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hello everyone welcome to my channel and welcome to something very exciting this is a bad intro isn't it for a contest where you might not know me my name is Cassie I run this channel and also a blog by the name of thrift Thicke I was so excited to put this video together for you all and to welcome some new people to my channel hopefully because I am doing a contest here on YouTube I was invited by the lovely gen of Gen loves reviews I will put her username right here and I will link her down below be in this best of beauty competition here on YouTube it's kind of for the lesser-known Beauty people in the community I guess and it's just kind of fun it's like almost like a little American Idol type thing except you know I I don't think you can't vote for me here on this video please don't vote on this video but please vote for me do I sound desperate maybe I'll get a pity vote you go and you vote for me on Jenn's video she will put a video on her channel I will also link it down below and if I'm fancy enough and can figure out how I'll also put it like a link to the video at the end of my video basically the first video here that we are supposed to make is do what you do best and uh what do I do best what do I do best what do I know looks good oh my god can I be a wind master chocolatier so that I can make these and eat these and just be fat and happy for us my life good Ward so I'm glad I at least have friends and one of those friends of mine she told me what to do for a video and I was like you know what that sounds good so I'm gonna be doing my top five beauty products for the summer I tried to make it kind of half drugstore in half higher end so hopefully you can find something in your price range or something to splurge on or something to be cheap with so let's get into it first up this is where I cheated and you know I said five of my favorite summer products well it's it's six because I'm pretending like these two are one when

it gets raunchy from there on out I've got these two products and I'm combining them as one because they're both kind of for the same thing and that's for longevity of your face products if you're anything like me you're sweaty and in the summer that's only exaggerated that was my cat Galileo he'll pop in and out from here on out anyways longevity of your face products I don't know where I ended up I think I was talking about how sweaty I am that's usually a good place to leave off right makeup meltdown that kind of came from the summer I would like to think because you're gonna sweat your makeup off hello YouTube I'm ganna nail and I'm a beautiful Siberian boy I just turned one a little while ago oh and I like my mommy so I like to make my makeup last a little longer I've got two of my favorite products take myself seriously my two favorite face products for increasing the longevity of my makeup are definitely the hourglass veil mineral primer it's a mouthful it's also expensive and then also the urban decay D slick also slightly expensive but if you're lucky / you're a bargain hungry like I am I got this I'll be on sale cuz they just redid their packaging and so I just bought the old packaging cuz they didn't change the formula as far as I know and I don't mind the old packaging so I got a deal I got mine for $13 at Nordstrom Rack and then the hourglass veil primer is $52 for an ounce I know it's expensive but it's so worth it if you've ever felt the bottle its frosted glass and that's what it makes your face feel like and then it makes your makeup last all day for a little added insurance there I've got the D slick so that primer is gonna help your makeup to kind of like on to your face and so to make it super suction we go in with the D slick and you basically just spritz this on after you put all your makeup on it also says to do it before you put your foundation on but I don't do that and it works just fine for me it just sets your makeup all day with these two products my makeup doesn't go anywhere it is fantastic I have found my Holy Grail combination and it is with these two products along with makeup meltdown we can also have lid creasing problems sweat gets up in there and just I shadow is crease what can you do so to increase the longevity of your eye makeup my favorite favorite favorite cream base is definitely by far the benefit creaseless cream shadows they are just the holy Mecca grail of cream shadows they are buttery super smooth and super pigmented and they last all day they are gorgeous just on their own or to put underneath your eyeshadows my favorite one is in the shade birthday suit ah I've used it in a couple tutorials before so I'll try and link those down below for you if you want see it in action but I just I can't say enough good things about these creases cream shadows I think they're like $20 so yeah they're pricey but this is another one of those Punk's that's gonna last you a long long time I've had this one for probably almost two years now and it's still going strong so definitely worth the investment and I just I can't recommend the creaseless cream shadows enough and he returns so moving onto another part of the face I'm going to talk about blush I have a blush to show you all from hmm and this is in the shade spring flower I don't know that they put out other ones of these but like I said in another video it's basically just the one that's beautiful it's got this really gorgeous embossing of roses and then it's got four different colors of blush in here they've got like this kind of magenta pink color they've got an orange shade a coral shade and then they've got a light pink kind of shimmery shade but the shimmer doesn't really translate onto your cheeks this stuff is so insanely pigmented so you don't need a lot of this I think this cost me like $5.00 from H&M I can't put this down the past two months this has been what I've worn every single day and for any other beauty makeup junkies out there plus it does last all day all day this blush isn't going anywhere and for a powder blush that is amazing let me tell you moving on I've covered a lot of the face I also just wanted to include real quick a hair product for you because we all want some luscious locks during the summer right we want that beachy bedhead kind of a I wake up on the beach and roll around in the sand all day and just look like a mermaid goddess and you really don't but that's a nice feeling right getting my hair looking real nice I love using hair oils and the one that I've been using as you can tell because my bottle is basically empty I have been loving this nourishing coconut oil weightless hydrating oil mist from organics I got this quite a few months ago probably like three or four months ago so this lasts forever at Target for like 4 bucks or something I think so really cheap but works wonders I swear within the first week of using this people started commenting about my hair and how like lush and glossy it looks and for someone like me who basically has the amount of hair that an infant has that's a nice compliment because my hair is definitely not one of my like best features it really is weightless like it says it does not weigh your hair down it does not make it greasy it just provides a really nice glossy shine to it it makes it really smooth and just overall lovely last up I've got my last favorite I've covered cheeks I've covered face I've covered eyes I've covered hair what's missing oh yeah this thing that hasn't stopped moving for the past eight hundred minutes my mouth and my favorite favorite favorite lip product I mean I love the Revlon lip butters basically all around the one that I've been reaching for this summer basically ever since I got it is juicy papaya I'm wearing it right now I just think it is the most brilliant and lovely lip product ever I wear this pretty much every single day I don't even have to think about it and it's just that gorgeous kind of corally orange flush Revlon lip butters lasts really long on me I find them to last and stay pigmented probably for like five ish hours and keeps my lips hydrated I just love that I know some people don't think they're that great or they're not worth the hype but I think they're super worth the hype I love my lip butters and like said especially juicy papaya so definitely go try this one if you haven't they smell fantastic like vanilla and they're just I could go on but I'm not gonna bore you so yeah that is it you guys I hope you got a nice little taste of what I've been loving this summer my top 5 but it's six products to kind of keep my makeup going and make me look a bit fresher than I normally would because of my sweat like said if you like my video I would be so appreciative and would love it if you went on Jen's Channel and voted for me there you can also vote for two other girls so don't feel locked down by me or anything so I hope you vote for me and I hope you enjoy if you want to see my other videos definitely subscribe and yeah comment down below tell me what are your favorite summer products and I guess I will just see you all next time so stay well until then

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