Wicked Cheat Day #6 | Easter Weekend (9000 calories)

by: Nick Dompierre

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[Music] you guys want to say hello to the channel so yeah these are the employees down here at five-o donut just want to thank them for the amazing donuts thank you to Happy Easter


what's up guys welcome to another cheat day super excited why because it's cheat day and I have tons of donuts in front of me that I'm so excited to show you guys unfortunately today I'm just doing this cheat day solo but you know what that's not gonna stop me from enjoying tons and tons of great food so let me show you guys what I got so here we have some delicious donuts from five-o donut so we have an Easter themed one which is like strawberry frosting some eggs this one is called like a John stick or something inside it's cream filled with vanilla cream over here we have a Cadbury eggs so I believe there is a Cadbury egg inside here then we have the delicious cronut super amazing then over here we have like an Oreo themed donut with just Oreo sprinkles and vanilla cream then in here we have a Reese's egg filled so we get a lot of deliciousness here so let's go ahead and start eating all right guys I'm not sure which one to start with but like every cheat day I think I'm just gonna start with the krona because it is super amazing really really tasty oh my gosh it's so soft so sweet so delicious ohh ohh first off I want to say Happy Easter to everybody I know this video is probably gonna come out after Easter but today's Saturday tomorrow is Easter so happy Easter to everybody hope you guys enjoyed a great time with your family friends whoever you spending it with mmm I don't stir crazy okay guys next let's go with this massive I think it's called the John stick or whatever but it has like vanilla cream filling let's go ahead and try it out and let me know if you guys are sick of seeing me eat donuts huh I personally love starting out cheat days with donuts because that is absolutely my favorite thing to eat on the cheat days so what better way to start a cheat day with some delicious donuts oh um yeah sorry man it's a lot of sugar alright alright alright next what shall I go with maybe go with this bad boy let's do it alright here we go we got Oreos we got sprinkles we got cream I know how to bite into this thing

as well as sprinkles this strawberry cream there's vanilla cream and there's Oreos oh and a candle I don't think it's edible no it's not okay okay moving right along I'm gonna switch things up a bit look is that like variety so here we're gonna do a Reese's filled donut so inside here Reese's mmm there's a Reese's egg inside Dale much Barry very peanut buttery but very good the serious chunk of peanut butter there we go too long and stuff yeah we're gonna go with this Easter themed especially like a strawberry frosted with strawberry frosted are my absolute favorite so we're gonna smash this one and this one's gonna be the peace data resist stomps Cadbury egg cream filled so okay

I don't know what these things are but like I don't know strange talk about a ripoff literally hey man you corny sorry guys last and final donut so this one is a Cadbury egg filled donut so I guess there's a category egg inside but first off I want to say once again thank you to all the new subscribers we are just moving right along we are growing I think by the time this video comes out of yet 17,000 subscribers we're gonna just keep doing it 20 30 40 50 you guys keep liking them I'll keep making the videos so oh sorry that one went down slow so cheers to all my subscribers all you guys are watching this alright if I happen to love Cadbury egg you guys can just tell me to shut up if I'm talking too much but I try to just talk fast and then eat talk a little bit each so that way ya see I'm already talking too much alright Cheers woo no that's crazy the things they do with donuts is pretty amazing like if you can think about it you can just straight create it alright we're getting to games and I seriously have no idea what else I'm gonna eat today I'm just really freestyling last bite I'm just gonna send it down the hatch and alright guys that's it for the doughnuts that was really really tasty timers currently 909 a.m. so we are going to probably chill out for a bit charge my camera batteries I upload some footage then just kind of figure out where this day goes and just really enjoy so here we go Mia one done alright guys so I've been getting asked a lot how many times a week do a cheat I just do one cheat day per week typically it's on every Sunday but today I did it on Saturday because tomorrow is Easter so just one time for a week and you know I just have fun with it I don't really restrict calories throughout the week you know as I am in a surplus and I'm bulking usually the day before and the day after I'll just eat a little bit less and I don't stress it I don't worry about the scale and you know putting on a little bit of body fat I did that for a burden time I was super obsessed with staying shredded if you guys go back and watch a lot of my previous videos you kind of see just how I am as a person I'm just not very excited and that's why a lot of people in the comments if you see them they're like wow you're such a different person and yeah I really feel like a totally different person with allowing myself to put on some body fat basically not being so obsessed with being shredded so I'm really enjoying this I'm just sipping on a monster just uploading some footage and then we're gonna go find something else to eat so yeah enjoy alright guys and post-meal if you guys are new to the channel after every meal on my cheat days I do a skateboard trick just to switch things up make it a little bit different so is for you guys what up y'all and my homie Cabrera is not joining me for the cheat day but he is just hanging out he is starting a contest prep so he has to hit his macros he's eating a Publix pub/sub which is really good so um yeah sorry no doughnuts for him today next time yes

okay guys so if you guys have been following me for a minute you guys have known that I've been in Florida for a long time and I've been renting this car and just basically extending it every week it's been getting super expensive so I just checked out this car and I'm actually purchasing it right now so I have to do some paperwork and I yet I feel like it's gonna be a nice little car for Florida it's gonna gas it's a Hyundai Elantra nothing crazy but it'll get the job done so just wrapping that up it's currently a little after 12 p.m. I don't know what I'm gonna eat for my next film but I just want to give you guys a little bit of update because time is ticking and I try to just have a little bit of you know schedule on these cheat days and every four hours try to get a meal in that way we just kind of keep the day moving and keep the meals flowing and keep it interesting hi guys so we are currently waiting for money to be transferred into my account so gonna take some time and it's already 1:00 p.m. so I'm gonna get another quick meal and I'm just gonna go to Burger King I haven't eaten Burger King in a long time and you know I just kind of feel like having it so I'm gonna go to Burger King right up the street and see what I get [Music] all right guys Burger King in Brandon Florida see what this is all about I got number two large a spicy chicken sandwich okay so here is meal number two so we got a spicy chicken sandwich as well as a double whopper large fry along with a drink oh yeah this is gonna be meal number two I haven't had a whopper I can't remember the last time I had it and Burger King's fries are super good they're not like super or elated to have it like a really good crispy taste to them so yeah let's go ahead and dig in this thing is massive and I yeah shout out to burgerfi for giving me food poisoning last cheat day it was miserable and sweet sour sauce with the fries epic combo this is seriously the best screens how soft this has that epic sweetness to it that goes good on burgers fries oh and what I really like doing is putting ranch on the on the burger itself [Music] next we have a spicy chicken sandwich so we got lettuce tomato and guessing mayonnaise spicy chicken I don't know that it's taught anyone enough but here we go [Music] okay.i so I was going to find a flat ground spot to do a trek and we actually saw this homeless guy he's sleeping behind this building over there so we decided we're gonna go back to the Burger King drive-thru pick up a meal for him I don't know what we're just gonna get like some meal or whatever and we're just gonna go over there deliver it to him because yeah we're gonna hook him up he looked well he was passed out but maybe we'll try to wake him up maybe we'll just leave him with a nice meal for him to wake up to so back in Burger King drive-thru I'm recording and grabbing the bag thank you very much

[Applause] is a Walker meal there's a code it's french fries am I going god bless you man did a good deed for the day hopefully enjoys that food if he even eats it yeah that's just really crazy to see people like that you gotta really be appreciative for what you have and I just even home to living for instance everybody just takes it for granted but such a reality check yeah you know so yeah hopefully that meal helps them out

is that a is that real pull the shirt up pull the shirt up [Laughter]

let's see what I currently weigh about 228 pounds okay guys so we are in Walmart and I feel like this whole cheat day is just kind of all over the place because of the SOL car situation but most likely I am gonna have to come back on Monday to get the car because of the PayPal transaction is just taking way too long and the ladies only gonna be there till 4:30 so we are here in Walmart and I'm just gonna probably grab a couple things hop in the car and then just drive back down to Sarasota and figuring on Ethan my next alright guys quick update so the car situation didn't work out because PayPal didn't come through so we have to wait till Monday but I did put a 200 dollar deposit on the car so that way just basically hold it so the car is mine but Monday I will go and pick it up so we had to run around we had to drive back down to Sarasota we had to pick up my aunts car I had to deliver it to her at work because she had to get her car serviced so now is 6 p.m. on the dot and I'm behind on schedule normally I like to eat at like 8 a.m. 12 p.m. 4 p.m. and 8 a.m. so just kind of split the like for meals up throughout the day so yeah we're gonna go ahead and try to figure out what we're gonna eat next but yeah just quick little update decided to just go to Little Caesars because they have $5 hot and ready pizza make it super easy super simple because we are running out of time well not running out of time but I want to get another meal in super quick and I don't want to go to a restaurant and sit down and wait to order food so we're gonna go inside grab a pizza and smash it I have a ready pizza pepperoni please it could be 5:35 thank you very much thank you seriously took 30 seconds to get probably a little bit less so all right time to eat this entire pizza Oh since it is nice so I'm gonna find somewhere to sit right here let me sit right here and just eat this pizza for all you guys right now a nice view of this amazing parking lot

cheers guys Oh so in five bucks soon you can't be it and yes I do eat pizza almost every cheat day well I am going to different places trying out the pizza PJs is definitely by far my favorite Little Caesars you cannot beat it for five bucks so this is damn good tight and ready Anna took 30 seconds say hi to the vlog I should have food challenge system know I love pizza alright guys so I decided to just smash this thing so I'm gonna set my timer just for shits and giggles and smash the pieces down as fast as I can I haven't practiced speed eating in a long time which I don't know maybe I'll just see how I do so all right let's do this three two one [Applause] [Music] [Applause]


[Applause] [Music]



thank you

[Music] two minutes and 48 seconds not bad beats us down now you guys know what time it is time for another skate trip Hey okay where we going yeah we're going to Walmart we're gonna go pick up a couple things well you know what you guys think we should get some ma what are you gonna Mauro Gatorade or Powerade see that thing about being a surplus I don't create anything it is a cheat day but I'm just like I crave it all for him yeah he's cutting so he's he's hungry yeah I really don't know what to get I'm probably gonna get a bunch of randoms and I'll show you guys shortly [Music] he's epics Florida skies way to dope I wanted to try out this Reese's not VC's Twix egg I really like twitch so I'm gonna head and try this baby out you're looking at 170 calories per serving four servings oh my god that's so many calories I don't care at least not on this day I just enjoy myself eat what I want this thing is massive here we go guys Twix egg [Music] Oh

that's another twist just some random dude in Walmart parking lot Saturday night eatin Easter candy is that weird I don't drink I don't do drugs I'm gonna try to do this and go to a bar any night how a job happy you see everyone very nice 7:52 p.m. the night is still young although I'm gonna get into next but just keep this day going I'm having fun how about you guys give the video a thumbs up if you're diggin it leave a comment below what you're liking what you're not liking these videos are all for you guys and I enjoy making them so whatever I can do to make these better please let me know so once again thank you guys and while within the matter of 5 minutes this guy just got even more amazing that's crazy [Music] alright guys so moving on to the last meal of this cheat day or last thing that I'm going to eat is currently 9:45 p.m. and we have ourselves a full box of Froot Loops cereal now I haven't had food and a super long time and I really enjoyed this cereal super good then we have some unsweetened vanilla cashew milk and then we have some Cadbury cream eggs now I'm probably not gonna eat all of these I think actually Kimber is gonna have one of them and I'm just gonna eat them till I don't want any more you know I don't have to yell them it's not a challenge it's just basically enjoying myself so first I'm gonna pour the cereal so that way the milk can soak in so the cereals not too hard but don't let us sit too long so it doesn't get too soggy so here we go [Music] as the milk is settling into the cereal I'm gonna go ahead and eat some of these Cadbury eggs okay all right so I talked about the day what do you guys think of the video you gotta join skateboard tricks we got to doing boots I'm cruising I'm enjoying these cheat days every week you guys want normal days of eating you guys want more food challenges you guys want workout videos [Music] okay guys that is going to wrap up today's video I hope you guys enjoyed this cheat day and if you're not subscribed please subscribe to the channel doing these cheat days every week really enjoy myself and leave down in the comments box below of what you guys want to see me add to the channel what you guys want to see me take out of the channel so this is basically all for your viewing and obviously I'm having a great time doing it and whatever I can do to make these videos better that is another cheat day in the books so thanks for watching guys have a good one peace

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