Rebels Wilhuff Tarkin moments Season 1 - 3

by: mandalore CZ

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[Music] our grand moff tarkin i am honored by your visit to loaf all my visit is hardly an honor minister i admit i was surprised to learn you were coming and i too have been surprised by what's been happening on your little backwater world if you were referring to the insurgents i in the absence of governor price you have had a single simple objective minister to protect the Empire's industrial interests here am i correct and agent Kallus have you just stood idly by while this rabble have attacked our men destroyed our property and disrupted our trade I have exhausted every resource to capture them sir this group has proven quite elusive a shame we don't have someone who specializes in dealing with them otherwise our problem might be solved make no mistake from now on failure will have consequences government one of our probes seems to have found something we believe these are the speeder bikes responsible for the rebel activity nature laughs where was this footage taken outside the main communications tower a perfect target for these criminals we can't risk losing the tower we should reinforce security no let them believe they still possess the element of surprise well done Inquisitor these are the results I expect so you are the Jedi in question whatever you want from me you won't get it sir we have a problem explain you do not know what it takes to win a war but I do [Music] it's only a matter of time before he breaks you have wasted enough of my time

the destroyer is down to emergency power and life support only I've been sending an all-clear message to the rest of the fleet as soon as we miss an interval they send reinforcements and that interval is up now

the rebels have escaped sir not to worry agent Kallus the emperor has sent an alternative solution very well you shall have the seventh fleet thank you Moff Tarkin Elrond what do you think of governor prices theory about the rebels in the Lothal sector this is a tirade of rebels rescued from Naraka prison hondo ohnaka within the last hour the Phoenix squadron destroyed mining ships using the sweet in hyperspace Waypoint taken separately they may seem unrelated but annika cellmate was a laborer a tower Starfighter reclamation planned it I trust you have a solution I will start my operations here and call the rebels apart piece by piece

Admiral Thrawn I trust the information you have for me was worth the wait and my attention what target were the rebels attacked I believe they're about to strike our most important facility in the region the tide event a factory right here on the phone my spies report general to Donna's fleas and vowed to reinforce commander Sunderland captain syndulla where is this fleet massing I have yet to uncover its precise location a coordinated attack by multiple rebel cells is unprecedented and it's exactly this moment I've been waiting for to wipe them out I want you to capture their leadership in such a battle it may not be possible to take prisoners but a man of your talents will manage if we are to crush this rebellion we must make examples of its leaders as you wish

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