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by: Tom Payne

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healthy body um welcome to an episode of scratchcards from the national lottery so today I've got a big variety of scratch cards for you today and they include a five-pound full of five hundreds a three pound super sevens three pound jewel bingo a two pound cash pyramid an instant 100 lucky stars a two hundred fifty thousand a triple lucky sevens and an instant lotto I think that's 22 pounds worth of scratch cards a corn even remember 3 5 X 11 13 15 17 19 21 22 pounds worth of scratch cards let's see if a variety of scratch cards can bring me some luck today let's have a look we'll start off with instant instant Lots out let's take a look Roy then winning number is number C double pound sign wins the prize automatically well we got a number six so we've got a win that's a good start

how much is our number six worth a fiver noisy starts look at that number six and number six five payments noise starts Wow's us there you go Roy then lets out that look continues as we head on to the to you paint scratch cards what should we do first uh we will do a cash pyramid first then we'll do lucky stars then instead of one hundreds and triple lucky sevens sortied unsorted right then winning numbers on this ah 1517 right 15 16 and 17 times 2 will win double the prize you know think on that one I didn't think it would you know being as those three numbers Kumail Kyla yeah I've seen that scenario before and never seems to win anyway nothing on that one right look east or us find across fingers in the bonus box to win the prize and it's a silver bar three identical symbols in a row to win the prize according to the prize table

do you know dear some close shaves there but no three symbols in a row so nothing on that more than an instant 100 so look at this lightning strike nope toiling to call symbols in a row two doubles will win double the prize

nope looking combat going down a little bit too you know boy then on to triple lucky sevens let's take a look at this about a filets on one of these very nice II was throw and three sevens in a row to win find a clover which would be nice for a tenner could triple the price as well nope nothing L know look at that seven seven six for the jackpot but nothing combats roy going on to the last of the two pounders 250000 canít do anything cord zero zero let's find out

any diamonds nothing there yes there's a diamond just the single diamond cord zero zero zero how much is our diamond worth another forever very nice not bad at all at least you got a tenable a girl diamond win-win-win five pounds we let on to the three pounders next right then jewel bingo crossed fingers symbol in the bonus box in the bonus game to win the prize let's see if we can find it nope it's a coin noise I've had it before for a tenner let's see if we can win anything at all from 20 pounds the other day on one of these with a column going down with a gem very nice 66-59

52 48 26

47 1473 64 41 number 30 60 to 75 for three pounds 74 comes out and there 75 as well straight after so he got a three pan win there let's double-check that number 14 number 30 40 159 and 75 there you go let's hope we can get another row here so we can get another three quid

3731 number 12 24 40

and 27 okie-dokie looks like it's just a three pan we know this one but it's better than nothing so there you go we got 13 pounds back out of 22 pounds so far there you go three pounds at least I'm getting something back super sevens next let's take a look 34 32


47:16 need 45 number six parity is 45 not bad not bad for one of these scratch cards to get a win like within seven numbers or look at that number seven seven numbers a seventh number we get a winner and it's on get on game number seven as well how about that and it's a seventh chord Oh interesting he's probably any be 3po now saying that so we got sixteen thirty-two thirty-four and forty-five a win on game number seven seventeen is the next number will we get any more 46 three times fifty-five need 24 now number nine

25 comes out 30 number 11 42 number 10 31 there's 31 completes that seven there

[Music] number three so we want number 15 number 24 42 or 1124 yes boy yes and number 11 noise noise noise noise noise noise right I've got a dual check these for winning sevens no I think that guarantees us a profit for this episode P soften kick does soften kick does that's good I'm happy alright number 20 24 is there 46 is there and 55 is there number 6 number 9 number 10 and 31 afforded on that one 16 32 34 and 45 eleven seventeen thirty and forty seven four winners how much well he's gonna be there or can you win probably one of you fibers I hope will be noise for tenors I'd be nice for more but let's have a look to do five five five and five twenty quid yes nice I like it I like it I mean some look at the minutes brilliant stuff that takes us to 30 33 pounds so definitely in profit today very nice look at that for a 20 paying win very nice well then last card it's a full of five hundreds let's that we can get a winner even if it's a fiver I'm not going to be that greedy winning numbers are number four 36 37 20 and 21 money bag wins the prize double pain so I double the prize Dimond wins all 15 prizes which would be very nice 3121 nope before I Eve 25 29 27:19 30 2017 32 18 and 35 doesn't not like that so we are

nope however out of 22 pounds of random scratch cards today I got back 20 25 30

33 pounds I am 11 pounds up happy days wowzers very nice and lucky staying with me towards the end of 2018 Thanks so so much for watching don't forget to give this video a like they are very much appreciated as ever don't forget to subscribe because when we get to five days and subscribers is going to be a full pack equivalent you've only got 300 subscribers to go before we reach that milestone of 5000 subscribers thanks so much to everybody that subscribed to me it really is much appreciated and to reward you for being loyal subscribers I'm going to be doing a full pack equivalent of a particular scratch card when we get to 5000 subscribers so get subscribing if you haven't done so already and comment I love your comments so yes I will reply to them it does take me time but I do always eventually reply to the majority of my comments so yes please be patient if you do comment I will get back here eventually right then yeah that's it thanks so much for watching and I'll see you again very very soon where hopefully the look will stay with me loads of fives today fives

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