Warcraft 3: Kodo Tag - Bloody Speed Kodo's! (Tag Week)

by: oreo8118

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[Music] those good guys back to coat the tag I'm just gonna make this like a tag week I suppose and I'm gonna try a melee hero this time vampire Lords instead of just choosing Naga see bitch all the time or a ranged hero obviously the melee heroes are a lot tougher to use but I'll take that challenge I even played like a game of this before just because I haven't played yeah so I was thinking of just making this like a tag after this game I was thinking of uploading a sheep tag game even though it didn't come out well I'm still gonna upload it because I don't feel like trying that again I just don't like the game I don't like she pack and I just wanted to show it so I want to put in some computers just to help the guy that's distracting them in the middle I think red was the one that wanted to do that [Music] and I'll try just a base get a ton of gold as everybody else distracts because that's what you do in impossible mode on by the way I don't have to right-click the gold mine anymore because I don't go inside of it [Music] so yeah that's interesting it's the only thing I hate about bots though cuz they just move randomly and sometimes they could just lead you anywhere so in a way it is kind of like a challenge not really actually they give so much gold to the guys in the middle [Music] on a base here [Music] should be pretty occupied in the middle so it's not blocked here that's fine for I was I was thinking wait did I block somebody no this is definitely a block so I don't know what you're doing with that they just yeah I thought they just stand in one spot but they don't I do kind of like not want you in my base though like please get out of my base that's good agreed so he's gonna die but he's also gonna lead the kodos up there it's interesting how they always go on the left side - in other words they're always leading the co those towards my side so now there's a chance they go to me yeah we always have to work together in this to win in impossible mode I don't know what I should do this time though should I just build towers again I guess I could do that maybe start building on the left side of the map [Music] actually this is bad that he blocked that so yeah [Music] what is it so they're gonna try to break into my base because this is blocked then he blocks this to destroy us get out of my base pink computers love going to my base cloud maybe they just like Oreos who knows like you're basically bathing the kodos just to come in oh well I could die now I must hunt for me I can't block that though cause Purple's still blocked on that side greetings

so maybe want to shop next that was my plan agreed that was my plan what job done jobs done you thought of that greetings that was my plan what is it no

ouch okay yeah now they're coming in oh there goes my plan

they want to go with me I think I'm just a teleporting fact - unless shouldn't use that word I forgot it's 2018 actually why am I even laughing it's not funny all right I mean you guys could go after me it's not gonna make a difference go ahead try to wreck me I need to destroy us my plan

I must hunt soon agreed you thought of that

almost sounds like you said greed 97 obviously agreed you just want somebody to build won't think the invisible kodos come in yet oh that's a huge loss alright I'm gonna go to the middle that was my plan you thought of that agreed oh this is blah you guys blocked everything that was my plan bring them up to me agreed that was my plan shit okay this is not good what whoa holy crits

wow that was a huge crit Wow holy shit that was a huge crit that was insane

that was my plan although I don't have that many hit points I guess so it's still that was bullshit have to use up 500 gold there I can't even get the speed yet

good because I don't have boots of speed and also I think they're down here agreed you thought of that agreed oh they're not down here okay okay well I guess now I'm gonna run around the whole map all game that was my plan guess that's how this works now I shouldn't have died that's the problem that's the plan agreed agreed they're still going after me too that was Lake speed yep I'd need that badly

all right well now this game just got a little bit harder

that was bleep late I should not even have gotten hit there

Kuchar speed is gonna go a long way though so I'm happy about that

try to get my economy going now that was my plan we thought of that that was my plan the purple dye also I guess he died and left let's lead them away from my towers from my um economy I hate these speedy kodos man a real pain in the ass oh my god I am so fucked that was my plan even with boots of speed I can't do shares my plan that that was my plan well I'm not getting enough gold I think almost positive I hoc keep my hero and but apparently I didn't they're gonna cut me off here when that was my plan that was my plan

I guess it's more fun even just running around

to start building you thought of that

don't feel like I'm always sick like I've always got this cough not even the carpets pain in the ass

don't care much about this guy because I could just outrun him oh I never got the mother warfare training right yeah because I died it was in progress I think

oh it's just me

that was my plan

my plan I was not very good that was my flat

who needs golds green some gold really

that was my plan all I'm doing is just running start making towers here or something

fuck man I hate these guys that was such a pain in the ass and I don't want to be complaining but seriously I hate them they have this ability via the best slows you down as well I didn't realize that the only one alive probably need to get over there like this conscious comes out of nowhere and slows me down Oh

that was I can't even go to the middle you thought of that

it's like a death to me keep that Conaway from me

he's he's slightly burning me I need to go back to my buildings

my class my plan our town is under siege

was my plan

that was my plan it's not too fun I'm I'm not gonna lie this is not not easy

yeah yeah just keep following keep following it's not gonna do anything for the kodos

that girl's good


was Koretz man

that was my plan rather steering a decent job literally just keep kiting this is all you do in this game and you can still win want to waste my man on the plane Cotto



[Music] my god I thought that guy was about to Bobby block me just keep just keep running that's that's gonna be the title of this video just keep running


oh they killed my economy nice

I guess that's when they ran over the meat that's what happened this meat eCos are real pain in the ass slab oh thank you agreed thanks to that code oh right there

we go back in because this cunts here I'm saying the word cunt a lot but I'm a little bit salty right now probably shouldn't even be going up because my mace starts

let's get away from here I need to get my Bulls back


agreed very well that was my plan

nope you guys got to go back around that was my plan this game is ridiculous [Music] yep that was greedy a greedy based I thought was my plan cuz I could get myself trapped

what is it now very well you thought of that so just keep running that's how you play this game that was my plan you thought of that that was my plan that

was my plan his work has been done he's giving me he's giving me the slow which had something better than carrying Swan [Music]

that's the way it really is just the those kodos that's the ones that's slow

what a play by the teleporting you can win by just running around all game agreed ma'am it was my plan yeah follow me don't follow him oh the hoes he just walk out of that shit out of me that was my plan agreed as a koto here isn't there that was my plan that was don't do it don't kill me

fucking hell he always gets too slow all [Music] right I need to reach a safe spot like now that was my plan there's too many speedy kodos [Music]

that was my client of that


yeah what the hell man just keep running and you win all right well I mean it wasn't played very well but I guess it was fun at times it's better to just run around and do shit instead of basing all the time so I want it to base but I didn't really have a chance in this game I felt feels bad when the computers get more score than you unit score I don't know we'll put what that means but okay yeah resource score that's insane how much gold I got all right well GG it was it was fun at least that's all I care about this just if the game was fun then I'll upload in sheep tags case I'm just uploading it because I never played it before and I never showed it on YouTube so there's not really much to show on that though you just I don't know I guess you guys will check it out and see but honestly it's not a good video just it's just you know I'm always honest but yeah GG this one was very fun and I'll be back with more videos so peace

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Just keep running around and you win basically... My team did a good job to at least give me time to get gold at the start, so that I can at least come back after my first and only death. The only challenge to this game mode is not even the teleporting kodo that everyone doesn't like. The kodo with blink is barely even a threat compared to the speedy kodo's which boots of speed won't even matter after they use the "slow" spell on you.
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