Ghana Government Delegation Hon. Ken Ofori-Atta, Minister of Finance

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Minister there were a lot of Africans in the Diaspora that could not make it tonight now I want you to share a little bit about what you spoke about today we have the Minister of Finance mr. Kenneth Parata so the purpose of politicians that comes out to the diaspora it's for us is to engage in conversation so we can have certain issues to help better policies and better investment or sometimes when the culture there are certain cultures that sit on information that makes it very hard for the Diaspora to be involved in the environment of Ghana what do you have to say about that well I think really the recognition is that we have an incredible amount of talent out there both of sort of the Diaspora who are from the country an African American parents who are here and really with all of that talent I think it has to be a deliberate policy for most African governments to engage because we are losing a lot of resources and talent by not doing that and so we are hopeful that we'll be more focused on this as part of the solution to our development speaking of solutions that diaspora also expressed thoughts of on systems that need to be set in place in Ghana because when they do come out there sometimes it's very difficult to adjust certain things there what do you have to say about that and the new party coming in different systems or new systems of and fortune old systems that are already there I do really when we talk about systems we're talking about reducing human intervention so things are fair and straight and efficient and it is our commitment to really computerized in a way that will facilitate business and therefore the need to see fewer people in any transaction that you do thank you so much any final words no I'm very excited about this meeting I'm really looking forward to engaging to engage in the garden thank you so okay so I have mr. Yossi grant here with me who's the chief executive office of the Ghana Investment Promotion Center also the chief marketing officer of Ghana you are pretty much the guy that everyone wants to me any investor would love to would love to me you go around and you search around for major investors now I want you to talk to our viewers out there who couldn't make it here and a guy in agony on Jasper today you spoke about the five billion budget possibly for Ghana I want you to also talk about the investment levels and also how are we planning to vitalize the ghanians Stock Exchange and Treasury both a lot of ghanians out here had a lot of questions about how they could invest in Ghana talk a little bit about that well yes I mean I office gun is ready this is a new gunner that's on the go we opened up the country for invested we are doing a lot of reforms that will make that business sector more attractive as well as taking a lot of the upfront costs for investors so to do their business and contact them and make the money John the bid to grow our businesses create jobs and create wealth in our country it is not just about finding the source of our indigenous and domestic investors as well and we know there are a lot of issues that we need to resolve we're working very hard to make sure is attractive because Ghana is in the center of West Africa it's a bastion of peace in West Africa and it's a place that if West Africa works then it depends on Ghana working out so it's very important of course up the stock exchange works on the economy we are fixing the economy in a ratio that break soon the Shockers need to be strong and attract investments from all over the world many people will love to invest money so thank you very much thank you very much sir cuz I'm back again so I had the Deputy Minister of Energy Minister I'm in Adam a minister we spoke a lot today and I'm not going to bombard you with many questions because I know you're a busy guy lots of other energy anything to do with energy right now as far as the Diaspora is being involved in investing in our energy force well I mean as I mentioned in my speech we want to promote renewable energy because it will create green jobs but the way to procure renewable energy going forward is going to be by open and competitive business and therefore any investor whether Ghanian or non-union that wants to come in invest in renewable energy is welcome however it's important to also see that we are introducing what we call a local content policy in the power sub sector which means that investors who will give shareholding to ghanian will be given preference when they come to invest in our new abou sector investors who will also come and assemble the part either to assemble the panel or other parts that are required in the installation of the new or low power will be given preference also those that will come and even set up a factory to manufacture the parts and themselves they will also be given preference so if you are coming to bid on comparative basis you have to be pre-qualified and the only yardstick for pre-qualifying people are those who give shareholding Suganya those who are ready to assemble and those who are ready to manufacture in ghana because this is the only way we can create jobs and make renewable energy really live up to ease you know expectations of creating green jobs in the country very good to know that you know I don't know this question may pertain to you but if you have any knowledge about this one factory one district can you talk a little bit about them and also how we can pretty much kind of like renegotiate a few things when it comes to corruption and the aspirants coming out to Ghana with this one factory one district project well I mean the one for the one district project now has a secretariat in the office of the president because it has to receive presidential attention so that all the bureaucracies and the rich red tape that you find in the ministries and departments and agencies are avoided so very soon they are going to start an hour which you know program both in Ghana and abroad to educate people and to create awareness about the structure that is been put in place to facilitate the program and so it will be very soon I believe by next month we will begin to hear from the Secretariat what structures they are putting in place so that people can transparently and fairly access opportunities that are provided by the program thank you so much [Music]


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