The Bye Bye Man is Some Dumb Sh*t (With NIGHT MIND)

by: Nyx Fears

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[Music] yeah oh hey it's you yep oh god my head is killing me did I see a movie what was that gonna get that bye bye man what's going on

don't say it don't think it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't do it don't be don't it don't say it don't say ok so hello everyone I wouldn't saw movie called the bye-bye man oh don't say it don't think it ah fine I went and saw a movie a January horror movie yes and let me tell you I was amazed at how awful it was like completely terrible on every single level I cleaned out but it has some of the worst like scripting and editing and performances and it was just a masterpiece of awful and I really stand by that I mean it was yellow hello ah ah 5-1 who did it the film is written by jonathan penner and directed by stacey title and if those sound like fake names that is just a coincidence because these are actually real people I thought they were fake Nick the screenwriters name was Jonathan pittin anyway they're married filmmaking team and they have made the recent classic code of horror and let the devil wear black and jonathan penner the screenwriter is pretty well known for a role in survivor no I'm not kidding the film was adapted from a short story called The Grinch two-body Island so in some way I guess this is like a literary work and all the details about the film remain a complete mystery the man aside the film is sort of a virus movie about a thought or a series of words that can drive people crazy and violent perhaps it's handled better this idea could have been something sort of great however handled great it was not the film chooses to take this idea and personify it into the bye bye ma'am don't babe don't pick up alright so they turn this idea into a grim reaper like character with a terribly CG dog who shows up occasionally do nothing other than shout bow directly at the audience for no real reason and that's sort of like the biggest problem with the movie if I had to name one it's just it misuses its own idea says such a startling mind-boggling level there's no real lore except for a few things we have no idea how he works except for the occasional symbolic representations like coins or a train which signify nothing then when he finally shows up in the movie he's just there with nothing to do but look menacing and walk around the whole movie could have been about this thought virus thing and never showed it and would have made no difference deep what I did with my time on that part - flippin characters so this may seem like a super basic thing but characters in your film needs to be characters how like they need to have personality and agency and they need to be active we need to be engaged in what they're doing and who they are and how they change and what not holy shit is this not writing good female characters saying both real and a real big problem so the female lead of this movie is remarkably badly written she has no motivation no agency no personality and she's not active at all she is only characterized by what other people's relationship to her is this basically makes her character a big plot device that's it she has no real dramatic purpose she is just there for our hero to experience conflict the majority of the movie she doesn't do anything she's kind of sits around and waits Elias the main character is in love with her they live together with a roommate he starts the worry that she might be sleeping with the roommate based on a whole lot of evidence yet he never confronts her about this what's her struggle with this we have no idea because the movie doesn't think her perspective is important but one badly written female character is one thing but there is a another badly written female characters in the film her character drastically changes from scene to scene starting as a friend who is sensitive to psychic energy or whatever to full-on being able to hold a seance and talk to the dead which is established and never mentioned again to then become a horrible murderer because she feels the need to stop the by my man ah shit ah he knows we're here get down I can't bro stock here hey hey buddy hello next you there I'm ready to record hello yeah I tried to call you earlier but you hung up on me after screaming or something I think you were trying to say hello but it sounded like the by thigh man yeah so we are going forward with that review okay cool cool are you ready for my part am I supposed to have an introduction is that the introduction alright nice Felda I'll just get into it then you can make some kind of cool transition for me or something before I start talking

over the past few years it's become less to help in secret and more for now in fact that January is the graveyard for movies when a studio is fully aware their film is going to be done on arrival they make sure releases in January our movies especially end up in this field because some people really don't know how to make a good horror movie and even if some professionals on set get a good sense out there in the middle of making a flop nobody plays a hero by speaking up to prevent these piles of garbage from reaching the final edit as a result we get microwave failures like 2016 is opening film the forest which was offensively bad and this year we got the bye-bye man which was less ibly bad I'm an optimistic kind of movie goer I want movies I go see to because of it I want them to be good but even I felt from the start that this was going to be terrible in my cynical view with a good call the bonsai man is such a bad horror movie that I couldn't feel a single ounce of fear throughout the film right off the bat I'll let you guys know how ineffective it was 0% scary I couldn't have been less scared by a movie that was hyping itself up as some kind of juggernaut of horror I even have the opposite problem I laughed and asked more than once you cannot fake this movie seriously from the title to the character behavior to the characters complete inability to even think about any situation they're in it's all ridiculous so you can have a librarian' character inserted whose contribution to the film as being the best unintentional comedy relief you could ever ask for it would take a full video special to explain every point at which the Bioman failed to produce horror it has no concept of scary yeah I know movie called the bye-bye man has no concept of scary who would have guessed but really it didn't even come close to executing at dancing right effective horror movies need to get the audience as comfortable as possible with believing in the reality of the movie and knowing the characters even though horror movies are all about situations created by a severe lack of empathy that major human element is extremely crucial for pulling off a terrifying film gave us characters to care about make us believe they're people let us spend time getting to know them a bit so we grow some emotion towards them and then make us nervous the bye-bye man begins to fail immediately by giving us characters we are incapable of believing and can't possibly care about like Nick said earlier it's bad to the point of having characters that are just plot devices instead of people the female lead is well she's there basically she's just part of the gasps she's there to be the girlfriend and also show off some effects of knowing the bye-bye man's name which brings me to one of my major complaints if any of you have been following my channel for a while and looked around you'll know that I've covered a good amount of Sun herb and content I can tell you with complete conviction that I think the writings of the bots by man ripped off Slender Man the concept is the same the side effects are the same the reason he'll start following you and attacking you is exactly the same they even got tug Jones the first professional actor to portray Slender Man in a movie to play the bye-bye man Jon Jones has now played both Slender Man and the knockoff of Slender Man just how bad is Doug's agent at whose book for the same failing part two times in a row by the way that Slender Man film I mentioned is always watching a Marble Hornets story which is supposed to be based on Marble Hornets if the worst attempt at a Marble Hornets story you could get and belong on the same trash can as / man it's an insult to Marble Hornets please never ever waste precious minutes of your life watching up and in addition to having characters you can't believe in and don't have empathy for and just don't care about seeing dying you get to be abused by the same awful cliche hat trick every single bad movie has abused and used for the past few years the false jump scare we had at least three as I might say with two of them being painfully obnoxious you are going to laugh really you're going to laugh at least once for one of them maybe even loud enough to irritate the two other people in the theatre ridiculous jump scares by things that aren't the monster accompanied by loud noises that make no sense for the moment at all yeah the plot by man has them don't worry altogether this movie feels amateur as hell they have so many ridiculous over-the-top elements and moments I designed to be overly creepy or scary tryhard is exactly the term I would use the bye-bye Man was written by someone who do some of the lyrics to a song but has no clue how to sing properly or what the words even mean they can't even stay key supplied by mana is every bit the stupid empty failure of a movie most of us expected it would be truly it was in the words of Chris draw a creepypasta that written a movie that may as well have been called the peepee pooper man

what happened oh no oh well this is a pointing I thought he was going to like kill us or something come on be honest I don't know where to go from here backing editing holy shit is the editing and scripting of your movie so damn important truth be told it is your movie in this film the scripting and the overall story construction was so like awful that it made me want to scream in the theatre it was scary yeah I guess it was structural editing so structural editing refers to the overall narrative of your film and how pieces all come together to form an entire story and this movie has some of the most piss-poor structural editing I've ever seen I mean there are full-on scenes that don't need to be there whatsoever there's a scene where Elliot's the lead character goes to the library to find out more about the vibe I mash yes alright why are we so afraid of it if nothing happens when I say it anyway Elliot goes to the library and for whatever reason the scene is broken up into five part in the first part he looked it up on his computer then we see a totally pointless scene where female character goes to a gardening store to ask about a nightstand no information is gained in the scene then Elliot reads an article someone wrote about the by-by man shortly before killing everyone in the opening sequence of the film then we go to another pointless scene where the roommate goes to a class and finds a picture of the bye-bye man on his phone and is jumpscared by his instructor this scene also doesn't give us any information back to the fucking library the bye-bye man shows up and scares Elliot then he's late and has to go find the others this bad editing for a very simple reason this could have been just one library scene but they decided that it needs to be broken up into five segments to give us these subplots to go to and the subplots actually don't add anything for the narrative and are just super super frustrating but the other thing is like when you cut to another scene in your big exposition airy scene for the audience learns everything they need to know about the villain of the movie the net prioritizes the other scenes as having importance when they actually don't so that makes us expect something coming from those scenes and when nothing does come from those themes we want to kill ourselves the scene at the garden store in super abruptly without gaining any information but later we find a note relating to the previous owner of the night stand this all could have been combined together in the library scene and the movie wouldn't feel a year-long momentary editing it is what refers to our current space and time this is where you craft all your stuff you crass performances you prep your your scene of scene dialog in the pace of your movie and all of that stuff but most importantly this is where you crap scare in a horror movie that's pretty important and because the poor momentary editing movie never really functions as a horror movie it never really scares anyone just about all the dialogue is flat or blatantly terrible an awful lot is just explaining stuff to the audience typically that would be fine if it was done in a way that was engaging sadly here the movie creates whole scenes to tell us what's happening by the end we're still confused as far as the scares go the movie has nothing no atmosphere no stakes no scary anything they try to scare you a couple times but it's always just be very blatant random jump scares I make gestures but fuck okay but do you know why you hate jump scares or do you just hate them because people say you should hate they're annoying I think so storytelling is guided by very basic logical and connective principle between all of your action lines you must be able to include the words therefore for but very simple so for instance this skeleton man here is hungry but he doesn't have internal organs therefore he starved thanks for a pole see it's very simple so here's where we get into jump scares and why they're so goddamn annoying so you actually don't mind them inform or concept they can be fun but the movie cannot stop for them to happen so in the bye bye man every time the movie wants to scare you it stops the movie dead scares you then goes back to the movie as far as horror goes this is like unforgivable and super annoying I find jump scares to be completely fine as long as they follow basic momentary logic and if they don't then you do not need them in your movie part 4 this is a really bad movie I want to walk you through this because it's ridiculously amazing how bad this is first off you can hear the train honking that's as I scroll through here you can hear the train going branch she is full blown running towards people that she thinks have had an accident he is freaking out because he knows that there's no accident and notice there's no car accident here now she is just standing on tracks just standing there now I want this is very important in the next shot we are the Train and she is here now she her eyeline in this shot is that him she's looking at him she's not looking at the car accident she's looking at him now we go in now she's looking over here so she's not looking at him because he's over here so that means she was looking at him in between these shots she's turned her head in this extremely slow train turned to look at where the accident was is now overcome with joy about whatever it is that that she's now seeing which is presumably no accident now watches her face shift and tell me this isn't intentional like her face goes from the tab like pretty you know calm happy is expression to I don't know I know I'm angry at the sky but it's a color thing if you wanted to convey that someone is going to die in a train accident why would you make this shot Express beauty wouldn't you want to feel threat I mean the trees are dead here that's good the trees being dead is a great thing right I mean the color of the grass is right why'd the poodle why that why not gray why not make this look just as nightmarish is all this it's just it's amazingly bad it's just amazingly bad well it's no surprise here but this movie was particularly terrible however I do hope that you learn something and something good came out of the bye-bye man thank you for watching me today I hope you will come back again the Dark Lord would appreciate it if you would like and subscribe perhaps also gives the Dark Lord some of your fine currency over at slash makes fear the Dark Lord blesses you

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