EU4 - How To Win as Poland

by: TheSocialStreamers

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hello there guys and welcome to a little strategy guide on Poland so they want so the first thing we want to do is restart until bohemia' is rivaled by Austria then you're going to want to Royal meri bohemia' but don't Ally them in this time also set your rivals and get some other allies probably Austria as well as others after you're on pause you want to destroy all of your thoughts apart from Cracow this is because they're in grasslands and farm lands and so on that useful in defense you're also going to be wanting to improve relations with your vassals whilst you wait for the personal union event to happen with youth away Nia keep your eye on bohemia' because they're going to get a member of your dynasty on the throne due to your royal marriage with them provided you spot this quickly and you have more prestige in them you'll be able to claim their throne and go to war this should be relatively simple war as you'll have overwhelming numbers it only requires around 80% war school to force the Union itself after this improve relations an attempt to make the in your loyal next you're going to want to go to war with the Teutonic order from here you can take land including Danzig however be wary of a coalition forming due to this you want to look eastwards by setting provinces of interest around lithuanian border they'll fabricate claims on neighboring provinces i recommend trying to push into the great horde in crimea early before the ottomans get an event to turn crimea to a vassal following on from this you're going to want to neuter Russia and the Ottomans early as both have the potential to become a threat in the future having done this you should be the most dominant power in Europe you're in a great position because you can expand eastwards into another religion when the Catholics get annoyed and westwards when the Orthodox and Muslims get annoyed as you have behavior in a personal union you also have the possibility of becoming the Holy Roman Emperor Brandenburg should start friendly though you might want to just outright conquer the electors either way by the time you form the Commonwealth not even a coalition will be able to stop you so thank you guys for watching Poland was chosen by voting form in description but please vote the next nation that goodbye

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