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good morning modern status guys look at it and I'm sure you are too I didn't have these things I'm real this kind of weather we hate dog treats I'll put a link to that video right here but I don't see why they can't be goat treat this pumpkin peanut butter and wheat flour I bet the goats are gonna love them well how is that good we just gotta get you girls to sit give us high five and roll over blossom Buttercup you lost it mama got it you want one

you keep eating them all well oh I'm good even the goats like them all right we'll give you your alfalfa pellets no there's two sides to that feeder you can eat on girls there you go you got them all I know well though you're all messed up we're not going on the milking stand

well really make them work for those elfelfa pellets I hide that stuff on you you ate all the treats they were good huh yeah pumpkin and peanut butter yum yum yum that's some good stuff you got all your treats to girl I know no milk and it's crazy still loving the chaff hey it's frozen out here this morning so we've been feeding the chickens of New York City now Chafee for five or six days something like so today we're gonna do it side-by-side comparison I've been saving the eggs on the market on which day it is I gotta crack the eggs see how orange the different yolks are it's gonna be an interesting experiment that's why we're feeding chickens chap hey I want to see if it changes the color of the yoga gives it more of that deeper orange like you get in the summertime when they're on pasture morning girls you're coming out they're not scared about the cold well you can come out let me in so I can give you your feed they're keeping the bedding stirred up nicely in here so we're ready to clean it out it's gonna be nice and easy no eggs all right most so I've been giving them whole Cowan later in the afternoon and they have oyster shells for grit hey Roy seemed to be loving that chaff hey we're gonna be leaving for church in a little while so I don't want the chickens up why not home there's a perimeter fence isn't that protective this time of the year it works a little bit but right now there's a lot of predators out about all the snow we have they're looking for an easy meal we don't want that our chickens next project showed up guys been looking for a hay wagon kit this is one it comes in two boxes I want to build a mobile pig shelter like New York City we'll call it New Hampshire or new pork City for the pigs and I've been looking for something but it needs to be two axles like a hay wagon and I came across these online and they're from what I understand they're adjustable and you can make him either 48 inches long or 78 inches long and they'll accept the 8 foot long wooden deck that you can make forward and then on top of that we can build our wooden structure so I'm hoping this can cure two issues make it easier to move the pigs on pasture from one area of the homestead to another area but also we've been butchering our pigs on our homestead the last two years yeah two years so we don't need a need to bring them to a butcher but trying to get a pig on a trailer it's not easy we've done it before so my thinking is is we have like a ramp style tailgate to go into new pork City New Hampshire where we're going to call it the pigs will get used to going into a trailer so if you are bringing your animals your pigs to the butcher they're already I know what it's like to go in and out of a trailer so the day it comes to bring them to the butcher shop it's gonna be stress-free easy-peasy that's my thoughts look like it got a Kramer here do their sit you like those

it's a good treat thank you yesterday made a really good homemade pizza for lunch the true test is today any time we've made a homemade pizza and never heats up good so the true test would be today reheating it for lunch we'll find out how good it is now let's see we can get all the slices in the oven oh I think we got

or how they got a taste but it smells amazing oh don't burn myself it's better left over to the second time you're taking all the good stuff off yeah you are is that good I think we found something new to cook once a week hey could you keep down that noise we try to make a video here you're a noisy eater no he's like yep tough luck buddy so the weather hasn't been very nice to be outside lately so cooking our bacon I'm springtime we'll have plenty of weight to work off the garden so I'm gonna make some chewy oatmeal cookies today sounds good want me to maybe like a filling you like those little Gibby you know a Little Debbie oatmeal cookies used to I wonder if we can make something even like whipped cream you just pound through the side all right so we gonna make the cookies first and cook them you could have made labels for your jars you could have maybe tonight [Music]

it's flower I hope it don't smell like

wow this so sparkly that's gonna bacon saver diamond diamond one all-time pumpkin pie spices get a little fall on the cookies Paul pumpkin pie spring is the big fall flavor nowadays isn't it good a little stir Easter how soft is your butter we got a cream it it's okay we show you buy a whole like pallet load of it best butter out there not a sponsor but if they want to sponsor the channel we would love it they make some good butter

cup in a cup I wanted to turn that paddle on but I would have whacked you and go flying [Music]

[Music] probably wouldn't be fast enough to pull that either so can you break the eggs on camera today you feelin it [Music] I like it fine a video of it if there's any shells it's just extra well blame it well we'll say it's just the crunchy oh I hope you don't get that crunchy oak no always about peeps SLA juice must be [Music] you never ever stole well the pumpkin spice was good [Music]

[Music] so I watch some without chocolate chips and the girls want chocolate chips in there so we're gonna compromise and I'll make some with and some without no Oh big ones small baby ones need manly one [Music]

[Music] look at that little puppy-dog eyes wall that's way too many chocolate chips [Music]



that looks so good I can't test it yet I need some filling to go with them don't look perfect you did a good job BAM



I started feeding our chickens chaff nanny six days ago now and I've got eggs collected from five days of them eating chaff hey and I got them all individually marked knowing which day they are so I'm gonna crack them I want to see what the difference on the yolks are these two eggs right here are eggs from before you're feeding chaff egg so we have cracked these first theirs will be like our guideline to go by to see if it makes a difference feeding chappa'ai or not so one of them is problem an easter egg layer and one of them is from a no virgin

I wouldn't think from one day did make a big difference but let's check and see

day 3 this will be day 5

no one's nice and already might be on to something so I'm not really seeing any difference here here these all looking the same maybe that one seems pretty orange and then this one I'm day five seems orange these aren't to this might be a little bit more it's hard saying it's not a huge difference

this one right here looks pretty orange as soon as that one there's a slight difference in the egg yolk color not a huge one I've gotta at least finish feeding this baggage half hate to them and we'll keep checking the eggs on through on out if it doesn't make a huge difference I'm not going to keep feeding the chafee to them I'm gonna make a big batch of scrambled eggs for this week so they're not going to waste

[Applause] [Music]

[Music] mmm looks delicious

is it good [Music]


[Music] look at that what you just look at that oh my did it alright ready one toe

elevation you got something right there that's the messy yeah it's good wouldn't hurt my feelings at the faceoff help them on the way what are you going thank huh yeah very slippery huh that blossom looks like you're good on hasty you've got plenty of hey there you go you're liking that hey better aren't you yeah oh I shoulda brought some treats for you I forgot I'm sorry I forgot when I lock you up for the night I'll bring out some more treats for you like a hockey rink out here guys watch this flies around like a hockey puck look at I think the coats are saying hey give us another pine tree to cut down

ollie macho there you go so what you wanted

something a little bit different for him let's go that's right bird wind is cold see how many eggs we got today oh good little load one two three four six seven thank you ladies where are you thank you thank you that son glycerin off that ice man oh man we had plans on cooking a big dinner we had some stuff cooking in the crock-pot and we just weren't hungry later on that night so we decided just to have a quick easy dinner so it's what we did man we are looking forward to spring it is right around the corner and the temperatures are gonna change and we have so many projects that we can't wait to start working on outside and just get the farm going more and just see a new life on the farm springtime is a busy time but there's just so much new life and so much new stuff going on it's so encouraging so it'll be hey before we know it guys the daylight time is extended which is awesome we're just waiting on our temperatures to warm up here and then it'll turn into maple syrup season oh that's a sweet delicious season thanks for lot whoa let me try saying that again thanks for watching and coming along and our journey with us you guys are a true blessing to our family and we'll see you back here in the next video at London acres a guide to modern homesteading self-sufficiency and

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