Nigeria’s Unemployment Rate Rises To 20.9 Million

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[Music] yeah my people are ideas already given a strong volcania yeah before we start today I'm all given I want bad news since already do mock news and have a good break sorry before Christmas break so today if you're not too funny more nervous because may need to travel oh my friends don't travel on about travel of them yeah out of this pitch man and I'm seeing that dusted this will go please I won't go Kaduna State State nasty tomorrow I need mobility of limbo mobility of travel I think so these are our last Mach news for this year so our resume necie and you area but an obvious for us so my people were shocked we didn't get for regard emo swag one man don't vandalize was smoking sixty years Oh Monica we would quickly get bore you

so you see the women I sloppy before he dies oh sorry about that I no need to translate out it's too hot lies our president knows chart give lawmakers a better composed yourself we will present the budget for 2019 oh boo boo son how you did you are welcome even my last smoke news you see the inside we are not gonna knock you me problogger good delete I say you go treat yourself open air with Christmas alone Dhoni EJ you enjoyed you use British I is British I put yourself up please our brother Igor Russia crow crows don't donate twenty hundred cars get police camera by my trouble Oh Cora Coco Coco Rocha

one pastor come out with Newt I wash my sweater you will see T's we change for you I sweat a little about Nigeria Iran eg gonna swim orient a strategy a 20-watt ibis last year it's Whitaker Shana knock this one gonna knock you Cunha as you be passed over knock you go up now AJ good knock you con Donovan oh not now my country people go straight to the regime to down quick Komatsu dots IV go start to eat my Christmas right my people or Southern Rhodesia give or not a stroke mock news hey I know quicker caucus or a condo or that same place with this Tamra no fee to condo to walk Oh buddy boss dog leash as far as I know get our pumps off leash hey know if you grew inside if agrees that you know said it also a greedy person mm-hmm now mini recopied upon a party invitation but the coconut bug net boo boo a que para one of Africa I broke what did Maggie did another first person to buy Maggie to take cook when you cook you know sweet only one good goodbye to Maggie and put it inside its ooh I know pressure week we are care to name it the animal walk up there and up went marigold give good that may be animal walk up boo booster to do done news I don't it talking here to dnews it to the SS the Saudi Arabic Latif a spasmodic cool Merry Christmas Castle a dog boss for India mojito takeover City the open we know they understand my pronunciation a smoky ham ham ham ham he be able in wearing the same will keep food everywhere over four to five thousand mochi they ruin any a for the country nobody be kidded they eat mochi they show people document malicious report over government access people come over Diaz nobody's doing anything see India Asuna be in those are four hours DVD oh god they're also taking over government buildings watch as they turn the city of New Delhi into their personal playground [Music] they've even taken to the presidential palace it's estimated there are between four and five thousand rhesus macaque monkeys causing havoc in the area government officials have apparently been complaining about them going so far as to tell people not to make eye contact with the animals it's even sad authorities have hired around 40 monkey chasers to help solve the problem but some say the simple step of not providing food to the monkeys could make a difference if you have garbage and food available then you are sending wrong signals to the monkey it's going to think you're um you're keeping food available and this is a problem that gets all only with time ya know who not get along say not be Nigeria and cannot do other than us truly know who never don't miss come on mr. Hoover Hoover 5000 monkey like 5000 burger soup no no pangas we are you mocha chip a gospel in Minami no no no Jericho bang gasps ooh Pam not soup if we use more keep dragon put it to tabulated attack row inside to take puree hey before they go Brigadier a smokey would disappear into a tree go axe where do road mochi even push to not day not at all pack our monkey nice fit desert who not did a duty misbehave for India delivery not equality ammonium even rigged their food then immediately submitted it could even go back people not to cash the monkey claw Indian curry novel bully so known as a be sequel movie to chemo get a shop owner if he goes o burner and we're lead gospel we will shop with the shop dog was in me hell Emilio even if more do you know what you talk an open eyes them down Illyria Dooku which is lizard yoga more at the Walker so God in Oregon you are Kenya yes I was area if our curry crew we walk up or girl frog shut up with it we eat the bus China people monkey monkey Naruto Bush bush ha ha bush meat cynic cynic with a cynic Eliza read articles to you huh hey Mookie seam meets India human Missy you were missing you would need to shove this thing if you weren't looking for somebody to help you to catch them we do have some of our brothers they're given the contract before they go break I'm going to see more not quite walkie I will keep the pursuit yeah I deal with blue Schmidt is no time for now I won't give on a brother's car when I won't give them ibaka or bike a further two they do toxify who buy everything big opportunity own drawn autos mottos that obvious they obtain a buoy bow undersea deadly goes they won't give that wand red cards to people we won't FD a-- brothers if you get money to take tape yourself you can help from 1.7 million to 2 million IRA don't give you the car your own I just repeat 500,000 it will give you the car to register for you the every mod you do balance your balance them on Drita's on the way balance finish the car is heõs hey God and honestly this can people did this country so only people would not do this before the state with Ward 1 fo Lagos Abuja and a portico to pH who leads to restate night uber track safai to the walk so now those of nowaday interested Antonio Bowie Bowie no upon a brother a bday gets calm and if you get your team call the number we de los criminal boota boota it is yeah I know be only this thing that they do if or by any car for boudoir beau Corday they will ship the cocoon dubia for you she back home if you want me to clarify if a costume as a Claro e OT true motors taken for now so a mana or reopen a not b why you not become is coming this is this is true motifs draw our toes mottos the i'll job not to make you drive one of our past oracle isaac him which is bishop Isaac he dalsu can Akashi hmm the table with the very good do people for this country it was strong he look as anybody ought to say a mighty water people wrote to say water holy water say no you want to say sweat agasshi sweaty as in a priest Annette was in a festival my same woman miss your bikinis a great song he says a great somebody anymore to manipulate own and we detonate oakna he's an associate of twenty toss on give it to our mama mama is this yummy body was a yes okay give me C to D to mama so that mama can speak to this song so that is one would be a great person who must never again I say somebody say kibosh somebody say cup of coffee say door finish anonymous in animal start now say I need 20 people for the choice no kimitachi sweat not to touch this way to talk this way times I push her head about Romero organ a acharya Sorina he said touch my sweat and gotta toss your body he say just coma empty or the money where you carry all of this any 20 people or here anna behold you can every 20 you everybody to the rajkumar said he waved for money he will need I swear Nigeria eyes go he said go he said go he said those are known about watch the video make everybody say cabbage it is your member are you remember discharged you know how before the end of this year come my daughter you must look how old is this boy going to two years look for his seat according to his age that he'd be like 2 times 10 is 20 good for 20 times and because of this guy I saw a mark of greatness and they try to cover his glory by the prayer of this ministry refused it they tried and tried and Allah said tell this woman - no do you know the child you are holding he is called a great man great was his name what is great mom the day you are bringing the twenty thousand fast and take it straight to mommy she will pray a commanded dog someone Sheikh Abu now there are 15 20 of you here you're going to do something you will touch my sweat but whatever you are coming you will emptied as a seat on this anointing not everybody not twenty of you whatever you are holding you will drop it and say take by the Charge Card I'm doing this after Kania it's not about the money no no no you will touch my stretchy I will not switch to rise if you are not empty yourself don't come quickly quickly quickly quickly beyond the line touch the sweat no drop it on tour this way empty yourself Thank You Bishop you desert me show me show me they touch your sweat Quoddy Tosh no not Jesus you are not Jesus if you paste with those guys speak for grand Corazon tear up did we I didn't work automatically the miracle walk the instructor but is your own is your sweat sue we don't know anyone to walk now mmm I got it so all these go I Shores go out there somebody could it do the road bitch - you know gonna go shop before cutting with a torch they could he Rob's wait for the Abadi who - man you know what they call Toma is called a thread if any today but did not use that I sweat we taught you or Tamil this is rubbish this is calm now unitary say empty your pockets you are telling them to empty pocket now someone go get money to transport grass now you don't give them new - sofa this is suffering you wanna redeem wish they would do that everything gets more money for pocket not one way you clever do them it's physical and efcc you are dead you just a look there is come this country like that you see the reason why like whites you cannot try this in ubud or boo akka I can walk ro I got car only one ready everybody say kibosh before you come they're not putting forth reason I tell you they do Bush times rubbish the reason I O'Connor's immediate York account within eight in total they do not pass no they do not Hikari so - so so if we're talking a PDA or name thing it's a pretty we are we going in this life what is the owners in to sue so fast indeed every donor de pasto sicko goes into an idiotic now see drop no see job no see job no no Fernandez English we done good tea no no wasn't rich rich bigots una with a drop drop drop drop very soon I can't drop me PR if you're high very soon now go drop tongue I when I were rich go so now toka the god bless the ant way they walk regard a moose wag everybody say caboose somebody say cut oh Sh Nigeria on a Plymouth rich don't increase people in order job you don't move or 17% to talk to twenty twenty percent which is over 20-something million people and the job and everybody is a Cabo everybody they pray we up the big a short you have everything you could use your boo good put boo boo boo boo hey I know ever look o face because if we really when I only I mean we Anna this will not be walk you think they increase what are you fighting you see the fight corruption on people not get job more crime they come and you add a quorum so you are your your order party and I'm with coaching I may get bonus I'll only get the bonus no Rosie I might gonna give up or not hey what are you guys doing people they die if we did not be T no increase unemployment no increase you will be job oh uh please oh yeah oh he was suited to go for a walk walking all day heavy-duty kind with keys like your balcony we synchronize density Bora linear Umar REO you might be gonna be a sooty good day for he's a boss oh do Santi if I did they took a good a doofus like Miku Shui UT never give Yoona Yoona I reckon all right we video footage Roy Oaxaca we know who did it you want to send use me you gonna do your kids like this for me and that's not if this don't get you a day fighting up and away PPP do your job forget pd people to walk walk forget PDP hey put he advise you not to share money any of a market hey shame on your partner and it is a latino increase what are your plans now Jamie planning we woke up la nena devote Anna yeah this is a cup face to die so even this disabled would you quit couple now this copy we're never how many years not to go for years which is really you're not trying to tell people in this war that we don't have money we have money change describe this one are 19 stop this bad habit good student good break no time are you a business owner and once an advertiser product services would you like to get more customers create awareness and ought to my sales you can advertise and be on TV for a minimal fee is Santa get a free promotion on our social media pages this is the cheapest around the book but is perfect and soon hurry while stock last to get started simply send a text via SMS or whatsapp on plus 2 T 3 T 4 0 to 8 9 9 5 2 o call plus two three three three zero three nine six to seven seven five you can also email us on info at Venetian Mediacom be an TV powerhouse of entertainment [Music]



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my people now I come back no time no time we'll go straight to the onions in Oh God white people in the know boo no boo they know go try a to the surprise sauce white you've already coleauxv we'll go to create this water eclipse love to white people not a moody pains this messing with the end they say there you go to do slave trade that you like it so you never got born you Maria boom you get movie doing the Guevara Wow watch the video I was tossed allies for Ospital golf net hospital white people Yaya patient that they play record even a dance plz dance then they will give unto you you what they done so people get stroke yo use only one finger today does it does no pasa give the doctor Toto go to lady break break you go pasar Gede wanna get stroke down maybe gnarly I didn't do





[Music] we play i watch this video to see Cody booty hungry me I say God what was sick mommy - Pony oh sorry oh he can't go to the hospital oh he knows what we had in a good home Lee Bob you know ganymedian oh yeah I'm a human a where 20 you know I know if we talked that before English I know me they suck me unisza nothing I would not do key to any data Poly Pomona you see as life b2c go hungry you I said let me try go make a go our generals between ever worried yeah I behold then they followed the picture then the quarry these are sickness now wow this is your sickness now wow we got you today tomorrow these signals go co-editor do you usually not commit then they all got a woody stretching you just in a spiritual oh sickness when is finish Wow ah ok ATP Joshua you go to be Jewish I work hard I know it only dr. woody advice you again see the Navi treat you not no more talk what is Nigeria Hospital Doh Doh hah Heugh no no more treats people who know what you need treat people life oppa use people today play treat the point again again again one of my guy they're super us tonight you know it's a general key and a key okada money all those look Adam and I do not see you not Kurata we know Sadie country no boku no way cosa three toes ways that we feel you understand yeah God knows we're coming

no good obviously don't that now the vesica was gonna leave a cigar natalier see now we may close now with a minute do that walk their dog cash ward we meet at a fort that estate yeah there's any smoke get a crack over get a 80s Ouma mana cost ape Danny telephone around a standout in a meet anybody make interpreter for now because this thing near you or do you meet a take your work home you work on me in the name of the Lord house another thing this muscle you're a user is this mopey or do it I'm gonna call your do it this I got a bomb on this Gator they abolish this get from 80s chorus 16 they say they would give the gable a your wife knew he wiped the code bites on medicine did terminate the belly like coming at all now that if we get caught his tech people say he ain't doing they didn't do you they de la shmoop people signal I see yes see these people are the followed is do so demand a bore oh yeah not dug a vo they say here we and I thought we say yes now data caught it was okay mu C whatever gave it is one night mr. solo Mon you want tonky solenoid aplenty wife King solo memory people don't big you imitating I would do it be all around 2 a.m. the guy community does turned he look up Ghomeshi mother they do like scenic people they look up now then I could meet again can I call me you know no say the not only wise and it's okay coming to my own continent okay 25 Randy Bona Bona Bona Bona you would do on me Tony a lucky shot don't get I'm gonna Cory's family I gotta go show the people that I did it Ola they call it a music guy the guy said no he say no later eat ice Nando go he did a cantor seen a treat I saw you saying that's a head they say when I went he said to before I know yesterday night 2:00 p.m. he said what he knew deploy inside oh if you do group he goes pillow hot hmm he's a give me a drop engage honesty say drop off his pump oh you know the GoBot in on a we record this video regard you go inside without do you want to come - [Music] yes dude no - oh no - oh no no T before my once you have such like critters off no three two times before then she tell you that time see all vastly put I'm with you do you know all that you did yeah sweetie people pass through a lot of you know guess D people asked like this really so far and if you think he's got community of defense if B we don't know you or you see bola no no no no we knock over the dust it interpret for Naruto when you see Bulawayo Nick bellowing we only kupuna order take a cop it is year-round war he came found the lies deep aquino that's no peeking nah if you don't pick now way is one mariana everywhere door open like s Presley Oh Oh do with it it's a big comeback it's not good because that is if we always win who you're not you can never rule it would we G bro do haha goodies come people's FA go screech why we make that got there Chris who did before yesterday one of my friend eat daggers finish what money you my shot too beaucoup naraku is awaiting the up service we show a woman i want your score 19 that got me no let me go they won't break up with a you died a good on you who carries only way but it's a kaboosh one of us this tower Eric off fo one of Nollywood arteries and a bitch DVDs you need our head this one all of a normo can use funds on I need to have this game this guy be at movie everything before this situation upon Torah because I know I use my own Marty token make only sheet or now with the Apertura raggedy-ass God Muhammad I used every money I have to take care of my stuff so that I can walk again because it was a fracture I had a fracture on my left leg when I came back because I have nobody to do it for me I'm not here to talk about my family background I went to police station Hagi or where he stayed the vision with crutches I met with the deep you the deep you signed an invitation letter join Delhi to come with NS because the guy said that he was on assignment with his own vehicle they never honored that every diction oxidate there is one of them Elysium the guy Shanta lies the leg in leg Anita Blake you leg nabarro do it did you borrow is with it guy German like Chinese bottle the guy sees with the guide to top of the hospital right discharged liver non-native day today treat the lagna not a note if you did do astray no tea no tea and ghetto spam 1.8 million naira for this leg and a D the I am attack away to the salty son happiness with you when ing earlier be wanting more tea djaro you cannot take care of the day so I not come because of this ndle man I just come move for fds get more Drita the ganna EBU gay on my EBU fans those who have no a diverse for me I already know the best for me forget this niche or face my help somebody now it didn't it occur up to dissolve they are born are completely for somebody Madonna to squamous lumina so our made a paper must speak English everybody me the a part Morten is too small a big so everybody anybody watch this video a bacon that mocha news will give you our contact those of know if you fly I'm going near immediate return for hospital way so that we cannot come over the middle hepa Nollywood people they slowly tent has on my reality abnormal 10,000 what is their tourism you see the reservoir they do morton and on the origin any organization tent hours of oleg we break break break in Lake Tahoe so Moab this ours is sturdy enough if we're at a lot of movie a big a typical of Hoonah more a system under tennis who you better improvement if it's the artist you know not to let it happen to you you don't have to continue on go straight to the dam is no time our brother to go a less formal general with five stubby FASTA for my F force maybe this they do they don't boost Eliza is a guy going see famous in the corner day go men ambushed on it is a city G borough other guys they say the more you're doing and a bomber done driver a shuttle they the best we did back they can follow body it cannot pro you till nada no no good one those of you know anova watch this video Rikka day everybody say caboose

while paying his condolences to the family of murdered Alex buddy deputy Senate Majority Leader Paula Ebben nyla could not control his tears as he called for the perpetrators to be arrested as soon as possible seriously and investigate what actually happened what went wrong because it will be a very huge Craddick to comment if it is an adult or not too horrible you know the circumstances that led to this unfortunate incident so my chief of Defense staff Alex body was killed on Tuesday while returning from his farm in Kaffee

any war deal it's a big people I know they shoot any alive foul not in the kaiju Inanna if big me like this which was did go like this guy nobody is safe in this country see this one away to Daytona see with any key lost life why would they kidnap oh so nobody they do something none I don't reach BP people he will be a winner he work here uncle Mario nobody's safe mechag gay he shortened I need to call my friend Lita to ask her if any space didya country make a shocking put because I cannot be embassy tease any Gupta comas iPhone this country every time do you say we remain you go fear you not make passed on that is shopping for money so you will fear news miserable news who are on news night a year he did note if mind they should pass it - he's motion pressing that trailer for for peso to prepare see each other photo burst fire cash people die fire no cash people that was my key she dress she didn't know chaos man arrived cavity we are we going in this country so super bad news during this Christmas period J Rama what is everybody in this country I don't know what I did to Ober I'm sorry I'm talking something they also recipe say I hope you are still okay no no whatever to what I do keep food I said well he dokie for real i before the killer I never which I talked goes to do there's no time our love Mikado come off alone make a little noise make us good econ she's like a CEO Akashi country now me up for money if Lebon is no memory cell I give in do Tony he kebab people in eke about how our share is shining our Japanese EO our president Raiko boo-boos on is he won will present the budget of 2019 guy not in no say this country we did with the wrong lane Alania I'm leaning on I miss I explained me as he presented a comb like this night people started Ebola whoa whoa whoa whoa geo creamy now whoa whoa then the presented people Merkel is a say Baba Sai Baba they complain Missouri School primary promised to save Denali make my food was kindergarten can be noisy meekly DJ when they Lena talk red bits Oh God this country's disgrace those of Noah never watch them everybody said kibosh [Applause]

[Applause] you did yeah Sid we are one low because they didn't make noise they disgrace my personality of you mark movie on door Sona Sona Annika Akashi we go new people at for this culture god we disabled Islamic a say no before born amid waited it do football lady do all these leaders before they wake up a we don't learn all our leaders to China or war club me they all stake more bad news now then any president call they won't give this speech they talk basically this problem and our presidency by comport yourself we are on national TV in woman army those over know about watch the home regard mo squad goodies yeah this country you see people who put for Demi days as sisters I know is they did make death noise whoa say Ababa say Baba so on they say we're gonna DP DP people so PDP visit na da PC people bought a PC PDP all of on I am I wrong una know they try only disgrace this country now which was disgraced the country with your now people know now ready Peabody show bellyful blast wanna go to the shop today if you are not only shop the left didn't understand none even Soraka not ordinary us the other guy move according ideas now if we would be watchful for for for outside every to da noise if you go hua ji ji true blue green one was de rigueur day [Applause]


[Applause] listen that passed way I need to call every body for this lawmaker all of nap Munakata she sweat so that una vida kibosh you disgrace in this country although funa if when a Navi put ona add together to make this country great we are not going in again you PDP you APC on a deform a trade I would he see an 11 on our effort in inside they are not currently an Agora from Sanada fight that I know pass we really soon even a know he behaved like king and when you opposition party alone they could be friend to make shows in the country good everybody could watch it goes Oh Africa country to do particles that is it's a Baba so it is a we will all of una ordeal omeka all over now whoa Oh caboose should you're done using our brother our a record rush across no pasado no nolan whatever it is you're welcome he said his christmas enduring no every nigga fool every be a hmm he say need to equip all the police audience oh that enduring no no goofy optimize people movie take advantage of people who say hey say yeah ain't no good man people no nose in a good man and he can go buy cars of more dreads horrid red and if you take the own red card anyone with a carry-on hundred thousand bees ID kappa little fella who so good man who become dt this your good day so good no no that is my good lady soo hey see how my bass couplet a lot of cheese go up by hundred cars give police good man so last year are many you back they the open call it or did the tea the open harmony you back if you come into the battery dies emo state police could all get because believe me star do good they say you peel a food the culture never moon i okay picasa show me you miss me laughs whoo laughs yay you know me activity culture no no it concretely most it you are welcome you see especially do good Lucifer no no watch the news riggidy Glacia yeah but I don't blame you you didn't use your money the Tucson team you use the most rate money by cars you'd already : pila now you don't buy you don't even use it start shooting but that a state yet what are we using the money for mihika ba police they not get Mitaka he can EG boring lagos police car normal way rock the inside yucca so what do you see do good that's messy not be to our friend bot is titre buying cars give all the police he's a good thing to scenario criticize ER he's already seen to smoke good who knows in a strategy for this one seed okay so Mojo's given the kudos but with my problem why not buy last year too why nobody op i whine nah you want a stronger i mean what a study nigel amok the country with the is or farms the co fans with a disc on change good he plenty he plenty to to god the country some people have a bad road I saw my mama died so no the two dice on family died everything if you miss a Fabio Fannin oh no not that did what every Disney body written on was obviously often confound fool fva even idea of a niche home for this country they said Norfolk can town boo NGO detained Oh plenty she dreadful everywhere they need our help but some of us they used immunity wave on darting not be because they you blessed native daughter straight make you go get deliverance get healings non-gaussian UK Monaco bless past or Street now you take a deliver you tentative in Aqaba if we seen you are going to have forget us where you build forget anything these she dress they need our help those of you on watch the video everybody say kibosh H over 140 million children under the age of 18 in the developing world have lost one or both of the appearance in sub-saharan Africa alone there are 43 million orphans representing more than 12 percent of all children although most often are cared for by family members or communities many of these families live in poverty Nigeria is among the countries in the world with the most orphans these are raised concerns among citizens we show love to this children which what little they can give the also few some form of public assistance must be extended to provide these children with adequate food health care including education and psychosocial support let us but since I'm resting now or everything goes ahead mission boots no money so unless we helped me with my fees and time to be helping the less privileged Monday's detained and live in the same orphanage you have been an accountant some day Ganesha this adds up with his speak way you momaday encourage I'm a goose Kimiko investors or a goofy heap this often need our help it would Jesus Christ a people say when I was sick you visited me when I was in the prison you visited me when I was like this like this let me say clearly before getting so shaft say so Sookie what what you know each other Cola wander study ahead you see some of non-unique alimony oh yes inside shorts do a chose Twiggy you know I did I appease it if you know game mama Papa we know go get family make a yacht do a sample like they bought you for mom please we do you get my mom papa the only oh mama Boni for mom please or the red CJ copy the same popolino copy want a defray mama do not attend defeat that's what is Buddha feature so orphanage is a more obtained this Christmas moves would they love Italy no hard your would lucio everything give them to them support or fans forget was because they let it show up your vanish money they do like this this was witnessed a car and it goes lady shoppin for carrying a good before this often or this often need it anymore you feature in his I take commode trained you understand whom you had a plan to go pick one make a hip new hip orphan all fans there's a fun idea the totem plenty if earlier even miss ellaby offer if you know carry me carry me better person with your panel the no carry me from worry gocarygo village Makara she won't carry me another street all US Australia UK those of no ID Russian Erica bamaca even or we vodka nice very chewy you wanna start Somu hip or the orphan there so everybody fake kibosh hmm are you a business owner and want to advertise your product and services would you like to get more customers creates awareness and all to myself you can advertise and be on TV for a minimal fee you start to get a free promotion on our social media pages this is the cheapest around the guild that is perfect and soon hurry while stock last to get started simply send a text via SMS or whatsapp on plus 2 T 3 T 4 to 8 9 9 5 - Oh call plus two three three three zero three nine six to seven seven five you can also email us on info at be nation Mediacom be an TV powerhouse of entertainment [Music]


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this message goes straight to this controller janilla our nature our custom control our general you are welcome is it you stop away away huh okay your first time for mocha news huh you know welcome this won't be your direct message to you but I hope people with a walk-on died you let go sports or the costume waved a day out of hundred percent eighty i - e if you know you did ago he they did must kill him a kitty he people st. is come from uptown they good pocket pick the good it a commode one of my friend whatever if i they talk to you in a row poker and we call a row where now look mystery tour cause this thing is personal because one of my friends said teens come from uptown good a legal spot in titties you invite is over 6500 you inside the boss way back home bite his laptop wash drinks everything I did recognize you like Italy laptop I can't engineer Grenada there's gotta blast it plays ooh what is your course don't talk to them that he teeth nobody's worried they are mobile with the DHL they fed this hike to he somebody goes cell phone from optin they book basically deferred totally the boss they're talkin SM abilitynet tip they for that side why Africa so weekend people came a Rosa decently in second meruna all the cost of people never give people a dick people sense or the cover-up time only money to take claimed it is 100 increased and dare you people nor is any president no good but cost of all of Ana will not be the same somebody who says what they come from uptown a dopey weary she will go P block again we did a door Nana now a cosa oh yeah when I would be like you know he would be so quickly wound on the oppressors what this country is too much faire des DHL every G even here like Pope who do not think this only finished nobody does a maybe not for a transit transit I've been a transfer to another I know about to travel like that so stop to talk to your custom I say Oh for every VA I do we get eight teeth and it's not good good said oh yeah if you're not trading the line after that if you say will not get much to talk and this only way to let people know they don't if we will tip shape didn't increase the money with you safe things go that's a couple se not not not die this is gonna all save see stronger so MonaVie stop artistic for Africa I know they I don't know how you see the P knows I have friends and family who st. is cover up time and I'm my bass killer oh yeah no I'm gonna check on uh yeah we're gonna keep we come back Tirana no coming when we meet on uh our US ambassador to Nigeria dokkan teddy huge for Samina see me they stop complaining seen as you are you today complaint with a dialogue with the dial you say you can make change you say you can make change but you know no I'm not true true night is my todos oh no no no the man I believe I were called Oh God I don't talk taya maybe you don't have be you don't need it D you could get a five towers or they can keep the Kiki battalions now your I use this from passing with the army if they give Nigeria are you know your scone eyes you've got that day what is always aware I just be them fifty thousand our Boko Haram don't die the people they go bleep walk around commissar they could fund Eliza hungry do you don't repeat any the discharge a surgical eye on me hi Taniya yeah yeah yeah both those over no no watch the video regarding complains that they have bad leadership and as you run I'm sure many of you are saying book for me I'm that good leader you've been looking forward but here's the challenge Nigeria today only raises something like 3% of your economy as revenue to support government in the United States another 3 cups of oil but it's about balanced so 6 or 7 percent total of your economy is raised in revenue all of you when you are elected will soon find out it's not just that someone is stealing the resources of your government and I'm sure that happens and it will be your job to stop it but it's that your government does not have the resources that it means together or to provide all the services that people expect this is a hard reality the challenge is finding out how can you in your life as a Nigerian and in your lives as the class of 2019 Ganesha you see his own assistance or ta zu 90 feet did we did speak you know say the conjugations so ladies and gentlemen on behalf of Nigeria I present to you Nigeria embassy in u.s. record a ladies and gentlemen I am really justice silvano Satya and so for the ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the United States of America the honor of serving as a representative of the Nigerian government in the United States is a privilege of service that I hold very dearly service typical of Nigeria is a Coniston of my career I'm delighted to announce that the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the United States of America would host the u.s. Nigeria Investment Summit ornacia guests I mean he is it almost 83 years if we only need a redone from book you don't mean if you read them from you know why all these people feed a disc a position you'd suppose do you know why I don't blame they say they take them oh you know why because you do you'd you are not a tea if they give on a five thousand two thousand of misbehavior I think oh I think we can take this country to another level no boo Erica and duals each vari car does it who are you can toss it I'm telling you whoever worried you feel good news Sunday Monday to be seen idea you take they didn't analyze polity saying you goofy they know everybody named Rosa Rocky Sarika was the lightest life is like it then we pass or a kid named then we causing him the niche draining from there as I know didn't Dino Malay is a political star you understand so what Dino malaria is doing PDP is pushing him so that I can be disturbing de bourree administration so that from there they would be focusing on Gino Malaya then I think you will not articulated if they give you strategy and you got a visa nicely then with a deal you are wasting your time go I look for a job go look for job you understand we do you to stop to the tip money you can do it see which I chose form NATO the buzu every country not is it pattern I read my news Poorna read my news naturals God if you know start something you know no person no goofy help you a lot of people make I read news for this TV station a majority say late because I want for for the wrong can we do you to wake up nobody to say this or not get experience through this all not get experience it does make everybody get a spear and nobody the boutique for this country nobody they could take there is not like experience knowledge and wisdom everybody mean what is experience they were experience see because this thin air the government a little this country you go finish school as doctor all Monty there is a very gotta get espresso more take me to get experience for you to Karthik me when I only ask questions save mm we have you work yeah have you work whoa Toby don't like the English a when I stopped on and I'm not reading this new stretch like that I won't get it on one side you I work on a 9-0 basado to us huh this one I get bad character for that Washington DC unison are the open now Oh close intense 955 935 sometimes ten o clock no no to open and either a talk to your walkers dead wooden use P put it miss be a double insult people India Nigeria flag now for Armenian most now before Kri Kri bridge ie in women with a dog bone high-five she-dre and so they did bad dog who everybody flag the up not in Hoonah feeding today he they talk and people would do past got one more to two months before they will get you a passport back it's not good you need to day active we know tell you Semak at 83 as my code Diaz episode or do your job a non troppo era middle remove you owe me now weeding you to V D RT before you've ahmadi day so talk to your people dose of an oval watch the video we are our flag till terrorists like this so talk to your people with a change Kurata and so curtain like save mostly D our embassy light light off I get a video chuan so you'll forgive this one say a name on it away homina Nigeria or Colorado can occur not disgrace us with airport Oh God nerado get airport Oh new airport Abuja Bali goes Abuja I see but I was so a mr. ISIL Oh Danielle's gonna love us anymore no no no never you cannot love us anymore all right we'd all get new reports probably I defy you see we need to do something we gave up on okay a line so I don't know we didn't wanted a carry people for their elegance MOTU Teta fly now no can go get those of you never watch the video like a day a new airport hey Horace yeah dog airport but the major airport when I try to use one and all Dwan and president commission likasu Scott that effort not boom bah I rather oh god if you pass the airport eucharistic agreed okay good lord Oh Nicky and if you go long on the bus working here who Katie 2027 Airport not boom I'm gonna walk out there with a gun a gun funny and funny a report of us a short time important ah no no beside lead over here Eddie do short time it is not good Jose hey that time will jubilee this our area and I hope you understand jokingly model it would be any in sharing nosy does this we did too short now do you still wanna youngest or anything establish noticed I'm in Egypt boom so do legal support WOM we would do this one so we are PC when I die when I wanna collage not a drama so father is do so what do some tea for us as already to the airport get life we don't hire to the enter people wait our nav guna while moving a picture of our teens most likely private body Runa will rebound our conscience salty not do chiku you so I don't tell you what go straight to the line is no no tell so my people die out they stop no time again I'm going Christmas with my people if you want to invite me to your place I want to call so no any mock news this year anymore I would resume genuine I don't win for January but I'll keep on I posted our city do life the follow Nadi talk so January I'm coming with my team and we change a lot of teas we will change a lot of so that Anna a feeding time to do people so from January going we didn't interview people so if you want join the interview you want more interview a bio job a barn and jacket it good or about I or country would take good Uganda Kenya came a row anybody please come on board so that we make Africa great a game go we go anyway what I we touched nine just nice little Shona you would a CD so fast and easy so Bernadette you're given a small gray Cindy Hsu people they don't like they don't lie even we now so text was indeed in I say we are not from Nigeria anymore they take on our country because some of who now face was travel do not confer so stick I say us alone yes a long use our anonymity tick because in our country it's okay Nonaka is our nifty tick now we don't travel now boys are unlimited that's already tick and so Mona knows it we see cash on I will not contribute it was corny so now we need to make Africa grits again so everybody from next yeah do video and it will you see for your community for your country you know like do the video ever even or your face just put in voice show this aunty send her to me then we come for those people when they do that it then I will stop we need to disgrace our leaders for us to move forward if we're not disgrace the no good news a with ready we need to wake up with you to wake up move make our country Buddha game see outside country did Olivia life some of us like us a the team is peaceful will go work lady but not in general every time talks like this ladies now we pay the every t credit credit credit credit so my people Christmas Norrish and all of una nah sorry big an ammonite my people know I'm sorry beg this Christmas period una suppose I sorta give me way nobody would - me clothes nobody - me anything muchas de una una say me salty for this Christmas at all not one I wish market hey so I know if you climb not for dietary talking to me with all climb up then you could he shot you know understand so my people I have ot stop her I know who'd already talking I mean opinion upon our money I'm gonna hammer about Napa gonna be breaking on one of Africa if not my mind she Nanami my god the people sign


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