P. London Meets w/ Melisia While K. & Jonathan Listen | K. Michelle: My Life

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I have been friends with militias ever since we were super young and since I've seen Melissa she hasn't been the same girl that I knew years ago it's like a anger to her what do you think it's gonna happen I don't know but I'm just going to make sure your wig stays on your head this time Paris and Malizia know each other from way back in misses and I think Paris is the best person to talk to her because I'm just not in that headspace like I'm concerned about her I'm not angry but I don't think I can even deal with him are you sure that you want going here yes I feel like I'm the perfect person to talk to Melissa because she likes to get loud like to be obnoxious look me body allowed to call me a here our speaker for colliculus okay me Jonathan are in the car just listening from a distance because I don't know how she's gonna act so let me get here but this girl has to say [Music]

partnership hold on this is just a lot of a car would cut out on her dress stomping into the restaurant oh this might be going to show what's up this and I'm trying to figure out so basically you not having kicking it with the beat with the ruin of them good time what's the B do I need to do we to grow for you to be sniffing up squeeze put the flower throughout their plate come on so in the beginning when me and K was kicking or whatever she was like you know I love you you know I'm like what so are you food and see what the saying like I filled it you won't fight for my love it's like you give me away for this guy what help me save me why are you talking about I need you to save me from the man I love it taking it too far and you need to be honest and you need to tell what it really is I'm going in just go in okay wants to get out of the car and she wants to talk to Melissa I'm still a little apprehensive because I know how the last time stand out I wish you wouldn't but if you're gonna walk in I'm walking in with you don't be no fake-ass I'm required malicious

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K. Michelle doesn’t feel like she can talk to Melisia. P. London meets with Melisia and gets to the bottom of everything. #KMichelle #VH1 Subscribe to VH1: http://on.vh1.com/subscribe

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