StarCraft 2: TOURNAMENT GRAND FINALS! (Scarlett vs sOs)

by: LowkoTV

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hello everyone my name is loco and it's time for another bestest 7 series of professional Starcraft 2 and what I got for you today is not just a regular best-of-seven because this is as a matter of fact the Grand Finals to Intel Extreme Masters pyeongchang a tournament that wrapped up literally just a couple of days ago and actually was a tournament that was leading up to the Olympic Games now sadly because of the time zone differences and whatnot I didn't quite get to to watch the tournament grand finals myself life however right when I wanted to watch the VOD I found out that I am had already released the replay pack for this tournament so I want to give a massive shout out to I am for sharing this replay pack so very quickly and for those of you curious as well I'll go ahead and post a link down below in the description of this video to the replay pack so you can go ahead and check out and maybe study some of these games yourself too because if you plan on improving I mean these kind of tournament matches are pretty much you know decree with a crop so it's really exciting that I am you know a big company decides to release these replay packs so very rapidly because you know for people like myself right who really like to cast these games I can't really cast anything that that doesn't give out replay files right now here's the one thing though obviously even though I you know haven't seen the Grand Finals just yet and actually who scarlet is opening up with a proxy hatchery right there look at that trying to simply deny that expansion from her opponent from going up even though I I haven't seen these games just yet I've heard that it's an absolutely amazing finals however I have not been able to avoid any kind of spoilers so I already know who's gonna be the victor in its best of seven series but I don't know the amount of games that were played nor do I know the outcome of any of the matches so I'm really excited to check out what's going on and I figured that even though I already know the victor of this self disturbance it still most definitely a series that is worth casting but here we go I love this already Scarlett has been playing a lot more aggressively recently in 2018 she's been really trying to just deal as much damage to her opponents as possible in the earlier stages of the game and that was definitely also include it's a proxy hatchery just trying to lay that nexus from going up and even an evolution chamber gets planted down as well just to further delay this expansion but you know what I just remembered that I haven't quite introduced the players yet so spawning here in the top left-hand corner of catalyst alley and playing with the blue zurich drones she's from Canada and she goes by the nickname of scarlet and her opponent spotting in the opposite corner of the map and playing with you've read Protoss probes one of the greatest Protoss players of all time he goes by the nickname of SOS and of course he is indeed from South Korea now even a scholar did successfully delayed at Nexus from going up she does have to now deal with these two zealots and they're also actually followed up by a single adept so this is something that she has to keep in mind here because there is a potential for a ton of damage here only a handful of slow circlings queen is just about to spawn or in the natural but these drones are gonna be in a little bit of trouble so far nice micro there by Scarlett trying to keep these drones alive for as long as possible as well zurk things just nibbling away at all of these zealots though and Scarlett is actually dealing a lot of damage to these so far nuts not losing a single drone just yet now look at the micro here I actually think that these yeah look at that yeah that was actually really really well done that was really sick look at that single or zero workers rudder going down in exchange for a couple of slow circlings as well as two zealots I think that is a trait that Scarlett wants to make every single day of the week now if you're talking about Scarlett so far quite a bit in this video right let's let's talk about SOS for just a little bit SOS after this tournament wrapped up is now the most earned player in all of professional Starcraft 2 of all time for the very first time in several years has a player overtaken MC when it comes to most tournament earnings and it turns out that SOS as far as prize money alone goes and actually hoped that thought okay never mind there's just a couple of attempts there just shading and trying to try to see what is going on here on the zurich side of the map but as far as tournament earnings go SOS has currently earned 523 thousand dollars in the last couple of years of his career and so far I mean there's a bit of a there's a bit of a joke going around for the last couple of years that SOS only participates in tournaments where you can only earn at least you know fifty thousand to one hundred and thousand dollars or so cuz when he first got started he won a couple of tournaments but only the ones that were you know at least giving out $100,000 in prize money I think you won like 30 or so of those but anyways even when it comes to this tournament right here the winner of it would and actually look at that the Oracle is dealing a bunch of like there we go nice the tournament Victor of IEM Pyong Chun will also will also take home $50,000 in the second place will earn twenty five thousand so optics considered a very exciting tournament finals and interestingly enough right even though this game sort of very aggressively or very aggressively here for for both players it doesn't really look like we we had anything happen here in the earlier stage of the game I mean if you would if you would start this video at the five-minute mark you would probably just assume that it was a regular opener here in desert versus proto's matchup with desert going for like a relatively late third but all things considered I think that we are in for a very solid series because both of these players are extremely good at what they do here we go no SOS finally has decided what it is that he wants to start off with in this series and it turns out it is going to be adept I mean you can't really play a best-of-seven series as Protoss versus Dirk without at DeVry Lee's going through one adept based all-in nice shade up that ramp actually right on top of that stasis Ward as well as so as is gonna end up losing that Oracle so far not picking off too many workers just yet but he is shading about trying to make sure that he gets as much value out of all of these adepts as humanly possible canceling shades left and right as well target firing down the drones and so far even though he's he's committing to an attack over here he's already taking a third nexus on the other side of the map as well beautifully done by the Protoss player at this point in the game and while scarlet isn't necessarily losing a game-ending amount of workers just yet if you blink twice right you may accidentally see this mineral line of the zerg player disappear right couple more drones now going down they're being picked off left and right and well I think that's yeah nine in total they're definitely not bad and actually a single death Knoll also really wants to join his brothers five kills on that one alone I think all things considered l SOS must be feeling pretty confident in this series so far I mean he doesn't have the greatest amount of workers but he successfully secured that third base right now or at the very least even though this observe things roaming across the map I highly doubt that they're gonna be capable of canceling that third Nexus but considering it it's possible right for a Protoss player to absolutely freak out when they get proxy hatched and I guess that's really what scarlet was aiming for here as well SOS has actually kept his his hat cool they're really not making any critical mistakes at this point in the game just yet really just you know keeping his head cool deciding what it is that he needs in order to deny that that proxy hatchery and from here on out he's gonna be able to play his beloved macro game because that is most definitely what SOS is capable of I mean the thing is SOS is one of those players that usually does like the macro game but he's very good at playing these best-of-seven and best-of-five series he usually just mixes it up continuously and you very seldomly see him play the same strategy several times in a row nice forsooth there as well actually look at that just simply denying these links from dealing any kind of damage I mean you could have just you could have just let these Earthlings escape but it's easier to just pick off you know a few of them here and there shoot battery no providing some aid there as well for these for these probes now currently no scarlet has already made touch transition to watch a lot of roaches and while immortals are now being produced two at once there's no denying that these units can deal an absolute massive amount of damage even the Queen's are now being brought over as well and actually this is a this is a potential game ending push beautiful for swoops they're shutting off a couple of these roaches but the concave forced scarlet already is looking very solid I mean all of these centuries are now out of out of energy so that means that there's not gonna be a lot of a lot of force fields remaining here anymore nor is there gonna be a guardian shield is that just simply a little bit too many zerk I haven't quite figured that part out just yet these these refuges are really just simply raining their corrosive vials they're trying to pop all of these force fields as well Queens now ready to deal with any kind of air unit and judging by the way that this is looking so far I think that there might just barely be a hold on by s.o.s at this point in a game but not if these reinforcing zerglings also join in this battle a couple of chart slots and are also trying their very best to obtain as much damage as they possibly can and it looks like SOS will be able to hold on just barely by the skin of his teeth but it's still a little bit finicky here now I mean ten probes already gone down right and so I still forced to deal with more and more reinforcements and while he did deal with the initial batch of zerg that was moving across the map the reinforcements are just simply streaming forward and it looks like scarlet has not quite decided if she wants to continue other words with this aggression or not there's a couple of drones on that production tap right now another immortal does get surrounded as well so let micros so far away SOS Oswald are just simply microing and hitting those force fields brilliantly but there's no denying right that there is a lot of zerk available and while a single one of these Queens is trying its very best to you know just hit away at these shield batteries in the Nexus as well the Nexus at this point in the game still lives Scarlett has currently got over 1,500 resources in the bank I can't help but wonder if she would follow this up with like say 10 or so you know Hydralisk what this game would look like but it does look like SOS will successfully be able to deflect this big amount of zerg aggression and this has been this has been what what Scarlett's been doing so far in 2018 I've noticed that she's been playing a lot more aggressively I'm not entirely sure as to why she always used to be that player that's playing very very safe and sound and what she's still more than capable of playing that macro game I've noticed as well and her GSL game since she has been on an absolute tear playing super aggressive for those of you that haven't really been watching the GSL she's recently beaten broke the current world champion she's recently beaten a zest one of the greatest Protoss player she recently managed to beat innovation to 2-0 as well I mean whitey considered to be deep best Terran player maybe even the best Starcraft 2 player of all time she has been an absolute Terran she's one of the few North Korean players who managed to not only just make her way into the gsl code s but on top of that also actually make it quite deep into the tournament already she's still in really exciting times I'm curious as to what 2018 will look like for Scarlett anyway I mean everything will sit it right it looks like we're just in a very like immortal are cool zealot forced composition if you are the Protoss player at this point in the game right and the thing is there's a whole bunch of zerg units that can just simply counter these kinds of setups I mean a lot of Zerg players have been favoring quick hive base play in the surf vs. Protoss matchup recently there's been a lot of brutal Ord play as well it looks like those scarlet has decided that she wants to go for that lurker Hydra based composition and this kind of gives me a little bit of nostalgia to the good old you know Starcraft one days where Hydra lurker was the absolute gold standard in desert vs. Protoss matchup as well scarlet has mostly just been bringing that back she's going for a lot of circling she's going for a lot of hydras but she's also going for a lot of lurkers no hive tech to be seen anywhere just yet she is now taken her for our hit v hatchery as well that's gonna really increase that economy but scarlet is already at 78 workers and that is kind of the sweet spot for a Zerg player this is the amount of workers that you need to continuously just reinforce an army and even if you end up losing it you can just simply remake at any given a moment obviously you don't just want to donate it right but there's no denying that this is a cert army you can indeed recreate usually though this is the kind of composition that you're looking for if you are a Protoss player when you're going up against a lurker based army you can really do a lot of damage with archons and immortals but there's not that big of an economy here for SOS nor has his supply count really dead big either I mean 52 workers versus 78 not quite the amount that you want to have and I kind of feel like SOS is forced into this third base that he's got it's likely not gonna be capable of getting another expansion out at least for another little but once again here we go dessert is ready to pounce on her opponent there is now a lot of suruc here right at the front door of the Protoss and it looks like there may even be a bit of a surround that's getting set up now by s.o.s he needs to somehow someway deal with all of these lurkers zerglings just making their way into that mineral line quickly picking up a worker after worker as well but here we go the the surround of the Protoss player has now arrived as well but just the sheer amount of stuff that's available for zerk is just too much and Scarlett will be able to obtain victory here in game number one I actually just had a quick look at the tournament results and if I'm not mistaken that was actually SOS this very first loss in this entire tournament as soon as successfully 3 0 dns he 3-0 at calles or and he also 3-0 to special so just to give you an indication I mean those players that I just named off are very very good at what they do so SOS definitely definitely on an absolute Brentford so far as well now game number 2 is gonna be on an eon of violets where and as far as scarlet goes by the way she had successfully already taken care of time she had already beaten several as well as a laser and actually during the GSL interviews after her victory last time around she mentioned that she really likes to play in particular surfaces irk right now apparently it is her most confident matchup I guess that winning against the laser and then also several as well as of course you know rogue very recently in the GSL as well I mean he's the current world champion right I guess it's given her a massive confidence boost as far as winning against some of these top-of-the-line players ago regardless let's see what SOS wants to go for here in a game number two cuz I mean he didn't play bad in game number one he just simply got outplayed that's kind of what it feels like right like I mean that that brooch based push not something that we've seen a lot of Zerg players go for and then to follow up with with Hydra Roach or rather Hydra lurker very very cool here from scarlet I wonder if she's gonna be doing something similar along those lines as well but seriously though recently she's has been going for a lot more play she's been going for a lot of like certain cheese's she's been going for a lot of Ravager rushes she's been going for a lot more aggressive pushes and I wonder if that's sort of like you know shifted her mindset as well because I mean I remember I remember Scarlett talking about the GSL a couple of months ago where apparently she was playing the tournaments without headphones on on purpose just because she she couldn't get used to the white noise that they blast inside of your earphones so if I'm not mistaken like the way they play the GSL is by you know having the players have their own ear buds and then having like noise canceling with active noise headphones right over the earphones that apparently she wasn't feeling confident and comfortable doing that so he decided to she decided to play without sound all things considered but obviously playing you know one of the top level tournaments without sound if your opponent is listening to the in-game sounds it's pretty tricky I remember watching her army get nuked after she explained that she was playing without headphones on she couldn't quite hear that the tactical launch was detected I mean it's all it's all it's a little bit sad right that was said I was like mid to late 2017 but right now scarlett seems to be on a tear SOS though of course I mean he's always one of these like really confident and really solid Protoss players he hasn't really made any kind of you know he hasn't really made any kind of like insane splashes I don't think a lot of people are like oh my god that's the West's best Protoss player of all time but there's no denying that this man has always been extremely extremely solid couple of these adepts are trying to do a little bit of damage here and they're mostly just scouting to see if Serkis overextending but as far as tournament victories go right there's been a bunch of tournaments that SOS has won here's the thing I you know he's thing so he's won in the 2013 WCS Global Finals against Jaden for $100,000 he's won the IEM season eight world championships against hero for $100,000 he's won the WCS Global Finals in 2015 against life for guess what $100,000 there's this ongoing joke in Starcraft 2 where people don't call them but they call them dollar sign Oh dollar sign just because the the running joke initially is that he would only participate in tournaments that would at the very least provide $100,000 in first-place prize money right like this guy is an absolute absolute monster when it comes to these when it comes to these tournaments so you know some players are very good at playing Grand Finals other players like for example sue comes to mind right there they're you know not nearly as confident sue of course I mean he's gotten like eight second places now and you know I think he's won one it's it's always a little bit sad but anyways when it comes to to personal successes at the very least I never really feel like people give SOS the credit that he deserves when it comes to personal successes SOS is easily one of the most accomplished players of all time I mean he's been the world champion of starcraft 2 several times the people like well you know back when he became broad champion the skill level of the game it wasn't nearly as high as it is these days there's no denying that that may be the case but this man is still around and he's still absolutely you know shredding nerds left and right anyway he's usually not gonna be opening up with the same build twice in a row although this time around I mean he's gone for this weird to tucked-away base here with only four mineral patches but he's once again going through a lot of adepts usually I already see SOS is the kind of player who is gonna go for for a wide variety of builds right so he's got to go for a 440 the hit squad out of stargate units so far and once again he's following it up with a bunch of adepts but this is not super aggressive this is mostly just a little bit of aggression here and there to try and keep desert player on her toes and to make sure that zerk is not gonna overextend a lot of banelings available though this time around here for scarlet so it's call it should be alright as far as this aggression goes at the very least as far as her you know defensive units are as well she should at the very least have enough to prevent this from dealing a huge amount of damage once again though Oracle's got enough energy here for a stasis ward I wonder if if SOS is planning to do something similar but upon seeing the bay Lynx I think that SOS has decided that this aggression is likely not gonna work out so instead he's just simply gonna go back home very high-level decision there bias arrest right you got instinct maybe two typical tu on those with the aggression but if you look at this your player you know and the banelings and whatnot you know that it's likely not gonna really deal any kind of damage whatsoever so you're just sort of forced away into this macro focused state and that's exactly where scarlet likes to be this time around oh she's gone for that baling nest instead of a roach warren that means that she's not gonna be going for that roach based aggression and I gotta say I really like that decision as well cuz I mean trying to engage into this base here in the top left corner it's almost impossible is that she's gonna be able to go straight into the hydrolytic den upon arriving at the lair tech as well we seen amortize carapace coming in as well as +1 missile upgrades so scarlet is gonna be going for this you know once again a high drug based composition this time around though with desert links and banelings added to it as well once more look at that we see the lurker den very unsurprising there she's been playing a lot of lurkers recently at the same time though SOS is not also mixing it up look at that he's already gone for a lot of additional gateways but more importantly also the robotics Bay that means he can be going for for example he can be going for for example these Kalos I can also go for disruptors disruptors of course pretty common here too but he's gonna use this at this time that he has created for himself to secure that fourth Nexus here too and actually I just saw some dropper Lord here on the minim or only on the production tab where are they there they are it's scarlet gonna be going for an aggressive push or is she just simply planning on dropping Bay links on top of her opponents army this is something that we saw for awhile in professional sc2 as well I'm not entirely sure she could even be going for like a lurker drop a base play as well once again now a couple of adepts now heading into that main base of the Zerg player they're just simply picking off whatever it can four workers actually is not bad at all considering I think only a single adapter ended up dying if even that and of course the word prism is still just simply gonna be capable of hanging out to go back in another day but yeah look at that right couple of bay leaves were being loaded up into these overlords not sure they were immediately also unloaded again as well scarlet has been going for more drop base play but I don't know she's made these these rewards right now but they haven't really achieved very much of anything SOS No he secured himself that fourth base he's got all lot of gateways here on what not as well he's now gonna be capable of going for this Colossus based push and of course coal sigh Davey Oh bonus damage against light he doesn't even really need to commit here yeah I love this you can just simply go back and use this time that he's got to to try and just simply you know force this this desert player to not spread nearly as much creep still though I mean scarlet is still threatening with these dropper Lords I don't really know exactly what she's gonna do at him I'm really curious as to what she's planned with them but still there are now also lurkers being morphed in and I think we found out what's going on as they were really dried over here at Dee's overlords as well the lurkers as well as the hydras are now loaded up into these overlords and the thing is of course I mean she's now aware of the fact that Protoss is out on a map with this army the thing is if you for example burrow lurkers right on top of this ramp right good luck trying to kill that good luck trying to move up your ramp and trying to deal with this I guess also I have a lot of range they've got the same range as a matter of fact as all of these units but here comes the drop I wonder if scarlet is just simply planning on going for that main base right away I do think it is going to be the correct decision a little bit of dancing still out in the middle of the map though and SOS is gonna be in for a world of hurt as all of a sudden zurk units show up here in both the main base as well as this natural and that means that SOS is gonna be forced to spend a lot of time in a different location as well so far no well handled here not really a lot of damage coming up just yet also now these adepts once more dropping off in the bottom right hand corner of the map SOS seems to somehow someway be prepared for this even though he didn't quite see what was going on there cool site capable of just simply roasting away a lot of these units and while some of these you know some of these lurkers are are you know dealing a little bit of damage here and there SOS is doing a solo job just simply you know keeping his head cool there we go now finally scarlet has found an angle these lurkers are really starting to did now provide a world of hurt as well and of course it's not really a lot of anti-air here so scarlet can just simply lift up and get them out of there as well if she feels like my cronies units for a little while longer eleven eleven probes eleven probes and at the same time now desert army is also moving through the center of the map still daddy's Kemal saya means 16 kills each already they are two simply trying to roast away at this you know suruc based army very nice of course they do a lot of bonus damage against light these days as well but while the lurkers were a bit of a nuisance I felt like SOS managed to hold on reasonably well there and of course he's gonna also be capable of to simply producing more and more units once again no - be seen anywhere just yet for scarlet but she is gonna continuously push forward here with the lurker Hydra base composition I mean splitting off these units as well right just simply trying to provide more value with this pushing the the lurkers up on this ramp is really gonna force SOS to choose where he wants to engage because these hydras are just gonna continuously try and push onwards as well the Oracle gets picked off no revelation on these lurkers is there even an observer available at this point in the game there is no observer unless I'm absolutely blind I don't think that currently yell look at that there's an observer available for the Protoss player one does barely comes out it immediately gets target fired out as well just barely not getting a kill on that but that means that scarlet is gonna be capable of pushing these lurkers onwards and while just barely do we see the observer getting into position there it gets picked up once again and scarlet demolishes her opponent here in game number two who now is really good I'm not gonna lie I am very impressed in a way that scarlet is handling these games so far she seems to be in control as to what the Protoss player is going for it doesn't really matter very much I mean it feels like SOS was playing this series from the back foods from like you know game number one I mean it's not like even it's not even that he made any kind of critical mistakes it's not that he managed to even like not do any kind of damage to to his opponents mineral lines either I mean both of the games that we have seen so far he's been able to to kill like ten plus workers every time but it doesn't really look like he's been capable of closing this one out early scarlet dose mixing it up she's now gone for that extractor first and she's gonna follow it up with a spawning pool so a little bit of aggression here from the Zerg player or differently stay you know a bit of a safer opener and so as though going for that pylon on the low ground and then immediately scouting with this probe as well you will be able to confirm exactly what it is that he's going up against by seeing what it is that's going on although nice little cheeky drone micro there scarlet is gonna try and send a worker to watch the net row anyway going for a bit of a faster certain speed but instead just simply you know deciding to follow it up with a hatchery anyway so this is one of those maps is actually pretty interesting this map is called backwater it's recently been added to the map whoo and Starcraft 2 as well and there's this third base that's essentially accessible right from the natural that's not really easily accessible from any other direction you can technically like drop units off over here or you can sort of like you know move for Reapers up and down these cliffs and I guess you can you know walk home all sigh over these cliffs as well but all things considered usually this is not a base that is very easy to harass into that means that holding on to this choke here in the center is absolute key scarlet dodge is simply going for a certain speed right now metabolic boost already underway actually quite a few circlings here all things considered I mean she knows her opponent is fully aware of exactly what is going on in this game so far but SOS he's just saving up himself some chrono boost and I wouldn't be surprised if he's gonna be going for maybe some adepts or maybe some zealots here and a little bit as well now he's actually hit a supply block okay so he's just starting up the zealot I'm actually a little bit confused by this is he gonna go for a full wall that must be a full wall here a single stargate will not also be going down quite confused here as to why a so has hit a supply block there I mean that that has to be calculated I mean at this level of play we don't really see any supply block Scarlett is just simply gonna continue rallying circlings across as well and I mean that is a Force Council for sure right there on that stargate although cheeky little plainer trying to do i think that supply block must have been intentional just to try and and force his opponent to to to make a lot more units right I mean I mean scarlet may very well be smelling a potential victory now already though there is indeed this dropper lured off in the corner it's gonna be capable of dropping off a couple of zerglings link speed just now finished up as well not a single worker has gone John has gone down just yet scarlet will be capable of killing this zealot at the same time though the links are immediately being rallied into the overlord and dropped off inside at a main base of the Protoss player great fuel better replacement though I have to say SOS is actually handling that very very smartly but still these Earthlings are capable of providing a world of hurt scarlet is gonna now go after that pylon that's powering this shield battery it will be picked up very quickly as well but still more and more workers are going down and now the front door apparently has also fallen as Earthlings are actually now I think there must have just simply run down that ramp but still these Earthlings are trying to surround as many of these units here on the low grounds to the best of their abilities to shield battery now being used to try and provide some shields there to that gateway gateway ends up falling as well and I think that scarlet is gonna go to the fourth game in this series yeah scarlet just went for a bunch of circlings dropped them off and into our opponents main base and then she won the game are we really gonna be see I don't know the result that's insane are we really gonna be seeing a 4-0 here for scarlet I mean it isn't a cart right now alright so there we have it this is the potential match point for this series right here for desert player in blue spotting in a top left hand corner of asset plant le and playing with these or drones we have none other than scarlet and our opponents spawning in the opposite corner having a bit of a tough series so far I mean you went undefeated in the tournament up to this point and now he's three zero behind in the grand finals we have none other than SOS multiple time world champion one of the greatest players in all of se - I always kind of feel like I mentioned it already right but I always kind of feel like people don't nearly give him as much credit as some of the other players out there but there's no denying that SOS is an absolute monster so he needs to play this one safe he has to win this game he's God for a very quick scout once again just to confirm that indeed that is gonna be a hatchery first here from scarlet not really taking any risks here is scarlet so far I mean she could be going for the quick the quick spawning pool play once again right and try to to go up to a more macro focused game but it looks like a desert is just simply gonna be opening up with that hatch gas pool style in the meantime no I mean I've been casting a lot of games as well recently of Protoss vs. Zerg what Protoss is perfectly capable of you know demanding a lot of those worker kills and eventually overpowering desert I'm quite surprised though but the way that SOS has been slapped around so far I've been seeing a lot of Protoss players over like the last couple of years and in particular in recent times going for like a for example like a three Oracle fourth Phoenix hit squad where they essentially started roaming the map and they you know keep on track of where that zerk army is located but they also lift up the Queen and they use the Oracles to really step away at the mineral line I wonder if SOS is gonna be going for something similar in this series as well because that honestly seems to be one of these strongest builds for proto's right now and there's no denying that it does require a lot of micro and you do have to be on top of your game but SOS is perfectly capable of handling that multitasking he is perfectly capable of handling that multitasking I would love to see something along those lines here from our pros players because or from our Protoss player water because it seems like the adept players just simply get encountered very very easily Scarlett seems to this view with that very nicely the quick third Nexus play is also being dealt with very easily and even though SOS is going for all-round safe build orders apparently they are not safe enough to stop Scarlett's aggression at this point couple of certains now don't try to nibble away here at that third hatchery location as well they're gonna try and intercept actually that probe here to think it may end up dying they're just barely in the nick of time stargate by the way once again being created as well as that a third hatchery SOS is gonna be capable of of course sending the first adept across map this one is usually primarily meant for scouting purposes it's really meant to to make sure that there is gonna be a third hatchery up and right here we will be able to figure out all SOS we'll be able to figure out indeed that there is gonna be an expansion there from the zerg player and that's really important because it allows you at the very least to be aware of the fact that you're mostly safe against this aggression scarlet doll once again mixing it up going for a very quick evolution chamber that could be a variety of things I think we may have seen something similar in a game where she decided to go for a lot of roaches but once again look at that we just see the overall cocoon being morphed in there is already an Oracle out on the map here as well so or I guess of Phoenix first and now an Oracle follow-up here so technically speaking this said it's over what should be found it's gonna be a slow over word so that means that there's not gonna be you know no mattis carapace available just yet plus one melee being researched now as well for Scarlett so these Earthlings are gonna become very powerful in about a minute or two from now I think that I think it SOS must have seen that right he's actually gonna be able to confirm it at the very least right now and the Oracle gets halted as well so very nicely done there it will be needed for the defense here to try and pick off these zerk links nice pick up my photo I love that right this forcing the Oracle to use some of its energy and then just simply you know not actually lifting Desert Kings out of there anymore and is simply dropping them off instead still though the Phoenix will be able to come home and considering there is no overall speed on this one right here the Overlord will eventually end up dying but at the very least did some attempted aggression and Scarlett is gonna be capable of following it up with a very macro focused style as well additional Queens and are coming up as well nemetes carapace being researched late earlier than we have seen so far no bailing nester Roach warned to be seen anywhere just yet but we do see a second gas being constructed here for Scarlett as well so we have to keep an eye on exactly what it is that she's got in store for us here today gotta say though I like this setup that SOS is in much better this time around I mean he's got a single Oracle he's got a single Phoenix he's gonna be able to roam the map with those on top of that he's got a very safe solid strategy usually we don't really see a third base any later than the five minute mark there is still no third Nexus up here for SOS that may be just due to the aggression in the earlier stages but he really needs to be looking for one very very shortly Zork means are actually looking for one right now as well they might even be able to pick off that probe if they were to notice it looks like it's not gonna be the case an SOS indeed is gonna be able to make a probe move over to the third Nexus and or at the very least to the third location and a plant and down a nexus right over there as well Scarlett oh my god is she mixing it up Scarlett no once again going for some drop Awards these are loaded in with Queens instead and they have been saving up energy they're trying to go after this Phoenix once again loading them up plus one attack just finished up on these circlings and they're already gonna be able to go down on all of these dirt or all of these proto's units of course plus one mainly makes them so much more powerful the Phoenix is not quite available just yet the our condo that's currently or run of the award prism dough that's currently trying to drop off some articles on the other senator map will be spotted here as well very nicely done but if Dirk manages to for example pick that one off this could be absolutely disastrous for the Protoss player scarlet is now smelling blood making more and more circlings she's gonna try and close out this game right here right now and she's actually switched over to Queens out of these drop Awards and has gone from banelings instead so she can potentially drop some off into that proto's mineral line as well pick up micro of course is not just something that a Protoss player can do sir can do the exact same thing now the third Nexus is a force to get cancelled here beautiful blader oh my god going for the High Templar and then feet backing those Queens preventing the energy for the transfuse to coming out as well and then just simply morphing them off into an arc hole anyway brilliant later by s.o.s that is not something that I've seen before but those banelings are really just starting to bring the damage had not a lot of them being killed just yet though there's actually there's actually quite a few still remaining here two men that could have been disastrous there if there was only one additional one additional bailing available but it looks like SOS has managed to hold on but it's good of his teeth so far right but he has managed to hold on veinte now rewrite it or la rata not the Queen sorry they have been picked off but the Bailey's are rerouted into the main base as well of course you have to decide is this a fake one or is it not turns out it is not because indeed the Bailey's are already dropping out but only three probes end up dying and Scarlett is forced to retreat back home SOS though not sitting still either immediately going for the counter-attack recognizing what's going on massive warp in of zealots and they are going to be capable of bringing the damage here with these are combs as well of course plus one circlings are still capable of dealing a world of hurt these Queens of course though they're still in a solid position as what is simply dealing the damage from a bit of a distance zealots achieve absolutely nothing and nor do the archons we see that rush which now coming up here from Scarlett once again eleven roaches glial reconstitution which is roach speed as well as +1 missile they will all finish up roughly around the same time which means that Scarlett is not done with the aggression just yet she can continuously push here meltus with Queens and resort means and bailing x' and all that but she can also follow it up with a big roach based army still no and Suez has got a lot of stuff he's behind as far as supply goes he still does not have to third base not only until just now is this gonna go down and circlings are already on the prowl once again but he is gonna be capable potentially bringing a lot of damage in here as well already setting up a stasis ward here as well for potential run buys beautiful force fields really preventing these banelings from connecting our cones and immortals are ready providing a lot of value here as they are just simply gonna try and shoot away at all of these roaches to the best of their abilities still though there's a lot of zurich available plus one plus one just about to finish up on these units as well one of the archons is running dangerously low but great micro here by the Protoss player in red to prevent this one from really dealing any kind of critical damage it's still alive right now it's still dealing the damage as well and SOS is finally catching a bit of a break I think he can even continue what was with the aggression although apparently he has decided that he wants to turn back around and potentially maybe go after the base that is taken here on the fourth base location of desert in stead still dose Scarlett is now forced to make notes tube units and all of these units here from SOS sort of counter the ones that scarlet is making right at this point in time but sometimes sc2 is just a numbers game right the sheer amount of stuff that's available for zerk here is getting out of hand this base running very very low on HP great force fields once again zealots have now also closed the distance and a lot of these roaches are clumped back to prevent them really from being able to start dealing two damage but still scarlet is holding onto the base and SOS is once more forced backwards great pick up micro tis simply lifting up that we can are called preventing it from going down and while SOS is trying his best to eventually clean up that hatchery it turns out that it didn't work out so far just yet third Nexus has finished up in the meantime by the way on the other side at a map deserting run by apparently not enough just yet single immortal pretending like he's caught off guard but it's he's just gonna leapfrog his way up there now that the zerk army doe has called it a bit of a weird angle I think that SOS is gonna try and target firing down to hatchery still though it's a very tough call to make a lot of damage is coming up once again our calls are running very low but eventually the hatchery does end up falling at the cost of a1 Arkham there in total another one of those stasis Ward's though preventing a lot of desert from moving onwards beautiful pick up micro here by s.o.s this has been a fight that's been going on for forever reinforcements of the Protoss are arriving now as well and I think that SOS finally managed to catch himself a break but all of the drones the remaining over there have now just simply moved over to watch the newly freshly acquired hatchery and mineral patches instead scarlet seems to be on top of this I mean that was a very tough call to make that micro of Protoss was absolutely brilliant keeping a lot of those units of life absolutely nil biting match so far but SOS I mean he's he's probably gonna be forced to retreat here I don't really see if he can continue onwards with this aggression I guess he technically could third base is now secured as well there are still a lot of gateways available so there's no denying that the Protoss can continue onwards if he really wants to not a stasis Ward's not coming in trying to to force desert player to not be on creep nicely landed pile they're just preventing that from dealing any kind of damage whatsoever scholars showing that she's a a bit too good to be caught off guard against all of that aggression still though apparently this little bit of a nucleus is kind of confusing as a few of these few of these proto students are gonna be able to deal some damage as well as scarlet once again takes to vase that she has previously lost a single overall dose still threatening here but this is what I like a lot right look at that and so as this time it's trying to just simply view a bunch of damage great force field once again immortals who dropped off of that all of that war prism once more as well and the immortals it is simply plowing through all of these roaches at this point in the game as well there are a lot still available like I said sometimes Starcraft 2 is just a numbers game but I feel like the numbers are just barely in favor of the protis or maybe they are not because there's still a lot of Zerg reinforcements coming in as well scarlet decided to move off creep normally something that is very difficult to do and not something that I would advise doing but finally after like a good like five minutes or so fighting there yes SOS decided that he wants to go back home at the very least for a little bit because of course I mean the core prism is still there there's not a lot of anti-air here for the for desert players so I mean SOS is just capable of dropping them off once again picking up a couple of workers here and there definitely a nice thing and if you give them like about five seconds you will start shooting that hatch free down as well because immortals of course they do a lot of damage to armored I love this look at that scarlet already thinking ahead here in the next step when it comes to this a game she's gone for the transition here to watch a spire of course that could be for a greater spire later on but it could also be used to just simply go from you to us there's only really a couple of our combs and I think if you can save up like say you know a thousand gas or so you can really get yourself a lot of value but apparently SOS is not done with the push just yet you went back just to try and recuperate his losses for a little bit get some reinforcements out as well but now that apparently he's got a big enough army SOS is once again gonna try and continue onwards with the aggression and I love it SOS is dealing a lot of damage already once again beautiful pickup micro just simply preventing the Zerg player from really getting any kind of value out of this army and I think that SOS May of this barely been able to do it for the first time in this series he's really taken the supply lead after like the 10-minute mark as Scarlett is desperately scrambling by 21 drones end up falling there in just a matter of seconds but Scarlett will be forced to GG out an SOS can indeed start the comeback already match point number 2 here for our blue zerk player spawning in a bottom left hand corner of black pink we have none other than Scarlett and her opponent of course spawning in a top right hand corner definitely very good at keeping his head cool we have none other than SOS or dollar sign o dollar sign I mean you know if you're not gonna win at least 50 grand why even participate in tournaments in the first place right I mean it's why even bought her know if there's the SOS definitely definitely one of those players who's just really good at playing series there's just simply there's tournament players in starcraft 2 there's ladder players and then our finals players as well I mean a lot of players once they make it our way into a tournament they start playing differently than they practiced on the letter now once you keep your head cool in those kind of scenarios and you you know make your way to a grand finals it is all about keeping your head cool and the grand finals as well and just simply playing a series out smartly playing a way that your opponent doesn't expect it playing the same strategy over and over and over again it's just simply not gonna allow you it's just simply not gonna allow you to obtain the victory right like players just simply got a hard counter you I mean the thing about a lot of these in particular like deeper tournament games and usually those are a little tricky as four are studying the replay schoo is that Dirk players and Protoss players alike start cutting a lot of corners for example scarlet in in some of these games if it wasn't for the fact that that adepts were roaming across right but say for example that SOS would have been going for a very macro focused style every game immediately into a third nexus and not really doing any kind of damage whatsoever scarlet would have undoubtedly started skipping the roach warren and debating nestle together and just went straight up to 70 workers in a hydro den that is not the type of game you really want to start incorporating into your own play style instead it is something that players will do in tournament games because they want to get out the maximum amount of units and the maximum amount of workers that they can and really focus on that big economy usually the only way you can properly do so is by you know skipping out a couple of units here and there and maybe even a couple of tech structures here and there as well regardless previous game was a macro game it seemed like Scarlett was in control there in the earlier stages off it but the arc or immortal style just simply shredded through the roaches there in the end right the revenues were pretty good circlings and banelings were trying their very best as well but the micro of SOS was impeccable he just simply lifted up those units he provided a lot more value to his army than you would otherwise see from a from a Protoss player and while once again we see that Stargate base play there's still a lot of deviations that SOS can make at this point in time as well I wonder if Scarlett is gonna show us another aggressive game so far it looks like she's just simply gonna be playing the standard macro game instead third base has not been scouted just yet although SOS will confirm a whether or not that one is up in just a little bit of time once again they'll shape moving up on top of that ramp zerg things are gonna try and chase it down but really this is just to confirm what it is roughly that desert player is going for in a Scarlett has managed to sneak a couple of zerglings out here on the right hand side of the map she will confirm at the very least that it's not a very quick third base it may actually be that SOS is gonna send some units across but link speed is just about to finish up Scarlett is making a lot more zerk links here as well she's gone once again for an evolution chamber upgrade or evolution chamber right away but these Earthlings are catching her opponent off guard and this can absolutely be an issue I mean this final is critical for the Protoss player having this pilo here at the front means that he's gonna be able to get himself the warpgate upgrade eventually right a while eventually there is the Oracle that comes out it's not quite in the correct position to really deal any kind of critical damage here either more and more overrode cocoons are being morphed in a second Oracle now gets created as well circlings are making our way to the front of this base too but Scarlett is not done just yet why would you need Navitus carapace right if your units just aren't in any issue here whatsoever I mean eventually army will drop off into the main base and I think that SOS is gonna be in for a little bit of trouble more and more certain things are now being created as well the adepts are shading towards the low ground but if they leave the main base that means that the net rule will be defended but dessert means in the main are just simply gonna be able to drop off just like that a single chute battery is now constructed as well near the main a mineral line but circlings have managed to stream into the main base here of the Protoss player I think that scarlet has somehow someway managed to break her opponent with a strategy that was unexpected shield battery is indeed gonna be running out of energy twelve probes have already gone down and Scarlett is not done just yet these Oracle's are running out of energy slowly but surely more and more probes are going down as well Scarlett if she wants to continue making probes from here on out and she would be perfectly fine as well a lot of drums from here on out and she would be perfectly fine as well but 19 workers makes it so that there are very few remaining here for the Protoss player in red and these Earthlings they are not done yet either I mean Scarlett is now going after all of these pylons trying to shut down the production here of the Protoss player and while more and more more and more Oracle's are joining in the fray as well they are trying to very best this app away at all of these zerglings it is not enough just yet as 28 workers I mean SOS I don't think you can believe it right now right this is a bill that he should be able to counter this is a bill that Scarlett already went for earlier on into this series SOS says gg Congrats and Scarlett obtains the victory in this best-of-seven series and therefore becomes the champion of Intel Extreme Masters kyun-jung I hope you enjoyed watching this series if you did make sure you hit that like button down below and if you want to see more make sure you hit that subscribe button so you get notifications as soon as future videos go life as well other than that do not forget to also follow me on Twitter Instagram and Facebook links are down below in the description but I want to thank you for watching have an amazing day do not forget to smile or a special shout-out to the patreon supporters you guys are awesome but I'll

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