Emmerdale - Bob Hope & Zak Dingle Punches Paddy Kirk (27th April 2005)

by: SilentKiller55

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why have you gone and done you stupid cow listen there's no need for that just stand on it

pack it in thanks for that box how could you you cheap trollop just because you can't keep all of your husband doesn't mean you can go and try and steal someone else's go on here you're the vector you disgust me trying to ground myself everybody just calm down let's move along there's nothing to see you yo did you think you were doing night I mean I know I was joking when I warned you about hurting Emily but they say Scots in off and my mother you disgust me

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Bob Hope drops Paddy with a good punch and then classic Zak helps Paddy up and punches him back down again, a pretty funny scene :) Episode Aired 27/04/05 Share This Video https://youtu.be/__lBSM3hF9Y

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