LPS: Castle Walls (Short Film)

by: Crazy LPS Films

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[Music] catch me ah got you're my little princess man no fair I wasn't ready oh I'm sorry my little princess as an apology I want to give you a gift really yay I love your gift happy birthday Kuno I think that wow this is the prettiest necklace I ever seen oh thanks that your majesty yes your Queen wishes for you to be in the castle in a few more minutes of course I'll be there in a few more minutes and thank you for the information my pleasure my majesty ah do we have to go now yes darling it's a red getting dark I guess you're pretty right [Music]


you're multis have to Oh morning Emma princess Cleo were you thinking about your father yes it's okay I'm just here to tell you that your mother wishes you to wake up but I can see you're already awake yes do me a favor and tell her that in a few minutes I'm going to trim room to have a word with her as you wish they have a moment alone of course your majesty Emma told me you want to talk to me what did you need mother after father died you never let me go outside I've been in these castle walls for 10 years and I'm sick of it princess Cleo we are not going to have this conversation again I know you're doing this to protect me but my life right now is being wasted and I'm sick of it dad always told me that life is about going out having fun having an adventure while he's gone and the reason why he's gone because he always loved the castle walls and right now I feel like my daughter is gone too you're right I am gone because my life is gone too [Music] I am sick and tired of this I am NOT gonna let my entire life be behind stupid castle walls


[Music] you [Music] the highness are you okay piece of Clio princess Clio huh oh no your majesty oh my nature I remember display oh my god this is amazing is that too princess Oh dad we had such great memories here Hey I heard something let's check over there the guards

I found something that bag belonged to the princess she must be near come on let's find her of course


huh where am I morning your majesty oh sorry I didn't mean to scare you who are you madam I am Zach why did you kidnap me I'm sorry you feel that way princess Cleo but I didn't kidnap you I helped you why are you helping me I can tell you run away from home and I know the feeling goes running the way you ran from your family - yes we used to live in the village and during the time when I was younger there were a lot of criminals so they will let me go outside and I never spent time with them and my life was just being wasted so I ran away I ran away from the same reason did your mom used to abused you - what no not at all it's just that we never spend time with each other she was always so busy you know ruling and stuff well my mother mostly didn't want me to go outside so I would do her chores I'm sorry it's okay and you can stay here as long as you want thank you but there's a cat oh god what is it we have to be friends of course we'll be friends thank you so much mommy I bet you can't catch me whoo oh yes I can here I come ha yay got your mommy it's in my little baby so strong mom get off yeah okay okay kick attack I win again I bet you can't catch me whoo oh yes I can wait for me she's grown up so much don't you agree yes very much I'm glad she's happy

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Comment down below if I should do a music video of these. These short film is about a young girl that was a princess. She was out with her dad who is the king same one shot him and latter the mum who is the queen never let her little girl go out side the Castle Walls because of what happened to the king. The princess new why she would not let here go out side but she still followed her dads foot steps and wanted to feel life out side the Castle Walls and found her true LOVE. NOTE DO NOT run away from home if your mum dose not let you go out side on your own cause she loves you thank you XD These short film took me 2 days and 5 hours of editing I know I was supper stressed to do these short film but its done it would help if you give these video a like thank you and stay amazing LOVE YOU ALL
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