Mitchelle Blair pleads guilty to murdering her 2 children

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do you solemnly swear or affirm that the testimony you're about to give today will be the truth yes Thank You Blair Blair how old are you 36

I know last Friday you said issues with respect to the shiner report yes however there already is a forensic Center report that deems you captain to stand trial and proceed in this case mr. Harris am i right in understanding you wish to object him the shiner report in its entirety we wish to object to some of the facts that are identified in the shiney report we would accept the conclusion that she's competent to stand trial and confident to waive our Miranda and criminally responsible Your Honor my hand you the documents that miss Blair has asked me to give to this court with regards to the shine report dispute the factual correction okay well if they're the stipulation as to the conclusion and the forensic report reached the same conclusion and the fact that she's presumed to be competent I see no reason why I can't enter an order criminal responsibilities there was a stipulation at the district court level however if there was an order under that obviously does not make between this court itself for completeness of the record I'm going to enter an order that this we're responsible in this case so with that out of the way your honor go ahead I would indicate to the court that is criminal responsibility with respect to the corrective summer and this Dean confidences to take that waiver okay all right miss Blair

so the information I have before me is that you want to plead guilty to how to the premeditated murder of Tony Blair yes and count three the felony murder of Stephen Barry yes am I correct that you want to see guilty to those counts yes did you understand that if I accept a guilty plea you'll be subject to a mandatory sentence of life and the Michigan Department of Corrections without the possibility of parole or both cases understand you understand Michigan does not have a death penalty I do now okay all right I want to make sure that you understand this isn't a sentence agreement between you and the people you're voluntarily admitting to these two counts and subjecting yourself to those funds yes is that correct yes yes okay all right I'm going to go over each of the rights I see that you sign the settlement offer notice acceptance so just bear with me I'm going to read all these then ask you if you read them understand them all right do you understand that if your plea is accepted you will not have a trial of any kind and you're giving up the rights that you would have at a trial including the right to be tried by a jury to be presumed innocent until proven guilty to have the prosecutor prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty to have the witnesses against you appear at the trial to question those witnesses to have the court order or any witnesses that you may have for your defense to appear in the trial you also have the right to remain silent during the trial you do not have them you have the right to not have that silence used against you and you have the right to testify at the trial if you want to testify do you understand those rights I do you understand by entering a guilty plea you're waiving those rights I do you have any questions about those rights no okay do you also understand that if your plea is accepted you will be given up giving up any claim that the plea was burners all the promises or threats that aren't disclosed to me at this proceeding and that it was not your own choice to actor the plea you understand that am i right understanding that this is your choice that to give and you also understand that if your pleas accepted and yet from your conviction and sentence pursuant to this plea will be by application for leave to appeal and not by right you understand that yes okay so if you're convicted by a jury you would have an automatic right to appeal but if you enter a plea you have to convince the court of appeals that they have to hear the case do you understand that okay fair enough now this way I want to be absolutely clear because anyone forced you or threatened you to get you to enter a guilty plea today no this is your own choice yes and you've made this after discussions with your attorney mr. Harris yes okay mr. Harris oh the records there do you have any sort of record of how many times you've discussed entering this plea with your client at least three times Yannick all right as mr. Harris discussed with you that you will need to establish what's known as a factual basis yes okay has anyone made any promises - no again this is your voluntary choice to enter this plea it is okay subject yourself to a mandatory life sentence yes what did you do for Tony Blair that they should go she wrote for my son I intentionally killed her how did you do that started from the game when I found out about what Stoney was doing to Matthew there was nine months later after finding out about Stephen so for the whole nine months we were in the house she was still raping my child I did not know that when I first found out after Matt he told me um I took a minute because I it's not understanding you know that she did that to him but um I repeatedly punched her on many occasions my son I told him to tell me every single thing she did to him so as she was telling me he was telling me more and more things that she did I thought that our every time he told me what she did to him by assault I mean I punched her I have put a bag over her head - she lost consciousness through hot water on her scalding hot water from the faucet yes I hit on her head multiple times over and over that was actually dead before she died and the day she died I hit on her back it's like what a tail bone I kicked her

no but this happened may May 2015 - Lee the day she died well the day I killed her yes um that day Maddie would tell me different things cuz he was doing this to him for years I did not know that he could what I'm saying and I didn't find out till 9 month later she had started with Stephen she ruined my son okay she started with Stephen before he even started so yes I put a bag over her head but it got worse that day yes I did it got worse that day because Matthew would tell me how she would take her pad her minstrel pad and squeeze her blood out in his mouth okay and it was just it was over when after that I definitely meant to kill her wasn't no not at all if I had a chance to do it again I would yes she was standing in the bathtub I was gonna hot water on her my son was standing to my right outside the bathroom door and he was telling me everything he was telling me I looked at her and I'm like you did this and she is like yes so I actually had a stick and I was hitting her in the head every time you told me something I hit her very hard in her head and I was throwing hot water on her and when I actually took her out of the bathroom I took her back in her room and I just kept staring at her and I said she's my language my my whatta fukk do this to him just like you know I'm constantly asking her she kept saying I hate help I'm like hate him you know and she admitted to me that she hated got real shakes Stephen she hate everybody and I'm asking her why she says they everybody always think Matthew so cute and I'm like so you fuck her brother because you get what I'm saying so as I meant to I definitely meant to and I do not feel any remorse for what I did to Sony because she had no remorse for what she did to my son and it's not only raped him gang raped him with Stephen Matthew Ross sitting on the floor he was telling me that's how I found out about both of them doing it together it was too late Steve was gone but Matthew told me that Stoney would actually make him sit there life in his words him and Stoney her and Stoney did the nasty stuff and then they did it to him definitely

where did that happen good for actual death yes all right it's a location of the house where did you live at the time oh it's over for sir not the street of any sexual abuse is anytime between either Steven I reject her question but I will answer it because no one will say that this did not happen because it actually and they ain't admitted no I did not know get what I'm saying yeah no but as I went back in my head and thought back to all the many things that was wrong with Matthew over the years and I'm like that's what was wrong with you can use the bathroom say mom my butt hurts my poop Oh Matthew so I started giving him 100% juice to make his stool softer maybe that helped him use but that wasn't the problem it wasn't his stool it was that he was being raped okay my son looked me in my eyes and he gave me a very detailed comp with everything they did Matthew was not a violent boy he is a very sweet little boy so for him to stand there and look at me and say do it again he was hurting you know at a certain point I've told him to stop talking I said stony you tell me what's fuck you did to my son that's that Matthew if she's saying thing it's not right tell me she started telling many things many things and I also asked her so why didn't Steven tell me that when I asked him did anybody do this to him why didn't he tell me that you did it to him because stony was going upstairs beating Stevens asked threatening him basically and a certain point after I was hitting Steven I didn't want to look at him I didn't want to I think I'm gonna look at him so I told him to go she is wrong when it came time to eat I didn't want to take no photos so I Estonia because she volunteered not knowing at that time the story was breaking either of them but every time she went upstairs I wouldn't have known if she hit him not because I had quickly any bruises on him so every time she went upstairs she admitted to me that she was hitting him asshole knocking the hell out of him telling him you better not tell her nothing forget what I'm saying

the first time no we were sitting there she denied it denied it denied it cos to me I'm like stony but if he'll fucking truth Matthew statement here you don't know nothing about he constantly get what I'm saying who would admit that who would it make that they didn't I do it basically the same thing far to a question first the people standing behind me this woman would just ask the question is she trying to make it seem like this did not happen okay

yeah because you know it's like I'm willing to take a polygraph test it's like because I understand people don't want to hear me period but I'm gonna check it on everything I came home one day my daughter Gabrielle my oldest met me at the door and she's like mom come see what Maddie doing with his dolls and I'm like what is he doing he was making one dial his little rest oh man hop on top of the other no I'm like man why was you doing that I said anybody ever do this to you he said no I said then why are you doing it and he said yes Stephen did and I was like so this is the first I'm hearing about that period this was nine months before Stony okay Sony wasn't downstairs and I she was always in the background I wish to God I had questioned everybody together but I didn't know this was before August August audience when he died this was maybe a week or we can have yes yes I went upstairs because he was upstairs in him his and Matthews room and I went upstairs my first evening Matthew said she was humping on him and then Stephen stood up and he looked at me and right then I could tell I could tell something was wrong in his face cuz he was just like this ain't normal kid I know my kid would have been like what that's not what he did he stood up and looked at me like he lost his mind okay and it's just hearing that from him hadn't fucked up in my head period but I asked myself even tell me the fucking truth was humping on matches he said yes but that was all and I said did you hump on him with your underwear off he said no Matthew yelled out yes he did it and I just remember going in a hallway walking back and forth flight and I walk that come present your arms you fucked your brother so I'm looking at them to UM look at them like what I kind of understand so I start punching Stevie you know I'm like what fuckers doing ahem I just I just start asking him questions Matthew at this point is just spilling out he's just pulling out and mom and he's doing like this and he's doing this thing almost every night he tell me how he was please not put bags over Stevens hint because if he had Matty I thought Matty peed in the bed my son was never a bad winner didn't know it was Steven waking up every morning picking on Matthew like he was a damn piece of shit okay they had bunk beds Steven would get off the bed in the middle of night you'll break him in his own bed you pee on him I started going to the bathroom I'm waking up every morning thinking Matthew was a bed wetter so we just watched him up and going you know bed wetter let's go the reason I put bags over Steve his head because my son told me that the plastic on his bed because I thought he was a bad water he said sometimes mom I couldn't breathe Steven was laying on me and he had my face down in the plastic on the bed I couldn't breathe he was humping on my butt like basketball that's when I got garbage bag and start putting it over Steven's head and I started asking him pitch you don't understand you shoot this feel like you can't breathe you stop I'm like that's my son you could not breathe on top again Rick you were six years old at the time get on Sam so I put a bag over his head he lost consciousness I did that a couple of times he tell me then a key Maddy will be facedown he had stuff around his neck so I grabbed Steven and I grabbed a belt and I put a belt around his neck and I lifted him up like do you like how this feels you choke with a belt so I dropped him I held him up until he lost consciousness to swim no I did not intend to kill Steve

did you also punch him yes I did most of the time yes yes I did did you also burn him yes I did how did you hot water scalding hot water in our bathroom I had the hot water gets extremely hot so um his private area I stood him in the bathtub Nicky you fucked up my son's with Joe dick you know so yes I threw hot water in his genital area multiple times multiple times every time Matt Stephen peed in my son's eyes he put his dick in his ears his nose he peed nice to even told me one time mom and in my eyes it was it was said it was it was gooey but it wasn't pee and the right then it was like I'm even know a nine year old couldn't ejaculate you get what I'm saying so not only did you do that you done it in my son's eyes so my son had to go through all this shit so yes yes I threw hot water on him repeatedly there's a goodness in him off get him oh yes I did because Matthew told me in the middle of the night he had took him in the basement and he made him drink the blue stuff from under the sink you know what blue stuff so I walked many down stairs he show me what I said you made Matty dream fucking Windex and then I went back to like years before and I'm like is this what was wrong with him I thought Matthew had the stomach flu would you vomit and have diarrhea get at the same time this is at that time this is what was going around a lot of people had this is what I thought Matthew had he didn't Steven made him drink Windex so yes I made that boy drink Windex

no but your actions ultimately cost yesterday you see this mother yes using your custody I don't claim him as my son I do not claim Tony as my daughter I have two children sp Stephen or Sony or demons period yes Stephen was nine and again this happened in her house in the city of Detroit yes what you did to Stephen was punishment for what you did to Matt is that right for what he did to me it's nice for what Stephen did yes and if I had killed Stephen intentionally I definitely would be proud to say I did but I didn't but I know all the things that I did to him how I hurt him I know it did cause his death you know what I'm saying it was like that day the day that he died I went to his room it was throw up in front of him on the bed I got him up he said handing on the bathroom but the Khitan use the bathroom i time we came out the bathroom his breathing was it was crazy Stephen usually has a strong heartbeat but it was really faint really really faint and then all of a sudden he just started going like this and I was holding him we both sitting on the floor and I'm actually holding him up couldn't even hold a sec I'm like Stephen don't one like this because the day before that I actually said imma stop because I looked in the Roman like his toe you know no I was not never start town and that's another thing that then I understand he may have lost weight but because they also they had a hint and Matthew and it controlled him in every type of way down to food they would steal them take his meat basically we'd always eat together I thought him and Stephen was very close so Stephen would manipulate me Mom kill me and Maddie eat up in our room I'm like yeah go ahead I'm thinking that's his his that's his best friend his brother that's how he's made his thing but that's a lie he kept Matthew up under his up under his wing on purpose Mac tuned everyone to be around Stephen no no ha didn't see that so they would take his food and we actually only let him eat his vegetables so yes when I fed Stephen he we got vegetables and like healthy things and it was minimal like oatmeal and things like that he's not getting meat stole from my son and actually when I tried to see him my son Matthew said mom that's beau they used to take my time that's bull give it I'm saying yes now Stoney I did start her I did nine more months you going heat Oh big ass she was 13 my son told me how she used to spit on his face and she said he's a mom it speaks real bad and she was there fuck that yes I did I did then oatmeal is not a girl guy did she look e she got back once a day O'Neal once a day she's very lucky she got that and I even have to hide the fact that I was giving her oatmeal from Matthew because he didn't want me to feed her and he had every right to feel that way when you were physically Hardy to be that was it every year in tend to also is that what I was tell me when you were putting me mentally damaged him yes like beating him in a hey no no no physical punishment on what you did for my child because I had always told my kids the worst thing you can ever do to somebody it's right to feeling I always told my son that not always told the girls the worst thing you could do is cry right for somebody if they didn't right they fully knew what they were doing so you were only yes you weren't allowing them to treat your other children like this for you what do you mean you weren't allowing them to sexually assault no I wasn't allowing that I did I never knew given I'm saying that's exactly what I want no you didn't know until afterwards it's like am i right yes it's just one instance I would sleep Matthew I said Matthew wanted me to tell me he said mom I even Renton hallway and I had your hand I was sleep my son ran out and grabbed my hand he was six and he was doing like this trying to wake me up Stevie was grabbing him back about the back up his shirt pulling me and I said Matthew why did you just scream out I don't know you get what I'm saying he ever had my hand pulling on me trying to wake me up I'm alright sleeper I didn't wake up so to hear my son say that to me is rule fucked up day that should happen right up under my nose so man I'm gonna regret none of this I don't regret any of it Matthew was my son that's my baby there's no way that his brother his sister should know when he feels like no way

can you answer that question why she asked me we're just trying to make a clear record you mean to report what they had done no no but after I found out about Stephen even before I started hitting him I did actually call the police on a vise and I told them like a hypothetical situation like if I was scared like you get what I'm saying what's gonna happen with my other tool I definitely want to do is get me in math you know definitely Macke after that just happening but I called the probation I'm actually asking them and the case where is one brother that's been breaking the other what can be done well they take both kids out of the home and he said were actually yes they would take both kids out of the home but this is a case for CPS and they said is that is that happen to you and I said no is actually your friend he said the best thing I can do is tell you to call CPS and they can guide you further on what to do and they said but basically it has to be the best occasion so both will be taking out the home get what I'm saying and hide a minute I wouldn't say mother I was a mother so they can manipulate me oh no no and I was not letting stoney go anywhere I'm glad I actually was gonna turn myself in right after Stephen died and I told my son Matthew that you know I fucked up I gotta go and I gotta go turn myself in to the police I gotta go turn myself in he said turn your stuff into what and I said Matthew turn myself in to the police that mean I gotta go cuz I killed somebody and then he said I don't want you to go when he said that that was it so I put Stephen in the freezer and I said i'ma stay with my kids as long as possible and I'm glad I did cuz if I had none of doing that I would not have pumped out about Stony you shoot what I'm saying so everything happened I wasn't meant to happen she could have been right with him fooling everybody and my son Matthew in the air would have been totally ruining your honor I have in my in my hand post mortem report for Stoli and Blair and for Steve engaged berry and the prosecutor and I are using this as both both joint exhibits or exhibit one exhibit to tender them to the core to help you make a determination on factual basis

the medical examiner's reports of them accepted as one and two they are consistent at this point counsel are either counsel without any promises threats or inducements that were not disclosed on this record we have a sentencing date question about that I'm still in the middle of a family trial and I go tomorrow before closing and the 27th for best interest so with that interfere with that thirteenth is it's fine


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