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no that's not my normal Katrina and I'm say my chakra official yah yah yah yah yah yah production my a default em might roll it then I can say now as we are trying to revive the industry but as we all as we can see the industry has lobbying like the way it used to so we are just trying to I wouldn't call it as a demonstration but we are calling on people to support us to to build our culture and also to good a leadership

and a good production not yet [Applause] I can say anything now to forgive it okay I'll inform a dynamic approach Messina and an ocean signify a shared red waha mostly access in the name industry players directors photographer's name ammonia engineer share na nananana say if I said yeah ma nip I can be one or more if you can be mi in San say a human or a group depends wha why do my mooood awesome producers in the perform when I know a degree and she say yes sir whoever's in charge say yeah be moon say a TV station know that is 200 men himself sir for in contention especially telenovelas Nibbana yes I translation to Chino hi am I able to my nigga and he I mean I'm one named Nene because ultimately telenovelas all the time oh here my would move you see me now extract ODI Oh Deborah and Tillman Zambian can come home after you acquire another five it's me I say we industry no a message needed to treat it is rayon an hour to force a or money to Nanette before my NSA in among senior humanity DD g TS rain and a saguaro man your fame bill aya pasta a bay action on airline acapella men Tina Mr Bond Tetris omen Umbra say airliner by Emunah film found or I bina yesterday heading as financial ranima Ghanaian human opinion something esse a broadcast a bill on one person from eyeing net love to the bomb until you say at the NOAA you know Obama already saying presented year pass him yes they saw midoriyama a film I broke ass a bill know among fat 70% and my L look upon tensional no more fat 80% Emma fallen content now finally contacted across a mood 20% and yeah Africa content not 10% and yet telenovelas new million now a prime x sy de Ghana content eSATA mohammed el novellas yes si or voices anime egg Leah local language you say yippee Caesarea stressor Manorama and Anya deal married ts runnin at swadharma looking for we've got to our identity Google Form 7 e da casa ser para Ouma mana nan Chi Norman ye nanana nanana ma the a breath the Numa even the seeker her mother says you know I prefer lupus ABO Bilbray aluminum says you know Omega chromatography equality associate na dhih dhih my diorama EDM idiotic on for Adorama TV friend Joey Medina a new TV ad rehearsing Nadia gastric distress Lavoisier Africa ba gua gua marry me Jaya Jaya assemble Watson Oh be back asana trebonius aunque no prayin Sokka namo Amida Tom Antion amantani Dada whatcha you know what a sunburn a brain named bones Ostrava been oh yeah yeah Viveca man sauna yeah di a-- a piloto Cedeno Yehia a couple insanity muy mal chia-chia cassabi ETFs tres amantani Larnaca foie de la da Roma yeah [Applause] amantha he knew a girl Roman parsimony my mother you know I possible know Joseph a week ago Maya Maya so yes the end to me equality movies nada mucho men from Sri Lanka and Burma and avianna to Ghana Leah profundity baby ABBA because a Ghana for achieving equality movies Papa be a family why not

[Applause] [Music] [Applause] nobody alright

please replace my name in society a young african-american oh yeah baby salsa come on cousin but that says here animal energy services upon him remove AHA no failure and say a demonstration Sunday services at under-17 a demonstration to my agent yes Samir do my alien say say and saya telah level an aside and move it is a prophecy Minami you know among humans to say a confirm swoon fashiona nail yo Sal Rosalind Vanessa I prefer synonym over you or Medea mommy come home a casa what yes they say a castle on the surface a castle leoch Roman would ya Ananias reaction ah ho ah yes sorry society Joshua a Madonna - sir - for - for say astray no omen in Siberia Russia c'est le segment yo yo yo feasible imagination wanna be reality am ia yes ranana Aptos super monado Oh a little optimism in America you Nana that's a comedy a vimana accommodations yes true yippee ba ba ba da da da ba ba mangia so Balaam a slow en la assassin you lay upon under my watch and my anonymous Yahoo ha ha yamazaki katana yes I do Marion San Liu Aryan supremacy Omega s yes Shannon are oh yes Lana Lana Wilma cannot sell to you say Arikara elk remote room floor HM es la merced jana novotná panel in black man aroma oh my energy and my alcanza available Mademoiselle Priya friend may magret wama dude Renoir from uyama game mania Bama Chasse as-sunnah wa ma o be mine so I do not a minute that you may say I'm a yo-yo ma papa yeah Nibiru say say no Okayama moi yes him fi al qussair koe mo mo new to Murdock area maintenance Agana yet snow oh mama Sutro media ban Amin MFA a idea society man ago senior do ma boo yah yah yah yah yah yah yah mahn oh and my researches are on whoa whoa oppressor Grampa a maximum are pressure cuff on and engineer one SSS air do many goo yes aghanim up and it's a knockoff I do not a story or minor do many americano so I say a chili mano-a-mano almost on beheading its yes less a not over my yes reliable to for mama hombre so see you mañana y Nicassio Kumar Sanu gina-sama Johanna kerubim also a

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