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Fluttershy Rainbow Dash rarity Twilight Applejack Pinkie Pie what happened to you mean let's give our Pony friends some magical potion and watch them grow we're gonna give some red potion to Fluttershy and let's give her a twirl in the water and count with me on the count of three one two Wow look at flew shy she is so big now oh my goodness so cool and look at her beautiful mean big Fluttershy let's give small Rainbow Dash some magical blue potion and let's give her a spin in this water and count with me one two look everybody sh-she is so pretty and she went from small to big and look at her awesome colorful name and tail SuperDuper awesome big rainbow - here comes small rarity and let's give small rarity some purple magical potion and then give her a spin in the water and you can count with me 1 2 look at how big rarity has gotten rarity is really big now and look at her awesome curls so pretty and also her curly tail super cool big rarity now it's Twilight's turn let's give Twilight some purple magical potion just like rarity and let's give her a spin in the water you can count with me 1 2 hmm SuperDuper cool look at how big Twilight has gotten [Music] big Twilight let's give some green magical potion to Applejack yeah let's make her grow one to look at big Applejack and her curly me and her cute cutie mark super awesome big Applejack and here is a small Pinkie Pie and look at her mean I think she just woke up she just rolled out of bed and she has some wild hair so let's give her some red magical potion and that's magically make her bigger so on the count of three one two look at me Pinkie Pie Oh her hair is all curly in the front and so pretty in the back and her tail too it's no longer wild super duper awesome so let's have her join the others [Music] big Pinkie Pie now let's try something super fun let's see what happens when we mix all four magical potions together let's give it a spin let's count to five this time one two three four

super cool look at this they turned into some magical Orbeez how cool is that these are so slippery and fun and squishy super fun to squeeze in your hand and super cool on a hot day lots and lots of fun and look we also got a bunch of surprises super super cool so let's start with this right here this is DreamWorks spirit writing free and this is a wave one and I'm not sure what this is it might be a horse see inside so let's see yeah look it's like a little barn oh my goodness this is stable [Music]

here we are we have an awesome horsey looks like it's a male pony let's stand him right here and there's also a little collectors guide it shows you all the different ones that you can collect and we got number 7 super cool so let's move him out of the way while we take a look at our My Little Pony stackins fashion [Music] we got Applejack Squishy's fishy looks so much like a tsumtsum let's get this neon star collectible figurine tokidoki we have a little sheep Oh with hard sunglasses haha super cute a little lamb then we have Disney Princess Figaro cubing how cool is that it's so rare to be able to find her as a collectible cool here is a Jojo mystery boat let's find out which may go we have we have a t1 this is so cool giant bow for your hair and here's the alligator clip super awesome here's a My Little Pony blind bag let's see what we got Mary Belle Mary Belle and Mary Lynn love beautiful accessories look at all the bows for her cutie mark here's a hatch amol series - we have a bear cheese it used to be white now they're pink how cool is that yeah let's rub this pink heart or this purple heart until it turns pink a pink egg and purple heart Oh super cool look at that okay now we can hatch our awesome a and let's find out so we got do we have inside cute Oh what is this it's got a little beak and a tail a little birdie haha super glittery arms instead of wings super cool so I love this pink color for the eggs here we go let's remove the shell peel it all off and then we can set our little birdie inside and here is our heavy places super cool this new one is in a pink box let's get it open so cute teddy and Tyler okay [Music]

here these are packet of surprises here's our little tile and then my selector side so let's take a look at our new collector Skye here ah Wow look at that are these seeds I'm in editions yes they are Wow so we have mousy art class right bunny science lab sporty bear gym hungry puppy cafeteria princess puppy powder room and then we have a whole bunch on the back pretty kitty dining room Kitty kitchen pour make it Iike gin busy bear workshop and cozy bear bedroom with some bunny ears what is this science lab a volcano very last left ice bag this is hot words yeah and then you take the jug and you pour some water in and you get some or you get a volcano so we have a science lab look the jug even has a little tail in the back of fluffy tail in the back [Music] let's find out what we got we got the volcano the volcano tray and the beaker cool so let's remove all of these surprise bags and we're gonna do something super fun we're gonna drop all the surprises inside and give it a spin we're gonna count to three count with me one two we've got all of our small ponies bag how cool is that let's get them all out of this awesome Orbeez Orbeez pool and let's set them next to the big one let's go big Fluttershy small Fluttershy big Rainbow Dash [Music] small rainbow - big rarity small rarity big Twilight small toy light big Applejack small Applejack big Pinkie Pie small Pinkie Pie well guys that's it for this video so let me know in the comment section which one of these ponies is your fav C days in the comment section bye bye for now thank you for watching a toy teeny channel if you like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up that lets me know to make more videos just like this for you click or tap on this video to watch it click or tap to subscribe it's free plus you get to see my latest videos and until next time be happy and

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