Who Killed JFK? Investigator Paul Kangas in Willits, CA 1992

by: Willits Community Television

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as Thomas Jefferson said the price of freedom is eternal vigilance it doesn't mean that we have to become vigilantes it just means that we have to become true teachers Paul Thomas worked in 1961 for President Kennedy and perhaps will tell you a little bit more about how he did that in what capacity in 1962 he also had something to do with what has come to us what we know is the Cuban Missile Crisis he was in naval intelligence think back to where you were when Kennedy was killed how many people in this room have ever fired a bolt-action rifle I was I ended up in the military because I was a crack shot as a kid with a rifle when Kennedy was killed and I heard that it was four or five or six shots in six seconds instinctively I knew in my guts and everybody that spired a bolt-action rifle knew it could not have happened the way the government said the investigation the cover-up was able to disarm us politically and divide us and prevent us from doing the investigation ourselves but now we know that what was done in Dallas was done by forces other than a lone assassin let me give you just a brief outline of the assassination facts that will show you that it could not have been on the Zapruder film there are there's a soundtrack and there's tape recorders numerous reporters were carrying tape recorders and happen to be in Dealey Plaza with their tape recorders on just recording the sounds of the crowd on the tapes you hear six shots fired the Warren Commission didn't like the fact that there were six shots on the tape so what they did is they said oh the first one was a backfire take that one away the next one was a shot and next one was an echo take that one away and the next one was a shot and the next one was an echo take that one away so we're left with only three shots right and and so that's what the media did they tried to say there was only three shots the problem was even that distortion wouldn't fit within a six second motion with a bolt-action rifle just imagine shooting a bolt-action rifle okay you hold it when you shoot a rifle you have to aim carefully with a sight you squeeze off a shot and then you pull back the bolt kick out the shell load in another one and then you have to recite it's not like a machine gun it's not like a toy each shot has to be fired carefully when I was in the military they taught us assassination techniques like this that you're going to get one shot when I was raised as a kid my stepfather taught me you get one shot the logical way to do an assassination is to have three teams each team has three people two of them with guns one with a walkie-talkie you place the three teams around say a Cuban village or a Vietnamese village when you want to take out a leaguer at a pre-arranged signal everybody is crouched and jumps up at a pre-arranged signal everybody jumps up aims fires you get one shot and then you run if you listen to the tape of the assassination of John Kennedy what you hear is six shots that's the logic of the six shots on the table three teams that's the standard way of doing an assassination six shooters each shooting one shot now let's look at the politics of the assassination of John Kennedy here are the five reasons why Kennedy was killed if you understand the reasons Kennedy was killed you can understand who killed Kennedy the five reasons Kennedy were killed or one Kennedy came into power in 1961 he won the election what he was handed was there was an invasion of Cuba being planned he didn't approve of an overt invasion of Cuba with the US military involved he was a liberal he felt that it would be easier to trade with Cuba to trade with the Russians rather than to fight them and so Kennedy didn't want to do the military invasion now to understand the military invasion of Cuba we have to understand where it came from who was the President of the United States in 1952 and who was the vice president okay Nixon so we have Nixon in the White House for eight years Eisenhower was a frontman for Nixon so we've had Nixon in the White House it's 1952 when Fidel Castro came to power in 1959 and he started demanding that the corporations in Cuba pay wages to the employees of the American corporations in Cuba the American corporation said wages what for now we've been getting the sugar Pepsi has been getting the sugar practically free and Fidel said no look we need enough money for the parents to work to pay for their kids to buy food medical supplies education blah blah blah so you gotta have to pay them Pepsi Cola didn't like it Ford Motor Company didn't like it all the other corporations down there didn't like it at the time Cuba had the highest infant mortality rate in Latin America had the lowest literacy rate in Latin America the fewest number of doctors the fewest number of you name it they had it the worst conditions in Latin America all of a sudden Fidel was gonna turn it around and he was a hero in America back then I don't know if you remember but you don't Castro was a hero in this country because he kicked out this rotten dictator Batista who was starving the people running drugs and child prostitution and gambling in Cuba but the corporation's went to Vice President Nixon said look we don't like Fidel we want him out will you overthrow him Nixon said yes just give me enough juice to get reelected I'm running against some unknown I'm dog Catholic and it'll be no problem and as soon as I get elected will kicked it down lout and put you back into power that's the situation Kennedy inherited when by a fluke he gets elected president by the with the smallest electoral margin history and then here's Nixon's got operation forty already in full steam ahead going into Cuba as soon as the elections over the election changed so they had to stop operation forty and consult with Kennedy they put on the brakes and stopped it and then Kennedy said no so the CIA decides they're gonna go ahead and do it anyhow I talked to CIA agent who helped arrange the invasion of Cuba but he transferred ships from the US Navy to the CIA in Guatemala he took ships and had them repainted to look like civilian ships they took aircraft and repainted them to look like private aircraft they even shot bullet holes in the ships and aircraft to make it look like there was a fight going on and then the CIA agent in Guatemala who was in charge of the invasion of Cuba named the ships after his wife the Barbara and his hometown a Houston and he called the operation Zapata after after his oil company Zapata offshore petroleum this CIA agent was a man named George Bush whose wife was named Barbara Houston Zapata you get it okay Bush to this day denies that he was in the CIA in 1960-61 for the invasion of Cuba why the ships are named that he says what do I know even when an FBI document was found directly naming George Bush as being the CIA agent in charge of the Cubans in Miami for the invasion of Cuba Bush still denies it if we can link Bush to the invasion of Cuba we can link Bush to the assassination of John Kennedy now why would you want to do that well in this case I'm not only working as a private investigator but I'm working as a prosecutor I'm prosecuting the assassins of John Kennedy because I feel we the people are the government and if we don't do it nobody's going to do it we keep digging up evidence on Bush's role in the invasion of Cuba there's a professor in Washington DC who's suing the government trying to get the files the files for the invasion of Cuba are still secret why because they've got some interesting folks names in those files that would rather not be known for instance if you remember Felix Rodriguez from the I ran amok scandal he was the guy who knew gene Haas and Foss called after Eugene Hassan Fox's plane went down and then Felix Rodriguez a meeting they called Vice President George Bush his good friend vice president George Bush how did Felix Rodriguez and Bush become such close good friends because it turns out Felix Rodriguez was involved in the invasion of Cuba okay that's about the fourth or fifth piece of evidence that we have directly linking George Bush to the invasion of Cuba now that's the Cuba aspect of the assassination so that was the motive for people being angry at Kennedy then Kennedy issued a presidential order withdrawing all US personnel from Vietnam how many people have seen the movie air America never seen that movie that movie makes some interesting points about Vietnam how the CIA was growing poppies oh by the way George Bush's nickname anybody know George Bush's nickname it's poppy I'm sure it's not connected a poppy seed but there's just an interesting coincidence anyhow Air America makes the point that Pepsi Cola had the largest bottling plant in Asia in Laos never bottled a single bottle of Pepsi Cola it was the largest manufacturing plant for heroin in Southeast Asia that comes out of a book also the politics of heroin in Southeast Asia the reason the United States was in Vietnam is to maintain the heroin traffic from Vietnam to the United States in the whole world you remember the slang the French Connection what's that about that was slang on the streets for people getting the heroin fix well I got a make contact with my French Connection why because the French were the major suppliers of heroin to the world at the time they had been monopolies the French were kicked out of Vietnam there's news items about Nixon going to Vietnam in 1958 to guarantee the poppy growers of Vietnam that the US will protect them if the French are kicked out so that's what was going on in Vietnam that's why 20 million Vietnamese were murdered that's why 58,000 young Americans were murdered in order to maintain a heroin supply to the world to make illegal funds to fund illegal Wars and secret operations if John Kennedy had not died 20 million Vietnamese would not have died if John Kennedy had not died the war in Vietnam would not have happened young Americans our generation would not have been in Vietnam now I say that some people try and dispute me on that but people say one person's death how could it possibly have had that effect on the world the death of John Kennedy I believe it did okay that's the second reason the kennedy was killed if you want to check this out go to the library and look at the front pages of newspapers just before in the magazines just before kennedy was killed front page story US news world report the work week before john kennedy's killed headline kennedy's failure in cuba sub-headline lincoln's failures they talked about the assassination of john kennedy the week the assassination of Abraham Lincoln the week before Kennedy was killed why secret code you know how these detective stories about people run low personal ads in the personals section George call Frank that's all it says you ever see those ads the ruling class runs secret ads too but they do it on the front page of your newspapers we all use codes let me give you some codes that you may not be aware of on the Watergate tapes there are codes there are 4,000 hours on the Watergate tapes the Watergate tapes have not been released here's the code words Nixon's talking to Holloman we got a PE Howard hundred million dollars to keep quiet about the Bay of Pigs invasion here Nixon is facing impeachment for the Watergate burglary and he's talking about the Bay of Pigs invasion that happened what ten years previous impossible that's cold Haldeman and his book even talks about the Bay of Pigs is Nixon's code word for the assassination of John Kennedy when they talk about planning the assassination of Fidel Castro and his brother Raul how the CIA you know they openly talk about how the CIA plan that they're not talking about planning the assassination of Fidel and his brother Raul they're talking about planning the assassination of John Kennedy and his brother Robert they use code words openly in the media talking about this stuff so these are some code words okay that's supposed to get us into the third or fourth reason why Kennedy was killed back in 62 and 63 you know there was actually three invasions of Cuba are you aware of that there was the Secret Invasion 1961 then there was the military blockade which I was involved in which was actually an invasion we were pairing I was being trained I was supposed to carry a radio on my back a 45 on my hip I was gonna go in with the Marines land on the beaches and bring heal occurs in on the beaches of Cuba which is probably what they're planning is we're sitting here talking right now to take Cuba back that was the second invasion the third invasion was being planned in New Orleans and you'll see if you've seen the movie you see it in there if you see the movie that's part of the Oliver Stone movie the third invasion of Cuba in which the CIA was planning a secret invasion of Cuba a third one they you know Bush and Nixon just couldn't get it out of their claw they had to get Cuba back all that wonderful gambling prostitution drugs we had it made in Cuba they wanted back Jim Garrison was in New Orleans when the S when Kennedy ordered the FBI to go to New Orleans and arrest the CIA agents who were planning another invasion of Cuba then after that Kennedy talks about how he's gonna split the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the wind then he signs a peace treaty with the Russians promises no invasion of Cuba during his administration and finally a fifth reason take a dollar bill out of your pocket and take a look what it says on your dollar bill okay I don't have them on the back of your dollar bill it will say Federal Reserve Note who is the Federal Reserve is it federal it's not it's a private bank private British bankers who print on money your money they charge us interest for circulating our money Kennedy didn't like that they were ripping us off the tune of billions of dollars to print and circulate our money so Kennedy started printing $5 bills and $2 bills and top it said US government note printed by the US government the bankers didn't like that they were being cut out of the tune of billions of dollars a year so here we got five different groups in society decided Kennedy had to go and that's it so they killed him now let me give you some details that have just been discovered George de Mohrenschildt is a name you want to remember if you go to the movie George de Mohrenschildt is a name you want to know about if you're investigating the assassination of John Kennedy George de Mohrenschildt this wealthy millionaire in Dallas and in Texas area who it turns out was the babysitter for Lee Harvey Oswald well one day de Mohrenschildt is talking at a cocktail party to a reporter from The Wall Street Journal he just happens to mention that he's in charge he was in charge of Oswald this was March 1977 and the Wall Street Journal reported that the next day an investigator from the House Select Committee on assassinations called Warren Shaw up in Texas and said we've got to talk I would like to set up a meeting with you tomorrow I want to talk to you about what you told The Wall Street Journal is that true you were in charge of Lee Harvey Oswald and DeMar Shah said no problem come on down so the next day the investigator goes down talks to Marshall two hours later Demark Shah is found shot to death in his home oh just natural causes I'm sure in his pocket what do they find his personal notebook who's in the personal telephone notebook Adam oral George Herbert Walker Bush nicknamed poppy address on Blair Street and the more Shah was it turns out now we discover a CIA agent who was in charge of controlling a CIA asset of Patsy Oswald then who else is in there a man named Clint Murchison Clint Murchison if you're from Dallas is one of the wealthy oil millionaires from Dallas whose right wing person who held a party in Dallas Texas November 21st the day before the assassination of John Kennedy and who was at the party Joan Crawford Richard Nixon George Bush George de Mohrenschildt denies being in balance that day we found an FBI memo showing that the FBI suspected that Nixon was involved in the assassination of John Kennedy we've reprinted in this paper they asked Nixon where were you the day John Kennedy was killed Nixon says gee I don't remember but I was not in Dallas and if I remember where I was have my secretary contact you well we found an article on the Dallas Morning News here's Joan Crawford and Richard Nixon at the Baker hotel in Dallas Texas four blocks from the scene of the assassination on the day of the assassination he had been at the party it's like the the invasion of Normandy all the generals are preparing for the invasion of Normandy so they're at the Clint Murchison party in Dallas Texas preparing for the assassination now here's another memo we found recently it's an FBI memo in which four hours after the assassination of John Kennedy a man named George Herbert Walker Bush coincidence I'm sure probably not the same George calls the FBI and reports that a man named James Parrott a political opponent of George Bush's in the Republican Party in Texas had been talking about killing Kennedy the FBI clerk took down the note took the name and address of the person who called and then this memo just drifted into the files and disappeared until somebody from the San Francisco Examiner discovered it during the 88 election they call it Bush ask him about it Bush said I do not remember making the call well the address listed for him was listed in Who's Who is his home address so the reporters went to James Parrott the guy that had been the subject of the FBI investigation and parents said sure it was President Bush who made that call I know that sob he and I had been political enemies throughout the years he tried to frame me for the assassination of John Kennedy tried to set me up as a patsy just like they set up Oswald now these are just pieces of evidence in this case it's direct evidence linking George Bush to the assassination of John Kennedy here's a book about the assassination of John Kennedy that's banned in the United States this book is banned in the United States the editors of the the writers of this book published very important photos from the assassination and a media me hunt sued them for a chronal libel for printing his name and picture in a book describing him as an assassin of John Kennedy so the books ban the day of the assassination of John Kennedy goes something like this the motorcade is traveling through Dallas Texas down Main Street and all of a sudden by the way the route of the motorcade was published before the motorcade all of a sudden they get into Dealey Plaza and the sheriff's car makes a strange dogleg turned through a little alley over into the grassy knoll area and then six shots are fired and Kennedy's killed several people see the shooters one of them a woman named Jean Hill saw he Howard hunt and Frank Sturgis shoot John Kennedy from behind the grassy knoll she and a bunch of citizens then chase them behind the picket fence and cornered them in a boxcar and called the police these pictures are banned in the United States

when on the Johnny Carson show and he was on the Johnny Carson show talking Johnny about his theory on the assassination the lawyers for Johnny Carson show asked garrison before the show what he was going to talk about and how he would respond to this and asked question and they had all the questions and answers all written out so and Garrison knew what they were up to they were just trying to make him look silly he didn't tell him he had the pictures with him so right in the middle of the show when the cameras on garrison opens up this briefcase and holds the picture up like that in front the camera and then says why is it this picture cannot be shown in the United States Johnny Carson has a heart attack jumps up out of his chair jumps across the desk jumps on garrison this is all on tape tackles Jim Garrison right in front of the cameras and knocks the picture down but Garrison's bigger than Carson so they get up off the floor and Garrison gets up and sticks the picture up in the air again so that the cameras can see it and by that time the people in the control you'll realize what's going on so they turn the cameras around so that they see the audience instead of the pictures and that was the first chance the American public had to see the pictures now the origin of these pictures is not perfectly clear to me this one was taken by a photographer named John beers in Dallas Texas one of the witnesses who met untimely death at a young age and these pictures are in the National Archives they're not supposed to be out but what happened is Jack Anderson met somebody that worked in the National Archives and offered a bribe to somebody if they would walk take the pictures out of the file walk into the men's room and look for these shoes I'll be wearing these shoes I'll be sitting in the bathroom and if you see somebody wearing these shoes in the stall there just say Jack I'll say okay just drop the pictures in the garbage can and goal and so Jack Anderson smuggled these pictures out of the National Archives there's seven of them they were then published in this book but they have another interesting history Jack Anderson then slipped these pictures to Larry O'Brien who put them in the safe in the Watergate and after the Watergate burglary Frank Sturgis one of the burglars was asked why did you burglarize the Watergate and Sturgis said because Nixon was interested in the assassination of President Kennedy what say that again why did you burglarize the Watergate because Nixon was interested in the assassination of President Kennedy doesn't make sense does it what it was is they were trying it you know what are plumbers plumbers plug leaks there was a news leak about to happen the Democrats

that's had a chance to bring down the Nixon government 72 in fact put him in jail today George Bush and Richard Nixon would be sitting in jail doing life sentence for the murder of President Kennedy if they had published these pictures back then these faces are blogs from that picture this is the little trial of a hat he Howard hunt busted in Dallas Frank Sturgis busting down this is a picture of E Howard hunt and Frank's dress Sturgis busted burger right when you walk into a bank you know that camera up on the ceiling there that cameras not taking a picture of your face I'm an investigator when I took the investigators exam for the state of California they asked the question what's the most unique part of the human body it's publicly viewable that's as unique as a thing print investigators use your ear like a fingerprint I get hired to find a missing kid or ass going kid if I have a feature of side portrait of the kid so remember to take side portraits see your kids and you have an ear picture that way you can stand there with the picture looking at kids in the playground and spot the kid I don't care if they've got the kid you know the kids ten years older 15 years older the ear print is the same it's eerie say an ordinary bank robbery case just ordinary criminal case not high-class criminal case you get a picture like that of some people robbing a bank and then you get a picture like that of the same people in the jail cell and you put them together before a jury in any country in the world you've got a conviction like that why because when you can match those up that's considered scientifically a match that's an identifying mark but with people like Hunton Sturgis all kinds of other identifying marks for instance who is he Howard hunt he's a veteran of the Bay of Pigs invasion who's Frank Sturgis that run of the Bay of Pigs invasion you know who eat Howard hunt is also he's a famous detective novel writer he writes under the name of James st. James he's written hundreds of novels the main hero in all of his novels is a man named Hank Sturges turns out Frank Sturgis his real name is not Frank Sturgis it's Frank Fiorini he's an Italian from Philadelphia speaks Spanish perfectly he is so good that he joined Fidel Castro's movement back in the 50s became a guerrilla fighter with Fidel Castro against Batista helped overthrow Batista government worked his way all the way up to the chief of the Cuban Air Force under Fidel Castro and his job was to kill Castro but Castro gets out of line doesn't follow the party and maybe causes pepsi-cola to have to pay wages or somebody that so when but thanks to just snuck out of cuba when it was getting too hot and when Castro found out who Sturgis was Fidel called Sturgis the greatest spy in the world to have done what he did he's still out there folks there he is the Watergate burglar the assassin of John Kennedy and by the way one more little piece of evidence here a man named Lee Harvey Oswald adjusted for the assassination November 8th 1963 wrote a letter to a man named Howard hunt saying I would like information concerning my position I am asking only for information I am suggesting that we discussed the matter fully before any steps are taken by me or anyone else Thank You Lee Harvey Oswald do we have enough evidence to at least have a trial okay now how do you get that trial here's the secret to the trial the Watergate tapes on the tapes Nixon confesses to hiring her to kill Kennedy it's important to realize that you notice how the press is talking about oh we got to release all the JFK files now yes we got our release the JFK files what are you going to see when they open up the JFK files garbage bag nothing shreds nothing they're gonna say there's nothing in there well I know about a hundred documents personally that I can detail that are in there these pictures for one thing are in there and they're not going to release those things to us so there's a trick to getting the files the trick is we have to demand the Watergate tapes be released because those 4,000 hours of tapes our tapes paid for by taxpayers money contain secret information now by the way you know what the 18-minute gap I have a copy of the transcript right here just before the 18-minute gap and after it there's a theory in biology called the black box theory and it's a theory in science that if you know what goes into a reaction and you know what comes out of reaction you know what went on in a reaction okay we know what Halderman and Nixon we're talking about before the 18min a gamma we know that they were talking about after what were they talking about the Bay of Pigs he Howard hunt we got to keep hunt quiet we got to pay my million bucks otherwise he's gonna spill the beans and the Bay of Pigs invasion huh so what does that mean so Nixon when he gets the subpoena to turn over the tapes or else what does Nixon do he calls in his speechwriter he calls in the next president of the United States to listen to the tapes and decide what to do with the tapes should we burn the tapes should release the tapes who's the next president United States who was Nixon speechwriter Pat Buchanan the next president of the United States Pat Buchanan's listens to the tapes and says you got to cut this stuff out about killing your Kennedy you can't let them let you know you just you can't release that part and so they edit out 18 minutes and blame it on the secretary and that's because it was too hot but then when Congress is listening to the tapes they're not stupid either they say what does he mean Bay of Pigs doesn't make any sense and then all of a sudden a light goes on and somebody's had sang oh my god Nixon and hollerman are openly talking about assassinating President Kennedy stop the tapes because what was going on at the time is they were listening to the tapes and releasing transcripts into the Mitchell trial I've got copies here of what they have released and so they said oh my god you can't you know listen to these tapes anymore we can't release them to the press because then the public's gonna find out what's on these tapes so they stopped the tapes and they did the same thing with the tapes they did with all the pictures from Dallas they stuck them in the National Archives until 2030 9:00 right next to the JFK files so any time you write to your Congressman and you should about releasing the JFK files also include the Watergate tapes and explain why it's let me cover one more thing so that you understand the nature of what you're facing in this election the five most important families in this country that control this country are the DuPont's the melons the Morgans is the Giannini's and the Rockefellers now if you draw a circle and divide it into 5 equal pies and label those and and watch this do you know where during the American Revolution way back then you know where the American revolutionaries got gunpowder and the skill for making guns right the DuPont family brought the technology for manufacturing gunpowder to this country from France and gave it to the American revolutionaries they set up a school to teach people how to use guns and bombs that became West Point to this day the DuPont family controls our US Army like it's their private corporation it's a tax supported private army of the DuPont family anyhow that's my bet is pat buchanan's next person because to be a president United States nowadays you have to have been involved in the assassination of John Kennedy and part of the cover-up who was Jerry Ford Jerry Ford was the person on the Warren Commission who interviewed most of the witnesses who wrote most of the war report what wasn't written by Warren he was just a front Jerry Ford wrote the reports Jerry Ford interviewed the witnesses and decide which witnesses would be heard and which witnesses would be shot okay where did the Warren Commission come from the Warren Commission was created by a former vice-president United States at the time the Honorable Richard M Nixon went to Johnson said look people in this country and all over the world are talking about the assassination of President Kennedy like there might have been some political behind it we don't want Congress investigating this assassination we want to have our own control body that we control we don't want Congress doing it those people you know they talk to everybody they leak stuff all the time so we we got to have our own special Commission so Nixon said to Johnson look I got some friends Jerry Ford great Republican fundraiser line from Michigan it warned great Republican fundraiser of mine from California and some people from South Carolina and we can set up our own Commission in fact when Nixon was busted burglarizing the Watergate one of the notes in the White House memos is that he received a call from Earl Warren saying gee dick too bad about that but if you need another special commission to get you out of trouble again I'm willing to have another commission Earl Warren was willing to set up another Warren Commission to cover up the Watergate burglary just like he covered up the assassination of John Kennedy I want you to remember what I'm saying because next month when the press is screaming about oh we've released all the water the JFK files and there's nothing in there if you don't hear me say yup we got the files then nope we didn't get the files so no matter what you hear on the front page of newspapers our next six months don't believe it unless you see a quote from me that we have the files because I'm not giving up and I'm sure stone won't either what we have is a nationwide decentralized network of investigators people like yourselves investigating this each one of us have to become a point of light each one of us have to

we took coin a phrase yeah we have to we have to decide that we're going to keep hammering on our representatives desks sending petitions it's kind of not too safe to send letters to our representatives because they just final but if you sent petitions if you circulate petitions and you get the name some petitions you know who signed it you know how many names have been submitted they get worried if you see that you're organized they don't want you organized write me a letter they want you to do they don't want you to assign and send me a petition because they don't want you organized you have to think globally on this issue too and act locally we have to everybody that's running for office has to have signed the petitions for releasing the JFK files in the Watergate tapes so you got anybody running for office around here take the petition tool ask them to sign it if they won't sign it write a press release hold a press conference pick it up until they sign it we want this to be a large movement of people all across the country it already is and it's massive yesterday on The Oprah Winfrey Show they did a poll of everybody in the audience about this size how many people believe the Warren Commission report anybody see that show no TV up here okay good in a whole audience this size one person raised his hand one person still believes the Warren Commission that's probably the only person the United States that they can get I would [Music] the tape for the files are released would conceive of a situation where we can stop tale that he perhaps petitioning for the repeal of the National Security Act and the disbanding of the National Security Council which I feel is the real issue here it is the shadow government we must not destroy even though we must destroy even though we do bring the killers of Kennedy to justice all these issues are connected thirdly in the war last year I was going around during the anti-roll marches in my suit carrying a big sign that said Jewish but murder of JFK and people are looking at me this was before the Stillman that came up there saying what does that have to do with the war in the Middle East and I tried to explain to him that we're in the war because the government we have in power is a government just like Hitler shot his way in the power in Germany killed his political opponents in this country the government that you have there is a false government let me tell you about the video should bill confer circulating knowledge originally and we now have a new phenomenon computer enhancement of photographs the reason the bill conversion for the Zapruder film did not exist rather than the computer enhancement of photographs excitingly is that that photo has been that film is been manipulated in fact the technician who manipulated that video who created that video has been speaking in the bay area against that video where her Cooper shows up he shows up and Cooper hiding the rest of the general audience because the guy's counselor said look I think that video for Cooper I don't think but the driver of John Kennedy shot John Kennedy one if you shoot somebody with a gun there's a huge cloud of smoke comes out that smoke contains nitrates which adhere to everything you can't get her off your hands when the police arrested for a crime involving got the first thing that used to be of trait test they would have been nitrates oliver candidate Oh everything of course they could have covered it up and we know that what they now did with the body I'm not sure our argue with compromise because if the driver shot Kennedy it doesn't disprove or prove anything if it shows that maybe the Secret Service was involved but I mean what I know about guns couldn't happen that way I don't think because we have the mom so much evidence that the shots came from the grassy knoll 30 they were chased by them in fact gee you know one of the people who saw them kill John Kennedy who chased them into the lofts car who have been arrested by the police is going to be speaking San Francisco thanks mom she's written a book which comes out next month the end of this month with an introduction by Oliver Stone about her role she chased them down she had them arrested she identified if she fingered them to this day she still maintains at the center she have forward I can deliver the both FBI took the Polaroid camera from her and confronted her took her up into their office in the Texas schoolbook depository and after what she saw she told them and they leaned over her and went like they told her don't you dare tell anybody else what she just told us she shut up for 20 years she was so scared because witnesses were dropping dead left and right Jean here 400 equal finger also Manning Lee Bowers who was watching the motorcade route with binoculars standing right behind how the surges saw and shoot the president private railroad control or understanding God from the telephone call the police saw the money across the railroad yard into the boxcars being chased by all these people reported none of the police and the police than the training by the way the railroad on any face hey that was supervisor this yard nobody cleared that training what's going on here who's driving that train this ghost train starts driving out of the railroad yard with posture just in the Sun other unknown guy and so he's the controller and he doesn't have any way to stop the train but he thinks uh-huh there's a junction it's by the triple overpass and he throws the little switch and the train can't go anywhere Clank it stops and the police surround the train and arrest viho upon Frank Sturgis for the assassination of John Kennedy case is that is that the one that Lane talks about in his recent book was he not the attorney I believe for the defense yes he sued eat I can't feel and Webb Berman published this book and suppressed that book the Liberty Lobby got upset but that lawsuit so they polish the pictures in their nose paper your local newspaper published of tool I don't know if they've been sued yet no I guess the evidence we get anyhow so hot that sued Liberty Lobby and my client thought my god what a chance we break the whole thing into court and he did it any court he's gotta yell at not honest and testifying an incredible event and so mark my tasks honey where were you the day John Kennedy was killed and Don says I was at home watching on television with my kids so that goes on cross-examining amount of things and in the process of cross-examining on the other things shows of the pictures

and Wayne not being stupid said what do you mean 20 minutes ago you just said you were home with your kids why would your kids have to have their memory refreshed as to where you were today John Kennedy was killed offered up that's why the jury found a Liberty Lobby not guilty for criminal libel because they thought hunt was involved from the pictures they thought it was hot we had a jury opinion on this these

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Archive Upload, Video we found in our library, by one of our volunteer video producers, from this event in Willits California in 1992. Paul Kangas a private investigator/Prosecutor talks about the Kennedy Assassination at the time of the release of the Oliver Stone Movie JFK. 8:15 CIA agent George H.W Bush, Opinions expressed in the video may not necessarily be the opinions of Willits Community Television, Or the Producer who created the video. After the release of papers in 2017, we thought a record of this event in 1992, may be of interest. Kangas believes E. Howard Hunt (one of the train car hobos) was part of the assassination crew (possibly also including Lee Harvey Oswald in the Texas school book depository) Hunt sued a newspaper?book for printing something to that effect, he took them to court and lost because he could not prove in that court trial that he was not involved. This info is included in the video https://www.youtube.com/user/paul8kangas

This video is uploaded as is, with the technology used to create it in 1992. And is Uploaded from our archive covering the rich history of critical thinkers in Willits, CA. Willits Community Television Inc WCTV is based in the Old Carnegie Library in Willits California and is the local Cable Access PEG TV station for Willits California residents. Channels available on Comcast in Willits, on Channel 3, 64 & 65. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Willits-Community-Television-Inc/217378608362134


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