Diy Automatic Chicken Feeder (easiest way to feed your chickens with a 5~gallon Bucket)

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[Applause] good morning modern setters in this morning's video we're gonna make an automatic chicken feeder out of a five-gallon bucket and a 90-degree elbow that's gonna fit perfectly for our seat bracket that we made on the modern setter $30.00 chicken coop built in 30 minutes here's what we're gonna need to get started you're gonna need a five-gallon pail a lid a 3-inch 90 degree PVC elbow some kind of tape we're using packing tape a drill a 3/16 inch drill bit a cup of coffee you might not need a cup of coffee but I'm gonna need a cup of coffee so if you want a coffee bring it along you'll need a tape measure a shoppi a razor knife a file to pop rivets and a three and a half inch hole saw a bit and if you'd like written directions to follow along with I'm gonna leave a link down below and put a link here to our website we're gonna have a blog post on building this with written directions so at this point you should have already built in your $30.00 chicken coop in 30 minutes if you haven't built that yet I'll leave a link here and in the description down below you should have already built the accessories for the chicken coop which is the tarp

the two corner seats one for the feeder one for the automatic water we already made the waterer and the Reyes key for dragging first we got a cutout 90 degree PVC pipe in half [Applause]

[Applause] now that we have our PVC pipe cut in half when I take the two pieces and set it aside I'm gonna grab a bucket we need to mark four inches up and if you have a tractor supply bucket the video is not sponsored by tractor supply it's just the cheapest BPA food drain bucket I can find to put all of our chickens feet and water in if you have one in the four inch mark is right at the bottom of their envelope now we want to have our holes six inches apart from each other if you have a tractor supply pocket you can mark in an inch on each edge and that will give you six inches apart for this next step you gotta need your drill and get three and a half inch hole saw bit you know place your drill bit on your mark we need to save our cutouts we're gonna need them in another step now the first hole is drilled out need to drill the second one [Applause] you want to make sure to save your slugs now depending on your fitting in your hole saw bit you might have to take your file and just file the top and the bottom a little bit I don't need to mine fits in but I'm able to twist it in place and get it I'm gonna temporary install both of my fitting want to make sure they're both pointing down now you want to take your shoppi and on the center ridge mark right close tight up against the bucket take out see if I can show you on camera there is a center line right here from the mold that's where you want to mark it and we're gonna drill a 3/16 hole on our black dot

now we can grill a second one now this hole is for our Hawk rivet you're not gonna pop your pop rivet you're just gonna set it in there to hold your fitting in place you know your bucket make sure you get all the little plastic filings oh we don't want our chickens eating that now we need to take the rivet with a pair of pliers and flatten off one side when you're done the rivet should look like this with a flat spot remember I said you're gonna need to save your slugs now we're going to use them and we're gonna cut a line I'm going to remove a quarter of each slug

so it looks like that the same thing for our other slug yeah use a piece of wood to cut on top of so that way you're not cutting up whatever kind of work table you're working on this part can go on the trash I take our two fitting pieces our two slugs and on a tape where you're going packing tape that's what we have masking tape or duct tape would work also put the tape on the slug itself to start out

the reason for putting the slugs on is that way when these are installed you can leave your bucket in place pick it up and your feed won't spill out of it if you didn't have the slugs if you're moving your coop the feed would spill out of the bucket with the slugs it won't now we're going to install the ends take the rivets that you squish the edge on gonna hold our fitting in place and push the rivet in I'm gonna repeat the process for the next side there you too rivets you don't want to glue them or anything they're left this way so you can pull your rivet out take out your fittings if you need to clean them you can see in there you can see the slugs so that way the grain will come down and push up but if you tilt it forward it's not gonna fall out because this hole it's holding back a lot of the pressure now right here it looks too close to the ground let me show you once you install it on the seat brackets that we made and the modern stead er $30.00 chicken coop for 30 bucks it's the perfect height for the chickens to reach now when your chickens are still baby chicks you're gonna have to put another feeder in here that they can get to when this is when they get bigger that'll be perfect we hope you enjoyed today's video building the automatic feeder if you missed any of the other videos I'm gonna put a link here and in the description down below for a playlist I'm gonna leave a link in the description down below to our website with those articles with written directions on how to build everything here for the modern standard $30.00 chicken coop built in 30 minutes with store-bought material if you liked the video make sure you give it a thumbs up share it it really helps the channel grow we want to thank all the modern stutters for that and we'll see you right back here tomorrow at lambda acres a guide to modern homesteading

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