Chipz VRChat RP Feb 1st part 2/2 'Random Adventures'

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no sleep Chad being Chad huge yeah why aren't you sleeping no time no time no rest for the wicked yeah hey there's always time for sleep are you big signal still seemed really crazy if you don't sleep uh so you so you're telling me to sleep and you're not sleeping what was that I I didn't think you were getting on today baby no of course not I had to come because I had to see you I see you want to meet my friend Abbi hi Abby how are you can I spit in your mouth

yeah okay sure sure okay did you like it as much as I liked it yeah so wonderful so you feeling okay I am feeling great okay cuz nobody talking about normally you wouldn't really go up and say hi you try to kill her usually so so I'm wondering if you're okay turning a new leaf or something

you know what babe for me of course for you really I do not want to be as jealous anymore who said it really yes thank you

I um should I let you guys have your alone time she's done she's she's what are you talking about what do you mean I'm not nuts are you making him status are you making him say this why would you lie to him like this okay I'm sorry Abby that he doesn't know what's happening right now put into your mouth some more okay Abby don't let her get to you she means well okay question for you I don't know what to call you but but do you want to ask some questions of Abby here so I guess I met her why are you just like us but she's got two that are you calling me a slut hey I'm just saying I am wearing what's comfortable all right there's nothing wrong with that I do not believe you well why do you have your boob showing I'm trying to seduce chips

we were just talking and come in here like a whirlwind why did people tell me to come see you is this my because you were cheating no this is definitely cheating I was there was a Brandon before he was someone who is just like such a slut why are you a slut shame I have it is not about slut shaming it is about being a slut around my man oh I just saw your panties let me see them again Abby don't back down we've defined your fine stand your ground and I cut your panties come in tiny safe since they like okay we're dress or spit in people's mouths that you don't know I spit in people's mouths to say hello I just you just money to steal people's men okay okay okay let's have some normal questions of heavy Abby are you trying to steal my man that is a normal question I would ask why are you trying to steal her man Abbi

that's a good answer why would you not so why do you boobs that jiggle I show me the jiggly boobs

maybe she get some work done then you'll never be able to attract in the homes like that okay okay hey be okay sorry didn't mean for this to happen are you talking to her you're making her cry at this point Asuna god hey so the reason why I was asking you here is because like I said so I on the friends list just want to make sure you know make sure who you are I was going through and you were meeting with her in private I didn't know who she was I would needed to remember I felt bad because I didn't remember I have people on here that I don't remember and I met her a long time ago I met some good people a long time ago and so just I was just reopening lines of communication anymore you are married now I am married you do not matter yeah it's true so why are you telling me lies why are you telling me lies okay so anyways none he is my man it is a long story all right Abby oh yeah it's kind of got derailed I'm sorry okay so this is Monica and it's how I say hello please do not worry he seems to be jumping that's weird and I wonder why okay so so Abby this is Monica all right she she's she's she always stirs drama and mischief in my life that's kind what she does the Avatar you saw before is similar to what my waifu is her name is nuts what are you doing good to know the personality she had on is very similar to my life's and I invited her here to try to remember who she was you know what happened and then then she got harassed by Monica Monica you have to be nice to new people you can't I have a baby nice I am saying hello to her busy busy she has a weird way of showing affection I know you're a nice and wholesome person why don't you like would you like some goldfish Wow why did you deny queasy like that she is the nicest person in the world her and chips are having an affair why would you be mad why would you do that to her but huh who's having an affair I am just being observant

and you should be careful about what you do here maybe okay just shit here in the cover okay Abbi just listen to anything Monica says she's listen to me my reason okay I am the only one who is not afraid to say the truth around here so so so what do you like to do Abby like what's your thing would you like to read a story and read my story you are safe you are perfectly safe as long as you do not do anything would you like some ice cream oh yeah thanks you're welcome has thought this was a cupcake you know you know what I think denying denying what

what Monica are we good night Monica you were totally gonna snipe at Monica oh my god she's fucking stamping cat she's napping or you guys are

[Music] Abbey the voices want me to sing you a song okay my voices do not want to hear that a bee-like song I mean that's how it had met your voices okay Abbi okay don't worry about her you will not have to see here anymore when you okay you're sure something thank you yeah basic something I would love it okay yeah you like singing so that we can all hear you and record it and laugh at you later we do we are a very positive group positive fires hot positive vibes positive so our friend Rob is also really good at singing

funny joke quasi very serious okay until she starts talking I can see your underwear so so missing a little bit just think music Abby I will be real with you do not worry I am just role playing I do not actually hate you and I am NOT a mean person this is my non real play person but do not be sad thank you but then when I am Monica I am back into our piece so I will be mean to you but do not worry I'm not actually mad at you

you're not glitching a little please thank god you're not going anywhere Monica did that because okay bigger but not my panties she was a little role player she's just a person that meant doing these guys so she kind of needed the yeah she needed that that make sense

okay okay dancing you don't have to I don't mean to pressure I dislike singing physics it's expression that the person no it's okay yeah that's nuts on what's things about remember things about if you love doing it then you should do it all right cause he's got good at this house I'll say a line and then you finish it okay yeah don't worry you can do it oh my god Monica you're terrible at the rocket please I don't know rocket sounds like something it's just the three of us okay ready a mystery and then you finish okay goodbye everyone do not suck or we will make fun of you I wonder but you up above the world so high like a diamond in the sky twinkle twinkle little star [Music]

that was freaking extremely cute

it was awesome Nabi thank you I'm only shaking a little it's like are you just not used to singing to people or yeah no it's normally just like in the shower so like broken out of my shell recently though you can too so so so so two people is enough to make you nervous yeah this make you nervous so so Abby if I told you that around 3,000 people were watching that make you feel better

my boys did say that it was good to

sleep okay I'm sorry I'm go to sleep in a little bit they love it Abby they all love it okay you were cute tips so use that as a confidence booster all right okay great so just keep doing it I do I hope I didn't figure out too much I'm sorry okay okay she's good thank you thank you easy Cory I don't know if I can say the same about Chad though a check can be a little no Chad is great Brad is bad mm pass o menos I don't know what that means Oh Brad no mas o menos una said it I just say it

so we're just case I'm not now I know who you are we we have we have had a moment and so you're good people so if you're okay my my friend group is kind of crazy it can be she's on the more tame side and I'm on the more tame side but everybody else is kind of you know they're out there they're batshit insane pretty much and but maybe one of these times I'll introduce you if your thing okay great be good be good okay but you're right I think I think I should definitely mind if I sing a song and then yes I'm gonna sing a song I know

looks like her Lisa's just playing with the yarn definitely not gonna be happy [Laughter] I'm gonna scoot back a little bit second

hole time Hurley the whole frickin time that Brad it was Hurley the whole time [Music]

all right a well done over played song that Chad really likes we doin at lab boys oh sorry [Music] today is gonna be the day that I'm gonna throw them back to you [Music] lies which n'gatu to believe that anybody feels the way I do now

backbeat the word is on the street that the fire in your heart sounds sound sure you heard it all before but never really had it out [Music] anybody feels the way I do now [Music] and all the roads we have to walk the why all the lights in these there [Music] that like Sadie but I don't know how

because my you gotta be the one that saves me and after all you're my Wonderwall [Music] but you today was gonna be the day but they'll never throw them back to you now you should've somehow switchin gots to [Music] the way I do now

all the Rosalie's there all the lights in light [Music] like to say to you but I don't know how

you want the power soon maybe you gonna be the one that saves me and after all [Music]


good job kid [Music]

I have them why do you think I'm holding them I am so so so lately I'm holding the flowers yes this is a bee I thought it was test for a second only she doesn't really know what we do she was just a person I met a long time ago and I just like played music and what do you mean what we do we just played biatch at her first induction was coming in so anyway she's she's a gentle flower flowers that was cute Hurley okay okay do this again okay okay ready okay you are my sunshine [Music]





I'm on my phone a lot so I oughta text


[Laughter] [Music]

I can anywhere here nice yeah we sound the same she's running away if you're wearing pants you're now allowed to enter this cave

I'm supposed to decide something right now are you decide he's supposed to decidedly sound the same I give him the authority out then he'll say no all right both of you say the same thing


crazy oh my god [Music]

okay this is ultra Eagle queasy g1 is nice there's

PDS and oh no don't do it don't do it don't you my wrath upon you will come soon temple hey you should play some battle this is that came for something oh yeah yeah I was looking at my goldfish doesn't make you hungry reading I was reading the nutritional values to lay before me 100% wholesome uh goldfish mm-hmm all right you are now nice test and test is now mood test question question why did you get that one what do you mean oh it was like prepared behind my back and then I woke up with that on my account [Laughter]

okay she's need help we can help you okay my god you guys you guys literally this is crazy

you guys you can't copy my voice the only time it's fun is when you have like Boop who put on these random avatars and do jump scares that's when it's fun and I got jumpscared the other day and I knocked over my guitar and everything [Music] it's fine are you the one that said they'd look the same talking okay after me okay goldfish goldfish oh my god okay repeat after me capri-sun straighten some things out well how do you AIDS yes exactly what's your age 20 and 20 [Laughter]


okay if you're gonna speak don't at the same time I can't I don't know what was me it makes sense they were the same he made the BDSM avatar this is the Parent Trap right here she was separate they were both separate both from hospital one family was very fucked up and that medium in their nature the other one family was just a cherishing loving family and then we're part of the queasy family now the BDSM family little kissing as their own and trained later how to fit a ball gag and many other beads up somewhere else to be more conservative and loving and nurturing in case we have Tessa's family not anymore there's also been you say none I don't want to get banned I don't want to get back there probably from Brad not shed that's really here it hurts my neck looking up all it looks like we're staying a boy have you seen I'm sure and you add rubber Russ to your friendly wake up [Music]

[Music] this is how I'm I deal with track makes them fall asleep in my work on ships - it's working on me I'm tired well I've only had two hours a night man Roth and chips yeah at least four hours of sleep yes very hot baby if enough of the voices complained they'll bring it back they were supposed to be adding another feature like invite us okay okay what I need to come back what's all right back all right so so so can you guys do me a favor okay bye okay all right stand next to each other okay that'll do now can you change into your other outfit real quick oh my god tips the please now can I have a hug oh my goodness oh my goodness anyways chips doing this

they're friends and it was a hug the only other one someone like those an overlap [Music]


[Music] same here


okay listen I need to have a serious talk

ad friendly is trying to cheat on

anything I mean nothing's canon you're trying to get those sweet sweet I've been it takes a lot of power and energy to maintain the form of real boy so it has to return temporarily the form in which God made me I got you I got you a chance you quizzing tencel yes it becomes single hey and don't make you know when you do don't let me catch you at all oh you okay you doing okay I'm just kind of watching telling my voices that our voices sound the same okay I'm trying to make she's the very one she doesn't know what's happening you know

okay I'm watching TV and I'm like are you stationed total sickness Dixon you can't be up a little hard okay okay okay ready you ready for this you guys need to be best friends and travel the world together and I'm gonna watch it's pretty cute I look like a lot of people but this is the next level thing I've never experienced anything quite like this

slowly for this harmonious voice oh sing sing it do it singing




and the woman doesn't reciprocate

pointing them out wait those nuts does nuts


[Laughter] [Music]

what about tramp a little bit



I can't sleep well and don't wake up you need sleep yeah good some sleep thank you

one second guys the twins though the twins they are now known as the twins just so you know because that was insane insane ah man you guys want webcam webcam oh yeah look at that I look like shit we're gonna put the glasses back on so probably my favorite stream of your so far really we were just shooting the shit I'm glad you guys liked it though so we're gonna really look for some some stuff but guys that was freaking hilarious oh my god so hot tonight I'm not gonna sing I'm gonna I'm actually gonna get off and get some sleep two three four five six I should be able to get almost six hours of sleep which would be insane and I need it because I'm I'm struggling these days so six hours is actually going to be pretty good it'll actually be perfect so we're gonna do that let's find some of your hosts real quick and we'll go from go from you know all right we're gonna host uh you guys want me to do went crazy but she's already got like 262 viewers we should probably do tests generally mean means tests you know she's got less viewers I mean you guys were making me pick between the twins guys and test does deserve it because I've been friends with her like a long time and you know plus she breaks easy boys she breaks very very easy so let's do tests all right all right if you guys are ready we're gonna let's do tests let's do this not like that guy's not a lewd way but in an what's up tests good to see you boy all right we're going to one of the twins as always guys thank you for showing up I appreciate you guys hanging out with me as always I think the twins were the highlight for me definitely the highlight for me all right guys you guys have a wonderful evening I will catch you tomorrow bye guys

hello hi good night quasi good night

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