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[Music] good morning to this Sam this is the premier lounge of the novo Teflon sheet and what I absolutely love about Bangkok is that no matter where you go you're always extremely tall building and you get incredible views that I just can't get back home I live in Vancouver Canada and buildings do not get this call find such an appreciation for getting on these ledges and just checking out the view it's incredible you never sector

we have just arrived in bang crash ow probably not pronouncing it you know completely right but close enough we have arrived in what is known as Bangkok's green lung it's about 45 minutes outside of downtown Bangkok the thing to do here is to grab a bike and get started so let's go rent a bike for about 50 bucks one romantic one that is which way we ride the bike that way okay okay and we're off on an adventure did somebody say adventure no so to get here we actually took the long way around we took our uber directly to what is known as Bank lash out the faster and cheaper way would have been to get dropped off on the other side of the river there but we're going to take that way back and you actually take a little longtail boat right across super cheap sorry what was up basically I said woo he had a slight wardrobe malfunction when I was getting out of the cab this is the downfall to buying summit Bangkok it just might not be the highest quality so cheese so I get out of the cab and like sit around like slide off thankfully I like saw it fly off look what did the chips down the rollers fire it was really starting be honest I I'm just glad no one witness I know that you can skim paint but anyways the Christians thankfully hide its fat exhibitionist over here oh my gosh why are you all crossing the road lovely coming around the mountain when she's done there's something in here this is our first stop here we just looked down so it's really cool like bamboo looking corridor kind of reminds me of that pathway we went through in Japan there's this place in Osaka where you walk through this incredible bamboo forest not nearly as cool but it's got similar vibes one thing that Laura and I are noticing is that for something that's deemed the green lung of Bangkok you definitely still have quite a bit of garbage and litter all around the entire area it's definitely not like a natural wildlife reserve they're not preserving the grounds but it is still a good break from being downtown let's ride I never thought that you could do this kind of thing literally 45 minutes outside of Bangkok pun intended I guess a breath of fresh air it's nice to just get out of city and see something totally different and you know not too expensive to get here which way did you go Laura are you Laura Kroc you guys we brought that she's been taken by the monkeys a lot of monkeys grabbed her and she's gone oh good heavens that you all so if you're not a good bike rider I don't know you might go for a good fall but hang on a moment yet we've gone to another fork in the road and it's told us that the floating market is down here we were supposed to go to the floating market yesterday and then we didn't we went to something else that was not what we planned to go to if you want to see that vlog it's linked let's go the writing here is a floating market I'm not sure if it's the floating market but today it's not open as you can see quite evidently bloody cop just keep going and going and going see you later my grandfather used to say when you're in the middle of the jungle and you want to see what's going on get the Phantom 4 Pro up [Music]

so I've never had that happen before but it's like fully blocked out disconnected and I don't know I kind of thought it was okay because it's a pretty smart drone it's got like obstacle avoidance and everything and I was not even flying in a dangerous area and anyways it's on its way home the safety feature kicked in and when it disconnects it comes back to where it took off from but it always creates a little bit of a scare also look how bad I'm sweating right now it's literally like standing in a sauna she's home she's home just like my grandfather said when things go wrong with the fan support Pro all right I've resorted to taking my shirt off not for views but because it's extremely humid can maybe four views yeah what do you think are we getting clicked all right let's head back so what's going on okay so we just returned our bike we just had to get those be Spidey's we just let that back never give your password out whenever he's like aspirant we're like no not even for a motorbike we won't but we're going to go right now and trying to catch the ferry we're going to go across which will basically cut our time in half I'm like so tired and sweating it's like hard to have the energy maybe we missed it yeah that's why I wasn't able to bring Laura cross this is like ten minutes to get across on the boat cost five to ten cents we're now heading back to the no boat l we're going to check out of our hotel and show you somewhere that we're going next also a very special place I'm excited oh thank heaven at 7-eleven stay with me stay with me oh thank heaven at 7-eleven little oven then I get a toast when it comes to Asia you'll hear the point everywhere you go I feel like I'm not fitting in here for some reason holding a 10 pound camera to my face isn't allowing me to fit in I'm 7-eleven thank heaven that's big just talk enough always a great call when it got no signing off from the new volt elf lone sheep been an amazing stay here goodbye bottom you oh ma she so that was a very good bye very smooth transition we have now left the Novotel and the shells here is going to bring us right to our next hotel which is also part of the echo hotel group excited to check out the muse hotel apparently it's got a beautiful rooftop patio for cocktails I think we might check that out tonight thank you what does muse mean it was actually me angel angel so cool this is so cool what classical style yes all right guys I need to do a room tour before we check in because it won't look as pretty once we're all set up but look at it everything is like beautiful elegant marble and really high-end finishings this is definitely one of the most unique hotel rooms of Everest Asian look at it think wow I don't want to use it and then this here is our ringer I mean look at this armoire Wow we even got bourbon in here we got whiskey the TV's worked in almost like a picture frame and you got your old-school explorer boxes of course it wouldn't be a fancy place if you don't have a curved couch and this here is our view notebook so this is our home for the next two nights just like this is a dream vacation being able to come back to Bangkok which is where I've studied is where I started vlogging and it's so funny to see the contrast because when I started I was a broke backpacker and here we are staying in some of Bangkok's finest hotels like such a contrast between the two series but one thing stays the same is that we're just like the excitement to travel to see Bangkok to constantly be learning as we're traveling it's still there nothing has changed in that dynamic but these luxuries that we get to enjoy in-between are definitely very appreciated people often ask me like would you ever go back to you know being a backpacker and definitely I love the adventures that come with backpacking there's few better ways to meet people than being a backpacker but the thing I would not go back to and backpacking is actually backpacking I'm just like so grateful to be here to be enjoying these these luxuries that I never dreamed of because truly if you would ask me a year and a half ago would we be staying in a five-star hotel in Bangkok I would have says you so this right here is like the finest blend of sweet meats spicy it's the CM crush and there's like definitely taste of red pepper in here I don't really know the rest of the ingredients are but it's so good and for me like just hanging out in the city watching a sunset is like one of the coolest thing

[Music] all right labor told to go down into the basement I don't know what's down here we're told to be down here for 7:30 just sometimes anything how much do you regret meeting on the table are right now a little bit but you can currently set up course seven courses probably isn't even the first course it was just a bread I'm not even gonna test the bread


and on my [Music]

so all I can say is right now I am absolutely floored I did not expect this like I didn't expect a seven-course meal I didn't expect an opera singer to just burst in like that and it's been so amazing unfortunately meaning that I need to re-edit my pile and travel guide which is now live link down below I literally haven't been into one of the recommendations because it's just been that good for someone who is able to you know spend 3,000 baht per head to have a seven-course meal and entertainment like this is unbeatable you really can't get that anywhere else one of the reasons we're here in Thailand is to really pile and travel guide that I've worked you know like 100 plus hours to design develop and put together in a beautiful package of the natural vote on it is now live if you're interested if your planet can be violent and want to take away the stress the worry and know that you're going to the best places check the link down below let me know what you think of it I've even got a free sample as for what you'll get in the travel package link down below might be on a lot boil is insane we love ourselves seven different entrees seven different glasses of wine that was one of the top three meals of my life a lot of numbers I know but from the caviar the beef tenderloin and everything else that came out everything was just so beautifully paired and the experience of having the live entertainment of the offer singers it just made an unbelievable night let's get lost again tomorrow for another incredible day here in beautiful Bangkok [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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