The BBC Grand National 1965 - Jay Trump

by: chatham43

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and there are just a little bit slowly away but he's alright and as they're run down towards the milling road it's pieced on Valtrex and Cullen house and people on the inside bran DOM and over on the far side with dark Venetian its peace town the lead on are from people on the inside as we join our country cameras and see people on the inside of feast on these two days vide tourner brand Armin Freddie's right up there with them Colinas adjust environment models born as they come up to the first over to Bob Haynes and the rip is well blazed up on the outside this first one is a plain fence piece Tom Freddie the rim volcano Ponton girl Ned smart all well there and I can't yes there's one Paula which is a Allah a all of the winner two years ago has fallen at the first there half a second and over it and it's feeble in the lead on the inside its people from Ned Samar then comes groomsman then piece ton fridge cottage Freddie and brown diamond as they job the first over dish that spins number three and on towards pinch number four no fall is at that one aren't offense over for with feeble in the lead and as they jump fence them before over two feet up on Teague Evans with people in the lead animals people on the inside still the leader after the fourth fence I guess he needs more the light colors the center wherever on the outside there is rainbow baffle game well and also lumber and I coming like this next film tu-144 beaches and it was beast beast tired and people together was pretty on the inside and cut did also up there the rip on the extreme outside the feel they heading out toward beaten for the first time these six steps and it's still dark Phoenicians and peacetime Freddie at people they come out to be just now and even darker have just Anita there add the fall away hitting by the cry for certainly assist alarm is gone just allowed to fall out try get the rest boiled milk robic also disappeared and Ruby glare now the fence after the water with on the inside people the meet up peacetime the noseband a second are padishah third very going easily fourth lumber up it leaves in six repair no sir from the RIP is in Dane County American jato foot night reverb Apple temp and then comes from diamonds are the canal turf people on the inside of the our periodontal brilliantly on the inside of people from ferry a piece on third and a great job there on the part of ferry will right up to just fuel second and third place and Colleen star have been pulled up at Valentine's it was people who still regains the lead from penny we start is third the stripes are long around the outside it for the white cap a convener still then card on the inside to be mothers a trip were sick dog leash yourself DZ is next are the fence after palletized peace tired and the center feeble on the inside Jane time to take that to world I police it is a faller and it's a peacetime that those bad on the outside of people then confetti in there bit longer this time for the outside right up there with them now this next dancer dipped and with peace tired for comprehend then comes ferry on the inside whose third people right up there can be no the rip and also I can see James Harper easy now this next plane fence and it's still peacetime the scepter of people opera VCR ahead of J Trump Fred here right up there with the leader they're coming out toward the anchor bridge crossing guard is the DES band if we start at the center on the inside in feeble then the cops on the outside Don para and as they cut back onto the race course I hand you over to the grandstand people just the leader from peace town towards the outside then comes long para then tracking them going very smoothly as Cuttino Freddie on the rip to both the outside then leads it in comes J Trump just in behind bay trumpet robbers Ponton goin in comes Ron data behind Ron data there's Coleen house and coming up two wards the next our rainbow battle is right with them people on the inside runs across the fence there and he's brought down people people has gone they're brought down people and coming up the next one debtor makes a lot of ground towards the outside it looks as though Ron Dead is gonna jump this right up on the leaders as they come to the next B StarD wrong detto long para Ron deado jumped it just ahead of Beast on then long para and then the riff behind the rivers Kapena then comes Freddy behind Freddy is lead Z then the gray loving record from Colleen housed NJ Trump's and brand Armond then behind brand arm and his pal tricks then boberry coming to the next and it's Rhonda Irwin piece time together Rhonda from T star comes Longborough then Freddy then Kapena then leads it in the rip to waters down sides and Ponton go then loving record then Coleen house and then comes Jade Trump and fell tracks coming to the water now with Rhonda the leader from feast on Rhonda from P stock Freddy Johnson third l'Opera is for Fitness Kapinos 6 is the RIP 7 is Lee ta despawning go 9 his loving record kin this Colleen house 11 Bellatrix 12 is J Trump then comes both very just in behind him with brand Armond running down towards the first fence out in the country now with feast on and Ron dental disputing it ahead of lomper Oh Freddy Cappy no leads he behind Lindsay as we join our country camera this pond in go then comes the RIP towards the outside and as they crossed the milling road now it's peacetime and Rhonda no disputing it ahead of Freddy La Mirada wants the outside leads it for Tina was pond ago just in behind them Coleen house and over on the far side it's Kapena and dirt above Haines and they can't offend 17 Rhonda too long for a piece down on the inside that comes Freddy on defense number 18 and peace town lomper uh Pete then ROM detto on the outside and a very well Ron ditto and peace town the two leaders from fede on the inner then Ponte girls Mason good head weirdly to fill their lomper well up their capito goes behind them so his punted go coming to the open ditch and it's wrong there to in the lead frumpy style on for her then comes Freddy Ponton go Cappy no then the rip then comes Coleen house and they come to the defense to befall features for the second time and it's Rhonda to in the lead from non put a piece town of Ponton go back to Peter Montague happens ad is to Rhonda in the center the outside the stripes of love prayer the inside is P star pity just behind the capito the white cap or the outside the fence star before P beaches and is still Ron data from the third mound and feast on fede is the Pottinger going well on the inside Baltic stop making much hit at the moment heading towards beaches McCoy this can't be the last time to see horses racing for beaches and his Ramdev here the quarter colors of the leaves the stripes of l'Opera the white cap the outside of Kapena nose band and P star they cut font occurs you'll get where the other side just in front of Freddy and the leading group of over beaten politics very bad mistakes and also to Kali - photography and Campinas are polar and beated they come knives offense after beaters and is Ron deer tail with a loose horse the leaves of Ron Tito in the lead priest on his second la brother type third party goes for Freddy a fifth leg has a gap to jail for six then Baltics and also the rip were several Canadian Killeen house and come to us at the canal tonight is Ron dear to the leader being one if I lose horse they'll get on the inside Ron Denton from feast on haunting ghost Nick unfairly in l'Opera and 20 go to father J Trump's up behind the leaders they come the rim and Baltics getting large Wars Valentine's and Rhonda toe for links to leave Freddy in second place J talk design surface from there to a great job they're in the lead Freddy J Travis the piece on fourth Laura losing ground his field they can terrific Patrick's now playing fair Ramdev the leader ready moving up on the inside of the rights we don't want them to be a second J Trump just behind us together with be silent good job they're ready Enron debt is gone gone debtors are fallen he pretty the need there got the dark cabbage a try for a second on the outside and peace tylenol a group together come Tom P reproductions of all tricks and walls and rainbow battle now the last the ditches both fell from home we started piling on the outside is Freddie I'm J Trump these two leaders for our peace on and close up in third place their reproduction rainbow path or out also the rim tummy to this last fence eyes on the country care and it's pretty on the inside from James Hart the to between those dual paint off the light-colored the dark gap way over on the outside with be stars in country and we're bound for and the rib trying to get on terms they're racing up towards the anchor bridge crossing now and on the right it Freddie who was the leader from a J Trump on his port side of his outside and they're coming up there towards the crossing and it spread here from J Trump he started around his head over to the bandstand and in Scotland from America with England third at the moment it's Freddy for Scotland on the inside of J Trump for America and these two are somewhere ahead of the towering P star with rainbow rattle rainbow Apple trying to get onto them ball tricks is making ground and slows mr. Jones coming to the second last fence now and it's J Trump and Freddie who have it between them if they both stand up this is the second law spent on a 65 national it's Freddie and


[Music] [Applause]


ready and ii was giving up a from tech macaron - coming up into third is Christopher Collins on his reasons by mr. Jones

twice a winner of the Maryland Hunt Cup in America before coming over to England J Trump won the 1965 grand national at 106 Freddy the favorite second of 72 mr. Jones third at 50 to 1 a rainbow battle fourth also at 50 to one American at Tommie Smith became the first amateur to win the grand national since 1946 and thread winter the trainer in his first season in the job having won the race twice as a jockey won it in his first

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....Jay Trump..ridden by American Tommy Smith and trained by the great Fred Winter wins the first of the "last" nationals....47 ran.....
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