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hello everyone this is Lola from Afro ports lock dot-com today I'm going to be showing you how to make a super soft sausage bread rolls these sausage bread rolls are very easy to put together and they are best eaten as breakfast dinner or even snacks so let's get started with the list of ingredients used in this recipe we are going to be using a little bit of salt some yeast sugar melted butter 1 egg some warm milk bread flour which you can actually replace with all-purpose flour and about 10 sausage links so the first thing I'm going to do is to prove the East and in this small bowl I'm going to be adding the yeast and the sugar together with the warm milk I'll be mixing this together right now and I'm going to be leaving it for about two to five minutes until the yeast is well activated so while the yeast is been proofed I'm going to be mixing together my dry ingredients in a large bowl I'm going to be add in my flour salt and sugar mix this together and set it aside so let's check how our yeast if it's well proved as you can see the form formed on top of this mixture proves that the yeast is active so we can now add this to our dry ingredients so that I'm going to be adding the melted butter and the egg now use a spoon to mix this together until the wet ingredients is totally absorbed by the dry ingredients once that is done it's now time to use our hand to mix everything until a soft dough is formed now this soft dough is formed and the next thing to do is just to turn this into a well floured work surface and I'm going to be needing this dough until it becomes very smooth and elastic and this should take about seven to ten minutes for this quantity of dough if you decide to double this recipe then you may need a little more time let's about ten to twelve minutes or thereabouts so I've been needing this dough for about nine to ten minutes now and as you can see it's very smooth and is elastic when you pull it it takes quite a long time before it squats into - and that is exactly what we want so the next thing I'm going to be doing is to transfer this into a large bowl and I'm going to be rubbing the dough with some melted butter you can actually use any cooking oil for this it works just as well and the reason why we are doing this is just to prevent the dough from sticking all around the ball once it has risen I'm going to cover this up right now and I'll be leaving it to rise for about one hour or until it's doubled or almost tripled in size so while the dough is resting I'm going to be cooking my sausage links for a little bit and the reason why I do this is just to ensure that we don't end up with omits that is not fully cooked now the links are ready I just left them to steam in hot water for about seven minutes and now I'm going to remove it and set it aside to cool before I put them in my do so due to has been proofing for about an hour now but before I open it I'm going to be preparing my baking tray I'll be brushing this with some butter make sure you touch all the edges of the pan and once that is done I'm going to be sprinkling in generous amounts of flour on top of this butter and this is going to prevent our bread from sticking to the pan once it's done now take the pan and turn it around in such a way that the flour inside the pan can be evenly spread all over the pan and you can just get rid of the excess flour if there's any once that is done just set it aside it's now time to check our dough and as you can see it's risen up to about two to two and a half of its original size the next thing I'm going to do at this point is just to punch down the dough to remove any excess trapped air at this point I'm going to be transferring this to my work surface I'm just going to sprinkle the work surface with a little bit of flour so that the dough will not stick to the work surface the next thing to do is to divide this dough into ten equal parts it doesn't necessarily have to be perfect but try as much as possible to just make it as equal as you can now take each piece of the cutouts dough and begin to roll them out into a slightly thick long group so the next thing I'm going to do at this point is to roll the dough around the sausage pick them one by one and repeat the same process over and over again until you are done with all the dough and as you can see I left some spaces at both ends I intentionally did that because the dough is still going to rise one more time and when it rises it's going to occupy more of the space so let's do this one more time roll the dough out wrap it around the sausage leaving out some spaces at both ends and that is it so now I'm just going to be arranging all this inside my prepared pan then kovai top and leave it again to proof for a second time for about thirty minutes in a warm place this dough has been proofing again for about 30 minutes and it's now time to bake them but before I do I'm going to be brushing this with some egg wash and my egg wash is simply one cracked egg together with a tablespoon of water and I whisked it together at this point I'm going to be taking this to a 350 degrees preheated oven and I'll be leaving its to bake for about 12 minutes or till it's golden brown and well cooked on the inside it's now time to take it out from the oven yeah our sausage bread rule is ready as you can see it's really easy to put together while these rules are still hot I'm just going to be rubbing some butter all over ice and this is great to soften the crust for me and it's good to make it shiny I'm going to open it up so you can see what it looks like on the inside so that is it as you can see it is really really soft and I'm pretty sure you're going to enjoy this when you give it a try thank you all for joining me again today if you like this recipe don't forget to leave a thumbs up for me and now also appreciates your comments and your feedback on this recipe the detailed ingredients for today's recipe can be found at Afro potluck dot-com until next time I'll talk to you shortly

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