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this right a s hello so now we move on to the extremely important subject of tea and I don't mean herbal tea in the fancy packaging I'm talking about good Oh wholesome reliable English tea I'm going to show you how to make of English tea exactly in most of the households in England these days forget teapots forget loose tea this is the nitty-gritty of British society so for an example here are two cups I made earlier

right here we have as you can see two very different cups this one here I would call a northern upper and northern cup of tea cup of a short that's very important today's lesson and here is a builder's tea quite a few differences here and I should explain the northern copper is lighter in color so it is brewed for less time and it has all milk and this T which is the builders copper or the builders T is darker in color and it even has the teabag still in there common characteristic off the door dusty and the very essential tip in the mock builders teas are working-class hard-working hard earning cups of tea for the backbone of English society and such it ok so for this video I'm going to show you how to make a northern copper because that is my favorite and there is a specific nap to it I actually learned how to make this particular copper after years and years of research and decided that this was the tea for me in my adulthood and I have stucked this method every day 3 or 4 times a day ever since I was raised by tea drinkers and I'm talking about hardcore tea drinkers I know my stuff

so do you make the perfect northern cuppa you will need teabags a mug or cup preferably white and a teaspoon now when I say roughly white for me personally I prefer to have plain white cup so that I can properly taste the tea without any distraction of color I'm the same with dinner plates as well I prefer a plain dinner plate so the food stand

with regards to teabags whichever brand you prefer is absolutely fine I try a few different brands and I like to change my tea taste something we take a tea bag

seems like one for now okay what you're looking at is a typical one cup tea bag they are very often round sometimes you can buy them with a pyramid shape

hi the shape is fine as far as I'm concerned that goes in the bottom of the cup now some people like to add their milk next I am 100% against this though that may cause some controversy because I feel as though if I was to put the milk in now then some of the teabag would absorb milk and it wouldn't brew properly and I would waste some of the milk the teabag goes in and next I'm going to pour the water so here I have a freshly boiled kettle of water and I'm going to very slowly pour the water into the cup like so if you look carefully you will see steam rise from the cup and we pour until about there we leave about a centimeter of space from the top of the liquid to the top of the cup and we wait and we wait and we wait and then take our tea spoon and place the tea spoon in the muck and scoop the bag okay now this is very important and vital part of the process we grab the bag so you need good practice of this strong skin thick skin custom to the heat this comes with practice and you press and hold the bag against the cup and we squeeze just once ready

and straightaway we discard the teabag no more brewing gone you will see here that this particular tea making service as lots of residue from previous tea ceremonies that is to be expected and is part of the process and makes the whole tea ritual something that a bit more special now we have brewed RT you can see the steam flowing up from the cup and now we are about to pour in our milk now for milk I prefer to use organic because it is creamier but whichever milk you would like to use is absolutely fine most likely you will find that semi skimmed is the usual I like to use semi skimmed for skimmed milk the tea just doesn't really taste very milky at all and contrary to what some people may assume about English tea the milk is not poured into a separate jug the milk for the tea comes straight from the fridge we don't have time for tea pots we don't have time for jugs of milk when T is necessary tea is necessary now not in 15 minutes time okay so I take the lid off my milk to the top done place the lid we put the milk straight normally our teabag would be thrown in the bin but one that's still quite warm I prefer to hold on to them for a little bit and throw them all away

now you will see that if a northern cup of tea is made in the South you may find that their wine scale marks on the top of the tea just a surface this is because the water in the South is harder than the water in the north we just skim it off the top wipe it on a tea towel

give it a stir

and now we have it a northern copper ready-to-drink around a table ready to discuss current affairs whether it be national or local usually the affairs discussed will be how let's say recent events guarding one's husband or recent events regarding one's friend many an issue has been solved over a good cup they are used to combat stress they are used to fill ones stomach when one is busy and doesn't have time to eat anything they are used to wake oneself up in the morning

they are used as an excuse to sit down

and they are used to comfort a friend or a family member can honestly say that there isn't a situation in life that can't be improved slightly with the aid of a nice so before I go I may just mention that at this stage in the proceedings sugar can be added to the tea in my case the sugar here is for any guests that may come because I do not take sugar myself as you know I am sweet enough

but if sugar is required then I prefer to use unlighted fair trade and unrefined

so that takes our tutorial on how to make northern copper I do hope you enjoyed that and I shall see you very soon take care


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