Tucson Hot Air Balloon - Preparation, Take Off and Flight

by: Phenomenal Travel Videos

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just finish it finish everything up over there she really she's got a lot of power to her and she really spins around so just be aware when you're gonna if you're gonna be around it you know try not to back if someone's trying to take a picture of you with the balloon in the background and they're after me - back up back up back up just be aware with that panas because it is closer to bite you in the butt without ever cleat your scarf and there's

also as we start to deflate the balloon these lines will need to be three unclear so once again if you're taking pictures standing in front of the mouth balloon which seems to be a popular spot for pictures just try to make sure you're not standing on a rope and if you are you're on a rope and you feel it tugging me tightening talking that means lift your foot up those how he went into the bowl

oh we gotta get in yeah

okay okay over on that side

the largest wintertime rally in the southwest it's gonna be a big one I mean they're really great over there great hospitality it's a great place to fly it's a lot of fun yeah it's good event really good at that spot sunshine slides the mountains but right now we're moving at two miles an hour Gaga is due north which is great we were averaging about 12 miles an hour most of the way up and then just hit that upper level wind years of practice to develop that technique I'll continue on the side and as soon as we clear the turbulence will drop right down along the hillside and to the valley flow over there

yeah they really manage it well the possible to use for a while they were just one the bigger and better is just at that time in us you know look at that in a fist and yeah run robbed and but they were it started a lot of accidents you know fatal accidents it was a big deal and I was just destroyed balloon during the air you have to wait to walk


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Tucson Hot air balloon ride takes you on an hour long flight over the Sonoran Desert, Tucson Mountains, Saguaro National Park West, and the agricultural expanse of Avra Valley. I am uploading the preparation of the hot balloon for take off, and I have also included some scenes I took while flying. The ride is exciting from start to end where you learn how they pump in hot air into the balloon, fly and get to see an amazing view and the even ends with champagne and a brunch. #Tucson #Hotairballoon #Arizona
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