Hyena On the Keyboard I 건반위의 하이에나 – Ep.5 [ENG/2018.04.18]

by: KBS World TV

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How to survive on the jungle-like music chart? That is the question. A song that everyone would like, including kids and the elderly. Yes. Joy, this is how I feel now. I have no idea what to do. (He can't express this writer's block with words) I'll... I'll do this. (He must survive) Amazing. Amazing. (How will his performance to survive be like?) How to survive among the jungle-like Friday variety programs? That is another question. (Among all the Friday variety shows) (His singing sounds so pathetic) (But he still stays classy) (A high-quality "showcumentary") I hope this helps. (Reliable helpers to help this classy guy) (Let us help you) (The real story of how musicians make music) Surviving on the song chart. Hyenas on the Keyboard! Jea, this wasn't on purpose but you're wearing matching outfits with Jaehyung. Right. (The sexy group Brown Eyed Girls) (The main vocalist Jea) How have you been? I'm working on my second album. It'll be released in the second half of 2018. I'm here to watch how people work on their music. (The Golden Disk best group winners BTOB) (Hyunsik can sing, dance and compose songs) (The living legend of hip hop) (Yang Donggeun - YDG)

I'm a father of three. I'm YDG. Hello. YDG!

Born to be! Hello, I'm Hyunsik of BTOB. Born to be. That's nice! How have you been? I've just been watching my kids. How old is your eldest? 6 years, 4 years, and 11 months. You must be really busy. I take care of my kids in the morning, rest, take care of my kids again and the day is over. You rapped about being a parent in one the most recent songs you were on. Hip hop is life. Since I'm always with my kids all my lyrics are about them. Hyunsik, BTOB's "Missing You" from last year. - That's your song, right? / - Yes, I wrote it. Wow! I heard that song was 1st on the song chart. (Hyunsik's song swept the charts last year) (BTOB beats the tough competition) (BTOB wins 1st for the first time) Who will win 1st? Let's see the scores. ("Missing You" won 1st on "Music Bank") Congratulations, BTOB. Your status goes up if you win 1st. A lot of people requested songs from me. And the members seem to treat me better now. I bet. Hyunsik, your songs are doing great now. Your agency should give you a better offer. I think they will. (Confident) That's great! That's like the best feeling ever. That song made you some money. I get paid this month. On the 23rd. Let's be friends. He's the So Jisub of this month. (Make some noise) Why am I so nervous? Let me get some water first. I'm so nervous. This is bad. (Hang in there, Hyunsik!)

("Missing You" by Hyunsik) (Lyrics by BTOB) (Retro 1980s piano playing) (With Hyunsik's vintage style)

♪ Another day passed today ♪ ♪ Nothing different ♪ ♪ Being alone doesn't feel ♪ ♪ Awkward at all ♪ ♪ I thought I couldn't live without you ♪ ♪ This is my life now ♪ ♪ But I do feel a little empty ♪ ♪ I guess I'm still at that place ♪ ♪ Another day passes missing you ♪ ♪ Another year passes missing you ♪ ♪ This is how I live ♪ ♪ As I long for you ♪ ♪ Missing you, missing you ♪

Hyunsik, that was great! (Hyunsik is great) Awesome! (We'll watch how they make their songs now) (BTOB is a skilled group of 7 years) I'm like the nucleus of BTOB. I'm a bit embarrassed to say this but I'm called the father of BTOB's music. I always want that vintage feel. It's an electric piano from the 1980s. I bought that from the U.S. That guitar is my most recent instrument purchase. (This time) That guitar effects pedal is from the 1960s. Nice! (A fan of vintage equipment) I can't use this right now. Do you have a voltage converter? (Ask and you shall receive!) Jaehyung, buying all those vintage instruments as soon as he became successful... Doesn't that mean he has a big head now? Yes, it does. (Feels guilty)

(His manager steps in) (The voltage converter made him so happy) Wow! (Let's try this thing) Okay. Tambourine. (Jingle, jingle, jingle) (Tambourine sounds from a guitar!)

Is it working?

The tambourine sound is coming from that device. Why not just buy a tambourine? Why make tambourine sounds with a guitar? It sounds really vintage.

(Drumming) (It's a percussion instrument this time!) Bass. (Many different sounds from one guitar)

Yikes! It's smoking! Look at that! - It's smoking? / - It's smoking. Oh, no! (The smell of smoke starts to spread...)

I bet that cost a lot. Oh, no... No! Oh, no... Please. Please! Why are you smoking? It's smoking... It's smoking... I thought I was seeing things. It started smoking... I thought it was an effect. My memory... I was so shocked that I can't even talk. Sorry. Please... I'm sorry.

(Breathes life back into his effects pedal) (Applies chest compressions) Get all that smoke out. (I must save you!) Is it broken? I unplugged it right after it started smoking. - So it still works. / - Really? (What a relief) I feel like more and more people will like the songs I put out. It'll spread. The smoke has spread in this room. (So happy) Just like that smoke. I hope it really spreads. (After the smoke has settled)

(So many songs on the monitors) So many. (He starts working) Oh! You're just warming up now, right? Yes. You're getting into your groove. "This is it!" Like that.

(Knock, knock)

What are you up to? Oh, yeah, man. What's up, man? - Hello. / - What brings you here? (He was on "Hello Counselor" with a concern) (Peniel of BTOB) Has this been going on a long time? For 5 years. Should I take it off now? You look cute! - The shape of his head... / - His face is small too. You have such a nice looking head.

- Hello. / - What brings you here? Peniel's hair really grew. Oh, you're right. Peniel's such a sweet kid. - Hello. / - What brings you here? - I was just bored. / - You're bored? Want to hear this song I've been working on? I just have the track.

It's on the sweet side.

(Key point: The echoing sound) How sweet! That's a cute source. That echo? - That's how it goes. / - It sounds sweet. I got stuck in the middle of it. I'm thinking of making another song. How about a song for the spring? Do I have something like that? (For a spring song!) I love Calvin Harris.

(Arise, youth)

I should make a song like this. (Turns the lights out)

(This tadpole dance is for the spring)

I'm not sure though. The first one I played for you... I like it but I'm not totally satisfied with it. I think you'll like this one. (Key point: Let's do it) Let's do it. (He seems to like this one more!) I like it. Right? It has a clean sound. I made this before "Missing You." (Key point: Lonely night) I like it. It's nice.

Hyunsik, are you lonely? I'm... Yeah, a bit... You wrote "Missing You." I was struggling before "Missing You" became a hit. I was lonely. Why did you struggle? I wanted to be more successful and I was having trouble making songs. I felt a bit lonely. I think bossa nova would be good. (Talking about music with Peniel) That sounds nice. - Let me know... / - Alright. If you want any of those songs. Like "Let's Do It." Let's do it. I want that one. - Later. / - Goodbye. (A little less lonely since he wasn't alone) What? Eunkwang is driving? Here we go! All the members are there. How nice! Make sure to drive safe. Is this the gas or the brake? (Can we trust this guy?) It's been a long time since we all went somewhere. It was for teamwork. I wanted to be inspired. You could come up with new ideas by traveling together with us. We're going so you can be inspired, Hyunsik. Yeah, I should be inspired. That's why traveling is important. Not just for the arts. It's good to relax and take a trip. Wow, impressive! A born, born-sician. A born-sician. A musician to the core. A born-sician. Like a born comedian. It's been a while since we all traveled together. You never come. (A phony laugh for TV) When? Being on this trip is nice and therapeutic, isn't it? What? All you've done is drive. (Hahaha) Look how close they are. YDG, you've never been in a team. I've always been a soloist. I do want to travel often with my family. But with three kids... It's a war. So I'm not that jealous. - It's like boot camp. / - Boot camp... It feels a bit empty without Peniel. I just thought of Peniel too... After seeing that mountain. (He'll have more hair in the spring!) It's been a while since I made a cheerful song. A cheerful and sweet song. Can we do something cute? Something that sounds smooth. I want to do something cute before I age more. I haven't made anything cute since "I Miss You." ("I Miss You" by BTOB) (Written and composed by Hyunsik) (With cute lyrics about missing your girl all the time) "Roses Like You?" A song like that would be nice too. ♪ Rose ♪ Did Don Spike rearrange that one? ("Roses Like You" by Kim Bumsoo) (Written and composed by Kang Inwon) Everybody, put your hands up! - Clap! / - Okay! Clap, clap, clap! (Air drumming) (Sing along with BTOB) ♪ One rose ♪ ♪ If I pin it on your clothes ♪ ♪ It would look so nice ♪ Very nice! So many good singers in that group. (7 vocalists and 7 rappers) (Here comes Eunkwang) It's like a musical. They put a lot of power in the high notes. They're all great vocalists. ♪ Looks sweet from afar ♪ (Adding freestyle rapping) ♪ You look like a rose ♪ (They ride while singing) (Sokcho) We're here now. - Why is it so nice out? / - It's beautiful outside. (Where do they arrive after their long drive?) Did you have a nice trip? My feet are cold. What's that? Oh, a spa. My feet are cold. This looks funny. Shouldn't we change there? - Some people do this though. / - Yeah. (Walking along) Are you going boarding? They're like athletes out for training. (Pre-summer vacation.avi) (A way to beat the cold in March) Let's go in. It's been so long. I haven't been to a swimming pool in forever. That looks like fun. (They don't care if others look!)

Nice! Let's go!

(Sliding) (Aaaah!) (Eldest is the most excited)

He'll lose his voice. (The vocalists are all screaming...)

We're here. (Hurry) (They get into the outdoor tub) (Tired) Do you know this? (Water slap)

(See if I close my eyes) I have the smallest eyes. Watch. Are they open? They look closed. I can see right now. - What's this? / - 2. 3. (Flinches)

I want to try. He blinks his eyes like a fish.

(2nd water slap) (Why me?) (Stares) Changsub, it looks like you gained weight. You said you'd be the best looking one this year. Yeah, starting tomorrow. How will this place inspire you? I had a lot of fun. Did coming here inspire you at all? - Sure. / - A little bit? What have you come up with so far? So far? I thought of the slide. Oh, the slide. "I slipped and fell into you." I'll let you hear what I worked on most recently. (The echo song that Peniel liked) It sounds sweet. Cookie sticks come to mind. Candy. This reminds me of a hotel. Candy.

(Minhyuk comes up with a melody) ♪ With BTOB ♪ Go with "happy." ♪ I'm here to make happy memories ♪ I think you should make it cute. I like it. ♪ Like it, like it, like it a lot ♪ ♪ Like it, like it, like it so much ♪ ♪ Really like it, like it a lot ♪ It got so soulful. ♪ Really like it, like it a lot ♪ (They keep singing "like it") How cute! ♪ Like it, like it, like it, like it ♪ (A new idea is born from the outdoor tub) ♪ Like it so much ♪ ♪ I like my white and shiny skin ♪ (Turned it off from shock) (Let's calm down and hear it again) It sounds sweet. I feel like BOL4 should sing this. Should I call them?

- Are you close? / - I don't know them at all. ♪ How warm ♪ (They really like BOL4) BOL4. It would be a good song for female idols. Like who for example? TWICE or BLACKPINK... Then I'm in. (They suddenly get louder) - Wendy is good at singing. / - It would suit Wendy. - Wendy's a great singer. / - Rose would be good. Let's contact TWICE, BLACKPINK and Red Velvet. (We like all of them) I might not use this track, so I should make more. Let's go on the slide again. We came up with some great ideas there. Are you doing a collaboration with a girl group? I can't wait to see. I'm hungry. I think we should get groceries.

(The hyenas go downtown) (Goodness!)

(Hungry Guardians)

Who's the grim reaper? This is delicious. This is so good. (He eats while making old man sounds) (The market is the best place to fill your belly!) That looks delicious. - Markets always have so much to eat. / - Right. Pork skin? Chicken feet? Everything looks good. (Heaven for the hungry hyenas) Hello. Boneless fried chicken. One regular and one spicy. Squid sausages. (Looks so tasty) I'll have two. How much for two? $14. Why'd you buy so much food? They have a lot of members. Thank you. - Thank you so much. / - Bye. - I think we're good. / - Yeah.

A duet? A duet... I have to think about it. Now they get to the important stuff.

Should I pick from the members? I think pairing you and Eunkwang would be fun. A trot song. Yeah. That would be a lot of fun. This team too? The title is "Congrats on Becoming a Fan." "Congrats on Becoming a Fan." I like that. ♪ Congrats on becoming a fan ♪ ♪ Congrats on becoming a fan ♪

(Chuckle) Did you write "Swimming" at the beach? The keyboard I bought for myself... As soon as I bought that... I just came up with it. He's a genius producer. Do you get someone's help to determine whether or not the song you made is any good? No. I'm my own judge. So you thought "Missing You" was good enough and it won 1st. We became more widely known. (Hyunsik made their title track "Missing You") (Swept the song charts and music shows) Gosh... I should've practiced instruments more as a kid. Sungjae is proud of you and a bit envious too, at the same time. Sungjae started getting into producing recently. I know that Ilhoon makes songs too. Do you ever compete over the title track? Of course they do. Because you get royalties for your songs. It's great that we have two members that can make songs. Because it's a lot of pressure. What if it's a flop? I worry about that. Your song might bring the group down. So I tell Ilhoon to make songs too. Because you know your song will beat his anyway. (It's a friendly competition) This is sweet and sour fried chicken. - Wow, squid cakes? / - Squid sausage. Here, guys. Alcohol. Alcohol! Yeah! You know I never set the table even for my parents. And you know you should. This seems like a school trip. That looks delicious. This stuff. I brought water. Can we start eating already? To the success of Hyunsik's song! Cheers!

(These idols of 7 years will drink on TV) Is this the spicy one? You never got to try this. This chicken is delicious. It's good. I told you it's good. It's been a while since we all drank together. We lived in Cheongdam the last time. When we all lived together? We all slept in the same room. It seemed hard for Changsub and Ilhoon sometimes. Because of Sungjae's snoring. It wasn't hard on me at all. That was the first time the sound of snoring made me furious. You're really sensitive. If we all lived together again... No, I'm not going to. (What?) It wasn't hard for you at all. It's never hard for the person who snores. Even up until recently... We all slept in the same room for years. I imagine you fought a lot too. We've never fought once. We're amazed at that too. Most idols don't have big fights before they blow up. They all try to get along. Things might get unstable now. He's making stuff up. - Are you in a rush? / - No. It was a bit hard on us... But the present is important. It wasn't hard for me at all. It was definitely hard for you. It was hard being a trainee. You cried when you were a trainee for not getting put in the center.

(Yikes) So sad! My shameful past... The last time we all ate together, Eunkwang went home in tears. That was after our concert. (Imitating Eunkwang on that day) Thank you. I cried on stage... While I was talking... But I saw Hyunsik cry too. Hyunsik cried? He was overwhelmed with emotions. I cried. During the encore. (During the encore of the BTOB concert) (Singing the song he made with his fans) (Hyunsik got choked up and shed tears) It felt different to hear them all sing along to my song during the concert. That always felt very different. But to do an even bigger concert with even more fans... I got really choked up.

Let's go to karaoke. I have to sing after I drink. BTOB songs. Changsub is the real deal. This is the variety show attitude. Why? You have your back to the camera without a care. No, this one is on me. I was aiming for that camera. Trying to look sexy. I have to learn from him. I want to fart but I think that would be too much. It's not easy to fart at will. How about a solo track for Changsub? Sing something. What's a good soloist song? Sing Ha Dong-qn's song. "From Mark." Ha Dong-qn. ("From Mark" by Changsub) ♪ Like a discarded bottle ♪ He really sang this a lot in the past. Look at this face. ♪ At the beach ♪ (He's drawing me in)

♪ Maybe I could ♪ ♪ Live a bit comfortably ♪ He's really setting the mood. ♪ It keeps flowing ♪ ♪ It grows farther away ♪ ♪ I try to run hard ♪ ♪ But I'm just running in place ♪ (Is he really drunk or just acting?) ♪ You're like the wave that pushes me away ♪ Nice! Way to set the mood. ♪ My memories that choke me and the wind ♪ ♪ The remaining time that's tied me down ♪ ♪ From Mark ♪

He just did it! He farted? - He really farted? / - Yes. He got too into the song. This song always sounds sad. ("Missing You" by BTOB) ♪ Another day passes ♪ ♪ Nothing different ♪ ♪ Being alone doesn't feel ♪ ♪ Awkward at all ♪ ♪ I thought I couldn't live without you ♪ ♪ But this is my life now ♪ ♪ But I do feel a little empty ♪ ♪ I guess I'm still at that place ♪ ♪ I'll let it all out so I can feel relieved ♪ ♪ But it's alright to care about the past ♪ ♪ When I think I can see the answer ♪ ♪ Sometimes it becomes a prison that traps me ♪ ♪ But you're still in my heart ♪ ♪ Another day passes missing you ♪ ♪ Another year passes missing you ♪ ♪ This is how I live ♪ ♪ As I long for you ♪ ♪ I miss you ♪ I miss you. Nice. Today was fun, Hyunsik! Good job, leader. Keep up the good work. Let's go to bed. Let's sleep for tomorrow. I love you guys. I'm just going to sleep here. - This is perfect. / - Goodness... (As they all lie down)

(Hyunsik can't put down his guitar) (How did this trip inspire him?) Sometimes I get depressed when I'm all alone in the studio. Especially when I can't come up with anything. But when the guys visit the studio... Or when I spend time with them, I feel so refreshed. (An apartment in Seoul) I have that at my house too. - It's a pretty good toy. / - How cute.

(Running in) (One child) (Two!) - So cute. / - How cute!

(Three?) (YDG, the father of these 3 children!) (Debuted 32 years ago!) (YDG is a legend in hip hop)

He's out. He's out. He looks just like his mom. 1, 2, 3. (With his youngest Shiloh, he has three kids) So pretty. Get in there. Come on. Take this. Why won't you go in? (Whining) What don't you know? Get in there. Come on. It's got to be hard to watch three kids. It's not easy... This is so chaotic. Joy, you look so lifeless. (She isn't angry, she's just relaxing) My goodness! (Joy really grew up) Yeah. Joy, this is how I feel now. I don't know what to do. What should I do? That one's going over there. (Shiloh is very curious as the youngest) You shouldn't touch that. Go to your big brother. (I miss you, mom...) This is hard for you, huh? It is for me too. (What to do when times are tough?) (Play music)

(Time for a bath, Junseo) No!

No! (He's forced into the bathroom)

Oh, no! That one's excited.

(He doesn't get a moment of rest with 3 kids) (It must be so chaotic...)

Shiloh, you play here. And I'm taking you. Are you hungry? Want milk?

(I'm hungry too...) Want some? No? (When is my wife coming home?) I spend the entire day with my family. Every day is the same. I take the kids to daycare, rest a bit, bring them back and I put them to bed. As a musician I should put out new music, but... It's not easy with a family to take care of. It really isn't easy.

(After the storm has settled...) (Things are peaceful with two kids in daycare) Are you okay?

(I'm okay, dad) Don't throw it down. (I'm fine) Don't throw it down.

(Rage) You don't like it? ♪ Live together ♪ (Cough, cough) (He coughs on beat)

Good sense of rhythm. Play with this? (He plays the keyboard with swag) (Shiloh is fun-loving just like his dad) Bounce, bounce. Let me put on an exciting song. What should I play? (YDG picked a trot song?)

Oh, you like it. Yeah. He's reacting to the song. He knows music. You like that. So you can feel the music too. (They're so alike) You're a true Korean. You're excited. (I love this song!) You like that. That's definitely Korean blood flowing through you. So traditional. I shouldn't play a hip hop track now. Right? I should make... Exciting songs, right? Go to sleep. I really hope he goes to sleep. ♪ I can't make music at home, go to sleep ♪ ♪ Daddy needs to get to work ♪ ♪ To make money for your formula ♪ ♪ To make money for your diapers ♪ ♪ Where would I work? ♪ ♪ How would I make a living? ♪ (He comes up with rhymes so easily) Wow. ♪ Three mouths to feed ♪ ♪ I have to work three times as hard ♪ I'm running out of work because of the "Show Me the Money" guys. (A deep sigh) It's frustrating. I used to put out album after album. Then it became one single every now and then... All these younger rappers are blowing up. It's a bit much with three kids to raise. It's not easy to make music and be a parent. (Definitely not easy...) (YDG goes out somewhere)

All these people... In those cars... In those buildings... A song for them to listen to. Not a song that only the youngsters would enjoy.

A song that everyone would like including kids and the elderly. A song that talks about struggles. I can see how you really want to work on music.

(Where does he go with his struggles?)

Pastor! Hey. (Pastor?) (He's a pastor?) I brought some coffee.

- How have you been? / - Good. He's a pastor now. He knows a lot about music. Every genre of music, instruments... I won't bother telling you how good he is. - You were working? / - Yeah. Whenever I have free time. Why? I'd like your advice on something. He's really a pastor? For real? (Nods) People used to see me more as a musician than an actor. But now that I tried to get into music again...

I've grown bored of hip hop. (Doubting their ears) YDG? You're bored of hip hop?

My life got a lot more real as the father of three children. Most of the hot rappers are new guys. In my opinion, there's nobody in Korea my age that's stuck with hip hop. You are one of the few rappers in their 40s. It's not good for business. It doesn't sell. I need to make sales as the head of a family, to earn money and provide. That's top priority. Right. I need people to listen to the songs I put out and be able to perform them at places. But that's not really happening now. So I think I've hit a wall with this genre. Something must have got you into hip hop. Back when I was a kid and Seo Taiji and Boys, DEUX and Hyun Jinyoung were blowing up... "Wow! What is this?" It felt like my path.

(Reality has hit him hard) I need to go out and do something and to do that... Even if it isn't a big concert... As long as a lot of people enjoy it, that's the true purpose and goal. That's a good idea. Rather than doing music you like, you'll make a song others might like more. Spending so much time on a song that only I like. That's really heartbreaking. You didn't have to say that. Your life is already sad. I wish only good things for Sleepy. So this is my idea. Naturally... I should go into trot. (Trot all of a sudden?) So random! - Trot? / - Sheesh! YDG? (He seems really serious)

I think trying a new genre is a good idea. But if it's trot... You've been all about hip hop so far but if you suddenly do trot... You might never be able to come back. (Shocked) What? That's how much of an impact trot has. It's very catchy. (Eyes darting around) "I'll eventually come back." If I think like that my family will have to starve. Not having a monthly income is so painful every day. That's the biggest reason. I think you've thought about this a lot. And I know things have changed too. I think it's up to your mentality and attitude. This is harder for those in hip hop. Trying a different genre. Rappers always try to keep up with the trends. And if they don't do that, people don't like them. They say they sound old. That's why it's harder to change.

(YDG goes outside) It's still a bit chilly. (On this chilly day he heads to) (The security office) Sir... This person lives in our neighborhood. I want to ask her something. - You live in the same apartment? / - My neighbor.

Hello? We said hello a few times outside. This is YDG. I'd like to ask you something. If it's alright, could you spare some time before you head out today? Oh! Thank you. I'll be on the 1st floor. Yes. Thank you. She made a comeback. On "Inkigayo." Huh? Who is it? - It's a celebrity? / - It's a singer. Gosh...

It's just a meeting between neighbors. Is YDG waiting for YG? Hey! (This aspiring trot singer is waiting)

Oh... - Hello. / - Miss Hong. (Who is Miss Hong?) - Miss Hong. / - Hello. Happy New Year. Good to see you. (Hong Jinyoung is the idol of trot) (She's the queen of performances all of Korea loves) Jinyoung is super hot these days. All the songs she made blew up. (She made the trot chart smash hit "Ring Ring") I'm sure you're very busy. Since it's cold out... How about we go in there? - Here? / - Yes. (They go inside somewhere) Where is that place? It's not much but... What is that? That's in your complex? We had to go inside since it was cold. No need to go anywhere. Let's just sit here. I feel like it's a neighborhood meeting. That's what this is. (He finally gets to meet Hong Jinyoung) So you were home. Thank you so much. I'm very nervous right now. Did something happen? No, no. Anyway... The thing is... I... (Gulp) I just can't bring myself to say it. You can't help but hesitate. Jinyoung is surprised. I told you a few times when we ran into each other. That I'd do it. You're going to do trot? For real? You're really going to do it? So I wanted to ask you how to get started. You mentioned that a few times in the elevator. Right. That wasn't a joke. So you weren't joking! I've been thinking about this for a very long time. I think it's great that you went to her. She's very hot and trendy these days. Basically, my hip hop songs aren't selling. Why not? You're an amazing artist. Thank you. I have three kids. What don't you know? Get in there. Joy. The thing is... Don't touch that. Go to your big brother. I have to work a lot now. But there's no place for me out there. There are so many rappers these days. Tons of them. YDG doing trot... That's really shocking. - Really? / - Yes. You're doing this for real, right? My life is on the line here. I'm very serious. But people might talk. "Why would YDG do trot?" Kind of like that? It was like that when I first became a rapper. "You can't be a rapper." I was briefly in a girl group before going into trot. You were in that failed girl group Swan. Like our name's Korean meaning, I became unemployed. (She was in a failed girl group called Swan) When I went into trot... "She's doing trot because she can't make it." That's what people said about me. But what's most important is the result. Their views can change depending on the result. She's come that far from all her hard work. "Love Battery" was a hit. So now that you're getting into trot... - I should hear you. / - Yes. - Can you sing for me? / - What? (Pressured) Once I hear you sing I can determine whether or not you should pursue trot.

(Can you do this?) Alright. Let's go! (Korean rapper YDG) No... Let's get it! (A historical moment in his 30-year career) - I'll do my best. / - Let's go!

(His first trot performance!) Rest a beat! Rest two beats! Rest three beats and 1, 2, 3, 4! ♪ My love for you ♪ ♪ Is unconditional ♪

No! ♪ My love for you ♪ ♪ Is a special love ♪ (This rapper sobs after swallowing his pride) ♪ Even if I have to cross the Indian Ocean ♪ ♪ If you call, I'll come running ♪ ♪ I'll come to you no matter what ♪

(His first trot performance was chaotic) Donggeun. Donggeun. Your voice... (What does Jinyoung think of YDG's trot?) You have a good voice for trot. For real. You have a good voice for this. Honestly, when you said you'd go into trot I didn't think it would suit you. But now that I heard you, your voice sounds great. Thank you. So... How about a few pointers? Using the song you made a comeback with... (Her new song in 2018 is "GOOD BYE") (Her 10 years of experience are in this song) (She'll tell us all her tips now)

(Miss Hong's music lesson 1: Note bending) I bend my notes the most in this song out of all the songs I've put out. So it goes... ♪ Good-bye ♪ ♪ Forget me ♪ - That's normal trot. / - So that's normal. But I added even more bending. ♪ Good-bye ♪ ♪ Forget me ♪ ♪ Good-bye ♪ ♪ Forget me ♪ I'm getting the chills. It sounds different the more you bend it. So you have to be able to sing in vibrato. But this is... (You can practice note bending) (Jinyoung's tip is to go, "Ow, ow, ow") Keep practicing like that.

And it'll be a bit easier to do if you move your body. - You sing with your body. / - That's right. Bend the notes with your body. ♪ I'll become your star in 10 minutes ♪ ♪ In 10 minutes ♪ Yes, like that. Try bending the notes. ♪ Goodbye ♪ (He still isn't used to note bending)

(He moves his body) (It's working) That's it right there. (It's so easy after Miss Hong's lesson) (Rolling her eyes) (Remember not to make funny faces) And if you look here... When I do gigs...

(Miss Hong's music lesson 2: Stage presence) When you did hip hop songs... You had swag. "Hello, I'm YDG." - You probably talked like that. / - Right. But when performing for the elderly... You always have to be respectful. Keep your hands together. You'll be holding your mic like this. Hold the mic down here. Walk to the center of the stage. Do a full bow. (Even veteran trot artists bow like this)

You'll be close to the audience. Make as much eye-contact as possible. Look at this camera. - As you sing to it... / - Smile. Then you move this way... - ♪ You smile ♪ / - ♪ You smile ♪ (Make eye-contact with as many people as possible) (Jinyoung's tip is to look captivating) And as you sing... Some of them might get tired and stop clapping. Then during the song's interlude... How about a round of applause? How about a round of applause? I'd really appreciate it if you clap. I'd appreciate it. Yes, like that. You have to act a certain way on stage. It probably took you a long time to learn all this. Is it okay to give away all your secrets? It's fine. I hope this helps even a little. (Touched) You shouldn't worry too much about what others think. If you're really determined to do this then you should just stick with it. Right? That's the hip hop mentality. True. Not hiding and just expressing yourself. Now that's hip hop. You're just applying that same mentality. Except it's in trot. Jinyoung is so cool. All my worries and concerns have been relieved! (Miss Hong is the truth) That really is the hip hop mentality. I was really timid but she gave me a lot of confidence. (YDG goes somewhere)

Hello. Mr. Cold? - Mr. Cold? / - A cold? I call him that because it's weird to call him pastor. I feel bad for saying this but he looks like an exorcist. I'm sorry. So this is the place. I listen to music here. (Where is this place?) (An LP shop) (Why are they at an LP shop?) New music for a new audience. How about adding something totally different to a trot melody? There's something called turntablism. Turntablism? Turntablism? Turntablism? Turntablism? Turntablism. Just using existing sounds. Sounds can be sampled and filtered and we can make them sound how we want. These will be the sources. The sources on these LPs can all be used to make songs. Wow. The most important aspect of turntablism is "digging." It's important to listen to a lot of music.

Deep. I like deep house. Deep house. (Rapping over a fast beat) This isn't much different from hip hop. (The third song) Oh, this. This is "Technologic." It's the most commercial track on this album. That pastor sure knows a lot. And he's very calm as he explains. He really draws you in. I'm curious what we'll find.

I'll press start when you give me the sign. Start. (Turntablism lessons from the pastor) (Turntablism lesson 1: Playing and recording) (This is where we'll get the source?) I think... (Turntablism lesson 2: Sampling what you want) We'll just use this beginning part. (Will it work?)

(He samples only what he needs) "Bye." You're just sampling that. Oh, like that. Now I want to see how you use that. I'll make it repeat and make a rhythm. (Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba) (Turntablism lesson 3: Making a beat)

Like this. (Amazed) (This is how it sounded) (This is how it changed) It's a different kind of source. - Now I'll sample the bass drum. / - The bass drum.

(A thumping bass drum) It sounds totally different. Let's hear it. (The original song) (It became a totally new song)

It sounds like a completely different song. It looks like he's making a trot song with a lot of DJing elements. From the way he works... (This beat will be used on a trot song?) ♪ My love for you ♪ ♪ Is unconditional ♪ A totally traditional trot song that isn't trendy with drum and bass elements. It'll be a new genre. Now the genre we'll start is a trot-like sound. A trot-like sound. Oh, that sounds like "tropical." It's like a pun! There's tropical. It's a play on that. I picked a song.

(The intro sounds very traditional) It's straight-up trot.

("Culprit of Love" by Kim Isa) (By a former office worker turned trot singer) (He sings about missing the one that stole his heart) "Culprit of Love" is sad, captivating and it isn't that well known. I think it would sound good with the lyrics changed up a bit. So you're working on a song that's been released? I'm using a song I know and adding drum and bass through turntablism. I'll show you a new genre. A trot-like sound. I don't think it's necessary to explain the genre. I can't even imagine it. ("Nest" by YDG) (Original song by Nam Jin) ("Nest" is a classic oldie by Nam Jin) (YDG did his own trot reinterpretation!)

(YDG steps on stage) (Wearing a flashy outfit) ("Nest" is reborn with a powerful beat!) (Totally excited)

♪ I want to fill up your empty space ♪ ♪ I want to give you my entire life ♪ ♪ Now I'll sit you by my side ♪ ♪ In case you stop loving me eventually ♪ - ♪ We should stop ♪ / - ♪ We should stop ♪ - ♪ Wandering ♪ / - ♪ Wandering ♪ - ♪ Let's not look away ♪ / - ♪ Let's not look away ♪ ♪ This is the nest ♪ ♪ Turn on the nest ♪ ♪ Forget about the pains of your past ♪ ♪ Like the passing wind ♪ ♪ You are no longer alone ♪ ♪ You have me and I love you ♪ (You have me!) ♪ You just stay still ♪ ♪ Leave it all to me ♪ ♪ Is this a dream? Is this for real? ♪ ♪ You're in my fantasy ♪ ♪ Is this a dream? Is this for real? ♪ (This hip hop trot is beyond our imagination) ♪ I didn't know what love was until now ♪ ♪ Come into my nest ♪ Come on! Freestyle! Show them! ♪ All these concerns, yo man ♪ ♪ Don't get confused, you know what I mean? ♪ ♪ If you stay still, I'll do everything ♪ ♪ I know you, and you're the one I love ♪ ♪ I chose you, get in my car ♪ ♪ This is your dream car ♪ ♪ Since birth you're my plan ♪ ♪ The placard of love ♪ ♪ Bling, bling, so clean, that's your trust ♪ ♪ Don't just stand there confused ♪ ♪ Forget about your past pains ♪ ♪ Like the passing wind ♪ ♪ You are no longer alone ♪ ♪ You have me and I love you ♪ ♪ You just stay still ♪ ♪ Leave it all to me ♪ ♪ Is this a dream? Is this for real? ♪ ♪ Is this a dream? Is this for real? ♪ ♪ Is this a dream? Is this for real? ♪ ♪ Don't just stand there confused ♪ ♪ I didn't know what love was until now ♪ ♪ Come into my nest ♪ ♪ Come into my nest ♪

Bravo! "Nest." Hyena. 2018. Forever!

Amazing! (He put on an amazing performance) (This hip hop legend still has life in him) (Meanwhile, how is Hyunsik's work coming along?) A sweet song... A sweet song... (Hyunsik is up late at night working) (He listens to something on his phone) (The melody he recorded in the morning!) So you recorded it on your phone.

(Think of something) I always record any melody or theme that I think of. I have hundreds of things recorded on my phone. I try to incorporate those recordings when I'm working at the studio. G. (He plays the chords of his recording) (A sweet melody can be heard) (He gets by the part he was stuck on) (He really draws you in)

(Staring) You're so dreamy when you're working on music.

Okay. Okay! ♪ I have no lyrics ♪ - Oh, this song. / - Yes. ♪ But I just have to sound sweet ♪ ♪ I need lyrics ♪ ♪ I need sweet lyrics ♪ How about you just use those lyrics? "I Need Lyrics." ♪ Something sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet ♪

(The next day in the afternoon) (Hyunsik waits for someone all dressed up)

That's the boyfriend look.

(A girl approaches like a spring breeze) (Everyone's focused) What is this? A date? (The girl approaches Hyunsik) - Hi, Hyunsik. / - Long time no see. Did you eat? Not yet. I'm hungry. (Who is this girl?) How have you been?

Why won't you show us? (Who is this girl?) (Pats his back) Are you allowed to on dates? She's very tall. So you have a girlfriend. No. Is that Changsub? Changsub loves dressing like that. How Changsub expresses himself.

So many delicious looking pastries here. Wow... - Let's eat this. / - What? This. Doesn't that look insane? (Hyunsik can't stop smiling) - You're always asking to meet up. / - Yeah. Oh, matching rings. No...

(Hyunsik goes to get the desserts) (Who is this girl?) (Hani of EXID!) Oh, Hani. (EXID blew up with their hit "Up and Down!") (A clip shot by a fan propelled them to stardom) (Hani is busy preparing a new album) Hello, I'm Hani of EXID. Good to be here. Hyunsik of BTOB is my friend. I'm here because he wanted to meet up. How old were we when we first met? Was that 4 years ago? Or 5? 4 years? When we played games at the LAN cafe? Yeah. Was that the first time we met? Yeah, that's when we met. Sure. You go to the LAN cafe on your birthday. Just the two of you. It sure is nice to see young love. Right. I've known Hani for a long time. We're the same age. We hung out once and have become friends. - Thanks for the food. / - This looks good. What should I try first? I'll serve you some.

Such a polite guy. How are you always so polite?

This is so good! I should be dieting... (Shakes his head) - Don't lose any more weight? / - Yeah. Girls shouldn't be too skinny. They can't even look each other in the eyes! I bet he's really popular with the girls. Why? Because he's so considerate. This two-shot of them is giving me butterflies. - So you're making a song? / - Yeah. That's why I wanted to see you. How'd it turn out? Good? (Sleepy noticed something?) You're going to perform with her? You're going to perform with Hani? Isn't that why you're meeting her? You miss someone after a long time and you're sad. Right, I see. "Someday" is a sad song too. I kept making sad songs. So I want to make a sweet one this time. - Since it's spring and all. / - Right. But it's been a while so... I'm a bit stuck. You're such a sweet guy though. - Really? / - Yeah, you're sweet. Mr. Sweet. "You're such a sweet guy"! She called him a sweet guy! What did she mean by that? Mr. Sweet... Mr. Sweet. I like that. I'm not good at expressing sweetness. No, you're expressing it just fine right now. You're like the dreamy upperclassman. (As soon as they met up) (Hyunsik has been so polite) Wasn't your hair a different color recently. Yeah. I should be dieting... (He's like a sweet upperclassman on campus) Why is he walking like that? What was that? You walked like this? That's so dreamy! Why'd you do that? - Oh, walking backwards. / - Yeah! I'm not sure... I guess I am a bit sweet. I don't lack sweetness. You're supposed to deny it but Hyunsik is like... (He's so shamelessly confident) So I want some advice. Alright. I don't know if I can be of help. I'll try my best. I'm nervous. It's called "When I Hold You." I told you. You're a sweet guy. "When I Hold You?" (What a title) (YDG really likes sweet things) "When I Hold You." Wow...

(They share the earphones as they listen) This is nice. This is like a scene from a movie. Or a drama. - It's something you can relax and listen to. / - Yeah.

It's so sweet. - Really? / - Yeah. The sweetness of a 27-year-old. Yeah? Hey, that was good. I imagined what it would feel like... - Like this? / - In the studio... Klimt did this painting called "The Kiss." I'll look for it. I saw this painting at an art show recently. That pink and lovely moment... I want to express that through music. What a way to hit on a girl. Through a painting. A painting called "The Kiss." It sounds so casual. - The lyrics. / - For the lyrics... I think the lyrics will be a big factor. - I'm a bit embarrassed. / - Oh, stop it. I just jotted down a few ideas.

(He feels nervous) You're so romantic. "My heart dances after touching yours." That's so romantic. And a bit racy. But... This is so abstract. I feel like you haven't dated in a while. I feel like your dating cells have died. - Really? / - Yeah. You said you imagined it while hugging yourself. This is what I'd add. Something direct. Something you feel when you hold someone. Like their heat or scent. If you added something like that. I think girls would like it more. That's good advice. The scent is important. For girls, our hearing is the most sensitive and for men it's their sense of smell. - Really? / - Yeah, I read that somewhere. "I love your scent." Something like that. - My goodness! / - Are they dating? It's not like he said he loves her scent? She's giving very specific advice. The smell from the top of your head...

Or to paint a more specific picture... Even in the painting, the girl has her eyes closed. Oh... She's letting the man support all of her weight. Adding something like that would be good too. I never thought about that aspect. Smell for men... This is a lot of great advice. (How will the song change with Hani's advice?) ♪ It goes on like this ♪ (We can't wait to hear Hyunsik's new song) At this age... You talk about love a lot and get swept up. I can see that through him. After having kids your perspective of love really changes. It seems more heavy than sweet. That's why watching him was like taking a trip back in time. The legendary first-generation rapper. YDG! It's the emotional idol Hyunsik! I'm trying something new. A trot-like sound. Doesn't this suit our song? (What is the trot-like sound he's looking for?) This was made for me. (Preparing for his second prime!) (But he can't help his age) So I guess you've hugged someone recently. (Yikes) (Like this?) (Or like this?) This is perverted. Hyunsik. Are you ready? ♪ When I'm holding you ♪

(Their new songs are done!) (We'll reveal them next episode)

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