The Midheaven - work and career

by: Steve Judd Astrology

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One World it's about 10:30 on the first of March 2017 and this is the first of four videos that I'm going to be doing on the Midheaven much misunderstood position the Midheaven or the medium Corelli the emcee is always the highest part of the chart is the beginning of the tenth house there are 39 house systems in use in contemporary astrology to my knowledge of which the Midheaven is always to start over 10,000 38 of them the only one it's not this the equal health system which I don't use anyway and which only really works above or below 66 degrees north or south of the Equator and the Midheaven stands for a number of different things in this video I want to look at it in terms of its relationship as the ruler of the 10th house and the ideas concerning work job career now sometimes you find people with no planets in the 10th house but a lot of aspects to the Midheaven which actually promotes them big time into job working career situations other times people have a lot of planets in the 10th house will work in ways that dictate are very dictated according to the nature of those planets and the aspects to them and the mid evam so the following is a rough and not complete guide to the types of career that certain planets on the Midheaven will take for example people with the Sun on the Midheaven where they're born at midday if a Sun is directly in the middle of the sky directly overhead then they're born very close to midday and they shine like the Sun at midday their visible prominent they walk into a room and everyone stops and looks at him and goes isn't he or she on telly don't we know him or her from somewhere they're visible whether they like it or not the moon on the Midheaven people will the moon in the 10th house are very given towards working in career that involves nurturing whether it is teaching cooking nursing caring but the nurturing principle always worked strongly a genuine desire to care the world mercury on the Midheaven people such as yours truly tends to speak communicate travel Network right for a living it's all to do with media and communication and Venus on the Midheaven people don't have to try very hard they're considered fair of face and it's often a physical beauty attached to these people but it's also a sign that can get a bit lazy because everything happens for them so I don't learn that much they don't have to try too hard common in the chance of models film stars famous musicians people who are very prominent for their artistry and their looks as much as anything else Mars on the Midheaven people there they're there you find the workers the people who put a lot of energy in and output into the world and they're the people who become much more physically proactive often they burn out others around them because the rest of the world can't keep up with them Jupiter on the Midheaven people are people who tend to achieve a lot in the early part of life and then kind of burn out as they get older and become a bit jaded because they have trouble finding real value and worth in terms of such achievement or success from the outside world as they get older I have to find a deeper philosophy on the around work and job and career in order to find personal fulfilment Saturn on the Midheaven people is the opposite these are the people who struggle when younger especially with authority which are deal with in another video but as they get older ie post 40 post 45 these are the people who then become much more successful in later life rarely retire and saw their 7580 because they'd be bored and actually become much more comfortable of handling responsibility and authority as they age Uranus on the Midheaven people rarely do anything for anyone else they normally end up working for themselves because their crap are taking orders and they need to be independent Neptune on the Midheaven people tend to work with arts whether it be film photography poetry literature film stars it's all to do with glamour and the casting of enchantment and and casting a spell on the world through through some type of story whether it be through acting or writing Pluto on the Midheaven people make the world's best private detectives criminal psychologists spies people who get into things in a profound deep and psychologically orientated way the Midheaven in terms of job and career have a sign that's on the Midheaven doesn't really influence the choice of career but it does show the way that one deals with issues around working career for example people with a Virgo Midheaven would always go about their job in a diligent effective and efficient way people with Capricorn on the Midheaven will always want to be seen to be doing things in a lawyer untrustworthy way people with a Gemini in Midheaven will always have a diverse attitude towards job and career often two careers at once and always be good at communication the sign that's on the Midheaven shows the way you not the way you work but the way you influence your work through the nature of a sign that's on the Midheaven part two we'll talk about the Midheaven in terms of public image and that's next catch you later

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