck that up and just run that score line in again because it's filling just be careful it can catch I've got a piece stuck in earlier and then so you're just scrolling all the way down right that and it's really hard to see if I just put that back you can now see this side so you've got the thin skinny part there that's going to be the back of your box so the furthest away is going to be the front of your box and I'm the very last go around on this side you just want to line that up onto the nozzle piece like that and punch and then line up the very last piece I'm going to match the pizza actually got stopped last time look lagoon yeah that piece goes to just turn it over if it does get stopped which it has again uh-huh I don't know where it gets stopped there you could just follow unless a line and just curve it around yourself

what I'm going to do I think is a little try and find I'm just going to find a card stock so that you can see there you can see so we've got our flat line that's the closure all of this we don't want so I'm going to take my trimmer and we're going to line that line and up into the trimmer Bob's the best you can and then we want to cut it off so just nice and steady down don't cut your flap there and that's don't cut my piece out so this is what you should be left with and then what we're just going to cut I'm just going to cut on the flap side a very small little nick and then we don't want this piece so that we want to cut that our loops am I going huh some of that on that so we're left with this now when I fold and burnish you don't need to burn this too hard and it is quite tricky so I might just have to hold it up take my bone folder and just lightly score I have to lift it up when I'm doing it because it's really hard to see it's probably hard for you to see a little bit I hope you get where I'm going [Applause] so just fold and burnish all of the score lines that we've made

and then your clothes you flap fold and bears down hmm just miss that little bit you do have to be very careful and then we're going to fall down from flap and then we're going to fold up these bottom school nights you could just crease these with your fingers instead of the bone folder and then the last one here so we've creased all of the lines but good ethanol the side close side very nice so what I do is turn the opposite way and then just fold down then scroll down a little bit I just finish them and they'll just close together when the box closes anyone like that I don't think I'll put that on in I think I miss that line out at the end

then we'll just crease that a bit I've got some ink on there now and then crease that off okay it's a bit chilly but we'll start closing it when you actually folding the bug shop it will naturally please anyway so we'll leave it like that that's okay so our DFP this is going to be the front flap so I've cut that to the size of this one I forgot and I've actually made it slightly bigger so one

so like four or five a point two and five-eighths just wake up map to five-eighths by four and five eighths so the DSP for the seven and a half inch size is not the size that I just said that's for the 7-inch bug so you actually want to it under five eighths by four and five so I do apologize Baba and that's going to go there like that you could make it slightly wider if you want to do and excuse me so I'm just going to take some glue dots because I found if I used to actually don't really see them through the bag so we're just going to put them in the four corners of the front side

right now and then you're going to turn it over and line it up where you want it to go I'm going to go out there and then as you can see that looks beautiful I probably would have gone slightly wider there so just for whatever size you decide to do you can just change the measurements I'm not lost my bone folder I love this way about that should some of the take some tombow and I'm just going to run it along this edge if it wants to come out I think I said in my last video just about my number until my order comes next week so to close it out you fold that flap down and lay that down and that's should meet up and turn to go a bit quick for the video but when you're doing that you know take just take a little bit more time and then that should folder and then for the flaps just for the video again I folded the two side pieces crease a bit better and then this flap and then that one will come over which is different so what I did is again I just used to glue dots just for the video really I would put some tombow on and all I did just put one glued up in that corner and then the other glued up in that corner like that and then you can just close your box up to me that way

like that and then the flap will go over there like that and that will be our bag so I have actually run out of ribbon as well I'm running out of everything so I'm just going to use this thick white Baker's twine that we do actually I don't know if I still do it I've not checked that we did dough I'm just using what I have on hand really I saw my older comes through so you just put that down do your best and on the leanness against myself to be honest to tie a bow is fiddly and I don't want to let my handler I'm just going to lean it forward a minute I'm sorry can't see I do apologize there

I would have preferred to use wither but I think because time looks nice as well you're just going to put the hands up right now and then I'm going to pop in fact I'm going to move that to one side like that and then we're going to pop our Center on now I will actually leave that in the middle and then when we put this over the ribbon will stay on there so that ribbon I'll stay on - when you undo it all the stock yeah so how do we solve that I know it's really difficult to see what this in color it is kind of difficult to see on vellum when you're trying to video it but they're the two boxes so this is the 7 image tall 1 by 11 and this is 7 and a half I just wanted to make it slightly longer so you could you know you could decorate it a little bit better and with bigger things so that's my boxes for today I hope you enjoyed them I hope you will give it a go yourself they are really good size really enjoyed making them so thank you very much for watching see you again

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