Ebike battery build 52V - 18650 Cells 14s6p by Lash Ebikes

by: Lee Ashby

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hi everyone Lea HP here just doing another video on putting together a ebike battery Packer this stage of the process just making up hot gluing six cells in parallel using your hot glue gun so I'll show you how I do that so here I've got the six cells and here's my hot glue gun I've taken off the metal clip around the front here so it doesn't touch any of the negative or positive ends of the cells which is a bit more important later on when they're all joined together you can easily create shorts so top tip get rid of any metal that's on the front there and then it's just a matter of ensuring they're all nice and tight

I'm just putting a nice front of hot glue down in the gap so here's each parallel group after hot gluing them actually had to hot glue these twice because the first time around I was not strong enough but I've used some a different brand glue on the second time around which is much stronger which is Sullivans glue so that's much much stronger the other stuff that I had here this crafters choice that was crap and didn't hold it also might have to experiment with some hot glue to find the best that's the best stuff that's the strongest so now we've made our parallel packs we are going to start and weld them up and put them together in series so I've got the Arduino spot welder the version 2 spot welder up here we can have a look at that later but it's our little spot welder we've got our negative terminal the negative probe and positive probe cube where my fancy safety clubs those are actually skiing ones but anyway and back down here we've got our parallel group that we're going to put on the nickel strip for the negative end of the battery pack and down below here at my feet I've got a little foot switch to do the pulse

it's not too bad I just turn it down just a wee bit back to - we'll see how that goes I think that's probably

I think that's welding just nicely so it's pretty quick once you get going

yep so that's not too bad so see we get a closer look there

so I'll just put this Kapton tape around sort of heat resistant tapes that might help prevent any rubbing between the two series probably more of a precaution than anything so we can make that the negative end and we'll bring that one in next like this they'll cut these unit 25 mil wide nickel strip and I've cut these two lengths so they fit nicely over the two parallel grips like this the beauty of making a nice simple straightforward pack you so you can do it fairly quickly it's not the pieces of the same size and you don't have to think too hard it's just a series pattern straight through otherwise sometimes you have to rotate blocks and basically go off a plan to get it right so this is nice and easy so let's um put this on here and put our gloves back on and we'll see if we can weld it to the top here so a little trick here is to use a little stick or something just to press nice in so you can press in nice and tight and just make sure that the cells are nice and close together

so it's pretty much the same sort of thing just keeping going and doing if the rest of them so I'm just going to build this battery one group at a time and take it from there so here we go we've spot-welded all the parallel groups together to make a 14 series battery so there's a bit of a look there at one of the strips that were welded on as you can see we've got the BMS stuck on the end here it comes pre-installed with two wires hanging out of it so I've already gone ahead and touch some plugs so I'll show you those in a minute I finished off putting all the parallel groups together welding the strips across the top and I've also joined some wires on the negative and positive ends I'll show those in just a minute as well so okay so here's a bit of a close-up of the pack that we've got here and you can see here we've got the negative terminal on the ends of stripped off about three or four centimetres there and sort of that to a seven millimeter piece of nickel strip and then I've actually spot-welded that on to the existing parallel group so we can see that they're a little bit mine go in focus so you can see they're a spot well at that under things you know this is a fairly low drawback so it's probably a little bit overkill but that's what I'd like to do so I've done the same thing on the end up the back with the positive end this one actually the positive end actually has two wires coming off in this case one goes to the charger it's got that taped up so it doesn't touch on anything and I've basically got the ends of the battery pack terminal here so one of the negative ones goes to the BMS and then this other blue one and that'll go to the controller we may actually end up cutting this and putting in a fuse House circuit breaker as well just for a bit of extra safety now I wanted to show you this not sure if the camera will focus on it that well but I might better just seen here how I've joined two wires together so basically I've actually just painted it in this special liquid electrical tape then I wanted to show you but basically I just sort of hold it two wires together and I've got a thin copper wire it's about one millimeter wide I'll show you that in just a minute and I'll just cut a section of that off and just wrap it around and bind the two wires together and then once that's done I add a bit of soldering on the top but it is quite difficult to to solder so you do have to get quite a bit of heat in there and then that goes to the plug so that will form the the battery terminal ends now the I actually forgot to put a I forgot to put a what do you call this hitch hate shrink over this one I sort of have one on here but it's really go over here so I use this liquid electrical tape and you can just pour that over there and that sort of pro need about 2 coats here just to sort of block it off it'll wrap it up with tape anyway but that'll help if you forget to do a heat shrink you can can do something like that now I use these little pieces of craft foam it'll come in funky colours and I'll just use these to put over the pack just to add a little bit of cushioning okay so I've taken the green tape off of here and I've just spun the battery around for just hot glue the other side so running out of hot glue so I'm just going to I've got another piece over there I think so it's a good bit I'm basically just giving them a little bit of a blob just in each little vertical wrote just to help with that little bit of extra strength okay so we have done a fair bit on this battery already basically just done all the hot gluing all the welding that's needed but the BMS on top here we've quite our negative and positive connections all sold it on and then spot welded on so we do that to prevent transferring a lot of heat over to the battery so we've just been putting the balance leads on the ends of the parallel cells here so I'm just doing one half at a time so you just sort of those quickly onto the ends of the grip they attach into this plug here so they follow our pattern it's fairly straightforward so I've done one half so I skip a wire for this one side I've wrapped it up with some protection material which is this Cora flute stuff which looks like this you sure we can see it there it's basically like cardboard but made out of plastic so I didn't ether Cora flute I've got some small padded foam that I think we saw in the last video so basically just cut out sections for the front back sides and end but the cables coming out here connectors on in a bit of a sheath for it so now it's time to put this on here so we'll just measured out cut it and heat it up and see how it goes here's a picture of the battery with its shrink wrap on I didn't come out the best but not too bad and here's a picture of the battery inside the frame with the foam surrounding holding it in place and here's a little video of

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Ive created another electric bike battery build video using my v2 Arduino spot welder. I hope it doesnt send you to sleep and helps you to build your own awesome battery for your ebike or project. For more info on my bikes and batteries check out my other videos or google lash ebikes. Enjoy!
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