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hello and welcome to another lawn fun video today we are introducing our brand-new stitched hillside pop-up die this die is so cool because it creates an awesome three-dimensional he'll pop up for your cards so let's go ahead and check it out when I run this die through my die cut machine I like to run it through twice that way all of those embossing lines emboss really well so that it's nice and easy to fold and here you can see the awesome stitching that it creates and the score line so that you can fold all the pieces needed to make this actually pop up the first step is to fold along that bottom score line so I'm going to fold kind of starting in the middle and then moving my way outside to the outer edges and then I'm going to use my bone folder to score that really well just so that there's a nice crisp line the next step is to fold back the right tab so you're just going to push down on that hill and it's going to score the lines for you and then you can push down those two tabs there and then there's two more folds right on the ends of those tabs so you're going to push that down right along that embossed line and push that down there and now all the pieces that need to be folded are folded now this die is sized for a five and a half by four and a quarter card so I'm going to go ahead and score a card base right at four and a quarter and then I'm going to add some adhesive to my hillside pop-up piece so I'm going to add a ton of adhesive to that bottom flap and then I'm also going to add adhesive to the back of those top flaps too and I like to do that all now so that it's nice and easy to form this once I put it into my card the next step is to take that bottom flap and line it up with the fold line of your card and this is super easy to do you just kind of put it right into that fold and line it up right against the back of the card and it's going to fit right in there and then I like to press that down and make sure that it's adhered really really well so the next step is to fold that entire flap now down back and flat against the card and then you're going to push that right tab forward and push those tabs down so I'm going to repeat that I'm going to push this whole piece all the way down then I'm going to push that right tab in push those pieces down fold the top of the card press really well and when you open it it's going to have formed the hills which is so so cool now these hills might look familiar to you and that's because they are the same hills as our stitched hillside dies so the great thing about that is you can coordinate it with any of our other Hill dies that have that same exact slope we make them all have the same slopes that are easy to use together now I wanted to create a sky for the card the first card that I'm going to make here so I'm starting with some peacock feathers distress ink starting off of the card and then onto the card and slowly building that color up and the reason I'm starting off of the card and then going on is so that I don't have any harsh edges so I'm just going to build up all of that peacock feathers color keeping it darkest towards the bottom and the top of half of my card is going to get tumbled glass and that's because that's a lighter blue and I want it lightest up towards the top and these are my two favorite colors for skies I've been using them a lot lady lately they just make me happy they're so pretty and I'm just going to blend along those edges so I'll cover the edge between Tumbo glass and peacock feathers with peacock feathers and then switch to tumble glass and back and forth along that edge until there's a nice blended look and you can't tell that there was two colors used now we're going to start working with our Hills so I'm going to fold along that bottom line then I'm going to fold that right tab just like we did before push those two tabs in and then fold the tops of those two tabs I'm not going to add my adhesive just yet because I want to work on forming the rest of my card first I'm cutting some more Brown plaid using my stitched tree borders and I've also cut a leafy tree backdrop out of some brown cardstock I'm layering those there to see how tall I want my trees I'm going to make a little pencil line and trim those off next I need a card base five and a half by four and a quarter so I'm going to go ahead and score that and then started hearing all of the base pieces of my card so I'm going to adhere on the base of five and a half by four and a quarter piece of brown plaid and then I can go ahead and adhere my sky my trees and then my big tree backdrop the reason I've used all that brown plaid along the bottom and up the top of the card is I want my Hills to be seamless against the card and by using the same pattern paper as the pop-up Hills it's going to look that way so you'll see now when I layer that brown plaid on there it all looks like one seamless card now it's finally time to add my Hills so I've added some tape to the bottom of the base and I'm going to butt that in right into the score line of the card and adhere that down really well next I'm going to add some tape to my little tab pieces here so we're adding those to the back of those tabs and what we're going to do is fold down that whole piece just like that then we're going to push in the right piece push down the tabs fold the card push really well and open it up and our Hills have been formed now I forgot to add the leaves for behind my tree so I just pulled up my tree there and I'm going to add that leaf base from leafy tree backdrop and put that right behind the tree and I just love that look so much now it's time to decorate this card so I'm going to add a bunch of little leaves there to my tree then I'm going to put my Fox from jump for joy jumping in my pile of leaves and then I'll add the little Rape to the owl from jump for joy too and so I'm going to start positioning all of these on to my Hills so I've got my cute little owl there and then I die cut and colored a bunch of little leaves and I'm going to add those to the car just for some extra color I also wanted my Hedgehog to be in a pile of leaves but I wanted it to be smaller than the full stamped one so I just took a bunch of individual leaves and adhered those together to create a custom leaf pile and last but not least I had to add some leaves up into the sky too now next I'm going to be working on the front of the car and I wanted to customize my sentiment so I actually cut apart the for your kindness so that I could stack them both on there so they would fit really well on my die cut banner so I'm going to go ahead and use my powder tool here to make sure that nothing sticks when I heat emboss I'm going to stamp in Versamark ink which is super sticky ink and then add my white heat embossing powder to it next I'll heat it up with my heat gun and I'll have a nice bright white bold sentiment for my card here I have some perfectly platfor and I've cut it to one and three core by 12 inches and I'm just going to fold it around my card to create a sleeve so just like that I'm going to fold it around I'm going to add some tape to the two ends so that I can glue those together and I'm using some nice strong tape so that it doesn't fall apart so once I have those two pieces on there I can peel off that liner tape and line the two pieces up and I don't even have to measure where those fold lines are going to be you can just use your card as a guide which makes it nice and easy then I'm going to add some foam tape to my sentiment piece and add that to the top and this is nice and simple but that's what I like to do with pop-up cards I want it to look nice and simple on the front then you're going to pull that sleeve off and be completely wowed when you open the card and I just love it oh my gosh I think it would just make someone's day to get this huge surprise in their card so I'm just going to add that sleeve back on and then it's ready to send to someone in the mail and I just can't get over these pop-ups every time I open one of these cars I'm just wowed and they're so fun and really really easy to make so now that we've made a fall themed pop-up I thought it would be fun to work on a Halloween themed pop-up so I'm going to start by cutting some black cardstock with my stitch till side pop-up die and then I'm going to cut some black cardstock with my forest board or die and because this die has that same hillside slope I'm going to be able to layer these two together giving this digital side a cool and different look so I'm going to layer that die cut hill right behind my hillside pop-up and make a little pencil line where I need to trim it off because I want to make sure that tab kind of fits right in between the trees so now that I've trimmed off that piece I can add a bunch of adhesive to the back of my hillside pop-up and layer that on there and you'll see there because of the way we lined it up that tab piece is just going to push down one tree and then here I'm just going to trim off any excess so I'm getting a really cool look there now now this force border only goes in one direction so to get it to go in the other direction all you need to do is cut two pieces so right now we've cut our first one made our pencil line and we're going to trim it I'm going to add some tape to the back of the hillside pop-up once again and layer that piece on then to finish the next part of the piece you just have to recut another forest border and line up the next piece to make that hill continuous and no one's going to be ever able to tell that there was actually two forest borders cut so here's my second forest border and now you'll see I can take that end and continue that hill pattern so now once I've got it perfectly lined up I'll make my pencil line again and then drip trim off the excess and this time I'm going to add some adhesive directly to the forest border and line that up right behind the hillside to create that continuous Tree Hill and I just love the way this coordinates with previous dies so you can create some really cool stuff like this now that we have those cool forest borders on there we can start to fold this die so I'm going to fold along that bottom tab starting in the middle and moving my way out to the outsides then I can push down onto the right tab just like that and then push the top tabs down just like that now I wanted to create a purple sky to go with this card so I'm starting with seedless preserves and then I'm going to move in to dusty Concord and I'm starting off of the card stock and then moving on just like I did with my blue sky and then I'm going to layer the dusty Concord on top of the seedless grapes just to give it a little bit of more darkness towards the bottom I also decided to bring in some chips on fire once again just to add a little more darkness and richness now I'm going to cut the little town border a brand new die out of some black cardstock - and I'm keeping this all black so that those hills look really seamless into the sky now I'm just trimming down some little tiny strips of yellow cardstock and that's because I'm going to put them behind the houses to create kind of a glow look coming from behind them and I saw sure I do this and I thought it was so cool and I really wanted to try it so I'm just layering these little pieces right behind all the houses and then I'm trimming some slightly larger ones for the bigger houses there the wider houses and layering them all behind and then trimming off any excess that you can see on either side of our die cut piece and I just think it looks so cool it really looks like the houses are glowing now that that's all done I'm going to create my card base which I'm going to use black cardstock once again and make it five and a half by four and a quarter and then I can start layering all of my pieces so I'm going to take my sky with my houses and layer that on the back of the card and then I'm going to take my hillside pop-up add a ton of adhesive on that bottom flap tab and then also adhesives on the little back tabs too and once I've got enough adhesive on there I can take it and put it put it into my card so I'm going to take once again that little bottom piece there and butt it up into the folds of my card and once that's in there perfectly I'm going to push down so that it adheres really well then I'm going to push the entire Hills back and down and then fold it and you can see how quick that is and how cool it looks next I'm going to add some decorated dogs from Happy Halloween I just love those little costumes and I heat embossed a little sentiment there on a banner too and then this is an idea from my friend Lynette I'm going to take the little bones from happy Halloween and put them into the jack-o'-lantern and it's such a cute look because it looks like the little treats for the dog and then I'll just add some more adhesive to the back of those bones and layer the top of the jack-o'-lantern right on there I'll add some adhesive to the back of that jack-o'-lantern and adhere that to the card and you can see just how cute this is looking next I'm going to decorate the front really simply here one in three-quarter inch piece of orange cardstock and I'm gonna stamp the sentiment from happy Halloween no tricks just treats on the front and I want to keep the front super simple once again so that the inside is the star of the show so right here you can see it's got a great Halloween look to it and theme but super super simple and then wow you open it and it's this huge cute scene that is just going to make anybody's day I just I love opening these cards I just can't get over it's too much fun and so here is a look at the outside and the inside of the card and then a look at both of these together and I love how many looks you can get with this die these are fallen Halloween but for you could use Whitehills for winter you can do some cute spring stuff with green hills so I cannot wait to see what kind of cool pop-ups you guys come up with I know they are going to be so awesome so thank you so much for watching today

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