LEGO Incredibles: Dash vs Frozone Race!!

by: ChanceAndTyler

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all right hello Tyler school a chance here in Thailand and today we're doing another race on their Lego Incredibles and today we have rose own versus - and - has already beat Lightning McQueen but he could not beat the in credit card so we'll see if he can beat frozen now obviously - his way fashioned and frozen so - is going to take the normal track through the water and all the way around outer municipal and Frozone is basically just gonna go in a straight line to the pier and whoever wins will be the fastest super alive yep are you ready yes yes it I need a snack before we go go [Music] isn't that I feel very slow very very slow [Music] that's the frozen [Music] why is the water fiber yeah

and that's is back on the land that's not good for me [Music] let's go drink [Music]

I think this might be personal [Music] I think I'll win though oh I'm not so sure about that yeah you need another self why I can't stay in the hair

oh my gosh why he keep falling down [Music] now I can't I'm not high enough to get over the building

oh my god you know what this is what what is he doing you see this is glitching out what hax is rigged it's big it's big

maybe fall out of the sky

[Music] oh my god Wow Wow Wow I didn't win I didn't win

and Wow it's there it's pretty close but yeah - was definitely the winner of that one I don't know why I kept falling out of the sky but I don't think that would have made much of a difference I think - would have still won so anyways hope you enjoyed that episode yep - dispassionate Frozone and faster than lightning opinion and if you like this video go ahead and recommend in the comments who you think - should race next other other than that that's all for today's video so make sure you like subscribe and make sure you have notifications on and as always we'll see you guys next time alright bye


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