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[Music] the [Music] assistance another beautiful morning bright like every order the environment is entirely different because I am new in the neighborhood but I am going to find happiness because my mind is prepared my name is Victoria Victoria Secret he is his secret not just a secret it's not talking honey this is an office we can talk at home really it my dear husband consumers supposed would I be here if I stay a night away from home it must be necessary I made sure I send you text messages don't you into my house man there's no common for teas and you think sending me text messages is the best don't start now at least not here exactly I should not say anything because by all my things I'm not this sabola it's a pillar rot I'm talking to my husband

can imagine Oh most you or that you go before she asked users she works for me what's when you ask what exactly not I don't you know what you're talking about ISM I have women are bad attitude I don't understand either let me tell you something if you think for one second my eyes are of you you joke [Music]


just droppin in the desk I'm gonna come back here don't be so upset with me that was not my idea does she have to speak to me in that manner all the time you see I'm the one you're running out now not my wife don't you think I deserve a lovely smile from this beautiful and just standing before me come on baby come on come here


[Music] ULP if you have been in this country and in this state in particular you will be a witness to all the testimonies in my constituency since my term as the representative at the state assembly this sim voice of the voiceless needs to be heard others see that limits every year totally a huge sum of money is allocated to all the senatorial zones but they are never accounted for if this great party wants to sink into the heart of the populace we must do what others have failed to do that is transparency gentlemen I am NOT here to bore you with my rhetoric or myself but I want you to know that I believe in grassroots politics

[Music] we'll see next time man yes he said for me sir yes I was so happy when I was listening to yesterday's and I know you're not too disappointed because most of the party stakeholders shifted I'm not showing you you are going to get it to case thank you sir I couldn't be happier yes my daughter Sunday I'm doing my best sir she just need to trust me more then you in the trust thank you sir yes you ended because they could lead the most are two packages come very well and I understand sir yes I want to tell you to tip it up thank you let's end it today [Music] became a cancer this isn't thank you very you already back to office no holiday oh they are a lot to take care of except us yeah who suggests to me that there is something very important to discuss what is it oh yes I I am here because you are the right person to talk to over this matter the sudden shift in stakeholder support from Senator Leno to Honorable Philip is something to worry about I mean the pata stands to lose a lot money you mean oh well Melissa vows come to think of it when you succeed in protecting vulnerable Phillip as the party supply PMI and eventually he loses out I mean the instability to great will in the party will be enormous think about it this is the strongest sanatorium shown you know what's dead and this don't hold our party suggest we hold on to what we have if distinguished senator new retains his position the city the possibilities of our party chief chapters I share the same concern but what if we lose the populace our back board the people that have made us what we are entirely and the sense that what we face thus its utter you British guitar Liotta Bay and I endorsed any ahead of my son-in-law what did he do what did we get out of it betrayal he betrayed the people that pretend for you does it let's not allow sentinels to be clouded sense of judgment this matter not say that of me I have an order to protect if the party stakeholders have decided to end US senator honorable Phil ahead of the sitting senator what is elected the Sonoma I can die for this I can see that you have enriched your pockets anywhere but things have changed because it are this object god baby apparel chief ah let me take in the spirit of sportsmanship why a man I respect so much I believe because they make the difference greatness they say is some ability to transform powders into platitude well as I speak with yours chief still great man beside that decision grabber you friend be my guest


the [Music] what is the problem now we're not supposed to sleep together as husband and wife that question is not for me I've always been alone and I'm not complaining why is everything a problem why pickle face on everything I do the only reason we are having this conversation is because you found me away so please let me be

[Music] yes I understand we are doing very great sir thank you sir



[Music] well if UK kept yourself excuse me you hate me what has come over you Isabella this is how we are going to establish our happy home we had somebody I realized in it anyway your father called just to let you know


I say


mean of all this what is the meaning of this you're drunk again honestly I don't know what to do anymore I've pleaded with you I've cried for you what else

you [Music]



what are you sorry for I'm gonna guess wrong that's what all this is equated to dirts work besides is that the kind of guy you walk around with it out there is do you expect I'm sorry for what happened to Dee why I can't be sorry for the choices I make get personal to me because I am I wrong but the issue that I care about I you miss someone more better [Music] Victoria's Secret he is his secrete not just her secret but our secret [Music]


so much who keep me thank you so much ah do you think you deserve even more because you do a better really baby thank you for this thank you so much [Music] yeah baby don't some peas that wanted to talk to me about it's about my wife I've decided to involve our like bring her in well you promise that you'll never improve her or bring any of your family members this is resolved over Apple to me we both know that - exposes my campaign financially so I need her support less I lose a furnace okay not to worry I'll make sure you always by my side that I will guarantee okay thank you baby thank you so much yeah Victoria's Secret he is his secrete not just her secretes but RC cream

are you sure you're not forgetting something meets in appointment all sorts because you're so early today does my usual I decided to spend the rest of the day with my lovely wife is that a crime no you don't have to do that I've been fine


this is beautiful I am the one who should be sorry okay it's what wherever I am going out if you along with me is that ok yes honey please I realize how much I have made you unhappy and I don't blame you for the actions you take against me please forgive my shortcomings because that can't be at war with the mother of my son so let's go outside so you can check out

[Music] Victoria Secrets is his secret not just her secrets but our secret



what is the meaning of this it's [Music] it's nothing just normal text message right in a text message from a friend she's just a friend she sings you love text message asking you of the money you promised her I told you that she's just a friend yeah come to think of it why would you even read my text message that's wrong it's wrong bottom so even if you don't mean it you make me feel guilty for losing your job and then the little money again I give it to you now you give it to some other girl do I deserve that from you same girls really kind of job that you do I have not even sure you

[Applause] [Music]

was I share with him stream is that you don't listen to me if it's my imagination while you're still doing that week I excuse of a man I'll give everything to this relationship he was a cheat on me you read me off and beat you up of what good has he ever been since he lost his job in a part of the reason why he lost that job you are not yes hi his constant visit to the hospital when you ate you made him lose his job but Gil this is 8 months 8 good months that guys just dumped he doesn't want to do anything up all he knows is to collect money from you get drunk and it see you leave that guy this is too much you're living that guy for good


I'm ready to enjoy I'm sure [Music]

yes our efforts has paid off congratulations sir thank you thank you to Hitomi you see I hold both of you closely to my heart just like family I have one day per ticket to contest force in it all efforts are yours thank you sir I owe you two and two like that the celebration I will make sure the world knows about it wow that's great that's very good that's very good sir so the students have some running around to do yes my wife has gone for shopping and my job is on well so I need to go to the school room okay it's okay I guess I'll see you at the party oh yes sir yes sir all right Congrats up I'm sorry I have to run along I have some things to attend to on my desk it's okay boy and I hope you're going to be okay tonight I depart with my wife's presence here's of course they're good congratulations was one what it you was I share with him is true love I know love comes with a I'm ready to enjoy I'm sure I'm sure I was I share with him is true love I know I'm ready to door I'm sure I know I'm sure I need when I still have a smile on my face again confusion appear to me and face the past never give way for the presence to give me trouble but a beaut my joy one emotions happiness as far away from me oh yes so we shall we I share with him it's true love I know love comes with I'm ready to enjoy I'm sure I'm sure I need a was I share with him is true enough I know love comes with names oh I'm ready turned on I'm sure I know I'm sure I need a me love is this love I put a brace to mock me you love is this love I put a question mark on you was I shared with me miss true love I know Hey I'm ready to endure I'm sure I'm sure was I share with him is true sorry I starts with you it's okay why would a pretty young girl like you be outside here a little um no it's okay it's fine you bought that's why you're here I'm fine like I said can I keep you company it's okay I could use one thank you I brought his drink for you yeah I saw you from afar anyways my name is in change I don't mind

I'm so sorry it sounds maybe now right okay I'm so sorry my bad I'm Oona when I change right so here for the senate's aspirants so what are you the party chairman I guess you should do have a good sense of humor you know that right when we're not we go sit solely on no let me cure this a photo yeah you don't mind I share with [Music] I know love comes with a I'm ready to do my sure I'm sure I need what I share with him is true love I know three days I'm ready to door I sure I know [Music] we must you have a smile on my face again Confucian in dear to me and face the past never give me for the present to give me trouble i buy a beaut my joy [Music] this suit rather is that for you because person made is missing was before because it's ends with pleasure

you're supposed to serious I hate you for it Union for deceiving me I'm listening let everyone else it will be unchanged you are okay right now who irritates me I don't know too much trouble there so please just get out get out

was I share a mystery [Music]

was I share with you miss true love I know love comes with pain I'm ready to you're sure I'm sure was I share with him is true love I know [Music] so what are you doing outside my god after you what are you doing get that you give it back this you can kind of get yourself drawn to nights you are supposed to play with your wife for cleaning loud you don't understand you have no idea how much crazy makes me every time I tried to be a good man my wife pushes me away I I don't understand he said I said it you don't understand she found packs of condoms in my suit what what told the room service to remove it as you instructed my god what you know what let me have a word with inside Bella I'll be back okay my wife no no no you can have okay okay the door [Music] love comes with a I'm ready to door I sure I'm sure was I share with him it's true now I know I'm ready to door I'm sure I know [Music] we must you have a smile on my face again Confucian and it to me and face the past never give way for the present to give enjoy but a beaut much joy one emotions happiness as miles away from me oh yes so we shall we share with him is true love I know love comes with pain oh I'm ready to endure I'm sure I'm sure I need crazy hey I left him here what Ray was right here I never met him drinking this probably he has gone with one of his mistresses so where is he his chip is not even in the hotel

this one is a grocery store Adam I appreciate your concern but right now I'm so tired I need to go and have your rights yeah thank you so much good night so was I share with him it's true

I'm ready sure I'm sure was I share with him is true love I know love comes with days I'm ready to dawn I sure was I share with him is true love I know love comes with hey I got this for you please a check I don't want to blow why are you happy too much do you have a pistol yeah [Music]


[Music] and I don't think it is to bring you here um I don't know what would happen to you if I had left you there so here thank you very much I can't find the better wage thank you for all your kind gesture how about my clothes yes I thought you are going to ask about that first oh yeah the clothes was um II was really messed up so I had to wash it for you I didn't bring money I found it you clean this is it you can keep that for all the trouble of course what is that like I helped you because I was in the position to I didn't do it to get paid please so I can take the money well I am very sorry for all the trouble of course even your boyfriend please forgive me yeah don't worry I'll thank you not to care of it yeah you know anybody in his shoes will react just the same way green by what you are wearing on the time okay okay I see the t-shirt you see this is t-shirt belongs to him I'm really sorry okay um can I get you like breakfast something that will be very nice of you thank you was I share with a mystery Kanzi I'm ready to door I'm sure I'm sure so for whatsoever reason you chose to disappear last night I don't understand I want to told you I was going to have a word with your wife that is the point I don't remember any of it I was drunk I must tell you your wife is very very upset very upset and it's not going to be easy to calm her down she thinks the condom wasn't there by mistake but it did big acts to him Aleta this is not good she's a wife you better figure out the way you better do this very very soon I will see you out there [Music] please I'm ready sure I'm sure I do social fortunate always come to this here when you don't use it watch are translating that I should have accepted the money yes you leave it you don't want us can't escape I met the man and I wasn't a position to help him I helped him out why should you offer that money to his finger for help in amounts because he has the money and that stranger happens to be the reason why Tom when he was in touch if you have not helped seen that neither one would have realized who that lost good with did you recognize is missing no he does all of this position our table because it's longer than like hey yeah it's just with nice way to go a nice dress but not for did you mention anything like Cornell so give me I was ready for this gossip I beg with me you to wake up you to clean boxes that big that's why I can even make this kind of people possible to

Victoria's Secret is his secrete not just her secret I share with him straw I know love comes with pain [Music]

[Music] once I share with you is true now I know yes device then I get ready so why are you here sir please just listen to me I want to explain to you what you saw the word son is not what what it is exactly are you just trying to there is nothing to apologize for you are young lady and he's only not sure that you can company young man you should be tied up with you you and I know that the real reason you make is money but you can't be better than that the young man assume it is the son of a party chairman believe me he's a fantastic choice so you're not going to point it to me guilt will be at this fascinating [Music]

Victoria secrete he is his secrete not just a secret any much so he is sitting down from innocent hmm after accusing me and leaving me as the bad person what did you do the same thing you accuse me of that's why so you're doing say something you know what I am NOT going to be drawn into an argument with you because you have refused to hear my explanations shut up What nonsense is punishing something that I saw with my own eyes see I don't understand you perfectly you need an excuse or your reason to justify your deeds but I promise you you have nothing the very day you broke this portrait though the day you died in my heart died in your heart what do you mean by that you know what I need you prick and you need to leave yes leave - I know what you will come back for me same day Victoria Secrets is his escape you look comfortable about them didn't told me you were coming if you had told me I would have to do when to come because this is not a visiting time animals what do you mean here all being in business the last time we met I forgot to collect your number and you know it's the only way we can communicate so let me have your number is not know well what are my hobbies it's okay Monica you're doing a job for sir thank you sir the credits are no problem

what you don't stand India gazing at me like that let me have the lumber remember victorious how would I have known he never made shown this I imagine these days I then saw to me you guys enlisted why didn't you know that he has already gotten the senate's the kitchen do I look like a person but see hey you look like if I you know you don't see me not party charmer [Music]

[Laughter] [Music] comes with days I'm ready you're not sure [Music]

[Music] I'm not coffee with you if you can't visit why because you're honorable finish this little specially not admit for your kind listen I only come to see it your friend [Music]

don't worry they won't touch me young man how are you doing is anything the problem are you are the problem so you watch all my trip from where you did not sow that is my problem okay shut up the Scots introduced the move mentions that you dumped me for this man you know what I'll do I hope it's this one right in your presence guys put his mouth on me it's okay young man I meet me to introduce myself I am Honorable Philip Leonetti number and I'm currently contestant for senatorial position in your constituency I am here to give you an opportunity to change your life but you need to drop those widows come and join my campaign organization nonsense so you think money is everything well you start with a lake [Applause] unloosen me down I said cripple this one good yeah call me or come to my office okay congratulations you have a job

[Music] Victoria's Secret is his secret not just her secret but RC cream you like the move yes is really nice I'm glad you love it I think I have to make the most activate right Mike I don't come to places like this often and it's not every day we get to meet the higher minds like here you have no idea how I hold it to high esteem you might see me as an ambitious politician but it's only a man that knows what he's searching for people which you can on that area and I know you meet my kind more often than I meet your time there's something about you I might be totally wrong but the night I saw you for the first time I see a man with a troubled mind Hey I'm very sorry sir I didn't mean to see it like that no no no no no no no no no I am not offended at all I am your natural yes you're right about what you said I am worthy and famous among my people but I like wanting happiness [Music] this is a young ambitious politician I married the daughter of her former deputy governor because of his influence and we had a son who is almost your age against politics has paid off in my home but my wife Everson she had a last pregnancy which was aborted due to complications has turned my house into a Hellfire I am indeed indifferent because I never truly loved her I find happiness joy and peace around you [Music]

[Music] Victoria's Secret I really enjoyed myself thank you so much you're welcome thank you I'm glad you did but I want you to know that I mean it when I say that I find joy and happiness any time I'm around you like was I share with you miss true love I don't love comes with a [Music] you're sure I'm sure was I share with it's true love I know love comes with days but I'm ready to door I'm sure I know [Music] we must face again confusion me and who else if is not manager what device is I excited to do with my life when I guess I want to pivot it should be like business on my business alone now what is this time O'Keefe s he he said it was him mmm corner and I was we taught me that my visa to be honored what kind of rubbish is that what business office is that he wants me so badly that anybody sees around me is the reason one refusing him what's the trouble you know what's it that told she will stop time cuz no going to breakfast no consensus does ibex Papa money like on [Music] Victoria's Secret

[Music] yuck how long have you been here let's just see four to five minutes I needed to see you so I had to read okay see if you came to talk to me about the things you I don't just want to hear videos okay it's rap I am sorry I don't know what came over me I know how much you value that project would forgive me that's the problem hmm your temper has always been your problem and honestly I don't know how much of it I can take anymore you had your chance and I'm sorry no no no I can't continue like this I can't

[Music] see I loved you what I don't know how much of all these things I can't take anymore Victoria's Secret is his secrete not just her secrets but RC cream [Music]

I thought as much because they resemble us it's very striking even with the portrait broken but you never mentioned anything about your family some issues in living memory my mother died when I was 10 I thought she was diagnosed ovarian cancer I thought that died in yeah well I'm sure it's a illness okay fine this picture was given to her by my father doing her baby this is the only thing I have left over that is why I cherish it so much it's okay yeah it's before thank you looks like you have thank you she was such a beautiful woman and you took after oh my god my chicken is born in the kitchen I share with him I know love was I share with him his true love you see there's no way you can pretend it's not happening hmm you just have to do something about it as soon as you come what exactly was she thinking when she said it to you first she couldn't talk to me or what I am her husband for God's sake why else will Isabella what it was if not to undermine my political ambitions couldn't she have thought about our son or her father she knows the space you see you just need to calm down just just calm down hmm okay what about you talk to our Father no I am NOT going to involve him he's already involved yes because he's your Godfather and also your father-in-law if not if she goes ahead the one day with a divorce our opponents begin grounds and he's gonna lose a lot of money no that's no good for both of us hmm you see you have come to a point where going backwards is as difficult as going forward

[Music] you just don't care about anything how do you think your father will react to it obviously you have no idea how much you have invested to get me this far I know but I don't care think about orders for once money think about your father our son our marriage the political implications what we stand to lose I never noticed there was a week the last time I checked the only thing you cared about was your political career I try calling you back well you pick of things those are happening - I know honey I'm sorry just give me some time and we sort things out for the sake of our marriage please do this for me please you already got away with it Victoria Secret is history what do you want [Music] No you know we'll just see what you want to see him get out well the Honorable kiss to know if you've had a change of heart about this toughie [Music] I mean it's a blur that man does they will have shame on himself no so he sent you asking me on his behalf this is just go back to him and tell him I said no gee if you keep going this way you can't build the world when things don't go well for you listen I am not supposed to be having this conversation with you because you betrayed me remember betrayer if what you pop the trailer is having a better life then I will betray you of our game this may offer us an opportunity to better our lives but your pride will let you get the right thing hey hey slow down don't insult me in my house if I don't tell you the truth then I am NOT a true friend okay the turns birthday is around the corner well as you have for her especially not you know she's different very hard to achieve well I have plans I mean I can fix something I have my wings so forget it all eyes their own lives they will have plans you don't have the minute ago about those players they bring your voice down babe listen if I were you I will be considered honorable offer carbonised a was a sh I know comes with pain [Music] we must still have a smile on my face I just give me a little more time for now are you sure you don't need help we are my suggested you know what today is your specialty - I wouldn't what you saw your hands I can't believe this you know how to do it these things anymore [Music] Wow well listen this is just the beginning we just got started is a tip of an iceberg okay are you expecting anybody I just really knock on the door thank you [Music]

so just drop this thing we'll outside what I did see the person open it up [Music]


[Music] beautiful who could have dropped it I did you

thank you so much I couldn't find a better way to say happy birthday you know is your specialty now let's eat okay Victoria's Secret he is his secrete not just her secrets but our secret

what there is an official could become this what if I here [Music]

but why are you this nice to me I know I can only say to what you suggest I love you I know how it sounds but I mean it you can't mean it I mean we are friends I won't say it if I don't minute you see the moments we spent together is the best I ever had did you see the joy I exude whenever I'm around you Victoria look me in the eyes and tell me you don't feel the same way

[Music] what about your family I have given it a tip thought and I'll find a way to handle all that without hurting anyone right now what matters most is the joy we share together I will treat you well before you can give me come on [Music] just give me your hand

[Music] okay

was I share with him is true love I know love comes with pain I'm ready to do my show I'm sure

hahahaha wait funny is that all you know

yes tell me more honey yes honey I'm missing YouTube and the month like I miss you more I just wish you here so that I can kiss you maybe make sweet love to you but anyway I'll get back to you I have some of the files on my desk now let me attend today I'll get back to you like in 10 minutes I love you too I thought I asked you to drop the files on my desk just did then leave I said I'm sorry I'm sorry food yes are we [Music] you tell me tell me what she did I don't

go back to office and don't you ever step into my office unless I call you from now on get back your office now was I share with him strong I know love comes with [Music] sure I'm sure was I share with him is true love I know love comes with [Music]

[Music] silence now let's go and find things - it was I share with his journal love comes with pain I'm ready to do my sure I'm sure once I share with his true love I know love comes we would the way things have been in his family I think he's really wise that we send our son overseas to continue his studies it is not proper for you to come home every day and watch us fight each other useful indeed we are not sharing blames anymore and make us to share ideas I think so too it is right oh the miners are true if you repent of your sin


[Applause] couldn't it wait till morning which is already nine o'clock I'll send someone in the money to fix it okay I'll see you in 10 minutes until we agree only our just go and come back before you know it I shall be back was I share with you mister I know love comes with pain I'm ready to I'm sure I'm sure was I share with him is true love I know I'm ready to door I sure I know I'm sure [Music]



once I share with him is true love I know love comes with pains but I'm ready to enjoy I'm sure I know them I'm sure I need a once I share with him is true love I know love comes with pains I'm ready to endure I'm sure and hoping I'm sure I need will I still have a smile on my face again confusion and bitter me and face the past never give way for the presents to give me trouble but a beaut much joy on emotions happiness as miles away from me oh yes so we shall we I can't the hands of time I share with him is true love I know love comes with things ready change or

once I share with his true love I know love comes with pains bomb I'm ready change or I'm sure I know him I'm sure I need to love is this love I put a question mark you love is this love

oh god girl I don't have anything to do with him we are just friends and yeah yeah I love you soon okay but don't you think it may be a chance

many definitely because this one's too strong hi I just gotta slow down here so Patrick with you know forgetting something Oh his wife and soon like indocin I'm surprised with it it doesn't bother me like I don't even feel it's like have use gelatin the mat has when I'm with he

not to the Aquabats ah you know Shawn invited me and faiths the past never give way for the presents to give me trouble boy but a beaut my joy on emotions happiness as miles away from me oh yes so we shall we [Music]

I actually I made these special arrangements for you boom check them out beautiful creatures you see since all these girls are well trained to make a man feel real good check them out lights the bad skin you know this one's wearing stop now get out of here get them out of here now

I know everything I know everything the house you rented for the Watts if it is real ha I don't stuff it settle it's me it's amazes me Adams that is my personal life not win I would steal your campaign manager you won't win if you want women I can arrange this I could do this 10 times 10 times without repeating any of the skills I can't do that please sir please I want you to put all your mind towards a stick the election is just a few months away and Joe your relationship with this girl will ruin everything it does that was a stupid listing please if you'll excuse me let me start with the girls what I share with games [Music] love comes with day I'm ready sure I'm sure once I share with him is true love wanna see me well fish now [Music] well kill you pick your play woman don't give me that look because you know exactly what I'm talking about sir I don't know exactly what mr. Adams told you but I only told him that I know her and how is that your business so look I will stand by the side I'll watch it no life girl take my insights on it I won't let that I came to your aid when you needed it I'm not walking away I saw I gave you my buddy if Sam you gave me money I can never complained no I am I think we're done so that you don't have to repeat this was I share with him is true comes with a I'm ready sure I'm sure no never I mean she can't shoot me for that man now never is not possible you sure yes oh you think I drove all the way from my office to come here to tell you lies and stories now you do listen to me open your eyes and see what is truly going on you need to open your eyes what can she possibly offer him I mean have you seen machines no poor boy he has no idea that he has moved her to a flat in town what lie you don't believe me okay why don't you pay higher this is done you will believe me how did you find me couldn't be difficult since we have a mutual friend in Kenya look if I were you I will concern myself about fighting for my girl you need to get your girl back okay have yourself a beautiful day great so what's in for you I mean why are you trying to help well I am not helping you I am helping myself I want the man for myself alone good day [Music] love comes with day I'm ready to you're my sure I'm sure was I share with him is true love I know love calmly I'm ready to door I'm sure I know I'm sure I need when I still have a smile on my face you were always doing this yeah and I'm wondering what this bus really means to you it's fun look stop being superstitious no no it's only a fuss no it's not in that this this is a black flower it's been nothing like that my mother gave it to him when he was job hunting and he brought him look so she told me - what type every day until I find the man I truly know I'm giving it to you because I know I'll bring you look just promise me you will keep it fresh as I have done all this Victoria's Secret is his secret not just her secrets but RC cream you see what's happening trying to prevent hmm have you thought about the implications if that boy says to keep talking you our suggestion as you get scared of what such a well within our you know it's not about the boy it's about what the press will make out of it yes the press come off it it wouldn't get to that and what if your wife gets to know about it and she pushes with the divorce papers goodnight the press gets to know about it I trust I trust our opponents they'll realize only too depressed for what they are doing is it worth it is it if you are trying to convince me to do away with Victoria you better have a rethink something insensitive mr. Philip don't be you are the man of the people and I have a notion two notes away if this candor escalates I will lose everything everything sir Adams go ahead and take care of the young man like I asked you and let me take care of myself thank you very much okay okay

was I share with him is true love I know enough come I'm ready you're my sure I'm sure I shall know the right place not the right time for this conversation I told you you must obey everything else we were setting this thing right here right now I don't care if you like my name but I am working and you know what's at stake now really what okay let me just give you the new house address now you just calm down we'll talk this thing over with god forbid I should come to your house yeah the house that you got your buddy

I'm here Victoria amorphous right now you see what you've course you don't have to lose out your body [Music]

I'm ready sure I'm sure was I share with him is true love I know I'm ready to go I'm sure I know [Music] we must you have a smile on my face again Confucian in Batumi and faith the past never give way for the presence to give me trouble but a beaut my joy on emotions away from me [Music]



love is this love I could place tomorrow you love is this love I put a question mark you was I share with him is true love I know please I'm ready to door I'm sure I'm sure I need a was I share with him is true love I know love I'm ready to dawn I'm sure I know let me tell you the truth like right now I'm so confused I don't even know what to believe anymore suburb you know we are be friends from the University days right right

when you recommend that min-soo your husband you had me promise you that I would protect your interests and that superfamily hmm you said so and I know I have not done enough I beg you to forgive me hmm I can't blame you for the wrong in my family thank you thank you very much so I want you to think this relates what fights for me you are the only one that can save you I could only do that by accommodating Philips shotguns no matter how you try you just have to try because I believe he is a responsible man and he knows that he knows the right things hmm and you think as we work what I share with him is true I know how its day off ain't you coming I give you everything my love my heart every single thing will you never cherished any of this you never care for anything you beat me at every chance you get know that our finally found joy you won't let me have it can you just stop us I've seen all these things all these things you are seeing isn't like I'm enjoying myself no I don't know plan to be like this what it is I can't just started watching our house okay the best way to do that let me get into trouble my boss no now clap for yourself you've tried congratulations Victoria Victoria secret is his secret not just her secret but our secret [Music]

hello Vicki

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