The Circle of Life - Rust

by: AquaFPS

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oh yeah did the pumpkin patch videos are out I know I saw it was great yeah like it was so much fun editing yeah [Music] oh nice I like the size of this to do it's like I don't know [Music] while live in a poor kid my life I'm finding all this all this light stuff here my two Spears clothing wet suit whoa Pulver in the fuck money boyfriend up close what dude what a start oh my god I just killed the guy with the gun

what [Music] where are you [Music] bottom-right s19 I'm coming to you [Music] m18 [Music] dude there's an open bait wait a minute there's an open base here with a workbench already [Music] what the fuck is going on here I'm gonna take this cool Buki quick start yeah epic start guys here with bows do you have it sealed like you have a door and stuff yeah

[Music] oh yeah that's right oh wait I see it I just killed a brother guy I'm right behind you my torch is lit here oh thank you sorry sorry sorry sorry okay

Oh II said I killed him shit give a bow yeah yeah and you're ready wanna bow yeah there's one on this guy got it I'll heat a little bit of stuff from living okay where is he there's a guy to the left as well careful oh right should we go inside let's go inside let's go inside the base of this guy guy with revolver okay let's go let me know when you're outside okay all right oh I'm coming in open up open up open up back fuck it jump yeah close close yeah do you have enough wood for a make I'm making a couple boxes right now but yeah actually I think we might have just enough yep oh it's so low they're gonna be able to break through

I can't I can't talk to him but do you want to talk about when when they when they're hitting open it alright whenever you ready I I can I can hop out if you want okay let me up I'm dead are there yeah starting again killed one what's the health that was a quick rise and a quick demise

[Applause] hello should we just continue to live there and fuck with those guys they're not very good better steal this base back if I can I have the couple of crafting yeah I have the threshold so that like it doesn't pick up oh maybe that's why yeah that's just so classic to be a little I [Music] need to pick the right moment bike so that I have enough time to do it

[Music] fucking wounded if I stand up oof oof come on Gary help me out buddy I don't know your brother out Gary fuck no I died oh he stood up what a mother this is what I get thanks a lot Gary I'm here at the base is me oh hey oh hey well here we are again I'm not moving cuz those idiots who wanted to flame rate us that we're gonna stay here forever and torment them forever all wipe are you put balls I'm ready hangar doors opening [Music] double headshot in common that completely mess

[Music] what the hell is going on this is so weird there's a vogue I buy the other base here make sure he's dead guy with a gun here hit him doors open that shot at me step nice

okay putting on his clothes oh my what there's a double-barrel right here I can't get it this is the stupid bodies I'm gonna chop them up shot it Oh rat suit guy here I'm not full we should leave we should leave let's go oh god I'm hit hit him twice he's down nice Oh Brad suit guy give him the business I'm gonna do his fucking laundry right now yes your Voki just recession is that what hit him

oh it's burning know what you throw that for what are you dumb what are you doing what the hell can we pick it up I don't want to get close to it Buki oh dear yeah that's of mine and I'm using a device only two of us his name is verb 1 if the other one I mean oh I mean Jack stone for the bass [Music]

I can't get right under these munitions I didn't realize you had this much stone oh yeah [Music] was amazing more fuel on earth

Oh what do you have a lot should we engage let's take a look here I got some binoculars hold on one minute let me just survey this situation okay we've got a guy with a crossbow and a water pipe on his back okay get themselves all tuckered out there are a lot of dead bodies there's a flame raid going on oh no it's a flame turret I see there's two that are alive but one just died let's push up a little bit get one big guy finish one

you also got the Sun in our eyes and it's not too bad but this you hide [Music] yeah with a sword I don't loan get first no such guy [Music] here let's put move towards to kill one alright okay let's move towards where we just shoot and kill see guys kill them both okay but some do that because I think that's where the loot is I don't think they ever looted that watch out for the flame turret yeah I want to loop this guy that I killed there's a guy in this space norelli here instead okay I don't know it's the flame turret oh no oh oh no oh no wait you're dead I know no sleep let's leave I got like 50 bazillion bows okay I like how like once we just set our put our foot down here the other group just kind of folded I know I wish they were still around yeah I wanted to like mess with them forever and ever and ever

it was a bone arrow yeah oh oh yeah I was like I was like like that consistency though there was like a moment of Zen I was like I'm about just talk was about to shoot me where are you coming in from the road I think I'm right next to you jump yeah yeah nice naked saluting Oh another guy oh this guy had nice armor oh yeah here you loo take it this double barrel if you want okay

I love that sign right oh yeah we help out the group that just got down let's not fire here you're real close that's their base to that thing once pushing is once per thing you've killed them oh I got tagged hit another okay down one nice aqua Opie though he's running Oh two more guys

he's down but there's two more guys coming yeah oh he's dead I'm gonna get you in a second okay [Music] guy by the tree okay I'm dead get back if you can I'm just gonna stay here and feel up head shot a bull get on that okay nice thank you I see another guy watch out where where where which room to you do you have wolf hat on I just just I'm jumping I'm jumping okay he's over here [Music] hit him hit him I'm full dead but if I hit him twice he's out his eyes out nice Oh what does he have just stole I am very close I'm coming back okay I'm leaving just get back to that fights no like I got like six doors metal doors what door is that this guy was like stupid

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